Samsung Modus HM6450

Around here, we love contests and with Samsung having recently announced three brand new Bluetooth Headsets they've let us know they love contests as well. As such, they were kind enough to send us two Modus HM6450 Bluetooth Headsets to give away to our readers. Want know more about it and what you have to do to possibly win one?

Modus 6450 Product Features

  • Samsung FreeSync Android App-compatible & Android application support
  • Voice Command & Voice Prompt
  • Voice command and EQ setting implementation through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset
  • Mono & Stereo convertible
  • SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements
  • Dual-mic noise/Echo cancellation
  • Simple, LED display shows battery/call status
  • Advanced Multipoint and Multiconnection Technology
  • Active Pairing
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time/180 hours of standby time
  • Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR

That's it for the specs -- all you have to do to possibly win one is drop a comment on the post and we'll pick two lucky winners. Easy enough right? Big thanks to the fine folks at Samsung. If you're looking to learn a little more, jump past the break for the full press release.


Elegant, affordable and comfortable Bluetooth offerings from Samsung come equipped with enhanced features for 2011 such as advanced multi-point technology, voice commands, SoundAlive stereo-audio enhancements and Android application support

DALLAS – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States1, today announced the availability of three additions to its Bluetooth® headset portfolio, the HM1610, the HM3600 and the Samsung Modus 6450 – the second device in the Modus family of Bluetooth products. The announcement of these three Bluetooth headsets further exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to the core customer satisfaction areas of comfort, sound quality and ease of use.

Modus 6450 – A Dual Headset Offering an Advanced Stereo Experience

The elegant next-generation Modus 6450 wraps the best in functionality, fun and fashion in a sleek crystal-blue form factor. The Modus is designed for consumers looking for a conventional noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset with the capability to stream stereo audio. It can be worn as a mono-style headset for placing and receiving calls and readily transforms into a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset for an enhanced audio experience. The 6450 improves on its predecessor, the HM3500, with a premium headphone set, Android application support, voice command functionality, and EQ settings.  Rather than just simple voice prompts, the Modus 6450 implements voice commands and EQ settings through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset, distinguishing it from most competitors that must use a multifunction button for voice command start.

The Modus supports a multitude of advanced noise cancellation features and a dual microphone design to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise.  When enjoying rich, full-fidelity Bluetooth stereo while also connected to a phone, the Modus will gently mute the stereo audio, allowing the user to answer or initiate phone calls and seamlessly restores its settings when the call is complete. The user can also stream full fidelity audio and enjoy the rich sound through the single earpiece of the Bluetooth headset.

The Modus 6450 is compatible with its own specially-designed Android application, Samsung FreeSync – equipped with several features that set it apart from other applications, including EQ settings for stereo mode, LED settings, and language selection.

The FreeSync application allows for text-to-speech messaging and caller ID services and the ability to enable or disable Bluetooth headset functions through the application. Via the FreeSync application, owners of the Modus 6450 can receive incoming phone calls, SMS messages, email, and appointment notifications through a friendly text to speech interface that personally reads information to you. Additionally, the headset and the app work together to allow for voice command, pairing assist, multiple language support and control of various headset and stereo EQ settings.

Together, the Samsung Modus 6450 and the Samsung FreeSync Android application allow for a truly customizable headset experience.

Key Modus 6450 Product Features

- Samsung FreeSync Android App-compatible & Android application support

- Voice Command & Voice Prompt

- Voice command and EQ setting implementation through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset

- Mono & Stereo convertible

- SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements

- Dual-mic noise/Echo cancellation

- Simple, LED display shows battery/call status

- Advanced Multipoint and Multiconnection Technology

- Active Pairing

- Up to 6 hours of talk time/180 hours of standby time

- Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR

1Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S. claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics Q4 2010 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.

About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets and telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, please visit

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2008 consolidated sales of US$96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 people in 179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of seven independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Semiconductor and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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romma says:

I need a new blue tooth...

rocket321 says:

I'd love to win... Thanks for the giveaway samsung & AC!

viperhrdtp says:

Sweet headset. Would love to have it!

