With the news that Samsung may be able to actually produce the fabled Super AMOLED HD screen, the Nexus Prime rumors are once again out in full force.  The details are the same as the last round -- 4.5 inch Super AMOLED HD display at 1280x720 resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, Ice Cream Sandwich on board, and coming in October.


We've been hearing the same rumors since July, and honestly, there's nothing there that is outlandish enough to dismiss them out of hand.  The Nexus Prime sounds like a beefed up Samsung Galaxy S II, with delicious vanilla Android running on a screen that some of us (yours truly) are simply salivating over (especially now that it's more plausible).  Some of you guys aren't very keen on the fact that Samsung is once again making the Nexus device, but we all have to remember that the purpose of these developer models is to provide a showcase and hardware for new features introduced in the latest Android version, so software devs can write apps that use them.  A new resolution and rumored buttonless design is one of these features, and who better to provide the equipment than the company who can make the screens.  Nobody can be sure of the details of the next Nexus device until Vic G and friends are on stage showing it to us all, but the Nexus Prime sounds more than reasonable.  Or maybe I'm setting myself up for a fall -- we'll see in October.

Source: etNews (Korean); via OLED-display


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Super AMOLED HD news spawns new round of October Nexus Prime rumors


I love you guys for the wealth of Android knowledge you provide us with. I hate you guys for the wealth of Android speculation you tease us with.

Has Verizon ever had a Nexus device before? Or for that matter a cutting edge Android phone (besides the Motorola Droid)?

Get a new carrier or get over it. Verizon doesn't know anything about smartphone hardware & that's nothing new unfortunately.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Do you think LTE is a joke VZW put out for nothing. The speeds that come from it is great. If i had to go back to 3g i wouldn't have a smart phone. No one even knows if VZW isn't going to get the Nexus anyway. You need some LTE love and you would take all you said back in a heart beat. TB with LTE and Bamf love is GREAT!

vzw is a carrier that likes to place a lot of control on its android phones that it sells and operates on its network. They want to control the updates because the updates are how the phone can get access to features they want to control. The with vanilla android they have tethering built on to the phone, they no virizon apps in place. There is a reason why only sprint offered the phone in America in there stores. It was because they had control of the is on the phone. At&T and T-mobile both have a version capable of using their network but both refuse to carry it in their corporate stores. The nexus line is not meant to be a high selling phone but rather an accessible development phone. The it cannot compete with the carriers subsidized prices of competing phones, it cannot compete with them for advertising, and or for availability as the other phones are sold in car stores and the nexus is sold by google and bestbuy.

I think I know a few things. Verizon has never sold a Nexus device. They consistently allow their competition to sell the newest hardware with the latest technology with a few exceptions. The TB for example is definitely a buggy device, and arguably similar in specs to the Evo 4G, which was released over a year ago.

I think that Verizon's LTE data is awesome and I would love to have it. But facts are facts, Verizon has never sold a Nexus device, and unless there is some miraculous change in how they choose their devices, I don't see them selling a Nexus device for a long time.

Obviously you're a Verizon/LTE fan. I would appreciate LTE too, but for me I prefer a phone with specs that are current if I'm going to sign a 2 year contract. You are welcome to be a die hard 4G fan, but there are also countless people on numerous carriers perfectly happy using 3G data with devices that have today's specs. Just because you have an opinion doesn't invalid everyone else's.

Because Verizon has not had one of the two previous nexus phones that have been in the US they will not get the next one? Nice logic. Next time drop the attitude, he was just asking a question.

It's pretty rational logic. It's called a pattern. If you were mugged every time you went to a specific neighborhood, would you stop going, or would you go back and tell yourself, "well just because it happened before doesn't mean it will happen again."

If you want to keep paying Verizon for always letting the other guys get the cool new phones and hoping they will suddenly do something different, your entitled to, but fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

If it came off as an attitude then sorry, it's more my frustration with Verizon's lack of top of the line hardware. If you like Verizon then that's your opinion, but don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message.

