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The Samsung Galaxy S4 (see our review) is now available on MetroPCS. The no-contract carrier is offering the S4 for $549 plus tax. You can then choose from any of the 4G plans, which start at $40/month. These include unlimited talk, text and data.

If you're a devout MetroPCS customer and have been patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4, your wait is finally over. Who's getting one?

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MetroPCS Brings the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 to its Growing Nationwide 4G Smartphone Lineup

Affordable Nationwide 4G Plans and Galaxy S 4 Deliver More Choice for Value-Conscious Consumers

DALLAS (July 8, 2013) – With today’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S® 4, MetroPCS is coupling the ground-breaking features of the latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy-line of smartphones with the exceptional affordability of its unlimited rate plans, and is providing customers with access to a faster nationwide 4G network for one of the best wireless values in town.

The popular smartphone can be paired with any of MetroPCS’ affordable no-annual-contract nationwide 4G service plans, which start at just $40 per month for unlimited data, talk and text,  taxes and regulatory fees included.

“Providing choice and flexibility for consumers means offering premium smartphones without the costly service and a long-term contract,” said Tom Keys, MetroPCS COO and executive vice president. “By combining the Galaxy S 4 and affordable nationwide 4G service plans starting at just $40 per month, we are truly enabling our customers to have it all on an enhanced, nationwide 4G network at a tremendous value.”

The Galaxy S 4 opens the door for consumers to experience mobile like never before, and its suite of features ensure that the experience is tailor-made for each individual. The Galaxy S 4 makes an impression with a 5-inch, full HD Super AMOLED™ display with Corning Gorilla Glass® 3.0, a 1.9GHz quad-core processor for effortless multi-tasking and runs the latest version of Android (4.2.2). The 13MP rear and 2MP front cameras capture stunning pictures, 1080P video and turn even the most novice photo-taker into a professional through a variety of innovative camera enhancement features. And the Galaxy S 4’s HSPA+/LTE connectivity[1] offers a blazing-fast Internet experience for quick browsing, multimedia viewing and effortless content uploading.

The Galaxy S 4 builds on the innovation inherent in each generation of the popular Galaxy smartphone line with the introduction of new features including:

  • Smart Pause™: Pause a video by looking away from the screen.
  • Air View™: Preview emails, photos in the gallery, or even the stories in Flipboard®.
  • Air Gesture™: Answer a call or skip to the next song by waving your hand in front of the screen.
  • Group Play™: Wirelessly connect multiple Galaxy S 4 phones to play games and share photos and documents. Using the Share Music feature™, users can stay in time and in tune with friends by allowing them to play the same song on multiple phones in sync.

The Galaxy S 4 is available in select markets now for $549 plus tax, with additional markets and online availability to be announced soon.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 now available on MetroPCS


I'm sort of lost here with this though. Metro has made it known that they are turning off their CDMA network in 2015 and have started selling GSM devices as well as working towards deploying GSM in their markets.

So why release such an expensive flagship phone on the soon-to-be-removed CDMA network? Unless the point is to sell more devices in 2015 to the same people who shelled out $549 for this phone.

Never mind, scratch what I said...I should have checked the Metro website first or more importantly, read the last line of the posting on AC :)

This is a GSM device and obviously is the T-Mobile variant with a MetroPCS sticker on the flip side.

OK, don't mind me, carry on, nothing more to see here. :D

You just got me thinking, wonder if I can take my TMO branded SGS4 over to the local MetroPCS and use it and save money in doing so?

What the fuck this is CDMA? Why would they do that? People are going to buy this and not know!

Posted via Android Central App

Good Job T-Mo/Metro.. The $549.00 price is more in line with the level of phone the S4 really is, which is an upper-middle class phone. The $649.00 other carrier's are getting for the same phone is nothing but a rip-off.. I still think $529.00 should be the target price but.. hey, you have to make a little profit.. :-) Being free of contract is what it's all about.. Being on T-Mo's $30.00 a month plan is the sweet spot for me and my Note.. I will never pay more than $1.00 - $1.50 max a day for phone service ever again. Good job metro.. decent phone.. decent price.. I hope you sell a boatload of them.

ReggieTee my dad did for three different phones. Then he saw how I was using my Sprint GSIII, and I helped him move to Boost Mobile.

Posted via my Totally Android Central Themed including FX Cased, Rooted Sprint GSIII named "White Dragon".