TheBronze says:


junipertodd says:

I'd love to link my DINC with the Modus and look like a cool character from Star Trek.

obeymydog says:

This would definitely be a great upgrade to my dusty old BT headset...thanks!

Timelessblur says:

I could use a new blue tooth as my old one has been fried for years and I have no job to buy a new one.

khakane says:

count me in!

rpz3.14 says:

Count me in, too!

bowmanm3 says:

I could definitely use a bluetooth headset like this!

Luppie says:

Yes, I would love a free bluetooth headset! Thank you for the contest :)

lsmunoz says:

I need a new bluetooth headset. My last one (Moto H700) failed to survive a TSA screening.

JonJJon says:

Thinking about how far technology has come it's still great to see that bluetooth is still used as much as it is. I wonder when green, red and yellow-tooth will be released in the future for super high quality HD audio wireless conversations :P

But back to the point at hand, it would be great to take hold of the bluetooth capabilities of my phone with this little gem.

joewyno says:

Very nice!!!!1

I would like a bluetooth.

mechlife says:

I have been looking for one for 2 years now..

hopefulfarm says:

Very nice. I'm on my third headset, could use a new one, especially one that has 6 hours talk time!

StrandedBrit says:

Can never have enough BT headsets. My 4yo jabra recently bit the dust (actually is cracked open when it hit the kitchen floor) so a decent replacement would work out real nice.

stopsign002 says:

Dibs ;p

mussio says:

Man O Man how i would love one of these.
crossing my fingers

Even my 12 button phone can use bluetooth! A rare contest where I can use the item!

tigerhoodz06 says:

I need a new bluetooth. Especially one that does stereo. I lost my other one

Akareem81 says:

Would be nice to listen to music wirelessly

ramonm2 says:

Must have!!! My gf just got pulled over for using her cell while driving. I don't want the same thing to happen to me!

mnuttall87 says:

Never owned a bluetooth -- free seems like a good way to start!

turtle357 says:

Me too. I love wireless gadgets and this would really help to get rid of my wired headset.

misskitcate says:

Would love one of these :)

jkipp74 says:

Awesome idea. Can't wait to get a new one, this would definetly help me in my job as an EMT, as I need to make phone calls and having hands free would be beneficial.

onthedge157 says:

Great contest. I have been waiting for excellence like this.

bah1976 says:

Count me in for an entry...

Oryan says:

Is it possible to call dibbs on this thing? Because if so I do :)

njunn5 says:

this would b noice!

imnuts says:

This would go great with my Froyo-less Fascinate...

metacyde says:

I've never owned a bluetooth headset, but this one looks nice! Hook it up!

securifirm says:

Would love one of these considering I'm always on the and my last one broke.

tailsthecat3 says:

Yay! I can use this on my uber android devices! PS3 too!!

Please consider this my contest entry.

jdraket says:

Pick me!

smccloud says:

I need a bluetooth headset.

Endr.S says:

New bluetooth headset!!!!.......awwww I want one....please and thank you:)

derrell1978 says:

The perfect accessory for my Nexus S.

HeyKeith says:

Sweet! I could pair this with my EVO or Xoom ... looks to be a great headset

muscal says:

I need a new bluetooth. The one i have hurts like hell.

jhotmann says:

count me in

I need a few new teeth, but it would be better if they were white.

JustEric says:

I would like to win!

Nice looking headset. Hopefully Sammy doesn't get sued by Apple over this thing? This would look great with my white, and not very Apple-like Sammy Fascinate.

JAM2778 says:

Looks nice. Can't wait to see if I win!

farhan001 says:

Just switched from a Blackberry Torch to a Nexus S.

OMG what a difference, loving my new phone.

Just joined the android central community and winning a new Bluetooth headset would be amazing

Welcome to the community!! Hope you have fun with your new Nexus S!

myriad46 says:

Please save me from my "whitebox", $15 motorola headset that the earpiece keeps coming off of in my ear, without me noticing, making me look like an idiot all day...

quailallstar says:

Very cool! I want one ;)

Jordan2348 says:

thats a sweet looking headset!

cpk86 says:

I have been putting off getting a bluetooth for a loooong time! If you give me one, the putting off will end the day I receive it! Help me end my putting off...

wstevens says:

I could use a new Bluetooth headset, this one looks great.

daveyhimself says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

abiezerf says:

I wanna win!!!

