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Samsung is riding at the top of the smartphone food-chain — let's hope they remember how they got there

I was looking through the data at ABI Research today about Q3 2013 smartphone sales. At first glance, I saw the pie chart I expected to see, with Android having over 80 percent of the worldwide smartphone market and was ready to close the tab. We know Android outsells everyone, and that just wasn't news I wanted to share. But right before I clicked away, a number at the top caught my eye.

Samsung sold 35 percent of all smartphones sold in Q3 of 2013. That's a figure that's fairly easy to come up with in the past if you wanted to do a little work, but there it was, laid out just like that. After a little poking around at their data, and calling in Andrew, our financial and numbers wünderkind, we realized just what that means.

According to ABI Research, Samsung sells more smartphones than Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry combined.

They also sell more than all other Android vendors singly, and likely more than the rest of the top five combined. We don't have that data handy, and aren't about to guess. And quite frankly, none of the other vendors have the history or the weight of total sales behind them that Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry do. It wasn't too awful long ago that they were the big three — the ones to beat, if you like — when it comes to domination of the mobile market.

This matters. Since the huge majority of these are likely to be Android phones (more data we don't have from ABI and won't guess at) it matters even more to us as Android enthusiasts. Samsung is clearly the dominant player in the entire Android ecosystem. If you had any doubts before, wash them away.

We just got finished seeing all the new tools Samsung is using to attract more interest in their smartphones. Regardless of what you may read elsewhere, this was an event centered around five new SDKs, four of which were Android only and one that was Android, iOS and JavaScript / HTML 5 (for the multiple screen APIs). Samsung is certainly all-in with Android, and Google has carried them to the top of smartphone mountain by giving them Android to fold, spindle and mutilate as they please.

Google has carried Samsung to the top of smartphone mountain

With their new push for the enterprise market, these numbers are going to grow. You and I may not be enamored with things like boosted security and Knox support, but we don't matter to Samsung. We're outliers. Samsung will spend the money to do what it takes for their phones to be as popular in a business environment as they are with us "common" folks. That's good news for people forced to use locked-up corporate phones. Let's hope Samsung also starts to offer more "developer" phones without all the extra security — and that people see the benefit in buying them.

For now, all this is still a good thing. Samsung isn't likely to abandon an entire platform that someone else writes for them and improves yearly for free, but we also need to watch closely. Samsung will do what is best for Samsung, like any other company. I don't expect Samsung to suddenly really care about Tizen, or provide more than the token support they now offer (note that I am a Tizen fan, I'm just realistic knowing that Samsung doesn't really care about it). Not when Google does the heavy lifting for them, and they are still free to make it Samsung on the top. But I can't completely ignore the Chicken Littles out there who are certain Samsung is ready to leave Android and ruin everything — because if they did, things would not be pretty for Android sales and support.


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ABI Research says Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined in Q3 2013


Still better than anything else.

You can thank Samsung for whatever for whatever you are carrying

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How can you say better than anything else? Whether you like TouchWiz or not doesn't matter, it is subjective. There are plenty of other UIs just as capable as TouchWiz, they just don't happen to be on the top selling smartphones.

Who has any of the s pen features?

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Even besides that nothing from HTC would have been viable for 2 years until this year with the One. The sgs3 was a more than capable phone. That is why I waited to upgrade. I couldn't say the same for my rezound

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Of you like barebones no frills software that does nothing to help your experience,then sure

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Exactly an open slate to customize precisely the way I want with the help of 3rd party apps. ;-)
Why I choose android and exactly what I am looking for in a phone/tablet.


There is a lot to be said for not NEEDING to customize to get something people want to use. There are still a lot of people using Slackware Linux as well, but there are many more that went for the other distributions. Nothing wrong with either group, or those that want to make their own Linux distribution, but for the majority, they want something they don't need to modify BEFORE they start using the device.

Not my Note 3, my sgs3 nor the sgs4 after the fix.

What are you carrying? You should ditch the Fascinate

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What if I told you that your experience doesn't represent that of all users?

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My S3 and my wife's recently updated S4 don't have lag. And the photos are fantastic to boot....something others are struggling to match.

I used Galaxy S, S2 and now S3. Didn't experience any lag. Plus I like all the gimmicks Touchwiz features. Gives me something to do when bored.

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What if i told you yous doesnt represent the majority?

