If you have a Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note 9, chances are your phone has been updated to Android 9 Pie. As you probably know by now, that Pie update also includes a refreshed interface that Samsung is calling "One UI."

One UI brings a lot to the table, but without a doubt, the biggest change is the new aesthetic. UI elements have been brought down to lower parts of the screen so that they're easier to reach, everything's more rounded, icons have been updated, and a lot more.

We're fans of the new design, but looking through the AC forums, it's rather apparent that people are feeling quite mixed about it.


After a couple of weeks or so with One UI, I hate the way it looks. Great big curved bubbles around everything eg in the settings menu and the Reminders app, etc. Huge horrible notifications. Awful system fonts. Terrible notification shade graphics. And shifting everything down so you can access it easier if your thumbs happen to be at the bottom of the phone has a certain logic, but half a...


I like the layout , looks better then the old design.


I don't like the design or the theory behind it. I bought the correct size phone for my hands and my use, and there's nothing more usable about the very bottom of the screen than any other part. So now the design looks terrible and is harder for me to use one handed. My biggest issue is that I bought the phone one way for $1000, and now it's not that way anymore, and I can't change it back....


I too like the layout. The empty screen on the top helps to reach top of the screen. Once you move up it fills. Seems more practical.


What do you think? Do you like the design of One UI?

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