Verizon Galaxy S3 update

Multiwindow, Best Shot added along with scores of other fixes, features

Hold onto your hats, folks. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting ready for a pretty major software update. The biggest bullet points probably are the addition of multiscreen and multiwindow, which let you run apps side-by-side. You'll also get some new camera functionality, including the ability to choose from five burst shots to get the "Best Shot."

That's just the tip of the iceberg for the update that has just started pushing out. Read on for the full rundown.

Here's what all you'll be getting in Software Version JZO54K.I535VRBMD3:

  • Access your Wi-Fi connection easily on multiple devices when in Hotspot mode
  • Use ‘bill to my Verizon Wireless Account’ when buying apps from Google Play
  • Access phone screen without unlocking device when connected via Bluetooth headset
  • Use two apps simultaneously side-byside with Multi Screen and Multi Window
  • Categorize and display images, photos and videos with Samsung Gallery
  • Sync two devices and share content seamlessly with S Beam’s ‘Auto Share Shot’
  • Transfer content easily between devices with Samsung Smart Switch tool
  • Get popup suggestions from Page Buddy when connected to accessories like a wired stereo headset
  • Tag weather, people and place information in photos and video with Contextual Tag
  • Arrange apps in order of frequency of use for faster access with Contextual App Link
  • Pick the perfect group picture from five burst shots with ‘Best Shot’
  • Select and customize specific folders by category and file type with My Files tool
  • Save MMS attachments in your Gallery for quick posting and sharing
  • Create a variety of image styles with Paper Artist tool
  • Removed pop-up messages ‘Refreshing SIM Data’, ‘No SIM’ and ‘SD Card Inserted’
  • New message notification tone is no longer clipped qDevices remain in 4G mode without dropping to 3G when Hotspot is on
  • The Burst Shot setting is no longer the default setting in the Camera application
  • Consistent functionality of the Screen Time Out feature
  • Applications running prior to sleep mode will remain open when home key is pressed
  • Backspace button will no longer clear an entire sentence – only the intended word
  • Fixed an issue where web browsing would sometimes cause the device to reset
  • Lock screen function improved when screen is idle
  • NFC is now easier to turn on
  • Device is now recognized by the computer when connected via USB cable
  • Audio distortion fixed when connected to some Car Kits is resolved
  • All devices can now receive over-the-air software updates
  • Voice recognition performance is improved with the updated S Voice Application
  • ‘Remove All’ is now ‘Close All’ in the Task Manager menu

Verizon also added Flipboard to the preloads and updated its caller ID app.

The update weighs in at 129MB and takes about 8 minutes or so to install.

Source: Verizon; via Galaxy S3 forums


Reader comments

Major update now pushing to the Verizon Galaxy S3


Forgive me if I'm wrong but I remember searching and searching for a post about when Sprint recieved this update about a month ago. You never posted a single article.... not that I found anyway. Whats up wit dat hommies???

Dr. Droidberg, thanks. Now I feel dumb. I never thought of searching for it that way. I just kept looking for the article and going back through the last ten articles several times. I thought it was very odd AC never did a post about the update. Glad to see that they did and that I just missed it some how.

I'm in NC (Triangle area) and my S3 is still running 4.1.2. When I try to update, it says I'm current. How do I get the update?

"Device is now recognized by the computer when connected via USB cable" Ummm... what? Doesn't the phone do this already?

Mine doesn't,used to up until about 2 weeks ago, now all i can do is charge the phone when i plug it into the computer. Very frustrating. BTW I do have the new update, still nothing.Me thinks ill be giving Verizon a call about a warranty replacement. Unless anyone has any ideas.

My S3 would not connect to USB very well, or talk to Kies and it was really ticking me off for many months. Finally I bit the bullet and did a factory reset. I lost all my app installs and settings (don't have it rooted and backed up like I should) and had to back up via WiFi and then did the reset.

Glad to report this fixed my S3, and it's been purring along like a kitten; got my 4.1.2 update today; was about to chuck this thing but I probably installed some kind of software it didn't like, or previous owner might have.

I will be watching it closely now as I re-install apps; and plug it into my PC daily as I do, and if I notice it does it again; I'll have my culprit I hope by uninstalling software creating the problem.

Hmmm, that is a bunch of bull. New update and windows 7 still does not recognize my S3. I moved from an iPhone because I hate iTunes and wanted my phone to look like a drive on my pc. But, alas!

