Samsung Galaxy S III

After all the rumors, leaks and hype, we finally get to lay eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S III -- the unicorn of the Android world. It's impressive to say the least, big, beautiful, and built with natural curves to set it apart from the pack. We're even digging the fact that it isn't just your basic black. It's safe to say Samsung has went all out to bring us the best they have to offer.

There's a lot of new technology packed in there as well. Natural Interactions recognize your voice, and your face, and new motion gestures make it something new and different. We love new and different. 

Regarding U.S. availability, Samsung's official statement:

Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy S III, optimized for the fastest LTE and HSPA+ networks in the U.S., which will be available in the summer of 2012.  Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time. We believe the Galaxy S III is the most anticipated product in the 20-year history of Samsung Mobile; therefore, we will continue to share information as it becomes available.

Hit the break to see the full press release.

Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S III, the Smartphone

Designed for Humans and Inspired by Nature

Effortlessly smart and intuitively simple,

Samsung GALAXY S III reveals a new concept of smartphone

London, UK—May 3, 2012—Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the third generation GALAXY S, the GALAXY S III. Designed for humans and inspired by nature, the GALAXY S III is a smartphone that recognizes your voice, understands your intention, and lets you share a moment instantly and easily.

This sleek and innovative smartphone has the enhanced intelligence to make everyday life easier. With Samsung GALAXY S III, you can view the content like never before on the device’s 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display. An 8MP camera and a 1.9MP front camera offer users a variety of intelligent camera features and face recognition related options that ensure all moments are captured easily and instantly. Samsung GALAXY S III is powered by Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, with greatly enhanced usability and practicality to make life easier. Packed with intuitive technology, the GALAXY S III delivers a uniquely personalized mobile experience that refuses to be compromised.

“With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has maximized the consumer benefits by integrating superior hardware with enhanced smartphone usability,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. “Designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, the GALAXY S III has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind. What makes me most proud is that it enables one of the most seamless, natural and human-centric mobile experiences, opening up a new horizon that allows you to live a life extraordinary.”

Introducing Natural Interaction

The GALAXY S III enhances the interaction experience between the device and user. Smart enough to detect your face, voice and motions, the GALAXY S III adapts to the individual user to provide a more convenient and natural experience. With the innovative ‘Smart stay’ feature, the GALAXY S III recognizes how you are using your phone – reading an e-book or browsing the web for instance – by having the front camera identify your eyes; the phone maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.

The GALAXY S III features ‘S Voice,’ the advanced natural language user interface, to listen and respond to your words. In addition to allowing information search and basic device-user communication, S Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and commands. When your phone alarm goes off but you need a little extra rest, just tell the GALAXY S III “snooze.” You can also use S Voice to play your favorite songs, turn the volume up or down, send text messages and emails, organize your schedules, or automatically launch the camera and capture a photo.

In addition to recognizing your face and voice, the GALAXY S III understands your motions to offer maximized usability. If you are messaging someone but decide to call them instead, simply lift your phone to your ear and ‘Direct call’ will dial their number. With ‘Smart alert,’ the GALAXY S III will also save you from trouble by catching any missed messages or calls; your phone will vibrate to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle.

Easy and Instant Sharing

The Samsung GALAXY S III is more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user - it wants you to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends, regardless of where you are. With the new ‘S Beam,’ the GALAXY S III expands upon Android™ Beam™, allowing a 1GB movie file to be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds by simply touching another GALAXY S III phone, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The ‘Buddy photo share’ function also allows photos to be easily and simultaneously shared with all your friends pictured in an image directly from the camera or the photo gallery.

With ‘AllShare Cast’, users can wirelessly connect their GALAXY S III to their television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger display. ‘AllShare Play’ can be also used to instantly share any forms of files between GALAXY S III and your tablet, PC, and televisions regardless of the distance between the devices. Under AllShare Play is also the ‘Group Cast’ feature that allows you to share your screen among multiple friends on the same Wi-Fi network; you can make comments and draw changes at the same time with your co-workers, witnessing real-time sharing on your individual device.

Human-centric Design with Uncompromised Performance

The GALAXY S III not only presents features with enhanced usability, but also provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience through its human-centric design. Its comfortable grip, gentle curves, and organic form deliver a rich human-centric feel and design. Inspired by nature, its design concept is the flow and movement of nature. The elements of wind, water and light are all evoked in the physical construct of the GALAXY S III. In its essence, the minimal organic design identity is reflected in the smooth and non-linear lines of the device. Available in Pebble Blue and Marble White at launch, Samsung will introduce a variety of additional color options. 

With a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, the GALAXY S III offers a large and vivid viewing experience. Samsung Mobile’s heritage Super AMOLED display even enhances to HD and 16:9 wider viewing angles. To ensure faster content sharing and connectivity, the GALAXY S III offers Wi-Fi Channel Bonding which doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth.

The GALAXY S III also sports a range of additional features that boost performance and the overall user experience in entirely new ways. It introduces ‘Pop up play,’ a feature that allows you to play a video anywhere on your screen while simultaneously running other tasks, eliminating the need to close and restart videos when checking new emails or surfing the Web. Its 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that lets you capture moving objects easily without delay – the image you see is the picture you take. With the ‘Burst shot’ function that instantly captures twenty continuous shots, and the ‘Best photo’ feature that selects the best of eight photographs for you, the GALAXY S III ensures users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience. HD video can be recorded even with the 1.9MP front-facing camera, which you can use to capture a video of yourself. Improved backside illumination further helps to eliminate blur in photos that result from shaking, even under low lights.

