Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has been working with VR heavyweight Oculus for quite a while now, and while the promise of a VR headset for Samsung phones has been compelling it's also been mostly a developer kit until now. The Samsung Gear VR marks Samsung and Oculus finally making this smartphone-based VR experience something everyone with a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 edge+ should check out, and if you're on that list you should seriously consider picking on up.

Here's where you need to look to grab a Gear VR of your very own.


Of the places Samsung has been selling the Gear VR, Amazon has been the most capable when it comes to delivering the headset in a timely manner. If you're an Amazon customer, and especially if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you're probably going to want to get your Gear VR from Amazon.

$99 from Amazon


If you're the "try before you buy" sort, and your local Best Buy has a Samsung Experience section baked into the store, you can head over and try out the new Gear VR right now. If you just really like buying things from Best Buy, the Gear VR is also available on their website.

$99 from Best Buy


If you're picking up a new Samsung phone on AT&T and you want to check out one of the better smartphone-based VR accessories available today, your carrier has your back. The Samsung Gear VR is available through AT&T online, with plans to be available in stores by mid-December.

$99 from AT&T


Like the Innovator Edition before it, if you want to order your Gear VR directly from Samsung you are able to do so. The price is the same as you'll find everywhere else, but Samsung is up front on their order page about how long it will take to arrive so you know exactly what to expect before adding the headset to your shopping cart.

$99 from Samsung