Sketchbook Pro

Autodesk just released a Honeycomb-optimized version of their popular paint and drawing app Sketchbook Pro. It has been available as a tablet optimized experience on the iPad for over a year, so it's nice to see an Android version finally getting some love.

If you've never used Sketchbook Pro before, it is a highly functional drawing app that allows users to create incredible content on their mobile device.

The app costs $4.99 and is now available in the Android Market. Please find links to the app and a demo video showing off the newly optimized version after the break.

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joba78 says:

Awesome! I may grab this for my Tab 8.9 next month. I have been using AutoCAD for years and enjoy Autodesk's products.

I will try out the competition before buying, though.

shawnsully says:

Looks like a Motorolla Xoom. But what is the writing device?

Menno says:

Most likely a stylus made for a capacitive screen. Considering getting one now after seeing that video.

Cookedart says:

They should optimize this app for pressure sensitivity on NTrig tablets like the Flyer and the EVO View.

eric6052 says:

The app looks awesome but probably to complicated for me since I have very little artistic talent.

gtricecakes says:

Played with the phone/free version and it was awesome. Can't wait to get it on my tablet once it comes in the mail!

Coder88 says:

Does not work on my ASUS transformer infinity 4.0, bummer. Can not even download it from Amazon android apps store. I hope a version comes out soon for Ice Cream (android 4).