Looking back at 2018, one of the best smartphones to be released was the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung's big, powerful, and expensive flagship brought a lot to the table, and even now in 2019, is still one of the most capable Android phones you can buy.

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With all that said, one of our AC forum members recently shared that they were bored with the phone. Here's how the community responded.


If you're bored, trade it....just not sure if the S10+ is the phone to trade for considering the similarities (aside from the S Pen). JMO, thinking you'll be bored with S10+ in no time. Sell the Note on Swappa and go off the deep end, get an LG, Pixel, etc.


If you are bored with the Note 9 you will be bored with anything else out there that looks like the Note 9. You may want to look at something different like the Galaxy Fold, Blackberry Key, Palm, or a feature phone that is radically different. All phones are awesome, however they are all the same...your fatigue is a decade old and will not be solved by a marginal upgrade to a Galaxy 10.


If you bored of the Note 9 pull out the Spen and draw. it's a phone,mini tablet,computer..


I dont think I'll get bored of my note 9!! Not at least till the Note 10 comes out!


What about you? Are you bored with the Galaxy Note 9?

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