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If the majority experienced major lag, the Galaxy S line of phones would NOT be selling very well, even with all the advertising in the world. So, I'd say that while stock Android may be faster, or more responsive(before you install the apps and customizations you personally feel you MUST install when you first get a stock Android phone), that doesn't mean the Galaxy S3 or newer are slow or sluggish out of the box and even after installing the vast majority of apps. Note that if certain apps slow down stock Android, and make a Galaxy S3 seem slow or sluggish, then that would be the fault of those specific apps.

You're lying to yourself if you don't think ALL of them lag, and/or you're just used to it. The GN3 lags the least thanks to the 800 and 3gigs of memory. Otherwise, glad you like them. I don't or I'd still own one (had all but the S4/GN3 but used them enough).

I used the S-Pen for 6 months and didn't find any of the features make me more efficient at every day smartphone tasks. That is me personally. They were cool and worked well but nothing I need from day to day.

All other things being equal, if one phone has a feature another doesn't then it is better even if you don't use it.

Using your anecdotal experience as evidence that the S-Pen doesn't add value is specious.

I never said it didn't add value. What works for you doesn't necessarily make it the best choice for someone else. Saying that having the s-pen features makes it better than "x" phone just because it is another feature isn't very objective. There are tons of phones that have features that the Note 3 doesn't have. So are they all better?


Is a subjective comment.

I am sorry you are not going to convince me the Note 3 is on par (or better) in every single category when put up against every other flagship right now.


It's a thought experiment since no two phone models can ever be equal.

The original objection was that people comparing the Note to others left out the S-Pen support which is a huge feature whether you use it not. Saying you don't use it does nothing to disprove that point.

I get that but i would rather have the option available than to not have it when needed

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If you are looking for the feature, then yea, those features can make you more efficient. It all comes down to if you even use or want to use those features. If you don't use the features all that much, then of course YOU will not find they make doing certain things more efficient.

You say bloat, I say features. Same animal, one gets used

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Features that don't get used are bloat, and there are plenty of those in Bloatwiz(You can't beat Golf mode for Camera).

Again you say bloat. Don't use it. I use my phone as intended and to the fullest. Don't blame the phone if you cannot use it

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Stock has a few live wallpapers, that's bloat to me. I hate the stock keyboard, more boat. Chrome is my least favorite browser....i hope you get what I'm saying.

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Can you say that just because YOU don't use a feature that the feature is bloat when there ARE people who use that feature? Making a device that does EVERYTHING out of the box DOES make for a more "complete" experience that most would need to download third party apps for. Computers as a whole have had extra features that only a very tiny minority of users have had a use for, yet you don't hear about those being considered bloat. Photo editing for example is included with both MacOS and Windows in the stock apps(to a small or large degree), but I NEVER have a use for it. I don't bother with red-eye removers even, but because there are people who do use it, it isn't considered bloat.

So, if you want a minimalist approach, then fine, but that doesn't make TouchWiz bloated, because for every feature YOU don't use, there are probably thousands, if not millions who DO use the feature.

As an editor once said, without Samsung, Android would be nowhere

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Actually, without Android, Samsung would be nowhere. I definitely would have bought some other Android phone if Samsung tried to sell other smartphones without it. Take WP7 fire example...

Samsung makes more then phones. Tvs, almost every household appliance Samsung's got a version, the list goes on. Without Sammy's hardware Android would not be as powerful as it is today. Android started on HTC but that didn't help them much.

My S3 is the first Android phone that I've owned that I don't feel the need to have to get a different rom installed just to make it run right. "Bloat", "Bloatwhiz" or not, this thing smokes all of the Motorola phones I owned. I got out of a Moto phone early to get the S3 and the Motorola phone was so outclassed by the S3 that I never looked back.

You have it backwards! Well, regarding mobile tech anyway. If Google/Android has any platform to thank it's the DROID line (which Sammy was a part of).

Higher margin/hostage taking of the carriers. Something that will never be broken.

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How do you figure that? Samsung had 55bn revenue for this quarter Apple got 37bn. Which number is the bigger one here 55 or 37? Also Apple reported 7.5bn profit, Samsung reported 9.5.
Not that it matters to me anyway since i am not investing in either company, just thought I should let you know your numbers aren't correct.

Not all of that 9.5 billion is from cellphones... TV, stereo, computers, toasters everything is included.

