It's our favorite time of the week again, the time where we get to scroll through the huge application lists on our devices, and share with you some of our personal favorites. Whether you are on the hunt for a new application, or just enjoy to see what others are using, be sure to hit the jump and see what we got for everyone this week.

Ali Fazel - Mobile Queue


Mobile Queue allows you to control your Netflix queue from anywhere you have your mobile-queuephone and an Internet connection. You can browse Netflix offerings, and then choose to add it to your queue and in what position for either your disc queue or your instant queue. When you're browsing / searching the available titles you get a short description of the movie, and the option to rate the movie. It will also show you your history of what you've watched instantly or had at home recently. My main use for it is to add a movie to my instant queue so I can watch it on my Blu-ray player, or one of those last-minute "oh crap, that's not what I want to come in the mail tomorrow" moments. There are both ad-supported free and ad-free paid version of Mobile Queue. Either way, it's an app well worth having. Free [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid [Market Link | AppBrain]

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Dallin Hampton - Watchtower System Manage


watchtowerThis app is the ctrl-alt-delete of the Android operating system, providing in-depth usage stats by displaying apps running in the background, their CPU and Memory usage as well as a list of processes and usage statistics. Watchtower not only allows you to monitor system usage, it allows you to manage the system, completely manually as the name implies as most system management utilities run in the background and auto-kill apps that tend to restart draining battery that could have been saved by just letting it run. If you want a more technical view of your system than stock android will give you, Watchtower System Manager is your solution. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - NESoid


I love old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo games and the ability to bring them on NESoidthe go with me on my mobile device is amazing. That is made possible from emulators and the one I like for Android is NESoid. You can now play the original F-Zero or Super Mario 3 while trying to kill some time. I have found the on-screen controls for my Nexus One to be responsive and very usable. I have used some emulators that just don’t do well in this category, making game play difficult. This one makes it enjoyable, meaning you’ll be spending hours playing original NES games. There is a lite and a full version ($3.98). Try out your favorite NES games on the Lite version and if you enjoy, consider supporting the developer; it’s a great app and one that I feel is worth $3.98. By the way, the game I have been playing most recently is Mega Man 2, so check it out if you download this app. Free [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid [Market Link | AppBrain]

Kyle Gibb - Beautiful Widgets


It seems like every time I post screenshots from my phone, people wonder what clock beautiful-widgetswidget I am using. The same can be said for pretty much every other writer here on Android Central, as many of us use the amazing Beautiful Widgets app. It comes with a number of useful widgets, but users of HTC’s Sense UI will find most of them superfluous as HTC already loads Sense with tons of great little widgets. But for those other other skins or stock Android, BW has the full gamut of settings (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc) along with headline widget: Beautiful Home. The app is a customizable clock and weather widget that allows you to download new skins for both from right within the app. There are tons of possible skins, and you can even customize the transparency if you want. Another great feature is wake-up weather effects, just like in Sense. The app will run you about $2 on the Market, and anyone not running Sense should pick this app up pronto. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane -


dictionaryFor something that many would overlook, is a fantastic application for any Android device for many reasons. Whether trying to find the meaning of a word, or the correct pronunciation while on the go, this application is a great one stop for all your needs. After searching for a word users are presented with the spelling, the way it sounds, the definition as well as the option to have the word pronounced to you. There have been several times that this application has come in handy for me, and I am sure that there are times it will come in handy for many others. For the fantastic price tag of $0.00, why not install it for those times you may need it? [Market Link | AppBrain]