Nexus 4 wireless charging orb

Update: And this contest is closed. Thanks, everybody! Stay tuned for Wednesday's giveaway.

Up next in our "Get crap off Phil's Desk" content is the Nexus 4 wireless charger. This is the one that's about the size of a tennis ball, only it's black and charges a smartphone. This one is new and still in the box and completely free of dust and dog hair. (If ya'll want, I'll throw in a second charging orb, only this one might have that dust and dog hair stuff I mentioned.)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and we'll get this charger to a good home.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb



Yes please. I have been holding off getting one because of price.I am very close to folding, visiting the devices section of the Play Store a few times a day. Needless to say, I'm in...
Thanks Phil

LAst night, I had $167 stolen out of my bank account. Idk who or what took it, but I've never been a victim of identity theft. This sucks. A free Orb would help turn around my crappy day!

I've been looking for an odd shaped object for my phone to slide off of for quite some time now. This would do.

That'd be one less thing I'd need to have plugged into my USB hub every night, so thanks for the chance to enter. :)

Yes please! I've managed to make use of everything else the Nexus 4 can do connectivity-wise, just need to check this one off the list!

I'd love to have a wireless orb! I can't get one here in the UK, I'd even pay for the postage if I have to!!!

Oh I'd love one! I bought my girlfriend one and she yells at me if she catches me using hers LOL

Please.....this is the week for "ORB" first the Kentucky Derby win ....then (hopefully) my BIG wireless charging ORB WIN! You have the power to make this happen!

I would love to get my hands on this. It would make it so much easier to answer the phone when it's charging since my cable is pretty short or for when I'm sleeping.

After trying out the LG and Nokia chargers and both not working, it would be amazing to possibly get my hands on the actual Google charger!

If I don't win the new one, I'll take the one covered with dust and dog hair. Time to bust out the cleaning products.

Would really love to win an orb (even if it's covered in dog hair)! Love the site anyway, if I don't :)

I don't have a Nexus 4, but I did convince my sister to get one so I would give it to her.

If it's free I'll take it off your hands. Count me in. Would look great sitting among the clutter that is my desk at work. I have a spot for it too. Right between my dual monitor setup and in the valley of the discarded hard drives.

Now I can charge my phone safely without it sliding across the table!
The already scratched back of my n4 thanks you AndroidCentral.

This would go very nicely with the Nexus 4 I won as part of the HTC Developer Edition contest! If you want to give it away separately, I'll take the dog haired covered one and take myself out of the contest for this one. =)


I'll take it fella due to my charger being broken and my dog has alopecia also the girlfriend has cleaned my desk...... Cheers

Oh man, it's ok if I don't win. I'll just cut a tennis ball in half and spray paint it black. Nerd Level: Broke.

If I get this orb I'll be getting the new Nexus 4. the 32GB version that's dropping at the end of the month

I would love to win this, as it will serve two items. It will be more of a reliable phone stand, as my current one is a piece of plastic and second it will be a better charger than using the computer's USB.

Heck I'll take a dog hair covered one! Or the new one either is fine with me.

I'd also like to add some dust and hair to the orb, so I'd even take the second one. :-)

Yeah, just ordered a Nexus 4 for my wife (the next step from her HTC Wildfire S :-D). Thus this charger would be a great plus!

A home the place we grumble the most and are treated the best. Looking forward to get this home where it will be treated the best :)

This will make a perfect place for the cat hair to congregate when the Nexus 4 isn't using it. I'll set the other one closer to the floor for the dog's contributions.

I would be more than happy to take both orbs off your hands, one for the desk and one for the nightstand. Especially as I haven't been able to afford them myself.

Hey Phil. I got no chances to buy the orb in my country. Hope I am the right person to win "the power" ;-)

I would love one of these! I have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7, the 4 has the new build of PA on it that demos the Halo feature. :P

This has always been a wanted luxury accessory that I have yet to get for my Nexus 4. I'd love to get one, regardless of the dog hair or not!

all the way from Kurdistan, I'm posting here to get my hands on the charging orb. Just brought myself a new nexus 4 and would love to finish it off with this orb!! come on android central, what do you say?!

We get new QOTSA tracks and freebies.... and it's not Christmas? Life is good.

I was thinking, if only I had one of these charging orbs, I could justify getting myself a Nexus 4. Even the one with dog hair.

I'll take the dog hair one, it will fit in nicely at my house with all my dog hair

I would love this for my shiny new nexus! I could put it to good use. Thanks for doing these giveaways!

Oooh here here! Both my husband and I have the Nexus 4, and we'd love to have a wireless charger that we can use with our phones! :)

I'm constantly cleaning dachshund fuzz and hair off everything anyway, so I'd be more than happy to help take the dusty / dog-hairy one off your hands :)

A used orb to go with a New Nexus 4, sounds like a match made in heaven. I won't even have to add my own dog's hair.

Gimme gimme, please! I can use one on my desk at home. Ubur convenient to place and remove for when I am on the go!

I could really use an orb for my desk at work. My phone would never need charging if I had one.

A dog haired up charging orb would help remind me of my dog I come home to see everyday.

Arrrghhh .. this would make sitting here at this desk in the library at Penn for 19 hours working on a final exam WAYYY more entertaining!

Pick me pick me pick me!

I think Iowa sounds like a good place to send mail to, dont you think Phil? It may even be the first time! Ill tell you what, Ill mail you something from IA if Im picked to get the charger!

Hey Phil I'm getting married soon and this would make a great wedding gift from the wonderful team at Android Central to me and my fiancee :)

Holy comments, I have a better chance of winning the lotto but then again if your not in it you can't win it so here's my entry :-)

The Nexus 4 by far is the best unlocked smartphone you can find without signing those dreaded contracts. Perfectly happy with my straight talk plan.

This would be for my father. He just got his first Android and it’s a Nexus 4.

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