We've seen similar products like this from Samsung in the past and we're about to see some more come this spring. The latest press releases confirms they will indeed be bringing the Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 to the US market. Although no pricing or details were revealed they did drop the specs for us all in the official announcement.

Both the 4" and 5" will come pre-loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo and will be upgradeable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Both devices also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, front and rear facing cameras and Skype as well as Flash 10.1. Hit the break for the full press release. [Businesswire via Engadget]

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today expanded the Galaxy Family of portable devices with the addition of the unique Galaxy Player, the first in a new category of Android-based ultra-mobile devices. The large 4” or 5” screen on the two new models offer an ideal to enjoy games, music, videos, social media and e-books, yet still easily fit in a pants pocket.

    “Our new Galaxy Players deliver that same experience in two terrific, ultra-portable form factors – without incurring fees for a monthly data plan.”

The 4” and 5” screen models of Galaxy Player, weighing just 5 and 7 ounces respectively, deliver powerful features for entertainment, communication and information on the go. Both devices boast Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity for quick and easy access to online services, front and rear cameras (including flash on the 5” model) for videoconferencing or photography, stereo speakers for enjoying music or videos, and support for Adobe Flash 10.1 to access virtually any content on the Web.

“Our Galaxy Family – including Galaxy S mobile phones and Galaxy Tab – has been a success because we give people what they truly wish for – access to thousands of Android Apps coupled with Samsung’s sleek design,” explained Tim Baxter, President, Consumer Business Division at Samsung Electronics America. “Our new Galaxy Players deliver that same experience in two terrific, ultra-portable form factors – without incurring fees for a monthly data plan.”

Convenient Communication Features

Galaxy Players comes with Qik applications for VoIP calls over a WiFi connection; Skype will also be pre-loaded on the 4” model. A microphone and speaker in the device provides a comfortable and natural communications experience.

Video-conferencing is a joy through the front-facing camera on the devices and the large 4” and 5” screens provide for a crystal-clear view of the other side of the conversation.

Social networking comes alive on the Galaxy Player models – users can download popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and many others to take full advantage of the generous 4” and 5” screen real estate. Now, users can connect with more friends than ever without squinting on a tiny screen.

Unprecedented Multimedia, Gaming in Style – and Drag ‘N Play

Galaxy Player’s large 4” or 5” screens are perfect for reading e-books on the go, while the built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to browse and download new books from almost anywhere.

Stereo speakers, with Virtual 5.1 surround sound and Samsung’s SoundAlive post-processing technology, makes the Galaxy Player a portable boombox to enliven any occasion. The LCD WVGA display on the 5” model makes watching movies or TV shows a superb experience, while the Super Clear WVGA LCD screen on the 4” model provides bright, clear access to online videos.

In addition, both Galaxy Players support numerous multimedia formats natively, eliminating the need to transcode files. Videos in the popular DivX, Xvid, WMV, MPEG4 and H.264 formats play effortlessly. Music lovers will love the audio support for MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, and Flac.

Drag ‘N Play support means files can be simply dragged from a PC right onto the player – no need for installing special software of any kind on the PC. A MicroSD slot allows 32 GB of extra storage, supplementing the on-board 8 GB.

Galaxy Players are DLNA Certified® and support AllShare – so content can be streamed to and from a PC or television without wires – anywhere in the home.

Gamers are sure to embrace the Galaxy Player – the vibrant and expansive 5” and 4” screens, stereo sound, access to thousands of games via the Android Marketplace, and extreme portability all add up to a package that is simply perfect for both hardcore and casual games.

Access to an Amazing Lineup of Apps- and Flash 10.1

The two Galaxy Player devices are the only Mobile Internet Devices with Google certification – so they can access over 100,000 Android applications via Google’s Android Market. The Web browsing experience on the Galaxy Player devices is unparalleled. Support for Adobe Flash 10.1 means no limits – and no frustration – when browsing online.

Both devices run Android version 2.2 (Froyo) and will be upgradeable to version 2.3 (Gingerbread).

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You guys were the last to post this today...

Anyway... I'm really looking forward to the 5incher... leave honeycomb at home and this will be my travel PMP

eric6052 says:

The price will be a very important factor on the success of these devices. If they want to be seen as a credible alternative to the iPod touch they have tower or beat its pricepoint. We all said the same thing about the Galaxy Tab and we saw where that went so I'm a little concerned that we'll see something goofy like $299 for this thing. The lack of easily available content could be a problem as well. Between Samsungs media hub and Amazons offerings music and shows could probably duplicate iTunes offerings but the Android Market still doesn't have as many games available as the app store. I think Samsung preinstalls doubletwist which makes syncing easy.
Its good to see an offering in this catagory for Android since this is a great way to get teens into the fold who couldn't afford a data plan on a Smartphone

i1der says:

at this point just buy a non contract phone like moto click or htc mytouch for less then $200

Big Z says:

But will they update it? No.

ron87 says:

EXACTLY!!! That seems to be the only downfall. I might get this since there is no other Zune HDs coming out. I have the Zune HD and love it. Dont know yet but whatever I do I will not be getting an iPod Touch. Hopefully some company comes out with a good alternative like my Zune HD is.

slbailey1 says:

I'm in the same boat. I have a Zune HD 32gb and I love it. I need to upgrade to 64g. I was holding off buying the Zune HD 64gb hoping that Microsoft will release new Zune hardware with WP7. This may stall happen thru one of Microsoft's partners, so I'm stall waiting.