Wow...and I thought VZ was always behind the others in updates. You listening AT&T? You're the only one left to roll out this update. Where is your update AT&T? C'mon.

this update for t-mobile s3 makes the phone slow as hell. everything is slower. From typing, scrolling, to opening apps. I wonder if Verizon users are experiencing the same?

I'll have to hope for another update of some sort as I have no intention of going back to Verizon's bloatware.

-"Applications running prior to sleep mode will remain open when home key is pressed"-

Pure awesome right there. No more S voice button delay...

Come on Cleanrom, get this updated!


Downloading in Nashville, TN

I got this phone brand new at a really good price...upgraded from a Galaxy Nexus...and love the phone! A week later, now I'm getting an update to make this phone even better!

"Fixed an issue where web browsing would sometimes cause the device to reset" Does that mean a hard reset? Ouch, that sounds like an issue.

Browser memory leaks have been bad for some reason. Try going to a Flickr feed and scrolling through about 50 or so pictures; eventually the phone will reboot (I have seen this on every Galaxy i tried it on.) You would think a little cache management would have been thought of before they had to resort to fixing it in the OS.

I got my update now how do I use any of these features like running multible apps and multi window?? And also why is it that my 3G/4G is showing up at same time as my WiFi in notification panel??

Long press the back button and the multiple windows tab should appear. That is how it works on the Note 2.


I got my update now how do I use any of these features like running multible apps and multi window??
= Long press back button

And also why is it that my 3G/4G is showing up at same time as my WiFi in notification panel??
= Have you come across any information to this question. I am experiencing this as well.......


Is anyone here rooted and running a custom recovery such as CWM? People over on XDA are saying the OTA is not installing for them....

Anyone noticing how this affects battery life yet? Prolly too soon to tell, but I just want to get the question out there.

I'd like to update my wife's S3, but I don't want to do anything that will significantly shorten battery life.

Downloaded in Gresham Oregon, OTA downloaded (over wifi) and installed on rooted stock with TWRP recovery. Lost root of course, that was expected.

Yeah it was weird for me, running CWM recovery, it actually asked me if I wanted to restore root which I selected. No root lost!

For anyone who hasn't noticed Samsung is doing an outstanding job of updating their flagship phones. All of their phones down thru the S2 have Jelly Bean and since the 4.2.2 update was a little buggy they've been taking their time updating their phones to it (I believe the S4 has it out of the box). Other than a Nexus device I think that Samsung is now the standard for fairly quick updates.

Anyone noticing the battery draining faster on this update? I'm at 86% after two hours of idle when before the update I would be in the low 90's

Phil, do you know if with this new upgrade I will be able to use data with a foreign Simm card on a Verizon phone? I am travelling abroad and purchased a local company Simm card for my phone. Verizon said that the phone is unlocked for phone calls and text but that to be able to use data with the foreign Simm card I will need a OS software upgrade. Is this the one? If it is not, do you have any advice on how to be able to use data with a non Verizon Simm card and a Verizon Phone or can you point me to any articles about it? Thanks!!!

My 4G has become super flaky and much much slower after this update was pushed. Anyone else is experiencing this?

I just noticed this as well after the update this morning. Battery is draining faster and I'm seeing 4G along with my WiFi. I don't want to do a reset. = (

This settles down after a few hours. No my device does not display 4G and Wifi simultaneously. A few reboots should fix this.

It never settled down for me. I was still seeing it this morning. I remember on my DINC that I had a similar issue after an update and a System Cache wipe fixed it. I just did it and so far no simultaneous 4G & WiFi. I hope that did the trick or maybe it was the 2 extra reboots on top of the two I did yesterday. Anyway if you're having this problem try a System Cache wipe.

Come to think of it, I also use Clean Sweep cache cleaner and I've run it after the ota. Perhaps that does fix the problem.

Anyone who is seeing battery drain, check your disabled apps,

PageBuddyNotiSvc seems to run all the time. And also, you can no longer (at least I can't) disable AllShare service or Allshare Cast.....

might be draining?

just a thought.

i updated in louisiana on tuesday and have had nothing but problems with my connections.

i even called to make sure it wasnt my service that something was going wrong. my pictures dont upload it takes forever to upload webpages and to access google play.

i talked highly about this phone and now im very disappointed