Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy S4 Active

New pics purport to show water-resistant, ruggedized device with S4 specs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has long been rumored, with publications including the Wall Street Journal reporting that Samsung will release a ruggedized, water and dust-resistant version of its flagship phone this summer. Today GSMArena has obtained pics of a device that would certainly seem to fit that bill. The shots seem to show a large-screened device with a sturdy red back and physical menu, back and keys on the front.

A further image confirms the GT-i9295 model number previously associated with the Galaxy S4 Active, along with the presence of a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU. GSMArena reports that the screen is a 5-inch 1080p SuperAMOLED unit, just like the vanilla GS4. The shot of the back also reveals a remarkably thin handset, in contrast to most water-resistant phones, which are smaller and chunkier. So it looks like Samsung hasn't skimped on hardware specs in creating this ruggedized beast.

The Galaxy S4 Active might be just one of several Galaxy S4 models to make its way onto the market in the coming months. The Galaxy S4 Mini has been extensively leaked, and recent leaks also point to a larger "S4 Mega" variant.

Would you be in the market for a reinforced, waterproof phone with these kinds of specs? Hit the comments and let us know.

Source: GSMArena


Reader comments

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?


I agree!! I love it actually. IMO this should have been the S4 (just without the buttons.. onscreen only lol). But almost makes me want to wait and see if this will come to tmo before getting the s4

I personally don't think it is going to sell well. You have Otterbox case company if you need to get fully cover like rugged.

Is there any info on the screen and how durable it may be?

I would love to have one of these when I go on a bike ride and such.

Sure you got Otterbox and similar company providing rugged cases, only if you want your phone to look and feel like a brick... this phone is the opposite of that, it's thin just like any naked phone out there yet provide same rugged properties like those cases.

In theory it provides the protection of something like an Otterbox, but we really will have to wait and see if that proves to be true.

There is no way I would want an Otterbox, but I would be willing to pay a $100 premium to get decent waterproofing on a phone that looks good and has great specs like this one. Not sure if the memory is expandable or the battery replaceable yet though. If not, I may opt for the Sony Xperia ZR. The Z is just too square and glass laden for my taste.

Well, Samsung wants the money you spend on Otterbox!

Seriously, Samsung will make anything that sells. And that's not a bad thing...

The only way they would get peoples Otterbox money is by charging slightly more for this phone, and I doubt they will do this. Plus once we've purchased a Samsung handset, they could care less what case we have on the device.

The otter box is for people that think they need it but actually don't. If you actually do construction like I do its not that great. I ripped the screen cover of of it the 3rd day cause it was so scratched I couldn't see the screen. A water proof phone with a regular case would be awesome!

In a technical sense, this would likely be thinner than a GS4 since I have a case on my GS4 and I probably would keep it naked with the active version. It may even feel better than the cheap plastic back of the current phone which I can't stand. It's the main reason I don't mind a case because i'm not a fan of the look/feel of the device

Water resistant or water proof? Would only worth it if you could take underwater to take pics. Otherwise I would just buy a case for the regular s4.

If this is true.....this is how the S4 standard should have been designed, especially seeing how many people are drooling over the HTC One's build quality.

These specs appear to match the vanilla GS4. If Samsung prices this competitively there will be some fanboys getting upset that they didn't wait on this version. There definitely needs to be more manufacturers releasing water resistant phones in particular. If they can do it for Japan, they can do it for the rest of the world!

I wonder if waterproof would mean no removable battery, SD card? Otherwise how would a water tight seal be maintained. That would be a deal killer for me but on the other hand, it definitely looks fantastic and IMO now looks as good as the HTC One. What will those HTC fan boys cry about now.... the shinny plastic is non existent and it now has a "premium sporty look"!

Troy, it's water resistant not proof... and water resistant phones have been around much longer than the fad for non replaceable batteries.

As For sd card, that has exactly the same deal breaking properties as the sim- and unless we are going very very backwards I can't see them removing the ability to use a sim!

They just need some level of gasket on the back cover and the current sim/sd/battery layout can remain unchanged.

Not only that but it means only the usb and headphone socket need doors, so less external points of failure for the water seal then the xperia z

That looks far sexier than the 'vanilla' s4

Originally I was totally uninterested in the s4 but with this and the 'nexus experience' version my interest is peaking! Now the big question is will a rugged nexus experience s4 appear? Then I'm sold!

Neither is the s4

The s4 is also intended for touchwiz but they have released a 'nexus experience' version.

