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Yet another app sale for the Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend is SwiftKey. Both smartphone and tablet versions of the custom Android keyboard are half off - $1.99 a pop. 

For those unfamiliar, SwiftKey is a highly respected Android keyboard replacement that emphasizes predictive suggestions based on Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail usage. There's a really wide range of language support too, which is a must-have for many users. If you're looking for something comparable to Swype with gesture-based typing, you'll have to wait for SwiftKey Flow.

Any big SwifKey users here? Who's been holding off for a price cut?


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SwiftKey 3 and SwiftKey 3 Tablet now half off


I bought it for my S2 but now that SwiftKey AND Swype have been combined in the Note 2's keyboard, I admit my copy of SwiftKey is just gathering dust now...

With the new keyboard in 4.2, I admit my copy of Swiftkey is no longer used. But, I have a TF700 that I am using the stock ASUS keyboard when I do't have it plugged into the dock...
Edit: Eh, it's $2, and it works awesome

I tried to give the 4.2 keyboard a shot and am finding it much worse than the 4.1.2 ver., where it's prediction engine has gone down hill; I've been mistyping like crazy. I had purchased Swiftkey when it went on sale for a quarter and just picked up the tablet version tonight.

Thinking of getting a Nexus 7 for the holidays. Is Swiftkey Tablet version good on the 7? Or should I just use the phone version. I already use the normal version on my Galaxy Nexus, and I do prefer swiftkey to the stock keyboard.

I use the phone version on my N7 and it works just fine. I wouldn't mind trying the tablet version, but I don't think it is critical for a 7" tablet.


I love Swiftkey...hopefully the sale gets even more people on board. Most have no idea what they are missing out on.

I love Swiftkey on the fone but hate it on the tablet because they have placed the number keys on top of the letter keys. They should have put the numbers on the top row above the letters as the default Samsung one is.. Don't like the split keyboard ..

I jumped on this when I saw it but quickly refunded it since I couldn't enable the landscape middle keypad on my original Note. I like and use the regular version but really wanted that feature. It is no different on my phone than the version I have. Also wish keyboards would give option to add a number row.

Swiftkey is always updating with new features. Maybe if you sent a request for thatfeature to the developers they could add it for you.

Man..I bought SwiftKey YESTERDAY before it went on sale and I don't even care!
After flashing the latest JB/TouchWiz leak to my Verizon Samsung GS3, I noticed the JB keyboard was awful. It didn't have proper auto correct etc,(probably will be fixed before the official JB OTA) so I bought SwiftKey. Let me tell you, this is by far the best keyboard I've used on any of my Android phones. Highly recommend!

It still needs more skins or a developer kit that allows creating/adding keyboard skins. That would be fantastic!

I love Swiftkey, had it for a few months now on my Galaxy S3 and would never use anything else. Awesome!!