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Toshiba tablet appears on Amazon


This is exactly what I have been waiting for..I almost jumped on the Xoom, but I am really not a fan of their hardware quality. I am glad HC3.0 reinforcements are coming.

Cool I also being waiting for the toshiba I have their laptops and I love them. I also want to see the LG tablet. I wonder if it will have the android market too or just the toshiba market.

This sounds like the future of the tablet. I think in order for tablets to succeed they need to have many of the features/ports available to a laptop. Without it they are nothing more than a big phone.

[Updated]Compared to the Xoom, I see these advantages of the Toshiba:

* Full size USB + mini USB, implies better connectivity and host mode for power
* User replaceable battery
* Full size SD is much more convenient and also cheaper cards
* Dedicated orientation lock button
* Dedicated, but capacitive, Android control buttons
* Has a standard, full-sized HDMI port, not mini/micro

And a few minuses:

* Slightly thicker
* Not as "pretty" as the Xoom (ugly back, ugly camera, thick edges)
* No camera flash

Speculation & Unknown:

* Might cost less
* Being Toshiba- it might have a brighter/better display
* Unknown amount of memory or speed of memory
* Unknown built-in storage capacity
* Toshiba has much less Android history compared to Motorola- could be more risky

Is anyone going to make a tablet that plays nicely with vga projectors?

While the ipad has a vga adapter, it mostly sucks since you can only output "supported" apps.

From what I have seen, Honeycomb tablets will do display mirroring, so it would be perfect if they also had a simple adapter for vga.

All I have found for folks using a XOOM is some nasty plug-in d/a converter hack ... :(

Are we sure that this tablet and others don't have analog out? The HDMI port standard can support analog VGA with a simple, cheap adapter (if the port has analog supplied to it from the chipset). However, it is impossible from looking at the port to know if it is digital only or both digital and analog.

You're thinking of DVI.
HDMI is digital only, you need an active digital to analog adapter in order to convert.
DVI however can have both (DVI-I), digital only (DVI-D), or analog only (DVI-A).

Ooops, you are completely correct. Why I was thinking DVI, I don't know!

So I guess it *will* be a problem for those with analog-only monitors and projectors :(

I thought the same thing. But the iPad 1 and Xoom are 0.5" thick and this Toshiba claims to be 0.6" That is not much difference. Perhaps it is an optical illusion, since the Toshiba does not have a sculpted back and beveled edges like the iPad and Xoom?