Samsung has today finally announced its very first Tizen powered smartphone, the Samsung Z. Headed to Russia in Q3 2014 before expanding to other markets, the Samsung Z marries decent sounding hardware with features – both hardware and software – seen elsewhere on its Galaxy Android powered devices.

Powering the show is a 2.3GHz quad-core CPU backed up by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage with a microSD card slot. The Samsung Z houses a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display at 1280x720 resolution, an 8MP rear camera, 2600mAh battery and Tizen 2.2.1. The fingerprint scanner first seen on the Galaxy S5 makes an appearance as does S Health 3.0, Ultra Power Saving mode and Download Booster. Oh, and it also comes in gold.

Apps will be taken care of by way of the Tizen Store and to help get things kickstarted Samsung says there will be localized app challenges and special promotions for the first year. The phone will be on display at this weeks Tizen Developer Conference, and from what we can see so far it looks like a union of some of Samsung's Android/Touchwiz software features translated over to the new platform.

So now it's here, what do we think to it?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Seoul, Korea, June 2, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, today introduced the Samsung Z, the first commercially available smartphone powered by the Tizen platform. The Samsung Z will be on show at the Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco from June 3rd.

Built on top of unparalleled quality and the cutting-edge technology of Samsung's latest premium smartphone, the Samsung Z is optimized with a Tizen platform that offers fast and powerful software performance. Complete with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor, the Samsung Z makes the perfect choice for consumers who want a differentiated user experience in an efficient and light-weight smartphone.

"Samsung is committed to enhancing the mobile experience of consumers with innovation that is both personal and unique to their needs," said DJ Lee, President and Head of Global Sales & Marketing Office, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. "The Samsung Z integrates the power and adaptability of the Tizen platform, enabling users to browse the web faster and utilize applications more effectively."

Quick and Efficient The Tizen platform delivers a fast, optimal performance with improved memory management. The Tizen-based Samsung Z offers a faster startup time and immediate multi-tasking capabilities, The Samsung Z fully supports superb 2D and 3D graphic qualities, smoother scrolling and an improved rendering performance for web browsing. Users will also be able to enjoy safe and secure privacy protection using the built-in fingerprint sensor.

An Ultra Power Saving Mode lets the phone stay operational even at minimal battery levels in emergencies.

Tailored For Smarter Living The Samsung Z features a distinctive home and application layout, for easy access to favorite features and apps. Using Dynamic Box and Color Theme settings, users can tailor their device to what suits them best.

The external design of the Samsung Z also offers a completely new look. The device features a slim, angular design with sophisticated lines, providing a differentiated look and feel while maintaining Samsung's overall design identity. The Samsung Z will be available in two refined colors: Black and Gold.

The Samsung Z will be available in Q3 in Russia and is planned to expand to other markets. Users will be offered to access additional applications through the Tizen Store at the launch of the Samsung Z. In order to celebrate the launch the world's first Tizen smartphone and to encourage more developers to join, the Tizen Store will provide a special promotional program to all developers for one year. Furthermore, Samsung plans to host a Tizen local app challenges in Russia and CIS countries to enrich the Tizen eco-system at the launch of the device.


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Samsung Z launches carrying Tizen, headed to Russia in Q3 2014


I can see potential for lower-end devices.

It needs app support, though.

And keep calm, people. Samsung won't be abandoning Android.

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So then, could someone explain to me: what is the point of tizen? Is this just a way for them not to have to deal with Google? What advantages does it bring us?

I hope my next Note is still on android, though i'd bet we'll always be able to load custom ROMS.

Yeah, Tizen is their development platform. They've used Linux like that for ten years. These ermahgerd comments about Samsung killing their own source of income just to spite Google for some inexplicable reason are really getting tiresome. Microsoft are developing Linux stuff too. Ermahgerd, Microsoft are killing Windows just to make my PC useless!

These ermahgerd comments.."