My Rooted Droid Charge Running the GummyCharged 1.9RC2 Rom with the Imnuts Custom Kernel using the Go Launcher EX UI with the EXT4 converted file system channeled through Gingerbread 2.3.4 and Diplayed Brillantly on the 4.3 Super Amoled+ Screen or using the the HDMI Out and all this with UNLIMITED 4G Speed would change your mind in a Heartbeat..or Should I say Eyebeat... Believe That... Follow Me on Twitter @Raider_Will

So all this means is they is problay announcing it in October! Remember the EVO 3D supossly releasing on one date, but it turned out to only be the day they were announcing it! Blah blah blah! Only believe what Google says pertaining to there phone releases dates.

well it's a rumor

"..Samsung is once again making the Nexus device", should have been written, Samsung may once again be making the Nexus device

I really hope not, because that means my Aging Nexus One will have to do another year of duty until someone other than Samsung makes a Nexus.

I refuse on principal to ever own another Samsung phone, regardless of how pure android it might be.

SOO agree with that. I cant personally STAND samsung phones at the moment. Who knows. Maybe they will get better, but IMO, the Nexus S was a FLOP considering the nexus devices are supposed to set the bar for hardware and software for the next gen android phones and the nexus HARDLY did that. WHOOPIE... it has NFC.. how many NFC tags have i seen... oh yeah.. that would be NONE.

I would LOVE to see this made by HTC. and as long as it has Sprint bands, i am in like flyn!!

I am worried about the buttonless design and how it will integrate with 3rd party launchers already out there. It would be a shame to not be able to use any of them.

Given the success of LauncherPro, ADW, GO Launcher, & the others...I would say it is safe to assume that they would all release versions compatible with ICS when it is out.

Is there some Google event coming up in the near future for the Nexus Prime to be revealed? I want to believe it's coming in October, but I don't think there's anything planned between now and then to unveil it. I guess they don't have to do a big event, but considering it'll be the unveiling of ICS as well, I just assume it would be in Google's best interest to make a thing of it.

Also. PLEASE hit multiple carrier's on day one!
That'd be nice.

But seriously, are there any rumors on when El Goog might premier the Nexus Prime and ICS? If I remember correctly, last year they pimped the Nexus S like a month before it's release. So maybe we'll see it in September sometime? Assuming it'll launch in October of course. Damn, I hate not knowing any details!

It only takes 30 seconds to pump out a press release and the entire tech media will be there within days. Like when they unveiled the web market.

This appears to be a great device but just proves to me that the next iteration of EVO BRAND will be alot more better than this. I wish google and samsung well I am an HTC SUPPORTER period.

You mean a phone coming out next june will be better than one coming this fall? Yes, I can see why THIS would prove that to you. It's all so clear.

"a lot more better"? Seriously??

Also, of course a phone coming out next summer will have better specs than one coming out this fall. Just like this one will already crush your beloved EVO 3D. This phone, however, won't have HTC's bloatware (Sense) all over it & will get updated with newer versions of Android before any EVO ever will.

Oh stop it with your EVO fetish already. This is about the Nexus. This phone already destroys your little precious EVO 3D. Lol you're comparing this phone to one that won't come out till summer 2012. I love my EVO 4G but you really need to seek help.

I'm actually with El Jefe and Orion on this one. I own an OG EVO and have been rocking AOSP roms for almost 6 months now. I won't turn back to any kind of Sense ROM's. Too much bloat and their widgets take up so much space on your phone and the real estate of your screen.

I'm currently running Salvage Mod 1.4 which is Android 2.3.5 and I was running CM 7.1 before that (2.3.4). I like vanilla android so much that I'm considering getting a Nexus phone over the updated Moto Pro/XPRT. I'm not a fan of Moto Blur (or any OEM ROM for that matter) but that keyboard has me mesmerized!

I've never owned a Samsung phone but from all the complaining I've seen over the past year about Sammy not releasing updates to their phones and using cheap plastic to construct their phones makes me skeptical. Yes, I know the Nexus line is the first to receive any kind of OS update first...

Please come to Sprint!!! I've been holding out for the next Nexus for a while now... the Nexus S came out a little too late to pull the trigger.

Damn you technology!!! I buy one android phone, 3 months later I want the next one, and the next one.......and the next one :(

thats why you buy a nexus, updates are available asap, the nexus one lasted a long time and still is a hell of a device, this new nexus prime, i give it a last ability of 2-3+ years, SAMOLED HD Display is going to take while to top, especially since its preloaded with ICS, knowing the drag that certain companies take to update their phones, you can count on this one lasting, just wondering about the front facing cam thou...