Mikey47 says:

I thought the same exact thing....sure it "upgradeable", but will they upgrade it? Doubtful...

gregg37 says:

Do that many people actually wait for their carrier/manufacturer to update their android devices? No.

fwdixon says:

You guys complaining about upgrades seem to forget Samsung rolled the galaxy S 2.2. update months ago (started in Nov. iirc). It was the Main 4 US carriers that held up the release to most US devices. As these aren't going to be tied to any carrier, I would expect updates would come fairly soon.

jcjdoss says:

What the h*** are you guys talking about? What reason do you have to criticize Samsung. They make the best products and stay on the cutting edge with software and updates.
Sent from my Samsung Fascinate with Eclair

dkmorgan says:

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not since your post says you're using Eclair.

jcjdoss says:

Totally sarcastic

jcjdoss says:


d1c1ple says:

NEVER buying Samsung again... look more devices shipping w/ Froyo and promises of GB.. yet here I am w/ Fascinate running Eclair...bought on launch day in September.. NEVER AGAIN

iPwn says:

I'm glad they're bringing these over the US. Perhaps this will get those unwilling to buy an Android phone or tablet, more interested in Android. It would've been awesome if they had Super AMOLED Plus displays, though.

rht_rv says:

i am deffinately buying this, this way i can stick with my moto backflip(running Cm6) and wait till i can get an upgrade and have this as a main device

drewsg says:

Does Samsung think of anything original?

Jamaicanbob says:

It's one thing to go up against the iPhone, but the iPod will destroy this thing. It won't stand a chance. It's DOA. Usually I'd say give them credit for trying, but in this case it's just plain stupid to even try.

en28so says:

They should have put a better screen on it. My ipod touch 4g has an awesome screen.

Big Z says:

Don't give me the underhanded flak. Samsung has done its own work destroying its consumers trust. This goes far beyond the fascinate....just one of many.

hansonator says:

USA is just a drop in the bucket as far as Samsung customers go. World wide over 80% of galaxy s users are very happy with their froyo devices.

This will probably get prompt updates due to no US carrier interference. They will be directly from Samsung.

caliskimmer says:

Meh, I prefer my iPod Touch 4g. That thing is awesome! My Epic had a terrible audio jack (was it an isolated issue?), so I wouldn't trust this thing with music...or software updates.

Just my opinion, although there's always room for suprises! :)

CeluGeek says:

If these things come out at a decent price, I might get the 4-inch unit. I'm not getting a Sumsung phone EVER again though.

thepattyrick says:

Wait... is this an mp3 player or a phone? My brain isn't working hah

How is it that they plan on competing with the iPod touch if they're only offering a 8 gig model? If I'm going to buy it, I want to be able to put most, if not all of my music collection on it. That's not even counting any movies I'd want to put on it. If they were smart at all they'd be offering more of a selection for available space. I foresee another failed attempt at competing in the iPod market.

Chief85 says:


Who the #@6^@ cares if Skype is pre-loaded, when you can not make voice or video calls with the damn thing? Skype is useless on Android right now...

Toxikhiro says:

No SAMOLED Plus? Not even a SAMOLED? Isn't that part of the "Galaxy" device branding?? No ffc on the 4"? Why the hell not?? They've got it on the Epic 4G for Sprint, and on the Galaxy S 4G for T-Mo, so why not the Player 4"? Why can't the 5" make Skype calls??

Are you smoking crack, Samsung? Is Doctor Jekyll your project manager for the Galaxy Player? How come none of this makes any sense??

eric6052 says:

They probably left out things like a front facing camera and SAMOLED Plus as cost cutting measures. They probably had a price they wanted to sell it for and some components had to be sacrificed. This is nothing new as Apple just did it with the cameras on the iPad 2.

Johnny_Mac says:

Relax, fella... Both the article and the specs listing both state clearly that both the 4" & 5" have front & rear cameras. The 5" has a flash for the rear other than that they are both equipped the same.

For everyone doubting that this will be upgraded to Gingerbread, let's hope that they're not sold through specific carriers that need custom UIs as all of the US Galaxy S phones. That was the issue with getting the Froyo update.

The internationally SGS has had Froyo for months and when it finally came to the US, what a big disappointment it was. I went back to flashing and I'll only upgrade to "official" Gingerbread just to see how much better the cutom ROMs are. Current running Serendipity 6.2 on my Capitivate.

Maybe someone will post a way to root and flash the Galaxy Player.

vferrari says:

I have one of these already and it's great! 'cept its got a 7-inch screen and its called a Galaxy Tab LOL!

hybrid86 says:

Watch, Samsung will charge $250 for this.