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Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 2022

Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm
Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches offer a range of watch styles that can suit many different situations, and having the best apps for the Galaxy Watch makes it even better. The ability to download apps to customize your watch further is one of the best reasons to get a smartwatch. Below are some of the best apps you can download from the Galaxy Store for your watch.

Apps make your watch work for you

By using one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands around, you can make your watch a little more you. The other way to customize your watch is by downloading an app to your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. When you are ready to start installing apps to your Galaxy smartwatch, there are a couple of ways to do it, and we have a helpful guide put together for you.

If you can't find just the right watch face that comes pre-loaded on your watch or you just want to explore more choices, the Facer (opens in new tab) app is the way to go. You can find styles based on some of the most famous designs from around the world, to a digital sport style that looks like it came from a Sci-Fi movie and anything else in between.

Perhaps you are someone who enjoys a walk through the city, then you'll really like having a navigation app like HERE WeGo (opens in new tab) on your wrist. It lest you keep your phone in your pocket and still have directions at a glance. Regardless of the need, you can find utilities, entertainment options, a fitness app, and so much more to ensure your watch can be anything but just a timepiece.

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