Mobile payment is also accessible with the device through advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The gaming experience is enhanced through ‘Game Hub,’ providing access to numerous social games, while Video Hub brings users high quality TV and movies. Furthermore, Samsung Music Hub will offer a personal music streaming service. Game Hub, Video Hub and Music Hub will be introduced in select countries initially and soon rolled out to global markets.

The Samsung GALAXY S III will be available from the end of May in Europe before rolling out to other markets globally.

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Reader comments

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S III


Never been a fan of Samsung, but was intrigued by the hype to check this out. Well, after seeing this, I'm not regretting preordering the one x one bit.

Kinda feel disappointed. I was expecting 5 row icon layout. Also, what happened to the "ceramic" casing? Now I think the One X is actually better design. If only it had the MicroSD. Oh well, where is the T-Mobile G-Note?

Nice to see Samsung address the US market with some news. Samsung really is trying to be like Apple and have the device they talk about in your hands a few weeks after the announcement (which is a nice thing).

I was expecting to be disappointed...and am...I'll stay with the GN. Good luck next year Samsung. HTC wins in software and screen. Samsung wins in Battery and Storage. GN wins with pure ics and freedom from carrier.

I honestly now am sure I could design a phone better then these OEM's.

Yeahhhh..... still picking up my One X this weekend... Not impressed. I have a Note currently and had a Galaxy Nexus before that... Now that I have a Tab 7.7 I know that Samsung can make a high quality product, dissapointed to see them not raising the bar on their phones like HTC has with the One X...and after my Thunderbolt I didn't anticipate ever owning another HTC phone again.

It looks like a nice phone and will make many people happy, but I've owned an HTC phone for 8 years now and that trend will continue with the new EVO.

Good: Big screen, NFC, removable battery, expandable storage.
Bad: Hardware and capacitive buttons, Touchwiz, dual-core on VZW.

Tempting, but I think I'll be keeping my GNex for now.

Yeah, it looks pretty and all, but anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a Samsung device in the past can tell you that you'd better like the way this thing works out of the box because you'll wait forever on an update, if one ever arrives. Once this thing is out, Samsung will move on to their next phone, and you'll be left high and dry.

Can I get an "amen" from those who bought into the hype of Samsung's original Galaxy S phones?

Buy this thing if you want, but don't come back here in a few months crying about the update that was never released. You've been warned.

I've got the Epic 4G, Sprint's version of the Galaxy S. You can say Samsung sucks with updates, but because of the vast Android developer community, you're never really "stuck."

A little Google or YouTube searching will allow you to root your phone and customize it to your heart's content. For example, I've been running CM9, an Ice Cream Sandwich build, on my Epic 4G for months now.

I've got actual ICS on my Transformer Prime, and there's little to no difference between the operating systems.

My point is: you can say the carriers/whoever suck at updates, but there are so many other solutions that it's not really that big of a deal. I love my Epic 4G. I bought into the hype, like you said, and haven't been anything close to disappointed.

I understand I could have rooted months ago, but I choose not to go down that route. I shouldn't need to root my phone to get an update if the carriers should be updating my phone to begin with.

I can say the upgraded quad core and screen are cool but really the same ram as the sgs2, and still Touchwiz, I am not really impressed compared to my i777 att sgs2 running aokp. I was hoping the hardware would be more impressive but I guess not. I might just stick to my current phone and wait for the sgs4.


I've decided to not pre-order the EVO 4G LTE and wait for this. Guess my original EVO4G will just have to last a longer.

I hate how the availability is "summer"....yeah, thanks for narrowing that down guys.

Not releasing in the US until December! Dumb move Samsung! The Iphone 5 will be out before then and you'll have missed your chance. Oh well, I'll stick with my Galaxy Note for now.

They said in the summer, June-August.

"SamsungMobile The #GALAXYSIII 4G version will be available in North America, Japan, and Korea during this summer."

Did I miss something? It'll be rolling out globally sometime after the end of May, according to the press release. Where do you see December mentioned?

No, their twitter says "SamsungMobile The #GALAXYSIII 4G version will be available in North America, Japan, and Korea during this summer."

I think they could be making a mistake in the places they have chosen to innovate. I got a feeling that Jelly Bean will make some of this stuff look old in just a few months. And if all of this stuff is baked into the OS then it will probably be hell to get Jelly Bean on it. Just speculating.

That's the trouble with heavy customization, especially with custom UI's. Whenever Google releases a new version of Android, the handset manufacturers have to go back and rewrite them for the new OS. That takes time, and, unless the manufacturer is still actively using that version of their customized UI, there isn't much incentive to do so. That means you'll either wait longer for the new version of Android, if you get it at all.

Kinda reminds me of the crap PC manufacturers like Packard Bell used to install on top of Windows to make their computers more "user-friendly". The stuff was pure garbage (and don't even get me started on PB's hardware), but at least you could uninstall it. With things like Touchwiz and Sense, unless you root, you're stuck with them. I wish Google would change Android's licensing terms to address this.

It's a very impressive phone.... but...
touch-to-share... file sharing... riverstone... dock mode... it sounds like webOS...

of course with very improved versions of the features... but sounds like webOS...

still... it's VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!


I have read the blogs and watched the videos. Now, does anyone know the site to the official samsung release, sorry unpacking. I will like to look at the live stream/video myself. Surely samsung or some entity has made a video record of this event. Thanks.