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UK mobile retailer the Carphone Warehouse has announced that it's received more than four times as much interest in the Galaxy S4 compared to last year's Galaxy S3. No specific numbers are revealed, but CPW said that pre-registration figures taken shortly after the Galaxy S4 announcement event were 446 percent of last year's Galaxy S3 pre-registrations.

Given Samsung's rise to Android dominance in the past year, we're not to surprised to see higher demand than ever for its upcoming flagship, and we're sure the company will have a big marketing push planned for next month's UK launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to go on sale in the UK from Apr. 25/26.

Android fans scramble for new handset prompts ‘busiest pre-registration period ever’

London, 20 March 2013 – Carphone Warehouse has today announced that interest in Samsung’s newest Galaxy S4 smartphone has been ‘off the charts’ compared with its predecessors. The UK’s largest independent mobile retailer has so far received more than four times (446%)* as many pre-registrations for the Galaxy S4 than it did when Samsung announced its last flagship device, the SIII, in 2012.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Operating Officer at Carphone Warehouse, says, “The vast number of pre-registrations we’ve had for this device is evidence how hot the Galaxy S4 is going to be. The launch event in New York clearly captured the imagination of many of our customers - acting as the driving force for the busiest pre-registration period we’ve ever seen!

“The Galaxy SIII launch broke records last year and was always going to be a tough one to beat, but the S4 is already proving to be a more than capable step up in the series that will inspire many people to make the switch to Android from other operating systems. This device is the one to watch for 2013.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available from Carphone Warehouse across all major networks from 26th April.  To register your interest, visit Tariff and pricing details will be announced closer to the launch date in April.

*SIII pre-registration figures taken 25th – 30th April 2012 compared with S4 pre-registration figures taken 15th – 18th March 2013


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UK retailer: Galaxy S4 pre-registrations 'four times' that of Galaxy S3



Samsung and Apple leaving very little for rest of the companies.

Maybe they know what *common* people wants. And both are successful.

You obviously never took marketing 101 (or any other level). Key tenet of marketing is "Know your Customer".

Looks like the S4 will break all the S3's sales records. And while doing it out sell everything else by a very large margin.

Hmmm, so much for those who said the phone was ugly, too "plasticy", too many gimmicky features, not stock Android.

I know these are not actual purchases, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Let's see if the U.S. carriers have the same pre-registration numbers.

People's infatuation with Samsung's phones is now about on par with Apple fanatic's love of anything Apple. I'm starting to think Samsung could sell a polished Galaxy S Turd, and there would be 4x the preorders... just because it's a Galaxy S.

I don't know, fanaticism has always struck me as a little strange.

So has the hate. Not saying you doing that in your post, but if samsung had put out the HTC one, then we would have heard about how the metal will kill reception or something other nonsense...

Ain't no hate like Apple hate, unless it's Samsung hate

Not hating on Samsung at all, I'm sure the S4 will be a nice phone, I'm just not sure I understand what makes it SOOOOOO desirable. Their past phones haven't been *particularly* well built or *particularly* nicely designed, and TouchWiz isn't a *particularly* good/nice/attractive overlay.

The original Galaxy S line was plagued with problems (which I suffered through until Verizon caved and offered a free replacement of a different model), yet people have fallen over themselves to buy each successive model.

I think they're good phones overall, but not great, which is why it strikes me as a bit Apple-esque to see people put Samsung on such a pedestal and repeatedly line up in droves to buy THE NEXT BIG THING!!! It's just like THE NEW IPAD!!! I GOTTA HAVE IT!!! What's different? I don't know, all I know is I GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

It's also potentially detrimental to the future of our favorite OS that one manufacturer succeed largely to the exclusion of all others. HTC has all but fallen by the wayside, perhaps irrevocably at this point. LG and Sony are there, but pretty small, and Google hasn't yet done much with Motorola. How long is it until we have 2 choices - an iPhone or a Galaxy S, and who really thinks that would be a good situation?

I was buying a Soundbar and I insisted to the sales person that the Soundbar had to be Samsung. He tried to convince me how SONY's was better but I wasn't having it. I wanted Samsung. I think like many of those doing pre-registration, I have become a Samsung fanboy. Nevertheless, Samsung better not try sell me a turd! HTC lost my business the day they decided 1400 battery was sufficient for a 4 inch phone and now 1800 for a 4.8 inch. With my NOTE 2, I don't have to worry about battery. Also, the SD card issue.

This kind of proves that the HTC One and Galaxy S4 Poll her proves that the HTC One sales will be driven to more tech enthusiast people.

I'm not surprised one bit, it was expected. What is even better is that SO MANY iphone users are upgrading to the Galaxy s4 and the htc One. Go to any iphone sites and read the comments. This year, at this point, its all about the S4 and the One. But the S4 is going to outsell the hell out of it.