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The prepaid smartphone market is certainly growing, and growing fast. For a increasing number of consumers, moving to a prepaid service is the best way to get a device and keep the monthly costs down. T-Mobile is helping consumers along with that move to prepaid by introducing the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) on their prepaid Monthly 4G service in conjunction with Walmart. Starting today, customers will be able to pick up the Galaxy S2 off contract at the full price of $299, with monthly plans starting at 100 minutes of talk, unlimited texts and 5GB of 4G data for just $30 per month. The important part of these prepaid services is that there is no contract, no credit check and no deposit to start the service.

Now some of the more techy individuals among us (read: Android nerds) may scoff at the idea of buying a year-old device, but the Galaxy S2 is far ahead of most normal prepaid offerings by a great margin, and at $299 is a really great deal. Now of course for Just $50 more you could pick up a Samsung Galaxy Nexus straight from the Google Play Store (a phone we surely still recommend for the price) that will work just fine with T-Mobile's plan offerings, but some consumers still like the idea of being able to walk into a store and pick up a device with the plan and know where to go for service and support as well.

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Press statement – No Annual Contract Samsung Galaxy S II at Walmart (9/4/12)

Today, T-Mobile and Walmart announced a national retail exclusive of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S™ II as a no annual contract kitted option, providing a premium smartphone experience at a discounted price for no annual contract customers. Now available, the Galaxy S II costs $299.00 when paired with a T-Mobile Monthly4G no annual contract plan of $30 per month or higher.

The Monthly4G $30 per month plan offers unlimited Web, with the first 5 GB at up to 4G speeds; unlimited text; and 100 minutes of talk, with 10 cents per minute after the first 100 minutes. In addition, Monthly4G plans require no annual contract, no credit check and no deposit, offering great value and flexibility to customers.

With the addition of the Galaxy S II to the lineup of no annual contract devices offered at Walmart, customers have access to premium devices, fast nationwide 4G network speeds and affordable service plan prices – all without an annual contract.

The Galaxy S II is also available through Walmart’s Family Mobile service, a monthly, no-annual-contract wireless plan powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide network. The Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan is $45 per month for the first line and $35 per month for additional lines, and provides unlimited access to Web surfing, data and social media for all lines on the account (base plan includes the first 250MB per month at up to 3G speeds). Available at Walmart stores nationwide and on, Walmart Family Mobile was designed with families in mind and is one of the best value options available on any national carrier.

Currently, T-Mobile services, as well as a wide range of smartphones and handsets, are available at Walmart stores nationwide and on

For more information about T-Mobile’s no annual contract Samsung Galaxy S II, please visit:


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T-Mobile and Walmart to offer prepaid Samsung Galaxy S2 for $299


Like most prepaid tech this is old tech masquerading as new, but most people who buy pre paid phones don't know the difference.

Oh and you can't just buy it in store and put it on your existing line. They are being kept behind the counter and must be activated in store by the sales associated no exceptions.

pretty darn good specs compared to some other prepaid phones out there that people would generally see @ WalMart.

unless people are savy to GSM phones being usable on T-Mo/Straight Talk/ATT, then this reaches a much wider audience @ Walmart.

Well, it makes sense for Walmart to only sell the phone with an activation, as this is a promotion sponsored by both Walmart and Tmobile. They don't want you to buy the phone and activate it on another prepaid service.

"...but most people who buy pre paid phones don't know the difference."
I wouldn't say that they don't know. But, in my experience, most of the people that buy prepaid don't really care as long as their phone works. I won't call this phone a steal at this price, as you can probably get it for cheaper if you shop around. If anyone is willing to shell out for this, they may as well wait until the next Nexus is released, because the current Play Store Nexus will probably drop in price again.

I'm not VZWRocks...but yes. The whole purpose of a monthly "no-contract" plan is that you pick & pay for one of the offered monthly plans which is good for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days you can apply more money to the account you signed up for...or walk away. That's the beauty of a "no contract" plan. :)

You can also apply money to the account BEFORE the 30 days runs out...and if you read the small print...your service isn't actually cut off at the end of the 30 do have some "breathing room" in case there's some issue that prevented you from signing up for more time before your "month" expired.

We will see if they have to be activated in store. I haven't seen this reported in any press release. The same thing was said about the Samsung Exhibit 2 4G (now called the Galaxy Exhibit 4g) about a year ago. I bought 2 at a local Wal-Mart and activated them on my postpaid family plan with no problems. I just swapped the SIMs and called to update my IMEIs. My insurance even carried over, as my wife dropped hers and broke the screen less than 2 weeks after I purchased it.

