Velocity Micro T410

Velocity Micro has announced two new Android tablets with features and cost in mind.  Designed to be the "fastest, most feature laden tablets on the market for under $300", the T408 and T410 share a common set of specs, with only the form factor, size, and price differing between the two.  The shared specs are:

  • "Ultra responsive" capacitive touch screens
  • 1GHz Cortex A8 processors
  • Front facing cameras
  • 802.11n Wifi-Fi
  • A premium software suite including full versions of Angry Birds Rio and QuickOffice
  • Content via Amazon Kindle for Android
  • Downloadable Apps from the Amazon Appstore preinstalled - access to thousands of pretested applications
  • A fully licensed version of Adobe Flash Player 10.3
  • Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty with premium 100% US-based, non-tiered support

The T408 has an 8-inch screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and will retail for $239, while the T410 packs a 10-inch 16:9 aspect ratio screen and retails for $299.  It appears that neither of these tablets will have the Android Market or any of Google's closed source applications, which puts them squarely at odds with the $199 Kindle Fire.  But Velocity Micro does make solid electronic toys, and as they mention, offer up great customer support.  We'll reserve any judgment until we have a closer look.  Both models should be available at major electronics retailers in the US right now.  Hit the break for a video, and for more information head to the Velocity Micro Cruz website.

Update: Velocity Micro has contacted us and let us know that since the release they have changed the price for the 8-inch T408 tablet, which now retails for $199.  Excellent news!

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Reader comments

Velocity Micro brings 2 affordable Android tablets with the T408 and T410 (updated with new pricing)


Nothing against Amazon but Android Market is essential. Is there a way to download the market? Never had to so unsure.

Another pseudo-tablet (no Gingerbread). Fun.
Single core, and again, no mention of memory or storage in the summary.

From the website: 512MB of memory. Yuck!! And 4GB of storage. Yuck again! (At least it does have an SD slot)

JUST seen these at Walmart 20 minutes ago and noticed the price, then the brand, then moved on thinking they were the Cruz that's been out for awhile (lackluster T103 & T301)..
While this may not be a Honeycomb beast, it might be worth a second look on price alone.

I don't think so at all. Why waste $300 when for $400 you can get a *real* Android tablet, running 3.X, with twice the memory, twice the CPU, probably four times the graphics power, four times the storage, twice the cameras (and one with a flash) and almost twice the resolution?

Once there's a root method available, I'll probably scoop up one of the 8 inch ones. Hopefully someone will build an AOSP/CM ROM for it.

The Archos G9 series look* like much better devices for just a bit more scratch, really. They have a dual-core OMAP and 1GB of RAM, plus they have mostly-stock Honeycomb (if that's a key thing for you).

* 'Seem' might be a more apt word here, if you get my drift.

For the $200.00 price range it is the Amazon tab for me. Cyanogen will have the Amazon tab rooted relativity soon after launch and that has a dual core processor. Tablet+games+dual core = win. SO I guess it comes down to what do you really want to do with this tab? Do you want to video chat then you need the cameras enter the Cruz (50+ crowd, budget minded grandparents who want to video chat with grand kids). You want to play games and have a good solid hardware platform I say Amazon tab (Sub 50 age bracket). Of course there are always exceptions and this only applies to the current $200.00 tab category. I for one welcome it, this will just push the market to compete even harder with even better hardware.