Swipe style scanner embedded in the physical home button

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We're just 7 days away from what we expect to be the grand unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we're hearing yet more apparent details about the new device. The folks at SamMobile have reportedly got their hands on some juicy inside information that claims there will be a swipe style fingerprint scanner embedded into the home button. Oh, and that there will still be physical buttons.

It's also claimed Samsung's fingerprint scanner will have increased functionality when compared to something like Apple's Touch ID. You'll be able to link up 8 fingerprints, but you can also assign said prints to certain tasks like launching apps. Swipe sensors aren't perhaps as user friendly as the static sensor in Touch ID, perhaps even less so on the home button. But they are secure.

In addition, SamMobile goes on to state there will also be a Personal folder and a Private Mode where you will be able to hide apps and content that can only be accessed by a password or by your fingerprint. Of course, until we see it all for ourselves in 7 days treat it with the usual dose of skepticism, and we'll be live from Barcelona to tell you all you need to know.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 to have fingerprint scanner, report claims


So did the Motorola Atrix. Wow that's new. Roll eyes.

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Typical Samsung copying Apple as usual. Anymore actual news today.

Posted on my Bamboo Lenovo X via Android Central App

That comment is like igniting a nuclear bomb in this thread

I agree if they put the scanner on the home button. According to some sources they rushed the fingerprint sensor and its similar to that of the HTC One max.... so its crap basically

Swipe sensors suck in terms of useability compared to static (I think.) But, I can't imagine how it would be comfortable to do that motion with your thumb while holding the phone and trying to swipe the home button.

Yeah, could be. Fingers at least you'd have to be holding the phone in one hand and using the other though? Unlocking your phone with one hand would be less awesome with a swipe I reckon

Takes 2 hands anyway for most people to unlock their phone. I could do it one handed, but prefer 2, and no way my wife could on the S4, maybe an iPhone 4


Glad I have the Moto X. I use face unlock and if it's too dark, the phone is still small enough to use one hand to enter the PIN.

Different method? Hmm let's see, u touch the screen.. Sounds about the same to me.. Motorola Atrix was the first phone I think like two yrs ago... Apple was not the first.. That's the bottom line

Technically, no they didn't. They bought the company that came up with the implementation they use.

And it's still *extremely* hit or miss. I've seen numerous online polls that show a pretty even 50/50 split between people who say that they love it, and people who say that the damn thing never works. In my (purely anecdotal) experience of asking the few people I have met with a 5S, that seems to line up.

Who cares if or who they're copying! It's stupid.
Let's make the Samsung Galaxy even more bloated, complex, and user unfriendly.

Now, which finger did I use?

More than likely, this has possibly been in the works for some time. Way before touch I'd was announced.

Plus let's add halfway around the world. That's nothing now but still.

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they may have had a prototype, but I don't believe it's a coincidence that we are seeing it now. Still, let Samsung do what it wants. It's obvious to everyone that Samsung takes cues from Apple, which is fine. Let's see if Samsung can come up with an implementation that is a good as Apple's.


Cant spend 5 minutes on Google to see who put a fingerprint reader on their phone before Apple?

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FYI the Motorola Atrix was the first phone to offer that feature and NOT apple, check your facts before spouting nonsense...

I feel like that type of finger print reader will be annoying.. I hate using those on computers..

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Stop it with the copying apple bs fingerprint readers have been around for ages dam it, just because apple used it in the iPhone doesnt mean that right belongs to them.

It's all good and will be interesting to see Samsung's take on the fingerprint reader/scanner.

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samsung wants to make sure there is no reason to choose an iphone over samsung. it makes complete sense that they would include that.

Yes, but I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Samsung decided to put a finger print scanner in at this time.

Ur right. But not with kitkat u can't at all.. They totally put a stop to that with kitkat update with all browsers..

Since I got kitkat on my nexus 10. It stopped.. Everything I read online said that Adobe Flash is no longer working since kitkat update.. No matter what browser u use..I uses Mozilla and worked great until update.. I stream ufc ppv. But no more.. Says adobe flash no longer supported on this device

hotkoko, I have Adobe Flash Player on my Z10. Just wanted to let you know your not the only one that has it. I think HTC One has it to but I'm not 100% sure.

