How many Jellybeans?!

Last week in our Nexus 7 A Week Giveaway, we asked you to take a guess at the number of jellybeans in the picture above. Out of 3000+ entries, there were 15 people who guessed the exact number of jellybeans! Since we aren't giving away 15 tablets this week (sorry!) we put everyone's name on a slip of paper and drew out one at random as our winner.

The winning guess of 143 jellybeans and the proud new owner of a Nexus 7 tablet is:


Congratulations! We'll be in touch sometime this week to get your shipping info, so watch your email. As for the rest of you, the Nexus 7 A Week giveaway is on hold until next week, as there is something big coming in the next day or so. You'll want to keep your eyes on the blogs and forums for sure!

See you all back here next Monday with a new chance to win!

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"Samsonite! I was way off."

Grats to the winner. Enjoy your treats.

kboss375 says:

You had the S though!

djstarion says:

Oh man, I was off by 5! Congrats!

KQ9 says:

oh man, i was off by 54! Congrats to the winner though

SoreAintya says:

That jar must be bigger than the picture alludes because in my opinion, there's no way there's even 100 in there.

With the lid on, it's about as tall as the SGS3 and contains a mix of "regular" jellybeans and Starburst jellybeans. I counted them 3 times to be sure!

SoreAintya says:

I don't doubt the count, and it seems the jar was about the size I thought, however you threw the curve ball by adding non-sanctioned jelly beans! ;)

dextorboot says:

Wait what? There were different kinds of jellybeans in there?! Did I miss that in the contest rules? THAT AFFECTS HOW I ESTIMATED!!!

Seriously though, fun contest. Keep up the great work and congrats eramos.

Exactly, I used the same method that I've used at various events in the past (that volume of a cylinder stuff does get used in real life after all ^_^). Oh well, maybe next time.

mmaestro says:

You know, I tried to figure it out by looking at number of "layers" of jellybeans and number I could see across in each layer. But I was assuming a uniform size of jellybean. Still, by that method I came up with 183, so over 100 seems pretty probable to me.

jean15paul says:

I didn't the same thing and came up with 91. But I don't doubt that 143 is reasonable.

Devinator says:

Indeed. I did the exact same thing and arrived at 170. I'm happy with my estimate.

popartist says:

Exactly what I did too, and my guess was very close to yours - 180. Congrats to the winner!

major payne says:

I was off by 30 lol

Mtn_Scott says:

I demand a recount, I saw some guy named Chad eating one.

Wicell says:

This isn't Florida!

camiller says:

Hang him!

beathookup says:

Congrats, can't even remember what I guessed, never mind just saw only off by 4 beans

Mobius360 says:


Off by 1.

Vivi#AC says:

Really curious as to what the big announcement is that's coming in the next day or 2.

naqzar says:


i guessed 141......*hangs head in shame*

congrats to the winner though!

kpetrie77 says:

That was my guess too.

i feel your pain sir

Aww, Man! I was one of the 15, but not the winner. Oh, well. Hopefully next time!

SamOliver says:

That's rough!

To be fair, I basically pulled the number out of...somewhere. So I can't really complain that they chose to give the tablet to someone else who came up with the same magic number. :-)

xeroslash says:

Off by 6. I didn't win a Nexus, but I won confidence in my spacial recognition ability. :)

baldypal says:

Jelly bean count was last week. last sentence above is "Come back Monday for another chance to win." Did i miss this weeks contest? isn't it a weekly give-away?

You gotta read the sentences before that too, hahah.

"As for the rest of you, the Nexus 7 A Week giveaway is on hold until next week, as there is something big coming in the next day or so. You'll want to keep your eyes on the blogs and forums for sure!

See you all back here next Monday with a new chance to win!"


xolanir says:

I have what some might call a GREAT IDEA. While we wait till the next contest, you could send me one N7 to hold on to for you and AC. I promise I won't tell'll be kept under hush, hush. ;)

flyguydip says:

I'm left to wonder... where are the jelly beans now? I bet Rene snuck over from imore and ate them!

xnio333x says:



Congrats eramos31!!!!

dharr18 says:

Dang, I guessed 145. Did you happen to eat two while counting? :D

iamblob says:

Congrats! I too didn't realize there were different size of jellybeans. Very tricky!

Dang, I was 1 of the 15, so close...

KahneFan says:

Off by 10, OUCH! (Guessed 153)


ady2k2000 says:

Mon congrats to the winner. :-)

jean15paul says:

Congrats to eramos31

wickets says:

Well done counting

Do they win the jellybeans too? nom nom nom

Putting two kinds of jelly beans in the jar is not fair and is stupid. I calculated the jar volume based on the standard bean and even if I didn't win using this approach I could be glad for the effort i made. Instead, now I feel betrayed and a victim of a scam.
Make the next game fair. I want the pleasure of a fair game more than to win something.

Which size is standard? Is that the Jellybelly size, or the larger more generic ones? Or the super expensive, novelty shaped ones? Even in one bag, there is significant size differences between each piece of candy, so calculating will only get one so far.

In any case, it's just a game, try to not be so disappointed. There are always more chances to win awesome things on Android Central (and all of our sites)! :)

KahneFan says:

While I did not calculate based on size or volume. I did count the beans lining the outside bottom edge, and then doubled that for the back side edge and then approximated the amount in the center. Then, I multiplied that by how many layers there where. So, while it might seem insignificant to some, having different size beans (and not knowing it) really could make a difference.

zero.efx says:

Congrats to the winner.

When is the announcement going to be made for the avatar contest though?.. Just a little curious on that one.

Announced last week:


dubdrop says:

Balls!! I guessed 144!

jediman says:

Everyone is ignoring the important question...
Who gets the jelly beans

klokateer123 says:

yep. i was thinking the exact same thing jar and all :D

eramos31 says:

Woooo!!! This is amazing!!! I love AC!!!!

Incitatus says:

I am happy for you. Well done, and enjoy that 7. :)

eramos31 says:

Oh I definitely will. I've been wanting one forever but moneys been tight! Thank you

Glerp says:

Damnit I was ONE jelly bean off! Guessed 142. If only the counter ate just ONE of them I'd be sitting pretty with a Nexus7 in my hands!

Congrats Eramos!

Fuzzypaws says:

Two different kinds of jellybeans, really? :P

jlievre says:

I guessed 142 ... ;-(

Would it be too much to ask for a compensation gift ?

AAAAAAH i'm so down

pinyin_samu says:

I was off by 11 jb's. (I guessed 132).
@eramos31: Congrats and have fun with your Nexus 7!!

I'm wondering what will be the big news why the contest is on hold. Maybe they are waiting for a new Nexus 7 with 32GB of memory. Who knows...


Congrats to the winner, and thanks for oppurtunity to win!