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He's back, folks. Snoop DoGGGG. Charmin' the ladies, or whatever it is you kids do these days. If you missed the first installment, Snoop D-O-(Double)-Double-G is playing three parts alongside ... wait for it ... Warren G (remember him?) as part of MetroPCS' "G-Connection" promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Indulge. If they ever get the LG G-Slate, things might really get out of hand.

Check out the first installment of the G-Connection after the break.



Reader comments

Snoop DoGGGG is back for the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge


Well at least I know what happened to that homeless guy with the "golden voice" from Cleveland. I wonder if Snoop takes the drug called Charlie Sheen or if he has the "Tiger Blood" too.

glad to see the golden voice getting some work, was actually wondering today how he had been making out.

wtf is that? how does that have anything to do with cell service? is my guess wrong in assuming that metro-pcs (like Boost and Cricket) is aimed at that particular demographic, so anyone outside of that demographic just won't "get it"?

also, Snoop is an awful actor. He could have at least played with his vocals a little. Changing hair styles and clothes doesn't constitute as acting.

Could Snoop sell out any harder?

Between that and the Pepsi commercials - I don't think I can even listen to his old good stuff without laughing