Back in January we got a hands-on look at Toshiba's upcoming Honeycomb-based tablet (which, of course, was still running Froyo at the time).  Now, we all can take virtual look at it as Toshiba has put up a page for the upcoming tablet. Not too much new information here, and it's still nameless, but there is a nice video and flash overview of the device which you can dive into. No solid information on a release date, but the website does note a release of sometime this Spring. [Toshiba]


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Toshiba Honeycomb tablet website goes live


Naaah I dunno. TOSH dropped the ball once with that Folio trash... I dunno man.

P.S. I swear if I got paid for all the Tech Blog Hopping I do everyday I'd be a rich son of a bitch

With the new information concerning the XOOM and its pricing, I now have to look elsewhere. I am just torn between this and the G-Slate.. This seems to for sure be Wifi only.. I do like that...Motorola...? =)

The only way I'll get a tablet now (Rooted Nook Color sitting on my desk) is if something comes along with attractive hardware specs at a price that is less than $300.00. Maybe I'm unreasonable with that price point, but if the NC does everything I need a tablet to do for the $250 I shelled out for it, then all these $400+ price points can go take a flying leap for all I care.

Plus, my tech addiction has been sated with the arrival of my CR-48! lol....

for now....

Not sure what is up with AC lately, seems to be dropping the ball case in point why haven't they posted about Verizon throttling there data for heavy users and using compression technology to make videos to look like crap

Philip: Your price is incredibly unreasonable. The iPad is being sold at half of what it could have been sold at so Apple could dominate the market and keep everyone else out. They can do that with their cash reserves, and because they're making up for it because you can only buy apps from them; plus music and video, and soon books, after they force Amazon and the others off the platform. Android tablet manufacturers don't see any money for apps.

If we want to save choice, for now, we're going to have to pay a premium. Or hack a device which, if not outright subsidized, is sold at cost. And I'm guessing B&N pulled the color so they could rework it so it can't be hacked.

After the heartache this morning when I read the post on the new Xoom tablet I just didn't want to go searching for another alternative to a tablet or even look for another tablet that is just a heart breaker in the end! But then this was posted, and I am still skeptical of this. I remember always wanting a Toshiba laptop back in the day (last year) and noticing for the same hardware they charged a lot more. But maybe they will learn from the Xoom and decide on a price point. I think it should be a little less expensive because the video ad seems to show it as a Wi-Fi only device. Also, this is also a skeptical device for me because no where within that site did it mention a dual-core processor or really any processor speed for this tablet... what is a Honeycomb OS if it is glitchy or slow to respond? That will be a major factor in my decision to buy a tablet.

I want a tablet for a few reasons:

1. sometimes a phone screen is just too small.
2. easily portable. (i wont buy a laptop because you still need an entire table top at the coffee shop or your student desk to set it up with the keyboard and all.)
3. more power than my phone, but nearly the same power as my computer. (if it has the same hardware as my phone but just a bigger screen then i can deal with my phone for the meantime -- i.e. companies need to cure themselves of the iPad syndrome)
4. stability. i love my phone but I hate that my Evo can sometimes slow down, glitch, or crash. (i have it rooted so maybe it is a problem there but Honeycomb seems like the bugs are worked out from the last versions of the OS)
5. software/ hardware compatibility. I feel that the Android OS should start working in device drivers for cameras, phones, keyboards, mice, etc. so that the USB ports can be used for anything needed... something Apple will never do with the iPad/ iPhone line-up.

I will not be getting too excited over this tablet like I did with the Xoom simply because all the specs and pricing have not been announced. But if the companies are listening... a "first come, first serve" is rule here. The right price, the right tech, I will buy immediately! Xoom is sexy and great, but for $800 I can't afford it and I will NOT tether myself to another cell phone company contract! Whether it is a month-to-month or 2-year contract.

It states it is running a NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor and honeycomb requires dual-core to be stock on a tablet. 500-600$ is a good price and that's the end of that. Along with that said you can also change out the battery so uhhhh hell yeah? Different colors? That's even better. Also the automatic brightness and contrast adjuster knocks the socks of any tablet I've read on lately. The speaker system they will implement is going to be very nice and beyond my own expectations. Separate jacks for microphone and headsets makes me especially eager. It has a mini USB port which is unusual for a tablet so you can sync your camera and smartphone to it. The website gives you all the information you need to cream your pants.

Now, this tablet is looking real nice.
Hope it turns out to be a good one.
I hope the price is right.