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Samsung doesn't mark up as much as Apple does, so not a big deal. The iPhone is an itty bitty little phone by the standards of the industry at this point, yet there are plenty of people willing to spend excess amounts of money to get a 32GB version of the iPhone, which still doesn't have a fair number of features in the Galaxy S3 from last year. Not every company thinks in terms of just getting maximum profit in the short term while ignoring innovation and new features the way Apple has been doing. Yes, iOS 7 is a huge jump forward for Apple, and it still only gets up to where Samsung and Android as a whole was in 2012. How long will it take before Apple comes up with a NEW feature rather than tweaking old features? That lack of innovation on the part of Apple is why many have been buying Samsung phones, which do have many new features.

In the short term, Apple is still doing well, but many long-time Apple users have been switching due to the lack of many of the new features you see on the Android side. Some go to Windows phones as well, because they are looking for something new, and are NOT seeing NEW from Apple.

>"Samsung is riding at the top of the smartphone food-chain — let's hope they remember how they got there"

They have already forgotten. With all the Samsung-only stuff coming out, and all their proprietary addons, extensions, ABI's, look/feel, etc, it is practically already a fork of Android. And I believe they will do a TRUE fork in the not to distant future and follow the direction of Amazon.

Why is that bad? You think fragmentation is possibly an issue now- just wait. We will have apps for Android and apps for "Samsung". Books for Android and books for "Samsung". Hardware accessories for Android and hardware accessories for "Samsung".

Any proprietary app can be replaced. When it is forced I will agree

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You know what, if they want to add value on top of a normal Android feature set, then all the more power to them. That is what will differentiate them from the competition. I don't believe they will fork Android (would be dumb to do so).

Until the time when apps designed for stock Android won't work on a Samsung device, you can't call it a fork. Until Samsung drops all the Google Apps, it won't be a true "fork". There have been other apps in the past that were only designed for HTC phones as well, but because HTC hasn't done nearly as well with its own customizations to Android, it hasn't made a true dent in the overall ecosystem.

Samsung is up at the top for a reason alot of people enjoy their products. And yet more bitching about touchwiz that shit really is getting boring.

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How about we address those SAMOLED screen that are near invisible in broad daylight? It is the perfect phone for Vampires.


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Why do you have to bring Vampires into this bro! Not cool!! lol

Crapoled does suck its the reason I continue to not buy Samsung phones.

Team Edward!

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I'm not sure, why people hate Amoled screens. No screen is completely visible, in direct sunlight.

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I can see mine just fine when the brightness is turned to 100%. I'm in the sun while using my phone about 10 -15 minutes out of the day. Being indoors on the other hand is a much more important matter. This is where AMOLEDs kill normal LCDs. Energy consumption is less, minimal brightness is brighter, black pixels are actually black instead of dark grey, and colors are more vibrant. AMOLED screens are one of the reasons I stick with Samsung phones, not to mention other things like removable battery and sd slot.

Energy consumption comparison is not cut and dry. It depends on what you are displaying. SAMOLED uses varying amounts of power depending on what pixels are lit and what color it is. LCD power output is mostly fixed as the backlight is fully lit even with a black screen.

Vibrant colors equals inaccurate colors.

The only absolutely unassailable benefit of SAMOLED is the black level. Every other "benefit" involves a trade-off.

Thats huge compared to LCD. on amoled, balck is the pixels are off,no power comsumption. Lcd is the opposite.

Not to mention amoled can only light up half the screen

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Only if half the screen is black.

I loved the screen in my SGS2. I miss the inky blacks. However I have better whites and more accurate colors on my IPS LCD.

Add in burn-in, uneven pixel degradation and other caveats and it's not nearly as straight-forward as people make it out to be.

Note that OLED is still relatively young compared to LCD. As a result, there are still huge improvements you see from year to year.

I do like amoled screens but I prefer the IPS screen on the LG G2 the pictures and icons really pop even when next to my buddies note 3.

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What most people don't know (or bother) is that you can use Nova Launcher (or any launcher they prefer) to "overlap" Touchwiz. SMH

Yeah, because a launcher totally changes the lock screen and core apps and removes the bloat.


Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

I think it was a dismissive comment regarding the predictable argument and rather weak rhetorical effort we've seen over and over.

The great Maclemore said it best: "One man's junk is another man's come up." Preach. He could have just as easily said "One man's bloat is another man's feature."

