Samaung SDK

Samsung has the tools to lure developers to their hardware, and they're showing them off at SDC13

Samsung’s Gregory Lee kicked off the conference by welcoming the more than 1,300 attendees from 33 nations.

“We have tremendous reach around the world,” Lee said. “And in most cases, we’re number one in smartphones in all those markets. And we have products in every segments, at every price point.

“The applications that you develop will reach all across our devices, not just smartphones, tablets, PCs, but also TVs, and enterprise solutions.”

Of course, the main focus is on mobile (where Samsung makes a ton of money) so that means Android. These tools will help developers who want to take advantage of the hardware features Samsung adds to their devices, and it's great to see them digging in and catering to developers who can (and want to) get great software on some of the most popular mobile devices sold today.

A quick look at each of the new SDKs:

  • Samsung Multiscreen SDK is an all-new SDK that allows developers take advantage of Samsung’s market leadership in smartphones and smart TVs. Based on a cloud publishing system, the Multiscreen SDK includes APIs for one-touch discovery and pairing of devices, which allows for content sharing across devices.
  • A streamlined version of the Samsung Mobile SDK is now available. The SDK now combines 10 individual packages, including the latest groundbreaking S Pen, Media Control, Professional Audio, and Gesture, into a single integrated SDK for easier overall development.
  • Samsung has partnered with Unity Technologies to create the Samsung Multiscreen Gaming SDK. It is a gaming engine built on top of the Samsung Multiscreen SDK that allows game developers to create immersive multiscreen gaming experiences that people play on any big screen TV using a Samsung smartphone or tablet as a console.
  • The Samsung Smart TV SDK lets developers and content partners create applications for Samsung Smart TVs. This version includes WebEngine 2014 for support of next year’s Smart TVs, as well as Samsung Connect for multiscreen support. The SDK also now supports Smart Home development, closed captioning so that subtitles can appear in video apps, and improved content filtering and search.
  • The Samsung KNOX SDK provides security and management enhancements, which enables enterprises to support both Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) without compromising either corporate security or employee privacy.

Some, like the Knox SDK and Smart TV SDK will encompass more than Android. But they will allow for other systems to interact with those Samsung devices (as well as iOS and any device that can run Java or compiled C++ code) to get things on track.

Of course, the Mobile and Multiscreen SDKs will fit right in with what we know everyone with a new Galaxy device wants — apps that take advantage of Samsung's technology. Using these tools, developers can add to their existing applications as well as build new ones that do they things you love them to do. 

Things are just kicking off at SDC13, so stay tuned for more!


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Samsung launches 5 new SDKs to drive coherent app design


Nothing against Samsung, but honestly this doesn't strike me as a good thing. This whole event seems like Samsung driving further and further towards forking Android ala Amazon. It's simply not good for the ecosystem.

Its amazing how Android Central has become 'Samsung Central' all of a sudden.

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It's kind of refreshing usually AC bags on Samsung, as if it's their way of titling the balance. While I don't care to see anyone company dominant, I do believe a journalist organization should be unbiased.

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To be unbiased = bagging on Samsung, HTC, Moto, even Google. Touchwiz is a train wreck. HTC can't do marketing, has had supply chain issues, and no one knows why they made the Maxx. Moto blew the X Launch...and the camera sucked. They're honest here, with a tendency to err on the side of caution actually. Phil comes from a traditional news background where you had to check sources and run everything by an editor. These folks are great!

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Because it's open source so it's everyone's operating system.

While I don't have a problem with companies releasing sdk it's for a closed system. Not my idea if giving back.

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It's especially obnoxious considering how bloody awful their software is. I settled on the GS4 but absolutely LOATHE the TW software and everything they've done with this device except for the actual hardware itself. Samsung software is mostly slow, bloated, ugly and pointless.

Cannot wait for the day that I can unlock the ME7 bootloader on this phone.

Given how incompetent their consumer-facing software is, I can't imagine what a trainwreck their SDKs must be.

Okay so when rumours come out that Samsung is inching away from Android, people get upset and when they try to improve their ecosystem within Android, now it's "Why are they acting like they own android?". I dont even

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This activity add more fuel to the fire. This app does not make android better it makes apps tied more to Samsung. Remember to break away from Android all they need to do is fork the code like Amazon did or port their libraries to their platform of choice

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Read the ars technica article about Google close sourcing android. Samsung isn't going anywhere.

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I did read it and Ars Technica is a bunch of dumb Arses. It was nothing more than a FUD article.

But the point I'm making in my previous comment is that this sdk is exclusive to Samsung devices and Samsung features. When Google release their api it's for all Android devices.

Making a closed app isn't making android a closed system. But take Samsung effort and see they are forking the code and making that closed.

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If it wasn't for Samsung, Android would be nowhere

- An Android Central editor

Face it, Samsung made it popular. They still make it more and more so everyday.

This will help the ecosystem as a whole.

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No they didn't it was popular before Samsung started to dominate. That is why HTC was making record sales.
If anyone deserve credit it's Verizon with their "DROID does" that put android on the map

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What with the Eris? No, the Fascinate still sold more. HTC started before Samsung and that may be what you are talking about, but Samsung took Android to another level entirely

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No, the original Droid. And it wasn't just the individual hardware, it was the Marketing. The Droid commercials seized mindshare. Apple does a lot of things well, but what they do best, what they do better than anyone else, is marketing and the capturing of mindshare. This is what the Droid line and their commercials did, was seize mindshare for Android. Samsung has had the sense to recognize this as well and spends far more effort going after mindshare than any other Android OEM. That's why they are dominating. Not 'superior hardware', it's all about the mindshare. Convince people you're the best, and they'll buy a dog turd with a screen attached to it.

It is a combination. They do capture mindshare but they also 'give the people what they want' in terms of hardware and software.

You cannot say that the N3 is not a superior piece of tech

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So Samsung didnt open up an SDK for the Galaxy Gear? Are they stupid. I figure they would have opened that up

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No you open that up, it is that much easier to rip out the stuff that makes it exclusive

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I am disappointed that there is nothing about Galaxy Gear development.

I have the Gear and it's cool, but it's limited by the software. Does anyone else know if more apps are on the horizon?