Samsung U.S. Galaxy S II launch event

Uh oh. Someone forgot to duck out of the camera's view at Tuesday's U.S. Galaxy S II launch event in New York City. (And you can even spot Anndrew Vacca if you know where to look.) Sammy's done a nice little recap of the shindig, recapping the highlights of the device along with the presentation itself. Check it out after the break.

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Watch a recap of Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S II launch event


I second that, and review as well. Guess we wil just have to wait until they get their hands on one in office and can do their magic.

Call me crazy but I am so excited about this phone. My upgrade is 10/1. I have had EVO og, EVO shift currently EVO 3D. Which E3D in my opinion is a good phone. I do believe Galaxy S2 is going to be off the hook.

same here. my upgrade is nov. but im hoping i can get a early 1 month upgrade (at&t: anyone know how Early exactly qualifies? ex: 1month&2weeks? 4 weeks? ect...)thanks.

The only thing it really needs to be updated to is Ice Cream Sandwich, which won't be here for another couple months. Its already running the latest version of Android

I hope Sprint naming theirs the "Epic 4G Touch" doesn't mean they have no plans to put out a QWERTY version. My GF needs to replace her Moment in a few months and she'd really like something a step up from my Epic. Touch-only is definitely a step down, whatever the "I can type faster than you with Swype" crowd may say. Maybe so, but you can't ssh into a client's web server and bring up emacs to edit a perl script while sitting on a beach using Swype, and desktop remote control using Swype (or any other simulated keyboard) really sucks hard.

Other than that, though, looks like a nice step up from the Galaxy S.