That doesn't change the fact that a launcher doesn't cover up TouchWiz.

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Core apps you want, lockscreens can be changed many differnet ways. Bloat is your issue, and yours alone

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You can change lockscreen, set your own default apps and never use any of Samsuns apps. You can get tw to a minimum if you really want all without root... Only part of tw I see on my phone is the status bar and the pop up menus that ask you to select your default apps or select wifi etc and the camera which I actually like and the calendar too but if I wanted I could use Google calender, keyboard, nova launcher which looks like stock, stock dialers, messaging app etc etc which are all easily available on the play store..

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I have had this debate over and over droid, however alot not all must quite enjoy repeating the same boring crap about touchwiz blah blah blah and now Amoled is getting it, Well tbh if everything was that bad which it isnt why is Samsung above the rest?

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12billion spent on marketing no one except apple can match that budget, even when there phones weren't selling like crazy they were still a huge company with laptops, pc, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, fridges, toasters they have brand recognition that is why most people who leave apple buy Samsung phones cause it has the name.

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It goes well beyond just name recognition, but goes to features you don't see from others. From a practical point of view, the ability to use gloves while using the Galaxy S4 is actually useful for those who live in a colder climate where you need to use gloves. That use in colder environments also makes OLED better for many people.

Yes, name recognition may draw in many people, but there are many who are "above" such things that are going to Samsung due to the features they personally feel are useful that no one else has. Apple in general is popular ONLY due to name recognition, with a core that are more focused on the very high resolution screens on the desktop and laptops compared to the Windows based systems. If companies started to sell Windows based systems with the high quality screens you see from Apple, you might actually see things shift back toward Windows and away from what I consider the stale UI of MacOS X.

Agreed, but the amount of people who buy products because of name recognition (and I'm talking about any brand of any product, Samsung, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie, Beats, BMW, Mercedes, and so on) is WAAAAAYYYYY bigger than the amount of people buying products from a brand because of the features/quality (even though this brand recognition probably originate from good customer feedbacks. But still, just because a company has had good customer feedbacks doesn't mean they won't start making crappy stuff at some point - not aiming at any brand in particular).

Not surprising to me. Most of the android phones I see in the wild are Samsung.

What is surprising is that it took some "poking around" and a "financial and numbers wünderkind", to realize that 35% is greater than 20%.... unless that part of the post was meant as sarcasm...

I would have stuck with HTC if they didn't go the Iphone route by getting rid of the removable battery, sd card slot and etc. I don't like the UI design that Samsung uses but luckily I'm a rooted user so I can customize that.

Same here. My wife's EVO LTE is awesome but she is stuck to a cord by 7 pm. I, on the other hand, switch my battery and in 1 minute or less, have 100% battery power again. This is a HUGE advantage over non-removable battery phones.

Same here to both of you. Love swapping batteries. Kinda snicker at people I work with always being tethered to a power cord somewhere during the day. I just swap batteries and I'm 100%. Drop the low one on the wall charger and wall away with full brightness, all radios and no worries. And if you so desire the batteries are hot swap capable with a charging cord.

Traded my GalNex recently for the Note3. Holy Mah! I've yet to swap the battery b/c the thing will not die. After the Nexus, I can't believe the battery lasts like this. Actually dreaded TouchWiz b/c of all the hate, but I am very very glad I have it instead of vanilla Android. That was my only negative going in, but it's now a positive.

Bloat? Geesh man, this phone blinks at you. Sammy can have a gig or three to give me all the integrated extras. I've got a total of 96gb(32mem+64store) on this thing. I'll use only maybe a 1/3 of them. But I would otherwise be without. Don't have time to root/ROM/tinker with all that anymore. I'm too busy. I haven't seen anything lag except when I hit a 1xRtt network the other day. LOL.

Yes, Sammy is definitely on to something.

Me as well, I choose the Note 3 (32GB +64GB card). I fly for work, and I like to take a library of 720p encoded movies with me (today I fly with 30+ movies and have much room to spare). I love the solid battery life as well.

I retired my beloved SGS2 (16GB +32GB card) after 27months of flawless service (I have no burn-in, no problem viewing my SGS2 on a sunny day, and have replaced the battery after 24months).

Quite honestly, I was really in looking the moto-x. The lack of expandable storage was the only real detractor for me. I am happy I waited for the Note 3 though.

