Samsung Galaxy S5 hits MetroPCS today

MetroPCS has today announced the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at retail stores across the US, as well as on the website. If you're waiting for Samsung's latest flagship Android smartphone, you'll be able to pick one up on plans from $40.

Alternatively, you can purchase the device outright for $649 plus tax. We urge you to check out our previous coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S5 for more details and be sure to remain on our feeds to see our upcoming Galaxy S5 review, which should go live later today.

See the full press release below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 announced by MetroPCS

BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 18, 2014 – MetroPCS, a flagship brand operated by T-Mobile US (NYSE: "TMUS"), today announced the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 at its retail stores across the nation and on Now customers can have the latest Samsung Galaxy device with MetroPCS' unlimited, no annual contract rate plans starting at $40 – further proof that MetroPCS continues to deliver one of the best wireless deals in town.

"MetroPCS is on a fast-track to becoming America's #1 prepaid brand because our customers get the best value in wireless plus the hottest devices, like the new Samsung Galaxy S 5 – without being locked into a long-term contract," said Tom Keys, MetroPCS COO and executive vice president.

The Galaxy S 5 may be paired with any of MetroPCS' affordable unlimited data, talk and text service plans starting at just "$40, period." with taxes and regulatory fees included, and is available in black at MetroPCS retail stores for $649 plus tax.

The Galaxy S 5 offers the latest technology, taking the mobile experience to the next level with enhanced features that address what truly matters to MetroPCS customers:

  • Dust and water resistant, adding to the overall life of the smartphone
  • 16MP camera with professional capabilities to instantly capture split-second moments
  • S Health™, a built-in heart monitor that responds to touch and tracks a users' overall fitness and wellness
  • Brilliant 5.1-inch, full HD AMOLED™ display that allows users to enjoy a seamless HD video and movie viewing experience on a full screen
  • Fingerprint scanner to quickly and easily unlock the smartphone

Additional Galaxy S 5 capabilities can be found at


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 hitting MetroPCS today


For some reason the curved edges on the GS5 just turns me off.

Posted from the Google Nexus 7 2012 via Android Central App

Couldn't you always just the T-mo version on metro? Is there a difference between this and Tmo's?

Posted via Android Central App

Branding and Bloatware I am guessing. MetroPCS has way more stores than T-Mobile in the Atlanta area for example, so it will get a lot more exposure because MetroPCS is one of the most popular carriers in ATL because they are a prepaid carrier with lower plans than most. There are already like 3-5 stores in my area in southwest ATL in a 5 mile radius.

There could be.... Metro uses CDMA... T-Mobile uses gsm radios. But metro does have a bring your own device plan that let's you use gsm as I have done with me nexus 5. And overall service is better with metro then T-Mobile. At least here is south Florida. I switched to T-Mobile because the metro unlimited plan does not now allow for tethering..
Living without contract is wonderful. I went from straight talk to metro to T-Mobile in a4 month span!
So to answer your question, my gut is telling me metro is getting the CDMA version of the gs5

No, all new MetroPCS phones are GSM and they all run on T-mobile networks. New MetroPCS phones don't use CDMA. The customers that use the old MetroPCS phones that use CDMA, have until late 2015 before those CDMA services are shut down and they will have to buy a MetroPCS GSM phone.

Last year I bought a Galaxy S4 from T-mobile and I took it to MetroPCS for activation. The biggest advantage of a T-mobile phone on MetroPCS than a MetroPCS phone, even though they both run on the same network, is that the T-Mobile phones will get the Android quicker than the MetroPCS phones. My T-Mobile Galaxy S4 on MetroPCS got the kitkat update as soon as it was released. On the other hand, the MetroPCS branded S4 is still on 4.3 Jelly Bean.