Seidio and the Nexus One

When you take this gig, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you'll be writing a lot about products that might or might not exist. And accessory-maker Seidio (whose wares we sell in the AndroidCentral Store, btw) is heading down that road with the Nexus One, teasing "the ultimate accessories for the ultimate Android Phone," which likely is headed for T-Mobile. But nothing is official there. The phone still hasn't been properly announced, and not even the name is official. But maybe they know something we don't, which would be fine. [Seidio via Gear Diary]


Reader comments

Seidio's sure the Nexus One is coming


Dude, are you serious? You do know that the phone isn't for sale right? And when and if it does go on sale it will be through T Mobile where you will undoubtedly be able to purchase it with or without a subsidy. And then there's always the possibility that it'll be for sale through Googles dev program.

It does if you don't get many calls. I was contemplating getting a data only plan on Verizon. Its $50 and phone calls are $.25/min. For the number of minutes I talk it would be a wash for me compared to what I'm paying now. But I do get more minutes for the price on my current plan so I'm sticking with it. Planning on using my phone for work and not sure how the call volume will increase in the next 2 years.

The Nexus One is real and is really coming out... sooner rather than later. Google didnt just give their employees the phone to test... They gave it to them to keep. The only real question about the phone is will it be released thru a carrier or not and the cost of the phone.

yeah! that pic is one of engadget's... LOL.. they didn't even try to clean it up!! Nothing to see here people! .. just a company trying to take advantage of all the Nexus One hoopla, that's all... LAME

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