-good times in this wonderful world of gadgetry :)

-thanks from Eric on a plane!

{insert "copied" argument from Apple pundits}

{insert "they can thank Apple for their designs" argument from Apple pundits}

in 3...2.......

Touchwiz is like a mediocre-looking girl who is fantastic in bed. She will do everything you ask of her and maybe even some things you don't ever care to do.

Many guys will choose the plain Jane with the outsized libido over the beautiful girl that just lies there and makes you do all the work.

I asked Jerry yesterday if he thought Samsung would fork.
I just got called chicken little. By an internet blogger. And now I'm responding to it. I am a tool.

I still disagree. Samsung made parts for iPhones, and then was willing to lose that business to create its own touch devices. I really, really think that they look at content sales, and are willing to do it again.

A business that relies on other businesses in order to grow is volatile. A business that can be easily replicated by a competitor is volatile (see: MySpace). I see it as inevitable that Samsung will fork.

Run chicken little,run! Here comes the sky!

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

No, this wasn't about you. I talk to a lot of people, and the gentleman I had in mind when I wrote this is talking to me on Hangouts right now :)

A lot of people who don't talk to Samsung, and have no idea how difficult it would be to replace what Google does and provides. Every penny of Samsung's profit from this quarter would not be enough to put infrastructure in place to serve reliable system OTA's for users. And that's one tiny piece. Look at the trouble Apple had with it, and how long it took. And it still sucks. I guess Samsung could drop Google, then give all their profit back to Google or Amazon to "rent" Internet services from them instead of using them for free.

The fact of the matter is that Samsung has things just as they want them for now. And so does Google, who doesn't care who makes the phones and gives billions and billions of dollars of engineering work away solely because it brings users to the Internet. 

You should have just said "you're so vain, you probably think this post is about you". Would have been a pretty good burn.

You make great points. I don't know if you underestimate the power of a few billion dollars, or I overestimate it...

However, given your contributions to the public's knowledge of android, I can confidently yield to your expertise.

You have to admit, though, a move like that would dramatically alter the landscape of mobile: a new Mobile Nations site would open, the already frantic pace of development cycles would be even more stressed, and you'd have a lot to write about. It would be interesting, to say the least.

Agreed. I can't ignore the possibility, because if it happens we have a mess we need to address.

And healthy disagreement is always a good thing™ :)

Well, i guess paying people to badmouth and bash other manufacturers online really worked like intended. Just pay the crappy fine and collect the earnings.
P.S. Count one samsung less. That one serving as my alarm Clock.
Sent from my awsome NOKIA LUMIA 920/WINDOWS PHONE 8.

Your going to say that, and then brag on your windows phone? Your trying to be funny right?

Posted via Android Central App

Marco, you sound like a Moral Giant. So concerned about all the people damaged by the Samsung deception. So glad you heart is pure towards others. :-)

Then you end it all by promoting your Microsoft based device. Now that's funny. I don't care who you are.

First time no one changed this to a nexus 5 argument. ...yet. Joe almost did.....and besides NoNexus having it in his name, this was honestly the first comment section to not change topic to Nexus 5! Even more impressive is that "Mr Samsung FTW if you have anything else" hasn't made an appearance. I do get a kick out of his Sammy rants. Good stuff folks

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Hardware aside, I really don't see how they stay on top. Touchwiz is a mess. I wasn't happy with my s3 until I put CM on it. I've learned my lesson. It's Nexus or bust from now on.

Posted via Android Central App

Odd. Just swapped my GalNex for TouchWiz on a new Note3 and could not be happier. Loved stock, but am overwhelmed by this TW device. My "Tungsten T3" w stylus is finally back!

To each there own I guess.

Samsung has the policy that if they come up with a new feature, they will throw it in. Innovation doesn't always yield GOOD ideas, but if you keep throwing things at the wall, and even some things stick, you end up with new stuff people want. So, how does Samsung stay up there? Tons of effort when it comes to innovation, and REALLY looking to come up with things that are new.

Way way way back in the early 1980s, you saw the split start, between fixed function devices, and general purpose computers. Yes, some fixed or limited function computing devices have managed to survive, but notice we are ALL focused on general purpose computing devices that we can install programs(by whatever name) on, and customize our experience. The more functionality, the better, as long as processing and memory(both RAM and storage) grow fast enough to stay ahead of the curve.

