Nexus 7

"Power reasons" force the switch from NVIDIA's Tegra platform to Qualcomm according to the source

A report from Reuters earlier says that come July, we'll have a new version of Google's popular Nexus 7 tablet. ASUS will still be the manufacturer, but a few key things will have changed. Expect a higher resolution screen with smaller bezels, and concerns over "power" (we take that to mean battery power) have forced a switch to Qualcomm for the CPU.

Pricing is said to still be in limbo, but the $199 figure has been mentioned. This is the same base price as last year's Nexus 7, and a key to its success. 

If this rumor turns out to be true, a July release would work well with an unveiling at Google I/O this May. ASUS sold an estimated 4.6 million Nexus 7s in the second half of last year, and updated specs at the same price will draw plenty more interest. We're keeping an eye on this one.

Source: Reuters


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Updated Nexus 7 with new screen and Qualcomm CPU coming in July, says Reuters


16GB internal should be minium... and please add a good rear camera... most of us are willing to pay a little more for it

Yeah, there's a lot of things I'd like in a 7" tablet (esp an SD card slot and a micro HDMI port), but Google seems content to cater to the bottom end of the market, while giving those of us looking for a higher-tiered 7" tablet the middle finger. Of course, the Nexus 7 is not as bad as those $100 'drug store' tablets, but I don't even think you can get a 7" fake Android tablet that has any of these extra features, without it being some cheap, Chinese crapfest.

having an SD card slot does make it a higher quality tablet. Yes not having HDMI is abit naff, but i suspect there will be a solution to that on the next nexus. To call the Nexus 7 catering to the bottom end of the market is abit ridiculous. When it was released it had the tegra 3 processor and 1gb of ram... no other tablet beat it for specs at the time, so hardly bottom of the market stuff. Just because google sells them for zero profit does not make them a "cheap Device" it just means they make their money in other ways.

This is still, 10 months later, the best 7" tablet available and I expect that to be true until it beats it's self. Definitely not catering to the bottom. Since Jelly Bean is the same thing in phones and tablets, we're never going to see SD card support in a Nexus device. As of now Chrome OS still supports them, but stock Android does not.

Agreed. I bought my N7 last September and it's still is the best 7 inch tablet out there.

I have an Ipad 2 and hardly use it except for some lite browsing. Never thought I would like the 7 inch size but the N7 made a believer out of me.

As long as it has at least 32gb of storage, and a better screen I'll be happy.

Most Android phones and tablets have microSD slots (I have a 64GB microSD card in my S3) and the only reason Nexus products don't is that Google (like Amazon) wants you using their online storage and they want you streaming their videos instead of loading your own on an SD card. It's the lack of SD card support that separates Google Nexus products from the competition. I like my 32GB Nexus 7 a lot so the only way I'll upgrade is if they offer a 32GB Nexus 7 with an microSD slot and support for 64GB cards.

Higher resolution and better battery life would be nice pluses and so would a basic forward facing camera (for bar codes) but I can live without the camera if I an get a card slot.

"Since Jelly Bean is the same thing in phones and tablets, we're never going to see SD card support in a Nexus device."

I'm not sure what you are getting at. I have a jelly bean phone with an sdhc card in it, there are many that have them.

See that's where you are wrong. Look into the Hisense Sero Pro. I'm loving mine and it has all those features and same specs or higher than the nexus 7. And only 150 bucks.

Actually a back facing camera would be very useful for video chatting (switching the camera to show off something without having to turn the whole tablet around). At the very least it could be very useful in taking pictures in a pinch instead of having to dig for your smartphone, which may or may not be near you at the time you want to capture a photo.

I guess I'm an idiot then who would like the option.

That's when I use the camera on my Nexus 10. That and when the cats do something stupid and I happen to be using my tablet at the time. Hell, the camera on that thing's almost better than the one on the Galaxy Nexus.

You mean all that hassle of reaching your hand down into your pocket?

Seriously though, we're not saying you're an idiot. We're just saying you *look* like an idiot when you do it.

As for paying a single penny more for a rear facing camera, no thanks.


The exact words were..."only idiots take pictures with tablets". Seems pretty definitive. Not that I disagree with it looking rather silly using a huge tablet to take photos. The Nexus 7, to me, wouldn't look as bad in that situation.