Forge833 says:

New Bluetooth sure would be awesome.... could finally retire my old Bluetooth.

tenounce says:

Samsung is always bringing the goods!

GRRemlin says:

Awesome giveaway! Hope to win so I can use it while driving to work!

fareal says:

Blue without bluetooth

inthepit says:

looks like a nice headset, would love to win one!

newboyx says:

I was looking at headsets earlier today. Maybe I should wait just a little longer before dropping some coin on one.

vertein says:

I have a phone interview on Thursday. This would be a great pairing with my Samsung Epic phone!

grayfox99 says:

Haven't used a bluetooth hands free in a while, but this one looks pretty nice :-D

natew says:

I'll take a free one please! =)

byroncheng says:

I used to have a samsung headset - i used it mostly for my computer in the end. Problem was that the battery life started dropping and then became unusable.

tjameswhite says:

Who has two thumbs and needs a new headset? This guy.

Viper says:

I would like one! Thank you!

deltatko says:

I've recently been thinking about getting a bluetooth to use when i'm driving. This would be very nice to win so I could save money to go toward the EVO 3D.

cmcduffie69 says:

My LG (Lame Gear) headset always craps out on me---I'd like that one! To help me win one, wrinkle my comment slightly so that AC's digital fingers can more easily pick my entry!!!

g1no23 says:

Never had a Bluetooth earpiece, might be kinda nice.

RichSPK says:

Thanks for the opportunity! My current headset doesn't hold a charge for long anymore, so I could use this one...or I could give it to my girlfriend and be a hero. :)

anonymousBob says:

Great timing. my old one just gave up the ghost.

MrCat2000 says:

Dude, I need this one! It's beautiful and I'm useless without it!

daabsolute1 says:

I am actually in the market for a bluetooth headset. Hopefully, I can get my hands on one of these.

DMD9 says:

Nice, shame the colours don't match the Galaxy S but I'd still love to win one :)

mluihn says:

I need a new bluetooth headset, PLEASE!!!!!!

hmmm says:

I need me one of these! In fact, I think the color of the one pictured would match my EVO Shift almost perfectly..

icebike says:

readily transforms into a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset for an enhanced audio experience.

This is a pretty neat feature. I'd like to see pics of how that connection looks in use.

Sign be up please!

kalimotxo says:

This would make a perfect gift to give on Mothers' addition to the other gifts I'm giving mom, of course!

wraith404 says:

I'd like one.

tibman260 says:

Gonna go great with my EVO!

tROYISM says:

Would love a nice new bluetooth to go along w/ my Galaxy S Mesmerize!! The specs are great.

nurrwick says:

This looks like a very nice headset and I can think of someone in my life who needs one like it for her G2!

Rhylus says:

A new headset would be great. My last one got eaten by the dog. Seriously, not like my homework.

pberchum says:

This would nicely complement my Samsung Galaxy S. Consider me signed up for this contest!

jusez0r says:

Time to take the bluetooth plunge!

sterben says:

I've been needing a new headset for a while =)

Lewi#AC says:

I'd love a bluetooth. I am always on the go, it would help out a lot. :)

jeffreyklein says:

I'd like one of the two. Thanks!

I dont even have a bluetooth but would love one!!

I would love this! I've always wanted a Bluetooth, but I can never decide on which one to get.

carlosrey23 says:

Nice!!!! I need something like this. I have been looking for a while...I need to replace my Samsun WEP 200, that someone graciously helped themselves the one I had on my desk.

I really like samsung prroducts, would really be nice to get this to raplace my old one.


javitxusan says:

This match perfect with my SGS.

mikieelmo says:

Hook me up please ,I could really use this!

Cranky Bear says:

Awesome. I hope it comes with a charger!

butta269 says:

It would be really awesome if I actually won this contest, Thank you Android central.

jsfbay says:

I need a new bluetooth headset. =)

Never used a bluetooth headset before...

jselden73 says:

This is a nice looking Bluetooth. I wonder how it will compare to a Jawbone.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

bout10bucks says:

I don't have a bluetooth and I am bad at begging, but... please :)

rmryan says:

Sign ME UP! :)

mooserman says:

It would be sweet to actually get a nice bluetooth headset!

alcto says:

Great - that means it will work beautifully with my EPIC!

