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If you’re looking for a great case for your Tab that protects it, feels good in the hand and also allows for easier typing, consider the Leather Easle Case from Samsung.

I have been thoroughly impressed after using this case for a while. My first impressions of the case were good. It reminded me in look and size of the Nook cases that are all over Barnes and Noble stores. This was instantly a positive in my mind because many of those cases have been known for their robust look and feel.

The Tab fits snugly into the right side of the case with slits for the buttons that of course don’t block any portion of them.

One of the aspects that I really like about the Tab is the size. The 7-inch device fits snug in my jacket pocket, so I don’t want a case that increases the size too much that it wouldn’t fit. Good news Tab owners, the case, while adding a little size, doesn’t drastically change it. It still fits in my pocket without any trouble.

The case is designed to allow consumers to use their Tab horizontally without having to hold it up. This is especially important while typing or consuming media. It’s simple to do; just bring the Tab towards the left jacket of the case and you will have a sturdy stand.

One small yet quality feature in my opinion is the elastic band that is included. Located on the back, it’s nice to be able to stretch it across the front to keep the case in place.

Overall, the case is fantastic and I would highly recommend it. The leather is good quality and feels good in the hand. The look resembles a journal or a notebook, which I really like about it.

The Samsung Leather Easle Case can be bought from the Android Central Store for $29.95. Check out more pictures after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Case Review: Samsung Leather Easle


Oh, so that is the function of the elastic band!! I am soo slow. Thanks a bunch for the information. I love the case as well.

It's a good quality feeling case but two things bother me:
1. Rear camera is blocked.
2. Shifts inside the case enough to block the ambient like sensor. When on auto brightness the screen gets dark because of it.

On a side note it ends up shifting because the power button is on the side. Might not be the case if it was on the top.

The fact that the rear camera is blocked bugs me a lot too! have to bring it out of the case to take pictures. Other than that, I have loved it.

Has more in common with the bloated qualities of a throwback 80's trapper keeper than what I'd expect from something to house such a beautiful device.

Not trolling guys.. I just think we can do better than this, a la vaja cases and even the beautifully executed cases sold by Apple for the iPhone 4.

Perhaps device manufacturers should follow suit and begin designing the devices with the cases in mind.

I have this leather case and it great but not perfect , theres no hole in back for camera or flash & it kinda thick. It didn't fit in inside pocket of 3 outta 4 jackets.

That's odd. I have this EXACT same case, bought it in Canada for 54.99(Canada afterall..) and it has a cut out for the back camera. I don't understand why the exact(exact) same case would vary? Maybe the overkill on price has something to do with the cutout, I dunno.

Yep this case is awesome! It even has two little pockets for business cards or a credit card. I loved the smell of the case too when it arrived. Genuine leather is the best!