Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case

Add some extra ruggedness to your Galaxy S5 with this case from Urban Armor Gear


The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't the most fragile phone on the market, but perhaps you looked towards the Galaxy S5 Active with envy over its rugged qualities. But you can make up that sort of ruggedness with a good Galaxy S5 case. Well, with the Composite Hybrid Case from Urban Armor Gear you can have a little of that on the regular Galaxy S5 and toughen it up for the rigors of everyday modern life.

The case comes in a variety of colors including blue, orange and white, or the black one that we've got here. There's also the Maverick, the exact same case but clear with black trim. The top and bottom of the case are pretty soft, but the sides have been reinforced. That said, there's still just enough flex in them to make it a breeze getting the phone in and out of the case.

On the rear, that's where things get really tough. It has an impact resistant core – adorned with a rather stylish looking UAG logo – and a pretty interesting looking design. You immediately get a sense of just what the case could take just by holding it in your hand. The back is rigid, there's overall very little flex and when the phone is inside it fits snugly completely covering the back and sides.

While the headphone jack, IR blaster and charging flap are all left exposed, the power and volume buttons are covered by the case. The slightly raised buttons built into the case have a good feel and equally good accuracy never failing to hit the mark. It adds a little bulk to the phone – as is often the way with rugged cases – but it feels good and sturdy to hold in the hand.

One thing that does need noting is that the Composite Hybrid Case does increase the lip around the display of the phone ever so slightly. The Galaxy S5 isn't edge-to-edge glass anyway, but tucking inside the case safely does create a bigger lip than usual.

Minor inconveniences aside, the Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case is a fantastic way to protect your Galaxy S5 from pretty much anything day-to-day life could throw at it.It's also pretty good value for money considering the level of protection it offers. It also includes a cleaning cloth and screen protector, and you really can't complain at that.

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Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5


I am not 100% sure if this is the one I have, but I have one very similar that has a clear backing and it is great. Kind of easy to put on, seems like it won't really protect the phone. But it has survived 2 drops from shoulder level (I am 6 feet tall). 1 drop was on the porch (concrete) and the other was a hardwood floor. Both times the phone bounced on the top right corner and it bounces pretty high and lands face down. I really thought the concrete drop that the phone was going to be toast, but it is fine and the case has tiny scratches on the corner still looks good.

I have used this case on both my S4 and S5, I love it. Really feels great in the hand, it isn't cheap, but it will last. I have dropped the phone a few times. Pair this with a glass screen protector and you have a hell of a combo. Only complaint is people ask me if it says VAG on the back instead of UAG. But I get a chuckle.

5 stars. Best case I have owned.

Edit - The only issues I have had are with the headphone jack. Some 90 degree jacks fit pretty tight, but straight jacks are fine. Still not an issue for me. Stock headphones fit perfectly. Opening the flap on the S5 is easy if you have a fingernail, even in the dark.

Urban Armor Gear are my favorite cases of all! They're not really that thick. They're slimmer than the Otterbox Commuter. Not to mention they look better too!

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I use it on my work phone.....5c cough cough....but anyway, I like the added thickness on it. I can almost type on it as it feels bigger like my note3. still is an iphone though....but I like the VAG.

I had this case for my galaxy s3 and i am glad i made the purchase it protected my phone from many facedown drops so this is probably gonna be the same

Have this for my S3, and it's the best case ever. Looks cool, and can take a beating (My phone's been dropped , and tossed by my 1 yr old, with nary a scratch). Highly recommend it. (and no, i don't make money from posting this ;-p)

Had the green one for my S3 and loved it. Only reason I didn't get one for my S5 is because I have the wireless back cover. Shame they don't make one that works with it.

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I have this same case on my S3 and it has been on there for almost 2 years and there is not a single scratch on the phone. I've been very happy with this case.

I had one of these on my M7. Turned it into a brick. I can only imagine the bulk on a larger device like the S5. That said, I wasn't worried about tossing my phone around with the case on. It could take a beating.