Milk Music

A premium ad-free radio service that doesn't cost a dime

In case you can't find what you need from other free Internet Radio services, Samsung has released Milk Music for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 Mini.

Powered by Slacker, Milk Music features over 200 genre-based and curated stations, with 13 million songs. There is a strong ocus on discovery, including a "Spotlight" feature that offers a continus curated stream of hand-picked content by music influencers. Of course, you can also create your own station based on your favorite tracks and albums.

We'll dive in for a closer look with Milk Music, for now you can grab it from the Google Play link above if you have a compatible phone.

Samsung Introduces Milk, the Next Big Thing in Music

Free Radio Service with 200 Ad-free Stations Offers Fully Customizable Experience to Your Taste

March 7 – DALLAS, TX - Delivering on the passion points of consumers, Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) today introduced Milk Music™, a new, free and ad-free radio service that offers an effortless and entertaining way to enjoy the music you love and discover new, unexpected music. Fully customizable, Milk is designed with an elegant, easy-to-use interface and more than 200 stations that makes tuning into your favorite music a more enjoyable and enriching experience. “Milk introduces a fresh approach to music that reflects our innovation leadership and our focus on creating best-in-class consumer experiences,” said Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America and Samsung Electronics North America Headquarters. “We’re offering consumers amazing, rich music experiences built around what matters most to them and their lifestyle.” Milk powered by Slacker is available now exclusively for Galaxy consumers to download on Google Play on the Galaxy S® 4, Galaxy S® III, Galaxy Note® 3, Galaxy Note® II, Galaxy Mega™ and Galaxy S® 4 mini across all carrier and retail channels as well as the Galaxy S® 5 in April. Coming soon, Samsung will be offering unique music programming from top selling and emerging artists available exclusively through Milk. Milk Makes More of Your Signature Sounds Instant and Effortless Listening: Milk’s distinctive dial design provides a more intuitive and natural way to listen to music that is more organic and fun. With no log-in required and no need to think of a specific artist, song name or browsing through a list of choices, you can just starting listening to music instantly. From Pop to Jazz and everything in between, the dial displays up to nine genre-based stations featuring a wide variety of music listening choices, with a simple and quick turn of the dial.

More of the Music You Love: With a growing music catalog of 200 genre-based and curated stations, and 13M songs, Milk connects people with the best music, whether it’s a standby song or a new discovery, with significantly fewer repeats. In addition, the “Spotlight” feature offers a continuous curated selection of songs and albums handpicked by music tastemakers and influencers. “My Stations” allows you to create personal stations based on your favorite songs and albums, easily accessible on the dial, providing limitless listening options. Milk also allows you six song skips per hour per station.

Your Music Your Way: Samsung is delivering an incredibly personalized experience by offering users many ways to fine-tune Milk to suit their individual listening preferences. The dial is customizable to showcase only the genres that are most relevant to your personal tastes and preferences. Offering more personalization options, the “Fine-Tune Station” feature allows you to adjust the genre-based station based on popularity, novelty and song favorites to further optimize recommendations for the best personalized listening experience.

For more information about Milk, please visit For Milk multimedia assets and other information, please visit


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Samsung releases Slacker-powered Milk Music free for high-end Galaxy phones


This actually looks nice to use. Tizen is getting closer and closer to maturity. Watch out Google.

Posted via Android Central App

WTH does this have to do with Tizen? Tizen an open sourced platform of which Samsung is the leading partner. Lastly, it's far from matured and Google is as scared of it as it is scared of iOS (which is very mature). Last I heard they're looking to partner with Firefox OS which is specifically designed for low end handsets. In order to succeed it will NEED to have Google's proprietary apps available, so Google will make money on Tizen handsets.

OT...very cool of Sammy to offer this service to legacy devices and not just the S5.

Usually your posts either annoy me, piss me off or are just dumb.

This post is just a winner, everything you said is spot on. Granted Zig sets a low bar most of the time but your response was great.

Haha well I assure you the feeling is mutual! I'd wager a poll would put you in a solid second place spot behind our boy Richard. Let me guess, you joinded "American Muscle" as Rice_for_Life or NoFordNoCheyNoDodgeNoPlymouthNoAMC.....think you get my point ; p

How's that Tmobile Spint merger coming along?!

Trust me GOOGLE IS FAR FROM PERFECT. They can't even respect their business partners properly.

At the end of the day Google has gotten to big for their britches and need to be brought down some pegs.
This Milk music is better than any silly Pandora, Google Music, or Spotify.
Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Gmail is horrible, haven't used a real Gmail account in long time, hard to play a game without spam about registering for a worthless unwanted Google + crapware account, time for something new that respects privacy -
as to the article am liking this free app

Posted via Android Central App

Make sure your Samsung Account app is not disabled, otherwise, it will keep crashing (it did for me, at least)

And this is why I didn't trade in my GS3.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Try using a third-party file manager or PocketCast's save to external sdcard feature after the 4.4.2 Galaxy Note 3 update.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

I do on the third party file manager
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I'm running a a GE GS4, and while I was pleasantly surprised that I was eligible for the promotion, I have no problem running the app and I don't have any Samsung apps on my phone, let alone the "Samsung Account" app.

EDIT: If I try to "sign in", yes, the app crashes...but seems to work fine otherwise.

Haha that's why. I have a S4 with 4.4.2 Google Edition installed and it kept crashing.

Posted via Android Central App

Interesting. It is a beautiful app and easy to use of you've ever used a curated music service like Pandora before. However, if you look at the fine print, it does say that being ad free is a limited time thing.

