The original Samsung Galaxy Gear is due to run the Tizen OS soon, and an early build has been previewed running smoothly on the smartwatch. Tizen launched not long ago on the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo, duplicating much of the Galaxy Gear's functionality, but without the Android base. There's now a sleep mode for measuring your napping patterns, an exercise mode which similarly clocks your movement, and a stand-alone music player to access locally-stored tunes. A double-tap shortcut link can now bring up any app you want, not just the settings. The system font, wallpaper, and icon size are customizable now too.

There's no information when the Tizen update will roll to original Samsung Galaxy Gear owners, but at least this gives you an idea of what to expect. As is, you can also check out our comparison of the Gear 2 running Tizen and the Galaxy Gear with Tizen to see how the two experiences compare. How many of you are looking forward to this update? Is Tizen a better fit for wearables, or would you rather they stick to Android?

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Tizen on the Galaxy Gear looks a lot like Tizen on the Gear 2


Well considering I paid $99 each for two new OG Galaxy Gears during the firesale in Canada a few weeks ago I suppose its a nice update for the older Gear. Can I still flash NullROM if I install Tizen?

Sorry, didn't make myself clear in my first post: my question is can I flash NullROM on the OG Gear after I've upgraded to Tizen? As to to Gear 2/Neo: well let's see what happens when the Moto360 and LG G Watch is released.

Looks nice. I was excited I could possibly drop my UP24 with the added sleep mode, but I realized I would never have time to charge the damn thing. That and S Health is terrible.

I don't understand the charge issues. I use my OG gear everyday and charge it every other day and it has about 30% left with calls email text facebook notification and such. I have my brightness set to 2 with motion on. However its nice to see support for it with tizen.

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Like you, I have never had a problem with the battery on the Gear. I've had the original since launch day last November and I take it off the charger at 3:45am, and back on at 9:30 or 10pm each evening. With the brightness level at 5 so I can see in daylight, full notifications, and motion turned on, it last all day with about 40% before going to bed.

I don't have batter "issues" I simply said it needs to be charged regularly and isn't really a feasible sleep band alternative for that reason.

That was one of the reported benefits to Tizen. It's a lighterweight os. Therefore, better battery life.

Im sorry i should have been more clear. I was not trying to aim that post at you. I was just annoyed by previous post on other topics about the battery life. So i let it out in this one. I do admit its a pain in the ass to charge sometimes because you can put it in backwards in a rush.

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My OG gear used to be like that, 2 days no problem. But, lately it's only been lasting maybe a full day for me, sometimes less. It's really a drag, because I keep forgetting it on the charger when I leave the house...which is really my own fault.

It's great to see us OGs not getting passed by for a newer item. Love my GG.

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