41LY45 says:

Count me in!!

bryanc28 says:

I would love to have a new headset.

brandonyoung says:

i could use a new bluetooth headset

Ronald says:

I could use one of these! I like the ability for stereo listening.

areakode says:

Sweet. Pick me!

cornjo says:

I really need a bluetooth device. How can one expect to multi-task if you don't have one.

Obmutescence says:


coggster says:

Could do with a replacement for my old Samsung bluetooth headset.

Jay I says:

Thats would work great on my Galaxy S Vibrant.....

canito63 says:

I could definitely use a bluetooth headset so I'm not driving and holding the phone to my ear.

Brandito says:

In for one!

fozzie66 says:

winner winner chicken dinner!!

menacekiller says:

Bluetooth rocks! Especially on my Moment!

almath says:


Ace4 says:

Comment dropped

I live in Jefferson, GA and commute to Atlanta every day for work (110mi round trip), would be great to have this especially since my car is a 5 speed. Hope to get picked but if not that's cool too..

I have a fascinate so maybe you'll feel sorry for me too hah

packpackpack says:

Pick me :-)

Red 5 says:

I'd love to win one of these!

capskorner says:

I could most definatly use this...Please pick me!

javy617 says:

That would be great! My Jawbone just broke(headset, not actual jawbone).

fubar43 says:

I need a bluetooth! FTW!!

igknight says:

Been looking for a new one.

Sci3nc3 says:

Count me in! My last three phones have been Samsung but my last two headsets have been's about time I start pairing Sammy with Sammy.

pppilot says:

This sounds like a really cool headset. I'm ready to upgrade my old Plantronics to use with my new TBolt.

MrsBS27#AC says:

I would love to win. I've never been able to win before =) Hope I get picked

netposer says:

Blue looks nice.

samurikuma says:

Definatly could use a new one my old Moto one is missing some pieces.

Been reading this site for a while, saw the contest, and became a member instantly. I need that Jawbone...I need it bad.

Ravens2926 says:

I need this bad! Just crushed my old Bluetooth yesterday!

18, getting a car soon. Bluetooth would be pretty helpful :)

Gimmie gimmie gimmie. Bluetooth's go perfect with my yellow teeth to make my favorite color Green.:-P

gregfinnegan says:

Old BT is lame, could use a new one.

dadavises says:

Looks clean, sleek, and my fav color of blue. Can't wait to use this bad boy.

ShiftyBob#WN says:


ShiftyBob#WN says:


specops2k3 says:

I can use a new headset for my thunderbolt, my motorola one i have now keeps connecting and disconnecting in the middle of a call while i am driving, and it is illegal to talk on your cell in Delaware now unless you are using a headset.

schwepdaddy says:

I'd love to try one.

Vorpal_Droid says:

Please Sign me up!

bassmanxu says:

Would be great with my Evo! Thanks, AC!

640k says:

Would love a new BT headset to replace my antiquated Jabra circa 2001.

Johnly says:

Count me in! ANDROID CENTRAL rules.

ezrevo2010 says:

Bluetooth headset? Is this a new way to communicate may be if i win it ill be advanced like all others....... can i just win one??? Plllleeeaaassseee????!!!!!!

thrmltdown says:

Tooth Me!

sprinter#AC says:

Lucky entry #145! Come on 145!

Dang, I'm gonna need more dice...

ronniesonger says:


atomD21 says:

I'll gladly take one off your hands!

witm says:

Well, add one more to the queue :)

dklimah says:

Love one!!!!

nblackst says:

dope... i love samsung bluetooths!

djphrost1 says:

i like this headset. i haven't used a decent headset in about 4 years, haha. i would be inclined to use one though if i were to win this one though :)

Squall410 says:

An app that makes sure you get maximum compatibility of the phone and device? Sign me up!

screeme says:

I want one!

metro39 says:

I love Bluetooth headsets!

