Samsung and Seagate have come together and created an external wireless hard drive designed to work with Android devices. The Samsung Wireless media device has a capacity of 1.5TB, so it can hold up to 750 movies, 375,000 MP3s, 425,000 photos or any combo of the three — as well as countless documents and assorted files.

The device is designed so that up to five users can connect wirelessly, with no Internet connection required. Users can stream media from Android devices running Gingerbread or higher, as well as Windows XP or higher and OS X 10.6 or later. The Samsung Wireless can also connect and act as an Internet gateway for those five devices. Users are also able to connect via USB 3.0 for direct access to the device, and Android users can also charge their device from the Samsung Wireless itself.

The press release — which you'll find below — says the Samsung Wireless is available globally and retails for $179.00

Samsung HDD Business Unit Unveils High Capacity Media Streaming Device

Mobile Users Now Have Their Entertainment Hotspot Everywhere They Go

CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) today announced that its Samsung® HDD business unit is shipping its new Samsung Wireless media device for mobile users. Consumers can now carry up to 750 movies, and unprecedented libraries of music and photos everywhere they go. Samsung Wireless allows up to five users to connect making this the ultimate entertainment hotspot. The Samsung Wireless is available globally for MSRP of $179.00.

"Samsung HDD continues to drive innovation of storage solution for enterprise level to consumer applications"

The Samsung Wireless media device is designed as a portable accessory to consumers' mobile devices (smart phones & tablets); its sleek design, small form-factor and light weight make it an ideal companion. The Samsung Wireless fulfills a variety of today's multimedia demands and is a perfect accessory for every generation of mobile lifestyle. No internet connection is needed with the Samsung Wireless; it streams content wirelessly (via WiFi) to up to five devices. The Samsung Wireless is a simple and easy to use device.

"Samsung HDD continues to drive innovation of storage solution for enterprise level to consumer applications," said Doug DeHaan, General Manager, Samsung HDD division. "Smartphones and tablets are more and more becoming the preferred method for consumers to watch video content but these devices have limited storage capacity. Samsung HDD is meeting this burgeoning demand by providing a device with the storage capacity consumers need to supplement their mobile device."

"Android is the most popular OS for smartphones on the market with 78.1%* market share; Samsung leads smartphone vendors with 39.5%* market share. The Samsung Wireless gives those consumers a fitting accessory to carry with them. Consumers will now have the luxury of having all of their multimedia content with them everywhere they to go, to enjoy personally and share with family and friends," said David Klenske, Product Line Director, Samsung HDD.

The Samsung Wireless is a 1.5 TB wireless drive; it holds up to 750 movies, 375k MP3s, 425k photos or a combination of these multimedia or other type files. It supports Android® 2.3 or higher, Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP SP2, and Mac® OS X 10.6 or later. It has long battery life, up to 7 hours**. The Samsung Wireless can connect to other wireless networks to provide internet access in addition to local streaming. Up to 5 mobile devices can connect to it at once. The Samsung Wireless comes with a USB 3.0 port. Also, users can use the Samsung Wireless to charge their mobile devices. To learn more about the Samsung Wireless, please visit Seagate's Samsung HDD Division Ships World's Thinnest 2TB Storage

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Seagate is a worldwide leader in storage solutions. Learn more at Follow Seagate on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and subscribe to our blog. Samsung HDD is a division of Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX).

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Reader comments

Samsung unveils their 1.5 Terabyte wireless media streamer aimed at Android users


How is this any better than the Seagate Wireless Plus which sells for $199 for 2TB?? Other than being made by Seagate?

You missed the part about wireless file access and networking to your android device. Like your own private cloud media server

Posted via Android Central App

Right. No Internet required. Download movies put it on there Internet goes down boom streaming.

Posted via Android Central App

According to the description on Amazon an internet connection isn't required...

So what's the difference?

Seems like a pretty good price as well. I wonder if this will work for devices like laptops as well and or if it will be accessible through wifi networks or only through direct connections. Because if it can double as a wireless hardrive (cloud) for those devices, at 179 that might be a steal

Hopefully an improvement from Homesync. What garbage, talking from personal experience.

Hey Samsung, how about you release the full line of Galaxy S5 accessories, specifically the wireless charging battery cover! Tired of waiting on this!

Agreed! Release the wireless back charging plate for the S5. Say if i have a cottage with barely any signal, will this device give me internet out there??

Posted via Android Central App

My current Wi-Fi disk (Patriot Gaunlet) is so bad (speed and battery life, not counting it's only a 360GB). This thing look so awesome and bless Samsung for the ability to charge the phone! (I hope that I can use OTG devices that require a Y connector with power (IE: Nexus 4) with this single device!

Technically, it would serve as a wireless bridge, not a wireless gateway unless it has its own DHCP server which wouldn't make much sense.

Using an app like Localcast, u should be able to navigate to the networked file on the drive using ur phone and cast it from there, so in theory yes it should

Definitely looks interesting, gotta read up some more on this

Posted via Android Central App

I have a Satellite from Seagate , very cool. Turn on the wifi and connect to it while on the road. That's why it came with a car charger which I thought was strange at first

It's all about portability I guess, taking the whole setup with you. I have a completely different setup, I have a 2TB Hard Disk storing files on my LAN and I serve media that way. I can see it all from the internet so what's the point of this other than portability and charging capability? I don't need to rush right out and and buy this, I have my own cloud already.


I guess the point is that it doesn't require an internet connection to stream, while your setup does. The advantage of your setup is that you can stream from anywhere without toting around the hard drive, assuming you have a strong internet connection.

Posted via Android Central App

Let me paraphrase: "What's the point of this device besides the things that make it different from other solutions?"

You answered your own question.