Interesting move by Samsung.

That's a lot of phones they've sold that can instantly use this. Wonder how much $ they're putting out on this service. Eventually the free ads go away and it will probably be priced like Pandora to keep the ads away or that's what I'm thinking anyway.

Posted via G2 + Nova

It looks great! I liked the UI a lot. Too bad this is US-Only (will need a little trickery to get it to download to my Note 3). Now, if they'd only release it for TV and Tablet...

This app is not for Galaxy owners. This app may be, probably, for american Galaxy owners.
I have a Galaxy S4 and, in the Play Store's app page, it says that the app is not available in my country.

Google play shows it as not compatible with my Galaxy s4 (exynos model) and while their website says compatible with galaxy line..idiots

Too bad they sold their interest in Beats. A few months of Beats Music service with a new One would be pretty great.

Would be nice if you could be a bit more precise in your wording. This certainly looks like a good app, but it's not available in my country (Norway).

Your audience is probably like 90% US, but please remember the other 10% as well. I read your stuff because it's good quality.

Yea, so far its awesome. But they need a little more updates like always on screen when plugged in, landscape mode and that's about it, other than that it is very cool so far.

I agree with you on the landscape thing. You can DL and use IntelliScreen to setup a condition that keeps the screen on when Milk Music is playing...

App keeps crashing when I try to sign in to my Samsung account. I am running CyanogenMod... Anyone have a fix yet?
Posted via Android Central App

I'm running Google Edition ROM, and while I have no problem using the does crash if I try to sign in.

Oh well...still works well enough.

I guess everyone and their dog are downloading this at the moment. This download speed is atrocious! On sprint 4g and currently sitting on 383kb/3.67mb lol. They say slow and steady win the race...

Posted via Android Central App

That's funny cause I'm on Sprint and it downloaded in seconds for me.

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't been able to play any music yet. I keep getting "Error connecting: Milk Music is not available in your current location."

Uninstall and reinstall. My friend has att with lte here and it worked fine. It worked first time for me on tmobile lte also.

Googled for Milk Music 1.0.176956 apk, found the file and installed it. Works for me in Canada.
Can't post link, it gets marked as spam.

Looks like a decent music app. Too bad you need a Samsung phone to use it. Guess ill just have to stick with good old Spotify and Pandora.

Ad free for limited time. Wonder how long that will be. Does have many positive reviews

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung will probably use the crack dealer business plan: Free until you get hooked, but you eventually pay in some manner.

Article title should have read " Samsung releases Slacker-powered Milk Music free for high-end Galaxy phones in the US." Then I wouldn't try, fail and be angered by this.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, Sirius is awesome. When it first arrived, I never thought I would pay to listen to music, but I got a car with it and was hooked.

O&A in the morning....boneyard/octane in the afternoon........all without the "metal head" in the HTC commercial.

I like what samsung is doing. Why not have great flagship phones that grab the attention of customers on both ends of the market (phablets and "regular" size smartphones) get a nice buzz to start of the smartwatch era make them only compatible with their newer high end phones make another batch that will do the same but run it on an OS that you are heavily invested in. So they have hardware now they are slowly trying to make it the app world by having this which is also intended for their products samsung they have taken a very nice page from Apple and will work in the favor. I wonder if they are going to get with hyundai and try getting their Tizen OS with it somehow

~My $0.02~

A bit annoying that it seems to be US only... UK here and tried downloading the APK and it installs and runs fine but won't play any music with the "not available in your region"

got it installed on my nexus5, did a little build.prop edit and installed the apk, and it fired up no problem. unfortunately all the music is edited....lame :/

No, you know what's lame? Leaving mental defective posts before checking the settings and removing the filter.

For the ones that are concerned about ads, when the ad free period is up, here's a tip.

Slacker Plus is 3.99 per month. That gives you no ads, and unlimited skips.

No thanks.

im not going to be an idiot and give apps permission to things like modify battery statistics. Soon they will all want it.
Why is my battery not lasting? Waaaaa. You wont know because the shit apps are hiding it.
They ask for that. I delete

Posted via Android Central App

Whoa I had no idea but you must be correct! Just listening to half an hour of music on this app has drained 35% of my battery and usage says milk is resposible for 6%.. thanks for the heads up :)
Guess I better review the permissions that my current apps have and keep better watch on those that I chose to download

Funny this brands... start to be ridiculous!!! Apple launch apps in US and seems distinguish costumers, US and others... Goggle did the same, now Nokia our only European giant tech mobile pass to other side he's launch also before in US. Now Samsung that detains market in Europe decides to gift US costumers first than EU where Apple is leading there. Thank u Samsung for this... EU will remember it....

Posted via Android Central App

I have an s4 but it's not available in my country, I'm in England, ffs Google/samsung whoever is responsible! Sort this shit out!

Posted from my 2013 nexus 7, yeah baby!

HAHAH contrary to the info in the article it loaded and runs just fine on my Samsung Discover. Yes the play store said this was incompatible with my phone but with a little googlefoo I found the APK online =)
Free Music For The Win

OK. I like Samsung products but damn I am sick of them copying apple on every thing they do. That M is the iTunes logo only shaped like an M.
Smh. Did the design team think "how can we make this look like apples iTunes logo without another lawsuit " "I know, call it milk so we can make it an M instead if an exact copy"

Posted via Android Central App

I'm using this and I love it its really cool takes a few minutes to get used to but its cool and looks awesome.

Posted via Android Central App

Very nice alternative to Pandora. I like the layout and UI, plus all the varieties of stations

Posted via Android Central App