As for your rhetorical sarcastic smartphone is not always on my person when I'm using my tablet. At any rate and in my opinion, I believe the best camera for capturing a moment is the one you have quickest access. If you're on your tablet a lot and it has a decent camera, it doesn't make any sense to put that down to take out another device to capture said moment just because it looks silly otherwise. By the time you do that the moment might be gone.

At any rate, the N7 probably won't have a back camera to keep costs down and that is fine by me. It would just be great to have that option if possible. If they find some way to add one in without increasing costs so much then wonderful, you wouldn't be forced to use it.

Who cares what it looks like. If the tablet is what you have in your hand then snap the picture with it. Too many people care too much about what others think "they look like" doing innocuous things like snapping a picture with some random device. We truly do not think we have anything important to worry about if this is where everyone's mind is..

I am deploying hundreds of tablets as communication tools for my company. and I need a robust and economic platform to do so. an nexus is almost the perfect tool. if it only has the camera, then it would be perfect. not everyone n my company has a data plan and a smartphone. therfore, I need to establish a common platform. snce i am in the construction business, and my staff needs to take site photos for record and email to others and to create progress reports, a back camera (decent one) is a necessity.

for personal use, I agree that many can use thier smartphones , but for corporate, I really need it.

A rear facing camera would be nice for a barcode reader. There are a LOT of industrial uses for the Nexus 7, if it had this.

Idiots are the ones who take pictures with their tablets in such a way that it gets in everyone else's way. If you're careful and considerate, you can take pictures with whatever you have available.

Note: The same can be said about phones, point and shoots, DSLRs, Video Cameras, etc.
If you get in everyone's way, you're an idiot. And selfish. Period.

Taking pictures with tablet is so stupid, when just about every person on this planet that is considering taking pictures with it already has phone in it's pocket with probably better camera than any tablet.. Which made me think about all those stupid sods that are taking pictures with their ipad's. I mean they have way better camera in their phone. On android if u have lover tier phone there are tablets on the market with better specs..

I saw literally more than a dozen people at the New York International Auto Show taking pics with their tablets. I was really surprised how common it was there. Huge pet peeve of mine when people do. And I'm willing to bet they have a phone with a better camera.

I really hope we dont have to wait until July to be able to get it. I was hoping for a May/June launch, im ready to pass on the Nexus 7 to the girlfriend and upgrade now. I also would like some more premium features and wouldnt mind paying a little bit more for them.

"only idiots take pictures with tablets."

With a big ass iPad or similar sized tablet, yes. But with a smaller 7 inch tablet not so much. A decent camera with flash on a Nexus 7 would be awesome, my phone has a nice camera but if I'm out for hours and I want to save juice on my battery a secondary option would be awesome for videos. I attend and perform at alot of local music events and a Nexus 7 is small enough to carry around without being a hassle.

Can't wait to see this... I've been holding off on the Nexus 7 so far so I'm just gonna wait a little longer and see what this one is all about.

It NEEDS more RAM. 1GB is not enough for Android anymore. My Note 2 flys and that is not just because of the CPU. The Android OS is a memory hog and so are most of the applications now.

I'm holding off on a new Nexus 7 until they give it 2GB of RAM.

Not a surprise to hear it will have a better screen, I did think it would be a Tegra 4 based tablet though. I'd like to see a few things like an IR blaster, HDMI out, stereo speakers and a 3G/4G option from the start.

As for a camera on a tablet I've snapped a few pics with my Xoom around the house, I don't see why people wouldn't want a camera on it if it doesn't make a difference in the price. If it's a moment you happen to need a camera it's nice to have. While I do agree though when I see people at places like Disneyland holding up iPads to snap a photo and I just think you must have a better option than that.

I think for some people the camera would be extremely useful, say for scanning documents, my dad does that all the time with his galaxy 10.1. But if you have a great camera phone, then it doesn't really matter.

Wow... I was about to buy a Nexus 7 today, but I don't know if I should wait for the new version! What do you guys recommend??

Ill be gettting it. The battery life sucks on the current nexus 7. Plus we need a rear camera and some key lime goodness. Ill buy once its available.

I'm so happy :), as a developer I hate so much tegra 3 and is cheap 16 depth buffer (yes they suck even when using their nvidia extensions to aid the depth buffer).

Totally agree. Personally I've returned 3 Tegra3 devices (HTC One X, Xperia Tablet S and Nexus 7) with both Stock and two different skins so I can only assume this SOC is not very happy running Android. This thing lags like mad. Will pick up a non Tegra version when released.