Amzer CRUSTA rugged case and holster for the Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a monster hit among Android fans, and that means we can't forget to look at some great cases. Today we'll have a look at the Amzer CRUSTA Rugged case and holster combo. Complete with a tempered glass screen protector in the box, it's a great solution for complete protection for people who value a little extra padding over a slim phone.

There are a lot of parts to deal with, but the assembly isn't difficult at all once you get started.

Apply the tempered glass screen protector

The Amzer CRUSTA Rugged case comes with a really nice tempered glass screen protector in the box, with everything you need to put it on yourself. It's really easy.

Use the included microfiber cloth to clean all the grime from the screen, then give it a once over with the included alcohol wipe. Let everything dry. At this point, be sure you don't touch the screen itself with your fingers and get body oils on it.

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Once it's dry, peel the "De-Dusting" sticker off and slap it over the screen of your Galaxy S5. This will pull off any errant dust or other floaty things that might have settled while things were drying. Peel it off, and grab the screen protector.

One side of the glass screen protector is labeled "Peel 1" and that's the side that goes against the screen. Peel the blue protector off and carefully line up all the holes and cutouts. Once you have it just where you want it, press down in the center and work your way to the edges. There's an included scraper card to help push any bubbles out if you need it. After you get it stuck in place and the bubbles are gone, peel off the outside protective cover labeled "Peel 2."

Assemble the case

The Amzer CRUSTA Rugged case comes in three parts — a two-piece inner shell and a rubber outer bumper. The back side of the assembled case has a clear polycarbonate covering so you can still see your phone, with precise cutouts so there is no interference with the camera, speakers or microphones. Place your phone in the back of the inner case support, and snap the front side on. There are tabs where it latches, and that's where you'll depress them with something like a paperclip if you ever need to remove the case.

Once you have the two halves assembled, place the TPR rubber ring around the assembly. You'll probably want to start at the bottom while holding down the dust flap that covers the USB connector area. Work your way around and get the rubber into the grooves for a perfect fit.

Once assembled, you'll find the Amzer CRUSTA Rugged case provides great protection for your expensive Galaxy S5, and while it's bulky, it still looks really good. All your controls work as they should, and the high quality glass screen protector still allows the touchscreen to stay responsive. Add in the 360-degree swivel holster if you want or need to carry your S5 on your belt, and you're good to go.

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