Samsung Galaxy S III

Those of you looking to make a long trek to a Verizon store tomorrow need to change your plans. The carrier has officially announced that the in-store launch of its Samsung Galaxy S III has been pushed back 48 hours, to July 12. 

Preorders are still shipping, though the carrier's website now says to expect delivery by July 19, but we're willing to bet you'll see yours ship sooner.

Either way, it's a disappointing delay for a highly anticipated phone, but at least not everyone's left out in the cold.

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Reader comments

Verizon: Galaxy S III officially pushed to July 12


Been using mine since Thursday. You guys are gonna love it. Such a great phone! Much better than the GNex i sold.

Verizon delayed the phone because they are busy encrypting the bootloader and adding a persistent wifi notification.

Great job, Verizon, in adding things that no one wants when no one else is doing that.

Yeah the WIFI notification is getting annoying. However i hope the bootloader will be figured out soon so i can flash a debloated version or at least be able to delete some bloat.

I am glad I pre-order mine (White 32GB) the first day possible, got it on July 5. The phone is just great; it really worth the waiting and every penny I spend on it.

Got my Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII last Friday July 6th at noon.

Wifey's is on the truck for delivery by 3pm today.

1) don't like that menu / home button. would rather have it be touch like the others
2) it's almost too thin, I'd give up a lot more thickness for a lot bigger battery. - I came from an orig Droid with the slide out keyboard so I'm use to a thicker heavier phone. it's so thin, light and slippery kinda hard to hold.
3) The thing I hate most, volume buttons on the other side (from Droid) and the power on/off button on the right instead of top-right. almost every-time I go to push the power button to sleep, I seem to hit the volume first - changing the volume. :(

otherwise it has a super beautiful big & bright screen and is super fast. the Droid was getting real s-l-lo-w at 2.5 years old.

photos seem a little blown out - too hot - lose detail in the beiges.

I agree with you about the SIII, however you used the term "Wifey's"......dude, seriously? Wifey's? I hope she wrote that post for you...

Just recieved my S3 today. I work at a Verizon Store and my preorder came in earlier so I was able to activate it. Loving it!

No one has said anything about Best Buy preorders...It's looking like that was the wrong way to go though! I did call BB the other day and they said a lot of the time even if you preorder you are only able to pick it up on launch day. So hopefully I get that email soon...Is the launch day still tomorrow? Or is it the 12th now?

I preordered literally the second it went on sale with Verizon and received it July 5. Not to rub it in, but it's weird to see who's getting them when.

Got mine July 5th. Good luck everybody, hopefuly they dont delay it again for y'all.
Seeing its now on a Thursday it's probably a go this time tho. :)