I'm not asking for a rugged nexus, I'm asking for this rugged s4 to be given the 'nexus experience' treatment

The Vanilla treatment is coming to the GS4 via Google so all you'd need to do is port the ROM over to the GS4 Active. Boom.

I dont understand why everyone is making the distinction between the Google Edition S4 adn the plain s4.... as SOON as the code is made available, you will be able to get the EXACT same experience as the google edition on the regular s4. Its got all the same internal stuff. The ONLY difference is you might have to wait MAYBE 1 day after release of an update just so the devs can build it. THats it.

If you look carefully on the back photo, you can see that it still has the removable back cover lip on the top left, so I don't see how it would be waterproof, unless there's some sealing after you remove the back cover?

Your right. I forgot how much water gets in my car through the openable doors when it rains.
Oh it doesn't...
That's right, I remember now... gaskets, keeping access ways sealed for years.

I hope Samsung have some clever high tech way of keeping moisture out that's as ground breaking as rubber seals were generations ago

Water resistant = resistant to the ingress of water = possible

Waterproof = able to completely avoid all ingress and effects of water, I.e. water does not actually ever achieve contact = impossible under any circumstances with any substance (including water) that currently exists.

Watches are also water "resistant", not water proof, but they work completely fine under water. I assume that having the term "water resistant" allows them to be a lot more flexible in denying claims due to water damage.

Okay people, don't go swimming with this phone. It's water resistant, NOT WATER PROOF.

Well we really won't know the full details till it's released. But it's probably going to be like the gorilla glass all over again. People complaining it's not scratch proof when it was only advertised as scratch resistant.

You're probably right, but that's because people;
A) are generally morons
B) don't like to read fine print
C) want the impossible for free

Hopefully it will be resistant enough for a brief swim, if a shallow one.

This phone is for those accidental drops in the sink or puddle, or use in the rain, not meant to be used in the ocean to take 1080p videos of sharks.

Well I obviously don't know if this is real of fake but depending on the price I think this would be a very very cool device.

I hate cases, but I'm hard on my phones. This should give me the best of both worlds. BTW Waterproof is a misnomer. It has no real definition. Water resistant should generally indicate how many PSi of pressure the device can withstand (on watches they often specify a depth but it works out to the same difference).

Photography isn't about pixels alone, it's also about sensor size, sensor focal length, lens, and image compression.

I could take a better quality photograph with a 5megapixel DSLR then you could every take with a 12megapixel phone

No Sapphire screen? Guess it's still not all that rugged. IMO Gorilla Glass is nice but it still can't stand up against that evil pocket sand.

Basically I want the octacore version of this, penta-band, with vanilla Android and to put this in an Otterbox or LifeProof case - double glove for the love.

If this is water resistant according to MIL-spec (for example: up to 5 ft for up to 30 minutes) then having physical buttons would be a necessity. Capacitive buttons don't work when the screen is wet!

This could def be a great alternative to a regular S4 with a case. Def need to see the full specs, but great idea nonetheless. I like the way Sammy is headed. Now we just need a rugged HTC One....

Actually I would love to own an GS4 that's waterproof,dustproof, and shatterproof. I'm always doing outdoor activities including sports so if it falls out of my cycling jersey at least I know it's rugged and sturdy.

Looks awesome...this should have been the Samsung Galaxy S4. Only a company with Samsung's stature can pull off so many variants of basically the same phone. The red looks awesome but I hope other color schemes will be available!

It doesn't look to me that they did anything about protecting the screen from shattering unless it's one of those flexible ones. Given that, I agree with the statement about why not on-screen buttons for durability.
Looks like the back screws on like the Commando, and the end caps might be some kind of rubbery stuff.

i love htc quality inside and out and phones. but i must admit that this is the first Samsung phone that i would buy. that is the best Samsung phone to date. all other Samsung phones in the past are like a 99 cent calculator from the 99 cent store.

Wow, I agree that this actually looks pretty darn sexy. Except for the physical buttons perhaps but I can see the reason behind that for this particular model. I don't care about sweet looks on a phone or how thin it is if I still need a case to protect my precious. Of this phone can look good, and be durable without a case that's a double wh(s)ammy

If the rumor about a lower megapixel camera and only a dual-core processor is true it would be deal-breaker to an otherwise great must buy phone.

i hope this makes it to verizon. i would get this... though i wonder if it would still have a removable battery given the water-resistant nature which i interpret to mean well sealed.