On the verge of getting a new phone and this would come in very handy!

ibejack96 says:

This would go great with my Cappy, so count me in for the headset!!! AC's great!!!! Thanks for the oppurtunity Chris and the team!

Snipperdo17 says:

my jawbone is struggling to do the job..give me this!!

jharo says:

I've needed a replacement bluetooth for a long time now. I would love to give this one a try.

jwilkis2 says:

Sweet, I need a new BT headset. Pick me!

Chris_Droid says:

I would really like to win :)
I hope it isn't a problem that I am from Germany ;).

mupi says:

Hey, one of these would be a perfect way to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Android central. never mind that it's a week late...

I have a Samsung Vibrant and a Xoom, but believe it or not, I have never had a bluetooth headset ( yeah I know). Android central! I'm excited for this device...hook me up! (I don't ask for much ya know)

kaufman465 says:

Well I always love a good blue tooth and even though this is a samsung at least I will not have to worry about whether or not they will update the darn thing (Behold 2,etc).

hurang says:

I spend 2 hours on the freeway a day and I don't have a Bluetooth, can I have please I need :)

roketman600 says:

would be nice after getting pulled over twice talking on my phone.

vainkdgurl says:

Would love a new BT earpiece always tryingto find a decent one!

Me me me please :)

AesirFace says:

By the brim of Odin's hat! A new blueteeths! I'll be in Yggdrassil at the bellows if ye need me!

StorminDT says:

Cool. I need a new one.

The set I use now is years old. Its the moto H375. I really need a new set please.

MasterRy88 says:

I would love to have a Samsung Bluetooth. These California hands free laws are killing me!

man how i would love this, I really need on bad, was going to buy one this weekend. ill match perfectly with my samsung captivate.

JZimick says:

I just purchased a new Android phone. Sure would be nice to have a new bluetooth headset to go with it. Thank you Samsung. Thank you Androidcentral for all the good reads on Twitter. :)

no driver says:

My wife would laugh at me, but I would use it, especially the stereo option! Thanks for running the contest :)

mountaingoat says:

I want one!

im in, havent had a samsung headset yet.

yidfixy says:

I love things!

whippingboy says:

How come all BT headsets don't come with AD2P support? I don't care it's a headphone rather than a headset- if I'm going to replace my corded free headset- the BT device has to offer the same features- audio quality and music playback.

Jim Ahrman says:

zing..i'll throw my hat in

CozBoogie says:

Been rockin a Plantronics 510 for years...would love to win this....thanks.

Andthrax says:

Looks sweet

El Jefe says:

I have been needing a new Bluetooth headset since my 2yr old son who is in potty training flushed my old one.

PAWnoramic says:

I am officially IN.

joonyboy says:

whooo would be sweet to get one of those. :)

ffastffrank says:

I would love a BT headset for use with my rooted Nook Color. I figure I have about the same odds of winning one as there is for getting BT working on the Nook Color?

Hey XDA-DEV's, how about a final push so I can win?

jr62strat says:

I would love to win one of these for my D2G

Blaine805 says:

Winning a new Samsung bluetooth headset to pair with my Motorola Droid X would be a great!

dclevy says:

Switching from Palm webos to android as soon as my new Nexus S 4G arrives and I need this to go with it!

I never understood why it was called bluetooth. Why blue? What is the significance of blue? Having said that, papa needs some hands free calling, so pick me!

studog712 says:

here is my hat in this ring.

lsoderman says:

Would love to use a Bluetooth set instead of the earbuds I have at work. Too many cables and cords on my desk as it is. Sign me up, please!

EpicInUtah says:

Haven't had a decent headset in a long time. Would love to find a good quality one I could recommend to my friends and family

david279 says:

Gimmie. Bluetooth.

poncyponce says:

looks like a fine piece of technology :)

jd195 says:

Sign me up, please!

Definitely could use this, tired of "the man" picking on me for having a simple conversation on my phone.....while driving. Don't need another ticket that's for sure.

zentex says:

The Invisio I have doesn't like my ear...perhaps I'll win one of these and see if it likes it better

bigsmoove says:

solid. i'd love one. my plantronics is toast.

