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A recent study by Pew examined how folks are using tablets and other mobile tech in the U.S., and revealed that 22% of American adults have a tablet, and of the tablets out there, Android powers 48% of them. Not bad considering Apple dominated the space last year with 81%. Other sources estimated that around this time last year, Android had 27% of the tablet space.The whole tablet space is set to continue growing, with 23% of those without a tablet responding that they were planning on getting one in the next six months.

About half of the Android tablets being used were Kindle Fires, which have earned a ton of popularity thanks primarily to their affordability. The survey further goes into detail about how tablet and smartphone adoption are increasing the consumption of news content, and that browser content (versus apps) is on the rise. 

There's a lot of interesting data in this survey, so definitely check it out at the link below. How do you guys consume news on your Android tablet? Do you even have one? What's holding you back from picking up a tablet? 



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Survey says Android claims 48% of U.S. tablet market share


While it is otherwise disparaged by the fanatic types, they are happy to claim it as an Android tablet for the purposes of this sort of thing. Ironically, even Amazon does not refer to it as an Android tablet in their descriptions on Amazon's web page. If you take out the Kindle Fire market share, the growth in Android tablet market has been (at best) negligible.

Very true. My biggest problem with it is that the apps I bought on the Play store cannot be downloaded to my Kindle Fire. It may run on top of Android, but it is totally split away from the Google ecosystem.

This is just another meaningless pseudo-statistic.

This is true for a stock Kindle, but I and the majority of my family & friends who own Kindle Fires all rooted and installed the Play Store early on. Even after Amazon's updates (which broke root) the Play Store still works and recognizes a Kindle for a Kindle. Virtually everything (except apps needing a camera) works just fine, and it takes literally 3 minutes to do. Considering some of the measures Amazon took to break repeatedly break root, and the new measures in the Fire HD series, I wouldn't be surprised if a very significant percentage of Fire owners haven't done the exact same thing.

Typical Kindle owners never even heard of rooting. I would be very surprised if even 1% of Kindle Fires were rooted. My wife uses our Kindle Fire as a Kindle and doesn't even realize its an Android device.

We'll have to see how well the $200 Nexus 7 sells to see how well cheap tablets are doing. In the meantime, the truth is the Kindle Fire was bought and is used largely as a Kindle with a browser and email. It might as well be running symbian.

This is how moSt tablets get used, including iPads. Browser and email make up the bulk of usage time for almost all smart devices, including smart phones.

These number are really only relevant to the manufactures and developers. As for the developers, Amazon is definitely an Android tablet. If your a developer looking to build tablet apps you will be heading in one of two directions, iOS or Android. To a developer it doesn't mater if Amazon has 25% or 75% of Android tablets as the development process is the same.

Exactly! Whether an app will be sold in the Play Store, the Amazon App Store, or's still an Android app. Anyone who thinks Amazon's tablets are not Android-based like any other manufacturer's is fooling themselves.

*facepalm* all this branching BS talk now having it's harvest.... It is Android device, it runs Android apps as mentioned above. Ubuntu and Arch linux is both Linux they run same software, just having different software distribution system, this make them different systems? No

Android starting to have same community issue as Linux, users distance to each other even thru they run on same platform.

If it doesn't have the Play Store, it's not really an "Android tablet". To the majority of users, that's the litmus test. Like it or not.

You're an idiot. Google play doesn't define an android device. RUNNING ANDROID makes a device an Android tablet. The kindle runs Android 2.3. You Apple fanboys have gone into full denial mode. The same thing that happened to the smartphone market is happening to the tablet market. Get over it.

I actually own a Color Nook, but I hardly use it since I got a Galaxy Note. The Note is always have it with me and it's large enough to see a full website (albeit in a tiny view). The one downside is that, even though it's a "phablet," the table software doesn't recognize it's "tablet-ness," and so I've only got the mobile or desktop views of websites.

More to the article, I've been getting my news on my phone since I could do that. I've got an eclectic array of sources that far outshines any single news source, especially TV or (shudder) print.