Basically, there are a ton of things you ONLY find from the latest Samsung devices, and very little has been added in the past few years by Apple, Blackberry(formerly RIM), and HTC that has been enough to make people want to copy those features. Yes, Siri added the "voice commands" as a feature that people started to look for, but since then, Apple has not added any true new features, and the only tweaks that we can expect to see copied are in terms of the camera(dual LED flash being the most noteworthy). Fingerprint reader for security is a small tweak, handy, but not a "That is SOOOOOOO cool" feature that would really make people buy an iPhone compared to something else. Blackberry came up with some nice stuff in BB 10 that I expect will either be copied or bought. Microsoft has some positives as well that may make their way, but really, it's about things that make you go, "Damn, that is cool!" that has gotten Samsung the popularity in the cell phone industry. The original iPhone had that, but now, I am waiting for Apple to really bring something new, or at least something I have not seen before.

You know what they say, if you can't change over time, you die? That applies to companies, and is why Palm is dead(webOS came too late), and why Blackberry is about to die(BB 10 just came too late). Apple at least updated iOS to something that looks like it is modern, compared to iOS 6 which reminded me of the people who want to run Windows 98 on modern computers.

Poor Apple trolls. They are running out of steam. I kinda sorta feel sorry for you cashxx. Your opportunities to troll are getting smaller and smaller by the minute as more and more people come to the light that is Android. Maybe we can startup a fund for you.

You have to look at the numbers. Quarter three is going to always be Apple's lowest quarter and lets be honest here, putting a struggling BB and Nokia in with Apple to make Samsung look more impressive means nothing. Also, of this high percentage of total world wide phones how many are low end? I would guess near 90% as Samsung does not share numbers of it's supposed flag ship 'S Series' phones including all the Galaxy S, Note, and many others. Not just this, but Apple does not compete in the low end where Samsung is selling most of its phones. Apple sold 9 million iPhones in two days with the release of the 5s/5c. Samsung refuses to release numbers, but did say it took them a month to sell 10 million during the first month of the Galaxy S4. Both of these numbers are going to be at the top and we have no idea out of the 9 million where iPhone 5s instead of 5c, but it's rumored that 90% of the 9 million where iPhone 5s so lets say 7 million to be fair as that is close to 75%. Still, that means Apple sold near what Samsung's top flagship phone sold in a month in just two days. No Android phone is selling near what the iPhone is. In America on all four major carriers the top phones are iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is second.

All of this doesn't add up if Samsung is selling a boat load of top end phones (although what they are selling is nothing to scoff at as they are flying off the shelves). The point is of the global number how many of them are low end phones we know nothing about? I ask this because Apple is over 50% market share here in the states and Samsung is between 20-30. Global numbers mean nothing if Apple isn't even in that market to begin with.

This is a quote from Samsung's recent earnings call,

"Samsung said that smartphone sales grew in the third quarter from the prior quarter due to rising low-end smartphone sales and persistent demand for high-end products such as Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note3."

What Samsung is doing is great, but these numbers mean nothing in the market we have all come to know and love. Samsung is doing this with literally hundreds of phones and Apple is only in the high end with a three (per this market two in quarters past). Global Smartphone sales mean nothing when your high end phones are being dominated by iPhone sales.

So what? Samsung is pulling a GM. You buy a Chevy when have little money, and a Cadillac after you make money. Brand loyalty is the name of the game. Low end phones are semi descent now, and Apple is killing themselves long term by not keeping their eye on on who is gonna buy a phone 5-6 years from now.

Posted via Android Central App

"Apple is killing themselves long term by not keeping their eye on who is gonna buy a phone 5-6 years from now."