SSmaster says:

count me in like flint.

mriemer says:

I know i could really use a new headset.

Seegar says:

I never had a bluetooth headset before. It'd be awesome to get the chance to try this one :)

ratsttam says:

Glad to see Samsung stepping up and making a Bluetooth set with software that fills in a great need of having voice commands and dialing. Well done making it double as stereo too!

Vprice93 says:

this would be nice to have

bsbllfn38 says:

This would be an awesome headset for my Vibrant!

azjerry says:

I can always use a new bluetooth. Thanks.

Would love to give Sammy a try considering my Jawbone Prime can't do the time.

praytorain says:

Another great contest from This would be an excellent accessory to my EVO and Xoom!

vbsoulpole says:

Dual mic/noise cancellation? I just went from six to midnight...

I'll take a shot at this. Thanks for the contest. good luck.

bamadog says:

It'd go great with my Captivate...!

sdc5364 says:

Yes please!

jojojohnny05 says:

One Bluetooth, please.
Thank you very much.

BrianTufo says:

I really need a Bluetooth headset! Pick me you guys rock!

jmars125 says:

Nice hope to get lucky on this one.

proav8tor says:

I've never owned a bt headset lol

corydunbar says:

I'd love a new bluetooth headset

ap1618#AC says:

I dont hear anything on the headset i have now. I need a new one! thanks!

Crystalyne says:

I could soooo use a new Bluetooth! I'm still using an old Moto H850!

hypersnail says:

me please!

dlakin2007 says:

I would love one I have a long commute every day

coskier says:

All about winning stuff - thanks AC!

toddwm says:

You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Wildside says:

Very nice.

john_v says:

Drop a comment and win? Don't get much easier than that! Would love to win one of these, my Jabra just recently died...would make life much easier.

ManxMariner says:

I'll take one!

TDF_Software says:

Good timing; the battery in my current headset is not holding a charge any more :)

technomom says:

Gimme. Gimme. My Motorola H500 barely holds a charge anymore.

MercuryTYTN says:

Need a Sammy for my Sammy. Looks cool, would like to try it

kalel3038 says:

MAN i could use one for my ps3 and phone will see how my luck goes

Jay005 says:

This would definitely be an upgrade from my inop Motorola H700.

vorlorg says:

Would love a new bluetooth

gwesterberg says:

I'd love to pair this sucker up with the Cappy!

kendal32884 says:

This would be nice thanks for the contest Android central

violent23 says:

I will take the most expensive one, thank you.

Jude526 says:

Would love to give this a try. THANKS. SAMSUNG. and ANDROID CENTRAL

grntdi says:

Love to have this with my fascinate.

raymatt says:

I will be on the road a lot this summer. Winning would be great!

srafey says:

I totes mcgotes want one.

I'd love one!

wamphryi says:

Great timing for a contest. My BT just died and I need to buy another....comeon no whammy....STOP!

Count me in please. Thanks!

It looks really cool :) i hope i win, but wont mind if i dont

brandon_L says:

Hey, put me in for this.

Hey-Zeus says:

Yes please!

i need bluetooth!

Nice headset wouldn't mind having one lol

btgrave says:

sweet! would love people read comments?

mlr_90 says:

Wow - these things are nice. I have an older Samsung headset and it works well. Would love to win a new one :-)

edhu says:

if winning means I'm like Charlie Sheen then no thanks but yes to the headset

forceOnature says:

Pick me! I like headsets.

jluke86 says:

I'd love a bluetooth from Samsung! The first one I bought I dropped in the parking lot and drove over it by accident. Only got to use it for a week and I just didn't didn't want to spend for another.

sparda07 says:

I'm currently using the jawbone icon and have not had the best experience with it i would love to win this headset so I try it out and of course make a video review and unboxing video I love making those :-)

jpradley says:

So here you my comment: Win Win Win

HuskerDad3 says:

I could really use a new bluetooth headset. My Jabra BT350 automatically dials that last number called when I press the action button on it when paired with my Fascinate. It's useless. Please pick me.

chin36 says:

I havent had a good headset since i had a BB Storm. I needs this.

