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Your top questions for the Galaxy S5, explained!

One by one, feature by feature, we've been taking a tour through new Samsung Galaxy S5 like no other. From the most basic of basics ("How to take a Galaxy S5 screenshot") to more in-depth topics (say, moving from the iPhone to the Galaxy S5), our goal is to be the the world's best resource for Galaxy S5 help, tips and tricks.

And that continues today with a few of the top Galaxy S5 questions we've received from the fine folks out there. Some of these we've already covered. Some of these will be pretty basic for those of you who have mastered your Android smartphone.

But for those of you just starting out, welcome! We're glad you're here. And these top Galaxy S5 questions will speed you on your way.

So let's get to it.

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Top 5 Galaxy S5 new user questions answered


I know right! All I want is wireless charging, which should have been included in 2014. I would gladly give up the heart rate monitor or fingerprint scanner in exchange for wireless charging built in, especially in a waterproof phone.

If you remember back to previous devices that shipped with wireless charging built in (say, the Note 2, for example) you'll remember that the feature ended up being a carrier exclusive. This happened with some of the S2 and S3 devices as well, and I'm pretty sure it's happened to devices from other OEM's as well. I know for me, with the Note 2, it was damned disappointing to discover that my *version* of the Note 2 couldn't get wireless charging because Big Red wanted it for an exclusive.

Now that Samsung is making it an "add-on" accessory, none of the US carriers get to try and play "King of the Market" and try to get an exclusive on the wireless charging feature. Understandingly annoying that they still don't have the wireless charging kits available, but I think it's a good thing that they're doing it this way.

Who's cares about Samsung, I'm waiting on accessories from 3rd party vendors...especially something like the extended batteries from Zerolemon or others. So far nothing looks that great.

That first picture makes the bezel look massive and the phone is kinda ugly. Shame how they don't try to refine the look of their devices and keep churning out these utilitarian designs.

And I think you get a lot of questions about how to take a screenshot because it's such a terrible, unintuitve way to do it. Who is going to sit there and think I need to slide the side of my hand over the screen to get a screenshot? People are asking because they have no clue how to do it; not because they're obsessed with screenshots.

You can use the power+home button like any other Galaxy device, too. swiping your hand is just an alternative the takes away the risk of you jumping out of an app your taking a screenshot of. And what makes pressing two specific buttons simultaneously more intuitive for someone who doesn't know? :)

Unfortunately, the bezels have to be a little on the large size for the water proofing (resistant, whatever).

As for not knowing, I know my Note had a little animation showing that you could swipe your hand. I actually find it generally easier than using the buttons, if I'm already holding the phone with one hand and navigating with the other.

Either way, if you don't know, you don't know. I don't know that either method is more "obvious" than the other.

Inb4, despite the obvious explanation AC felt they had to give in the article (no one will read it before saying this), "OMG QUIT TALKING ABOUT SAMSUNG L0L HOW MUCH R DEY PAYING U????" :-P

They took away the Quick Glance feature on the Gs5?? I can't seem to find it..

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I just found another site that explains how to enable this.
It's there. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction. It's called "Air wake up". Turn it on.
Thanks axel_2078 from

I want wireless charging, but with the Copper Gold back ! Unique to the states and reminds me of the old ST communicators.


I have a question too! How to root the device without tripping Knox and losing warranty? Hein Samshit?

So is this post proof that the Touchwiz UI is just too complicated if all these people need to be told where to find basic features?

It's not too complicated, people are just too handicap nowadays. They have no business buying a $600+ phone if they can't find these tools and features on their own.

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I don't have the "unlock effects" in my lockscreen options. I'm on build # KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANCG for Verizon. :(

turn off fingerprint unlock, the option will appear. When you have selected the option you like, turn fingerprint lock back one. You should be all set. I had the same issue with my ATT GS5.

If people can't figure out these simple steps on their own, then they have no business buying such an expensive device. As someone who works in the wireless sales industry, it amazes me how many people come into my store and buy expensive a$$ phones without having the slightest idea as to its functionality. The average buyer knows about 20% of their phone's functions. It's sad but hey, it's putting money into my pocket.

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Well I'm a Doctor and it amazes me that people don't know enough about their own bodies to suture their own cuts or set their own broken bones.

Actually I'm in sales and you sir give sales a bad name--if you have no respect for the very individuals that "butter your bread" you have no business being in the business. Your "ignorant" customers don't sit around all day playing with the latest smartphones like you do. They come to you because you are the expert.
Kind of like you go see a trained MD when you're ill--they are the expert.

I feel sorry for the "salespeople" that work in "your" store that have been trained by you.

I agree, Jordan! I am 71 yrs old, never touched a computer until 6 yrs ago. The s5 is my first smartphone, I purchased it a couple of months ago. I know how to access almost all of the features. It's called "tutorials" there are dozens of them on youtube. Before complaining about not being able to use some of the basic functions, watch and learn yourself. I am not tech savvy by any means and I figured out how to use some great features. There are some things more difficult that I may need help with, but take some time and make that $600 phone more than just a device to call someone!

So there IS a reason being the abundance of galaxy s5 tutorials. I hope this concludes them. I know my opinion is a drop in the bucket but I'm already tired of the galaxy S4s

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I'm a recent iPhone convert. I like the phone, but I miss the iPhone notifications. Primarily, I want to see how many missed texts/phone calls/voice mails I have via a count on the apps itself. I've tried a couple of different apps, but can't seem to find one that does it. My other struggle is with facebook. On ios I was able to see a separate notification for each post made in a certain face book group. Now it'll show it in the notification bar if I happen to be looking at it when the post is made, otherwise it groups all the notifications together into one notification. Again, I've tried a couple popular notification apps but none seem to fix the issue. Anyone know of a way to resolve either/both of these issues or am I out of luck?

Do note that if you have lock screen fingerprint security enabled (and you should), opening the camera by sliding the widget on the lock screen does not work at all!

I uninstalled Google Camera (just recently released by Google, which i installed a few days ago) and now the camera widget works.
Samsung/Google - be aware of this bug!

I have a QUESTION and I've been googling it but I couldnt find the answer anywhere. How do you stop the incoming messages from displaying while you are playing games on samsung galaxy s5? It's reallyyyyy annoying...

In call settings, Call notification pop-ups, in-call status pop-ups, can be unchecked. Not sure if that will do it. I just got mine and have a few questions of my own :) Good luck!

I just bought the S5, after having a RAZR. I am not fond of the graphics in the phone feature, is there any way to change that?

I have had nothing but problems with my galaxy 5 the earplugs constantly come on at the top and I cannot hear any conversation and then they can hear me I have restarted it went through all that what they told me to go through and it still does not workI put the ear plugs in and then pull them out it will work for a few minutes then back shows the earplugs .I see others have the same problem what is wrong with the phone I never use earplugs

I have problem with my samsung5 ,i cannot able to open my screenlock, , first i have a fingerprints lock ,
I failed 2 times, now its asking my alternative password, i dont remember my alternative password, pls anybody
Can help me to open my screen lock, thank - you

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