The most plausible reason I've heard to justify an earlier launch is to compete directly with the rollout of the iPhone 5. That said, considering the major problems that plagued the Nexus S all the way up to the release of 2.3.3, I have serious concerns about the consequences Google could face trying to rush ICS and the "Nexus Prime" out the door before they've worked out the kinks.

This would contradict the 3rd party rumor yesterday that 1280x720 SAMOLED would require a 5"+ screen to begin with. Though I won't be up for a phone in awhile I hope this is right as I'd like to see phones reach 1280x720. I think I will then be plenty satisfied with the number of pixles, hell 800x480 on 4.5" looks dam good to me.

The only hardware piece I'm not impressed with is the 5mp back cam and the 2mp front can. They should up the ante. Also lots of internal ram and solid gpu. Can't wait, my n1 is great but this thing is gona be a beast

As an amateur photographer, I couldn't care less what the MP rating is. Get a better CMOS sensor in there. Megapixels are marketing terms, nothing more.

Finally!! Someone else gets it!!! Seriously i friggen HATE the whole MP war cause i have seen a 6mp nikon BLOW AWAY ANYTHING that has been (and probably ever will be)taken with a phone. They need to beef up the CMOS sensors in these cameras in a bad way! I cant stand taking pics with any phone i have had ever!

exactly, but i do like the camera on the iphone 4, best in my opinion, at least for phones, apple just puts quality in their phones (not being a fanboy), kind of like sony and their headphones, THE BEST HEADPHONES I HAVE EVER BOUGHT...

At the risk of having my geek card taken away, I'm all for a nice display, but when is it enough? I mean come on, these are screens that are never farther than 2ft away from our face when we use them.

Why aren't we hearing about a manufacturer putting this amount of effort into advancements in battery technology? I would gladly settle for the resolution of my 1 year old Droid X if it meant I could get multiple days use out of a single charge, but hey, maybe that's just me.

At 2 ft away, its all the more reason to have more pixels, the further away you can get away with less. But to be fair, 480 lines was developed for 20" sized TV's. So, I think we're good at 5" screens.

I think I need a towel :)

I am super excited for this phone, loving my rooted Nexus-S 4G running Oxygen ROM, can only imagine Android 4.0 with a Super AMOLED+ HD screen, on a new Nexus device.

So this thing will be out just a month or so after the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S II, seems rather close doesn't it ?

You won't see SAMOLED+ HD in 4.5" sizes...sounds like the tech is not ready this year.

SAMOLED HD (pentile) yes...

Can someone explain these screens to me. These phones claim HD playback (1080p/720p) when the resolutions on phones are 800*480 or even 960*540. How is this possible?? Videos on my phone look fantastic, but am I even watching HD on my phone??(HTC Inc) I thought HD requires 1920x1080 or at the minimum 1280x720 resolutions..

I'm not saying this is even remotely the case, but a phone with an HDMI port that can push 1080p out to a monitor/tv could claim HD playback.

You are correct on the requirements. The phones can playback HD either through HDMI or some other output...but on the screen it will be maxed out at whatever screen resolution it gives. So yes and no on whether it can "output" HD. Technically you are not seeing HD on the screen with 480 or 540 screens, but to your eyes, due to the screen size, it makes little difference. Especially if the source material isn't created with those HD resolutions.

Give me nexus and Verizon LTE and its on like no other. You will see my TB sent to the Bamf team so they can make the next rom.

for the love of god!! no display switch for europe.liek the nexus S(i do have samoled,but i dont know if ill be importing the next nexus)

I think it's totally possible that the Nexus Prime will see an October release, although I'd rather have them release it in December or January. I think Google should take all the time they need to really polish Ice Cream Sandwich. I know it's importantly go to market as soon as possible to actively compete with Apple, but in the end, it'll save them a lot of time and trouble if they just release a more stable version of ICS as opposed to getting it out quickly and have it be buggier. Regardless, the Nexus Prime is gonna be one sexy device that I'll surely look into...although I must say, HTC's Beats integration is tempting as well. More on what I have to say about the Nexus Prime and Google marketing on my blog at:

A Nexus Prime on Verizon?
Track record:
HTC Thunderbolt: a great phone but has yet to be updated to Gingerbread
Droid Bionic: Delayed

Google should think twice before they let Verizon sell any more phones!