Cassidy says:

My Bluetooth headset died earlier this year and I could really use a new one. This one looks much nicer than what I had.

tsutlick says:

This would pair beautifully with my Epic 4G! Thanks for the opportunity!

vigilous says:

Sounds great! My last bluetooth literally jumped out of my ear and flew out the window 45 mins after I bought it!

dfine1966 says:

I definitely could use a bluetooth headset. Every time I walk the dog someone has to call me on my cell, and I usually have to take the call. Most of the time when I take my EVO out of my pocket, I usually feel as if I am going to drop the phone and also lose hold of the leash. A new bluetooth would help keep my hands free to hold onto the dog and enjoy the walk.

Egg#AC says:

I have no blue tooth headset at all... This is my entry and I hope I win!!! Thanks Samsung & AC.

bawboh86 says:

A new sleek Bluetooth headset would go great with my tbolt, methinks. Thanks to Samsung and AndroidCentral for the opportunity!

Please I’d like to win one:)

darktori says:

I'll take one please!

Love Samsung products

djtrick says:

I want one my motorola went through the laundry the other day and I havent had time to replace it. My new HTC Evo 4G would then be complete.

dprice95 says:

Free Stuff!

lafountain says:

Samsung has been a company I have supported for quite a few years by purchasing quite a few of their products. Figure may as well add the bluetooth earpiece to the mix as well.

Michors.IV says:

I've never even owned a bluetooth. If I win, I promise to fully join the 21st century.

papi111709 says:

Thats one sexy bluetooth would use it with my evo

Yes please

PhantomS10 says:

This could be the first item I ever won from Android Central.

dennis_co says:

Im feeling lucky samsung!

cmacelis says:

Would be nice to win one of these...

ZipKicker says:

Just got a ticket in NY for talking on my phone...definitely could use one as a semi-truck driver

LdotAdot13 says:

just moved back to california so i am going to need one! please and thank you!

DCoy82 says:

Awesome, actually been looking to buy a bluetooth for my new Thunderbolt!

Jowlah says:

Well, it would actually be better than my PS3 bluetooth, which works great on my PS3, not so good on my Droid Incredible. I would love one. If not, no problem. I am very fortunate.

maybe I'll stop getting tickets using one of these :)

Daemonax says:

This looks like an interesting take on the stereo headset concept. From the pics on NewEgg, it appears that you plug wired headphones into it via usb. It also looks like it comes with an adapter to plug in standard headphones. Would love to give 'em a try.

DavidJ726 says:

Lets see... Voice commands that work, enhanced audio, and (hopefully) a comfortable fit... Count me in!

Although I have to wonder why vendors keep adding a call indicator LED on the phone... I'm pretty sure *I* know when I'm on the phone, I think most people around me know if I'm on the phone, and if they're to dense to realize it, (or even if I'm just sitting there on a conf call listening) they're not gonna look at a tiny blue LED on a headset to see if I'm busy, they're gonna come barging in with a question regardless of what I'm doing... I know I do! :-)

rmeden says:

would be nice to have a BT headset to listen to podcasts

bobtheelf says:

The modus 3500 wasn't bad. I wonder how good this would be.

markgoho says:

I'd love one of these!!

yankees2323 says:

I never had a bluetooth headset, but I could really use one. Thanks AC.

Looks like an awesome headset!

Phr0z3n says:

Would love one!

ilogik says:

Hand it over or the kitty gets it!

radgatt says:

This will be all that I need to complete my ultimate task of samsinging!!! I'll have this bluetooth to samsing to my samsung phone that I will be picking up since the Bionic won't be here anytime soon and I am tired of waiting. Samsung Droid Charge and Samsung Bluetooth headset equals me samsinging my way down samsung way :D

Floridadomer says:

I would be Blue without it!!!

Munszu says:

Very nice headset, although I would prefer a black one. :D

Bluetooth is good!

DPiraTech says:

I'll throw my name in the hat for one!

smtom says:

Gingerbread ready? Bring it!

obidos says:

I would love to win this! the only thing better would be if there was an Robot Unicorn Attack available today in the Market.

oh wait.

knighth001 says:

I need one!

Pick me... I need a headset!!!