I've gotten by without flash just fine on my last 3 Android phones... what could you possibly need flash for on a tiny screen? Don't say porn either cuz must sites have changed over to html5 for those Apple users so I am told. Heh

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Here come the copying accusations ... Guess what? It doesn't matter a damn who copied who. Because when companies attempt to outdo each other with this "copying", guess who wins? Me. And you. Us consumers. We should be enjoying this sort of thing instead of wedging our heads firmly up our asses and pointing fingers saying "so-and-so copied so-and-so" like children ...

Well said.. But we all know that apple always copies android lol.. And they also copied androids notification pulldown.. Lol just sayin

Exactly I'm tired of reading all this copy blah blah as long as it is improving the Tech who cares this style the s5 will have will be more similar to the HTC One Max scanner where you swipe from top to bottom to unlock shortcuts and apps, where is apple id is just to unlock the phone in my opinion Htc and Samsung have taken an idea and expanded on it.

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Yeah, so much for that rumor that Sammy made an agreement to follow Google's guidelines more closely. Just waiting for the end of Nexus rumor that's been around ever since the gpe releases to be squashed. BS too

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IF any deal was made, there is no way the agreed upon terms would affect any phone coming out this year. Your statement shows some ignorance of how phones are designed and manufactured.

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Also: if the rumor is true - this might be the greatest thing ever!

Just a scanner is lame. But every finger unlocks AND starts an specific app: AWESOME! 

Combine this with Tasker and program things:

Indexfinger: Email
Thumb: camera
Ringfinger: Phone + call mom
Middlefinger: text wife "i am at the store - do we need something"
Left index finger : G+ and show location of daughter


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If I have to swipe then I'm already uninterested, if the technology isn't at least as good as the competition then don't bother.

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Agreed. I was actually excited when Apple announced, because it sounds like the technology was finally "there". But, in reading reviews and talking to a few people, it sounds like even Apple's TouchID is very temperamental. I think having to "swipe" will only make the problem worse, beyond the likely awkwardness of it.

Oh great...can't wait to try out these new features which I'm sure will be accompanied by lag.

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Really want this fingerprint id to NOT be real.
Just...cant deal with the ignorant "sam copied apple" arguments i will inevitably be dragged into.
'Apple didnt do it first' is a foreign complicated statement that only techheads care to understand

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"'Apple didnt do it first' is a foreign complicated statement that only techheads care to understand"

lol. Or to point out that Apple doesn't "invent" any of the tech they use, including TouchID? ;)

Funny how probably more than half of you idiots complaining.... will still buy the S5. Stop acting like babies. Your parents shoulda taught you better.... If ya don't have anything nice/constructive to say, keep ya mouth shut!!

And the day Android "copies" Apple, is the day I will switch back to my Nextel i860.

I just hope it's better than the G4. I skipped it because their was basically no difference from it to the G3. My contract is up in July, so hopefully the G5 doesn't suck, cause i'll gladly pick it up for contract renewal.

No shit its going to be better. How can the s5 possibly suck in comparison to the s3 or s4?

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

Are you kidding me? Had both. The display and the camera alone! HUGE difference! Battery life: WAY better. And then the speed...

Seriously? The screen and battery and bezels on my s4 are far superior to the s3. And the camera software and megapixels are greater too. Just saying.

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And the go back button is on the right. Samsung addicts will never be capable of using any Android phone from all other manufacturers due to "muscle memory".

The only one that was tough to adjust to in the last year was the g2. My Samsung muscle memory doesn't play into anything

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

+1 I actually had to put the back software button on the right of my home button on my rooted NookHD+ tablet after I got my s4.

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I'm more interested on Samsung's new UI and the design of the phone. I'm sure it will be a powerful phone. But doing a fingerprint scanner doesn't interest me in the least.

Ah reminds me of the good old days of ratemypoo

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I just hate that there phones keep getting bigger... The S3 is just perfect size.. From what I'm reading the S5 is gonna be huge. Bigger than the G2

Umm I guess u haven't checked.. The S4 itself is bigger by about half a centimeter... Put them both on a table and see for urself.. And also go on vzw and check out the specs.

It's copying of Samsung made the fingerprint scanner in the home button with the exact same or nearly the same functionality and implementation. The scanner is in the home button like the 5S, according to these rumors, but Samsung did one better by allowing more options with the scanner. Allowing for different fingerprint shortcuts is nice (HTC did it on the One Max), and the implementation of protected files and apps is another good step in terms of security

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