Please go deeper on this and explain what you mean. This is where I feel Apple is killing Android especially with iOS 7 and where apple is heading in silicon with their A7 and 'A series' chips. Apple is laying the ground work for the future and even if Android is caught up in terms of overall fluidity of the OS and touch screen latency (which they aren't as even the iPhone 5 is 2.5 times faster than the best Android phone) then with iOS 7 and the A7 then this would make Apple's floor Android 's ceiling. You can't prepare better for the future then what Apple is doing with hardware and now software then what they just announced. This has always been the case if you really look at Apple's hardware and software. For example, Apple hand clocks their SoCs which began with the iPhone 5's A6 Swift processor and continues with the A7 in the iPhone 5s. No other manufacturer is doing this not even close as it costs too much money. The A7 is an absolute beast and destroys not only the 800 and the top of the current market, but also even Intels Bay Trail chip that is designed to go into tablets later next year and was being praised for their numbers. The impressive thing about this is the A7 is only running at 1.3Ghz and the iPhone only has 1GB of RAM. This chip is destroying the market and the A6 did the same last year. So much so that Samsung and others have to cheat their scores just to keep up or beat them as they simply cannot explain why their beefy 2.3Ghz and 3GB of RAM cannot beat the little iPhone. This isn't even the full story as not only does this chip run so extremely well, but it is also under clocked for better battery life. The iPhone as small as it is and almost 1/3 the size of say the Note 3 is still getting the same or slightly under the competition. This is where I am talking that Apple is killing the competition and if indeed they do release a larger iPhobe next year and can fit a beefy battery then how much battery life do you think it will have? I would say appx 3 days or so which would be a killer feature.

This and others is the reason apple is always looking ahead whereas Android OEMs are in a spec pissing contest. They are buying up processors by the bulk and slapping them in their phones. The OS isn't fully coded to take advantage of multi threads or cores (I suspect this should get better and to be fair we haven't seen Google's hand yet as Kit Kat hasn't been released and this could all change. In fact, I hope it does). The iPhone is 1/3 the size and running 1/3 the power of both processor and battery and still on par or like in the case of the processor easily beating the market. That is a huge advantage and Apple has only gotten that by looking ahead. By hand clocking their processor to squeeze every last advantage out of each core and then coding fully to take advantage (this is the real innovation Apple should be talking about not that it is 64bit IMHO). Not only this, but Apple is innovating on other things as well such as their camera (which has been widely known to be the best or one of the best since the iPhone 4), 64 bit across the board (this is getting way too much attention as right now it only gets them 10-15% increase in performance, but the real innovation here is what it will do for the future of the OS including apps etc. This includes iOS 7 which was recoded from the ground up to take advantage of this), in cell display (this was done with the iPhone 5 where they took out the touch part of the display and instead of having two they have the LCD and touch panel in one and still no other manufacture I know has done this), and iOS 7 and its benefits (like I mentioned above, but also the new API's which are already ahead of the market and this shows in the quality of apps when comparing iOS and Android).

I woild argue Apple spent more time thinking about the future and playing the long game then actually just clocking the processor as high as it would go and playing the spec pissing contest like Android OEMs are. They are putting themselves right in a corner. I have an HTC One which is widely believed to be the best display on the market and the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. I would say that the iPhone 5s display looks better even with a much lower ppi thanks to this new in cell display and Apple hand calibrating their displays (which others again are not known to do fully). Most people I show this too that have no idea how many pixels per inch the One has say the same. The color reproduction, clarity, true white and blacks, brightness (nits), etc. So if this is the case (or even if others feel differently there is no doubt they are close and the One is the top Android phone for its display. I haven't used the excellent LG G2 which I hear is great so this might change) then why even make 1080 displays. You can't tell much of a difference and if your not going to take the time to calibrate then all your doing is putting yourself in a corner and now have to push all these extra pixels around in the process which costs battery and performance. To be fair, Im willing to bet Apple will raise theirs at some point as well, but I will tell you with 100% certainty that when they do they will wait until they can make it be a non factor and still be able to hit their battery numbers etc.

As you can see here this and others are why Apple is very much looking ahead while Android is only looking through the year.

So much FUD. So little time. I supposed getting an Apple fanboy to waste time typing out that drivel is its own reward.

The sad thing is I'm not an Apple fanboy. Just enjoy technology and own and love both OS'. There is not harm in seeing the truth and not skewing numbers to make an agenda. Both Samsung and Apple sell a lot of phones, but the phones that matter are the ones you and I buy and Samsung will not release those numbers and that is because it tells a completely different story.

We know at this point that Samsung has sold well over 40 million Galaxy S4s at this point, and over 5 million Galaxy Note 3s since they were released. Sure, more than just one quarter on the S4, but Apple lumps all of its phone sales into one(ok, two) new model(s) in a year, while Samsung sells many different models. Even if you ONLY count Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, and Note 3 sales numbers though, that is a LOT of phones sold during the quarter. More to the point, you see more power users going with non-Apple devices at this point, and Samsung is encouraging people to do more with their phones, more than any other company right now.

