Galaxy S III

T-Mobile's Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) is seeing an OTA update (also available via Kies) today that promises improvements to performance and stability and adds Allshare Cast to the device. Here's the list of changes from T-Mobile support --

  • Android version 4.0.4/Software version T999UVLH2
  • AllShare Cast added to device
  • Resolved the error, ‘Enter MAC address' after entering the correct MAC address in the Mobile HotSpot configuration page if the MAC address entered did not contain the colons (:) or spaces.
  • Resolved issue where the contents of a Home screen folder would be rearranged alphabetically after a reboot.
  • Resolved issue where the name does not populate when trying to add a contact with NameID information, you must manually add.

As we've seen with the other U.S. variants of the Galaxy S3, this update also removes local search ability from the phones -- a tiny piece of information that Samsung and T-Mobile forgot to mention in the change log. We expect that sort of thing by now, but we still don't like it.

Anyways, to get the update either check through your Galaxy S3's settings menu or fire up the latest version of Kies and you'll be set. For more details, and full instructions, hit the source link below.

Source: T-Mobile; via Android Central forums

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avengethis1 says:

Just put google now on my sgs3 and local search is back

spazoid86 says:

Search the Web for an older Apk of the Google search... I did. Install it and bam

spazoid86 says:

Search the Web for an older Apk of the Google search... I did. Install it and bam

funkylogik says:

aparently Google Gesture Search gives u local search. so is it only a matter of time before international s3s lose the function or does the lawsuit thing only apply to the US?

xKrNMBoYx says:

Well. I believe this is because of a patent Apple has that is related to their "Spotlight" in their iDevices. Because they own this patent only in the US, only the phones sold by American Cellular Networks will probably get Universal search removed. Unless apps count also.

funkylogik says:

right. thanks man ;)

qst4 says:

I'm still a little confused. Is there a reason why this hasn't been removed from the Galaxy Nexus?

l00natic71 says:

My guess is that Apple would be fighting Google in court over it. I don't think they want that fight yet.

jayezgoing says:

They also made improvements to the camera. A couple of new features.