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If you've got a Tegra 3 device, like the Nexus 7, there are two great new games available -- Sumioni and Razor Salvation. Both are Tegra 3 optimized, meaning that the gameplay, textures and physics will be killer, When developers get together with Nvidia to build these Tegra-optimized apps, the experience goes beyond what anyone expects on a mobile device.

We've got our hands on the apps, and will be giving them a solid look in the next few days, but in the meantime hit the jump to see some screenshots and descriptions. And of course, the download links.

Razor Salvation

Razor Salvation

In Razor Salvation, you're the commander of the drop-ship "Salvation". Your job is to rescue the people of Earth and bolster their defenses against attackers from the cosmos. Razor Salvation is the first in a series of games that will follow the story of the Xenos, and their reasons for attacking.

The Tegra 3 allows Razor Salvation to display real-time specular lighting, high polygon count models, and run it all at high frame rates. Add in destructible buildings and objects, and you've got one hell of a great game for $2.99. You can learn more at the Tegra Zone, or go right for the download at Google Play.

Razor SalvationRazor Salvation



Sumioni is another game where you're tasked to save the wold, but this time you're the "Ink Demon" (Sumioni). The game is a beautiful representation of Sumi-e ink wash painting, and your attacks and moves involve painting on the screen with bush strokes. 

Sumioni features online leader boards through Swarm, and really looks great on a high resolution screen. It's available for $12.83 on Google Play, and you can learn more at the TegraZone.


Reader comments

Two new games hit the Tegra Zone -- Sumioni and Razor Salvation


$12.83 for Sumioni??? I thoought it was a typo until I clicked on the link to the play store. Come on, that is entirely too much $$$.

Razor is showing as $2.03 in the play store for me. That said, I only have a Tegra 2 device.