It wasn't an ermahgerd comment, it was a question. I feel that your response was an over-reaction. I don't know all of Tizen's background, but i do know there were talks between google and samsung about samsung being more-in line with google's vision. So i thought perhaps they might be spitting off.

Let MS kill off windows. Been using linux exclusively since 1997.

Well it sure sound like it the way you phrase it. And really still does. Even though you obviously know by now that Samsung has been developing and selling Linux based phones regularly since before Android was even created.

Try reading what I wrote, they are using Linux the way most big companies are using Linux, as a platform to develop their own source of income. In Microsoft's case Windows and in Samsung's case their hardware and stuff like TouchWiz. This is clearly not a phone Samsung just decided to spit out three months ago because of what you mentioned. =)


Samsung abandoning Android would be shooting themselves right at the foot.

It may negatively affect Android too, especially in terms of market share.

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There is absolutely no incentive for someone like Samsung to sell WP devices. A platform where they have to pay something like $20 more per device than most of their competitors...

Is $20 more per device really going to hurt them when it means expanding their horizons and opening up to more users? I think it would help them as WP share increases. If the threshold for it being worthwhile isn't broken already, it will be soon.

Posted via Android Central App

On a low or midrange phone selling at $200 off contract? You tell me. Take away expenses, taxes and everything else. that's $20 off a profit margin of maybe $40-50.

And would you really pay that money to fund your competitors sales? I wouldn't.

Tell that to the market... The biggest growing smartphone segment is the midrange, mostly in China and India. If Microsoft wants the big third party manufacturers to join in for real, then they ought to show some interest in getting them onboard instead of doing, you know, the complete opposite... :)

Yes it is, just multiply $20 by the millions of phones then it hurts them. If tizen kicks in and does well their profits will be a lot better.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

I guess if your already making billions in one market a few extra million wouldn't really be worth it.

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That is still not the point. The reason is still, why should Samsung use their brand name to widely promote WP when Microsoft asks Samsung to pay something like $20 more per device than those who would eventually gain on that promotion?

Microsoft have themselves to blame for WP failing. They have literally made one fatal error after another with that platform. It looked really promising initially with WP7, promoting a platform customisable like Windows or Android. Since then they've just managed to screw everything up. It's as if Microsoft themselves really don't want WP to succeed.

They do sell them. Or did they stop? I almost bought a Samsung Windows phone b4 the S4 came out.

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Tizen can join BlackBerry in being completely irrelevant in the minds of anyone who matters.

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That's still to be seen. Samsung has a strong following and if they start including tizen in phones with specs like the note line and offer incentives then they have a winner, plus they can still sell android in the meantime.

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And you know this how? How many phones a year do they sell. Assuming that half don't know what OS is running their phone, I think it has the potential to cause a few ripples. I would also like to point out how much it looks like Android, judging from the pictures provided, some people won't even notice. The only thing that they may miss is the Google products.
I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

People said the same thing about iPhone and Android when Palm and BlackBerry ruled the roost. I try to stay open to the possibilities. Will it be something I use at this time, probably not. But, I sure am not knocking them for trying something new. There's a reason companies like Samsung have been around for as long as they have....diversify that portfolio. Technology shifts and changes often. Top dog right now, may not be in 5 years.

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It'd be very interesting to see this phone and Tizen itself in action. Nice specs (apart from the screen) would definitely be enough to power this phone. The only thing I'm wondering is how much of an impact can Tizen make on the market. Who'd take the risk of losing access to all Android apps in favour of an upcoming OS?

Posted from my de-TouchWized Samsung Galaxy S3 running SlimKat 4.4.2

Maybe it has an Android runtime like the BlackBerry 10?

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

Totally agree.
Anyone remember Samsung launching the BADA OS? My girlfriend purchased a Samsung Wave running the BADA system, Whilst the hardware was nice there was/has been no support from Samsung and little developer interest.