Furthermore, I certainly know the difference between old/new tech, and most purchasers of prepaid phones know they aren't getting the latest and greatest. They just can't/won't pay the off contract prices that carriers demand for the latest phones (prices that could be said are gouging if you compare them to tablet prices). I want to replace my phones, but don't necessarily want to use my upgrades before T-Mobile lights up their LTE network next year. Comparing the GS2 to the Galaxy Nexus (its only real competition right now off contract):

GS2: faster data speeds (supports HSPA+42 compared to HSPA+21 for the GN)
faster processor
much better camera
expandable storage
$50 cheaper

GN: Google-sourced updates
higher-res screen

For my money the advantage goes to the GS2, especially if I can purchase it without activating it in the store. Even if I can't, I could pay the $30 for one month on T-Mobile's prepaid plan and still come out cheaper than the Nexus. All I'd have to do is swap the SIMs when I get home. Both phones will be getting rooted and AOKP Jelly Bean immediately, so that's no advantage for the GN in reality either. For phones that will likely only see a year of use (or less) that's not a bad deal at all. MTCW

That's an interesting take on it. I plan on switching to a non-contract phone in a few months, and going with the Galaxy S2 is one way to go.

I totally agree with your post. But when I compared it to the Play Store Nexus, I said it would only make more sense to go with the Nexus if Google dropped the price again when the next Nexus debuts. Right now, the S2 outspecs the Nexus, so it wouldn't make too much sense to pick it, unless you were a hardcore Nexus guy. Judging by what prepaid phones are out there, the only deals I saw were local deals for unlocked phones, and they still weren't cheaper than this. And I totally agree that carriers are retarded for the off-contract prices they charge for phones. It would be nice to see more higher end prepaid smartphones.

Agreed. Too bad that'll probably never happen. Personally, I like what the Galaxy Nexus has to offer, but I'm not too keen on the lack of external storage. I understand that's what Google is going towards, what with their Cloud service and all, but I would still prefer having an SD card with my stuff on it. I'm starting to lean more towards the SG2 versus the Galaxy Nexus, but time will tell. I've got a few months before I make up my mind.

A phone is hardware and software, and the user experience of Jelly Bean on the Nexus is far nicer than Touchwiz/ICS on the S2, and feels a lot faster too despite the specs. I much prefer the Nexus screen too. I would get the Nexus over the S2 any day of the week.

That's all well and good, but if you root the SG2 and unlock the bootloader, wouldn't you be able to put a Jelly Bean ROM on it and call it a day? I mean, the screen can't be helped, but everything else seems better on the SG2.

Key word: "seems". I would have to try out everything on both phones to say "yea" or "nay" either way.

Well I have to totally agree with you say. But this morning here in South Florida I went to Walmart and they had the family plan galaxy 2 for 299.00. It was the last one. I bought it outright didn't have to activate it . Got home and put it on my prepaid 30 dollar plan. I was using on my galaxy Nexus. And it worked like a charm for 299 not bad.

OK, I'm not the most tech saavy but know this isn't brand new tech. Still cheaper than an unlocked or branded phone out of contract. I don't mind the price but T Mobile has horrible coverage where I live. My wife has a straight talk phone but on the AT&T network (at&t compatible when we got the sim) & it works GREAT. Any chance I can put a similar sim in this & get it to run on at&t???

verizon has the best cover by far. best customer service and you can get a $20 verizon phone at walmart and get their BASIC prepaid if you need a phone but don't use it much (pepaid verizon is $.025/minute versus t-mobile prepaid voice phone that's $100 for 1000 minutes that last a year)
i have spent hours and hours trying to figure out the cheapest cost for service and for me the t-mobile prepaid in my area is the only way to go. i want $30/month unlimited data but i haven't yet talked myself into it.

i don't need it but i want it and could persuade myself to get it.
1. even with the extra $15/month for tethering it's faster and about the same as i pay for comcast cable internet. actually, i am not that mobile so i would use it at home mostly.
2. it's last year's device and still better than most phones out their, but i already have a t-mobile prepaid that's $100 for a full year and 1000 minutes (i'm not a big phone person and have at least 400 minutes left now.
3. t-mobile always offers the simplest prepaid plans. unfortunately their customer service sucks unless you live near one of their stores (lucky for me i do).
4. $300 for the phone is a great price considering the no contract deal.
like i say, i don't need it but i want it.

Now most of the people i know, that would buy this phone, are not ignorant to the fact that this is last years model phone. In fact i just purchased this phone myself. I just got out of a long term contract, and i don't want to be tided down for 2 more years. While Wal-Mart has lay-a-way it can be placed on it. Non contract phones are allowed. You don't have to use this phone as per-paided. i use mine with mine with my Family Mobile service. I pay under $80 for 2 lines, 5 gig of 4G service (slows down after that)