So, if you want to do the same with your phone that you have for the past five years, you go with the iPhone, but if you want to play with new features, you go with anything but the iPhone. Samsung has advantages that will make people go with the newer phones in terms of certain features, and I'd expect in the next few years to see a significant shift toward phones with OLED screens in colder climates where LCD screens don't do well. Have you ever seen how poorly LCD does once the temperatures go down to 20 degrees? How about being able to wear gloves and still use your phone? This is why I feel there is growing momentum toward Samsung, even without counting the mid range and lower devices.

iPhone sales are well known for being front-loaded, where the launch of a new iPhone comes up with amazing short-term numbers, but then, you see a very fast drop as the initial orders and pre-orders are satisfied. Samsung on the other hand, sells enough new devices throughout the year where you don't see as large of an early surge, but then after six months you see the new model all over the place. Also, people who want more storage for pictures and music are starting to figure out that a $100 premium for a 32GB iPhone compared to 16GB is insane, so may decide to switch for that very reason.

Very true. I wasn't saying that Samsung isn't selling an impressive amount of smartphones as they surely are and no one is i the league as Apple and Samsung. Its not even close. All I was commenting towards is the whole article that is basically stating that Samsung is selling more than Apple, BB, and Nokia combined when most of us have no idea of the massive amount of low entry point third world phones Samsung is selling. You take that away and the numbers are drastically different. Take your numbers for example, 60 million GS4s and 5 million Note 3's. I wasn't able to see a report backing up 60 million. The only thing Samsung has told us is it sold 10 million in it's first quarter (which is a huge feat no doubt). Apple sold 9 million iPhones in two days and it is believed that close to 9 out of 10 of those are iPhone 5s devices. So like I mentioned to be fair lets call it 75% of that number and that would be 7 million iPhone 5s sold in two days. Looking at last year Apple sold 27.4 million iPhones 5 (only with no other 4s or 4) last year. The iPhone 5s has already beat the two day mark and it has been reported that once again the 5s is easily selling more than the 5 did last year. This means Apple sold almost what Samsung sold its first month in a single weekend.

Both are very impressive numbers and Samsung no doubt has been able to capture a huge market, but the worldwide share they own is very much in the low end. If this was very different then Samsung would be way more willing to release numbers like Apple is, but they aren't. They know they aren't even coming close in the high end or they would be blowing their own horn from the tallest mountain top. Instead they brag of worldwide market share which means nothing especially when not only is Apple selling more high end smartphones worldwide, but they also have a much higher revenue per unit sold. That is amazing because if Apple is making more revenue per until when their hardware is easily 5 times better than Samsung's plastic and still making higher revenue per unit then this whole market share game means nothing as Apple is stll making more money than Samsung is. Most of these low end smartphones don't have much revenue if at all. This is all marketing.

I didn't mean to start a flame war I was simply commenting on the article and in no way down playing Samsungs success as we all know they are rolling in money.

Why do all these people argue like they own these company?lol...people just enjoy ya phones and move on...SMH!!!!

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Alright... but I'm pretty sure Samsung has more Smartphones currently being sold on the market than Blackberry, Nokia, and Apple combined, as well. I don't see the surprise in this, let alone, the relevance to me on a personal level (as if I have to swear allegiance to any of em).

pretty easy to do when you have 18,0000 different models and come out with a new phone every week. Lets compair sales numbers of the gs4 or note 3 to the iphone 5 or 5s and see what it looks like

There are different tastes and requirements, pro's and con's to any device. The Fact is the Note 3 has alot of Pro's and very little Con's and that is just Fact.

Each device has their merrits the Nexus range yes they are great if your into the stock android and no features -the bland option.

The Htc one in terms of design is fantastic and even sense is great perhaps the look is better than touchwiz, but again touchwiz can be changed by using Novo,Apex ect ect.

If you dont like the Note 3 fair enough dont buy it. Dont like Samsung dont buy any product that is your personal opinion and there is no obligation.

But for me having an open mind in regards to tech is a great thing. And yes my product of choice just happens to be the Samsung range as they offer the fun element into their devices, functionality,speed, and all round the better user experiance in my opinion.

Some dont share this and thats upto you buy the nexus 5, buy an apple, buy a Htc thats your choice.

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Don't care about the sales but I would like to ask why my GS4 takes forever to launch gallery and switch camera mode from video to photo.

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