Somehow Samsung will figure out a way to make Tizen phones responsive and more space free, and somehow blame android for all their problems.

Are the pictures above that new phone with Tizen? if so, it looks almost just like Android Kit Kat. now i know Android is open source so there wont be any lawsuits for copying it, but come on Samsung, if you'e already in court with Apple for supposedly "copying" them. Now you've created your own OS (which i really don't know if you created it) but the point is make it your own by new looks and colors. People are probably going to think its still Android (at least from this picture).

One correction though, that's not how Android looks, Tizen resembles Touchwiz very very closely. Android real look is the one seen in Nexus and Google Play Edition phones and tablets, Touchwiz is their version of the Android OS, or should I call it an affectation? So far this looks more like a common GALAXY phone, which for all intents and purposes, that's the idea, to fool people into buying it thinking they're buying a GALAXY device.

I'm not gonna discard Tizen just like that because it's not designed for the developed market but for emerging markets. We'll see what happens.

oh, give me a little bit of credit. Of course i know the touchwiz overhaul Samsung spins on Android. but you can also see the parts they don't touch with Touchwiz such as the white icons in the top right and the transparent notification bar. Heck, they even have a Google Now-ish looking icon above the phone icon on the homescreen. possibly the gallery. but your final thought there "to fool people into buying it thinking they're buying an Android device" (before your edit). That's the good ole fashion Samsung spirit in my opinion. Don't come up with something of your own to stand out, instead make people think they are buying something else.

You're correct. I see the same thing as you.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I know Sammy isn't going to kill Android, however, when their ad says things like "starts up faster" or "browses better than", who or what are they comparing to?

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Just a question: Why is Android Central reporting on this?
If it's not Android, please don't waist my time :-)

glad to see some people are being reasonable about this. The Samsung/Android marriage is not going anywhere

samsung opts tizen over android , whcih gave samsung life and made it stood as number one smartphone maker in the world . Can Samsung bring life to its own software

The average person dosnt and wouldnt know the difference thats why google now demands powered by android to be on the boot screen of modern phones i dont think its a bad thing maybe if they jumped boat to tizen this would give other oems a fighting chance to be no1 in the android field never been a fan of samsung products and skins anyway and i do own a note 2 on kitkat only because its free from my job i rock a htc one and lg g2 for my person life.

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Samsung is planning on replacing android with tizen on their galaxy s series. Google needs to stop them and partner with other oems to get marketshare. Android silver to the rescue?

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Anyone who thinks this isn't a long term threat to Android doesn't see the entire picture. Samsung is testing the waters with Tizen at the moment, but if it does well it will continue to produce more and more handsets with it. Why?....because it will be more profitable for them if they can cut Google out. Now I would imagine the U.S. market would be the last to see Tizen, and in fact we may never see it here. But emerging markets are another ballgame.
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For sure. A lot of Samsung Galaxy owners I know are teen girls and middle aged woman that don't know that they even have a Android phone. To them its just a 'Galaxy'. With the right app support this could be big.
Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

A smart phone without apps is a dummy phone. Even the Samsung app store that comes on Samsung phones are junk. Lags and full of crap.

Looking at this from a consumer's point of view, it just looks like another smartphone by Samsung. I think that's the point. Tizen will be on a trial period, probably for a year or two, where a certain sector of phones (low-end/bottom mid-range) will run Tizen. If it does well there, Samsung may further develop it and run it on higher-spec phones. I think the ground floor is being layed for Samsung not to depend on Google or Android, but it isn't out of malice. Samsung is not YET looking to rid its portfolio of Google or Android.

Back to the consumer, this is when a heavy UI overlay is helpful. Aside from a few color changing or menus changing, consumers will think this is just a phone with stuff moved around. I think if there's app support and eventual cross-platform interoperability, like wearables such as glasses and watches all running the same OS the phone runs, it could be nice. Samsung has the money to make it happen.