Best accessories to use with your Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Android Central 2021

After you purchase an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, you are likely wondering what are some of the accessories you can use to make the most of your family's experience with it. You may think the options are limited, but actually, this little smart speaker can play with a lot of different technology. We're taking a look at some fun options, along with some more practical accessories to use.

Tablet life: Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Your Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which includes Amazon's robust parental controls, hours of audiobooks and dozens of radio stations, but it also comes with e-books, movies, TV shows, and games that need a screen, so grab this kid-friendly tablet and make the most of that subscription!

$100 at Amazon

Smart home: Amazon Smart Plug

There are a lot of smart plugs out there, but none are as easy to set up with Alexa as the Amazon Smart Plug: plug it in and within seconds you'll be pinged by the Alexa app that it's ready to use. This tiny cube of a plug can help you control lamps, fans, or almost any appliance with nothing but your voice.

$25 at Amazon

Play games: Amazon Echo Buttons

Through the myriad of Alexa Skills, there are many diverse games that can be played with the Echo Dot Kids Edition all on its own, but pairing some Amazon Echo Buttons can make the games easier and even more fun.

$20 at Amazon

Smart light: CINBOS Smart Night Light

It's always convenient to have a night light, but what about a smart night light? The CINBOS Smart Night Light includes built-in RGB LED's and you can use Alexa to control the night light.

$16 at Amazon

Better sound: DOSS SoundBox XS Touch

There are a lot of things the Echo Dot Kids Edition fits into its compact frame, but not a very big sound. If you want to pump up the volume without breaking the bank, this Bluetooth speaker offers touch-sensitive controls in a compact form factor.

$20 at Amazon

Stay organized: OMOTON Outlet Shelf

Want to keep the Echo Dot Kids Edition out of the way, so that buttons aren't accidentally touched and nothing is accidentally broken? The OMOTON Outlet Shelf makes it easy to hide your small speaker from harm, while keeping things neat and organized.

$15 at Amazon

These are just some of the great accessories that you can use with an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. There are obviously many more, but some of our favorites are the OMOTON Outlet Shelf — which I personally wish I had in every room of my home — and the CINBOS Smart Night Light.

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