An Intel m3 processor, 8GB RAM, and 64GB of RAM make this one of the most powerful Chromebooks we've seen on Black Friday, and it's even more impressive because ASUS usually doesn't really do Black Friday the way other manufacturers — and basically all retailers — do. I really liked its 2-in-1 cousin, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434, which I used for the majority of this summer, and since tablet mode is pretty unwieldy with a laptop this big, you're not really missing much by opting for the clamshell version.

Go Chrome

ASUS Chromebook C425

Ready for all your multi-tasking Mondays

With the same great screen, polished build, and powerful internals as the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434, you can save hundreds by opting for this sturdy clamshell over the 2-in-1 form factor.

$319.99 $379.99 $60 off

The most important upgrade here is 8GB of memory because whether you're currently rocking a Chromebook or a more traditional MacBook or Windows laptop, you know that Chrome eats RAM like yummy holiday fudge. More RAM is always better, but finding 8GB RAM models of Chromebooks for less than $500 has been even more difficult than a needle in a haystack, so this is the one to grab if you just want a powerful laptop that doesn't try to masquerade as a tablet. The 14-inch screen is great for multitasking, but I wish it was a touchscreen like the C434.

If there's anything you need to be wary of before buying this Chromebook, it's that like the C434, when the Chromebook lid swings out for use, the hinge forces the back of the keyboard up. So, rather than lying flat on your desk, it'll be balancing on the bottom edge of the screen and the bottom pads on the base. Some people like this because it puts the keyboard in a more comfortable position for them, but I prefer my laptops flat and stable.

Mind the bumpSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

If this looks like the best angle for you, then grab the C425 and welcome to the blissfully simple system that is Chrome OS. If you look at this and your right eye starts twitching like mine, then that's okay, there are other great Black Friday Chromebook deals to take advantage of today.

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