On the Galaxy S10 (and any Samsung phone running One UI), there's a built-in dark mode which Samsung calls "Night Mode." It's designed to help reduce strain on your eyes at night, and while it works great for that, it's also a lot of fun to rock 24/7 and live that #DarkMode life all the time.

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Taking a look through our AC forums, it's not very surprising to see that a lot of folks are all about the S10's Night Mode.

Dimas de Leon

I didn't like it at first either but now I've gotten used to it... I like it now, I even have my Facebook messenger and Textra both in dark mode.


First thing I do on all phones or any app is turn on dark mode. Can't tolerate the bright white screen. Dark mode everywhere please


I have it turn on at 8pm and off at 7am.


24/7 here as well


What about you? Are you using the Galaxy S10's dark mode?

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