Now that the dust is settling, it's time to start the comparisons! We're pretty big Android fans around here, and we've got to talk about how the iPhone 5 matches up to Samsung's Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) -- both on paper and the whole "ecosystem" thing. We're not going to try to sway anyone either direction (we think having a choice is great), we just want to lay out all the data we have so far.

Read on, let's get to it!




Yes, we know there is a difference in the Galaxy S3 hardware in Europe and Asia. We're comparing the North American versions here. Don't worry, we'll be looking at the quad-core version as well when the iPhone 5 comes out.

The screen

The biggest thing to take away here is the new screen on the iPhone 5. It's bigger, but more importantly it's now a 16:9 resolution, matching the Galaxy S3. This is important for two reasons -- it means you can watch video at native resolution without "black bars" and that there's now another screen size for iOS developers to contend with. We're not sure exactly what tools Apple has in place to help developers, but we're sure that apps will work well on the new iPhone. The screen itself still looks to be beautiful, and was just stretched a little in height to get the 4-inch size. 

We know how nice the screen is on the Galaxy S3, and while some will favor LCD over SAMOLED (and vice versa), we call this one a wash. Nice job Apple, I'm sure users will appreciate the changes.

CPU and RAM 

Of course, Apple doesn't care to get pumped about CPU or RAM specifications. They simply try to make sure their product has enough horsepower to perform in a way users will love. We can't fault them for that, it is the most important spec after all. We do know that the Qualcomm S4 in the North American Galaxy S3 is a beast. It brings great performance, great battery life, and when coupled with all that RAM makes things pretty darn future-proof. Until we know a bit more about the innards of the iPhone 5, we'll have to hold off on this round.


This is an easy one. The iPhone comes in a 64GB version, the Galaxy S3 comes in a 32GB version that can hold a 64GB microSD card for 96GB of storage space. Samsung wins this round, but it's worth mentioning that most users will buy the 16GB version of each.


Bluetooth 4.0, aGPS and GLONASS, Wifi b/g/n at both 2.4 and 5GHz is standard on both phones. Both have LTE and HSPA+ models for fast mobile data anywhere on the planet, and a full range of motion and light sensors. Things are looking good here, on both sides.

But (there's always a but) -- there is no NFC in the new iPhone. Maybe you use NFC, maybe you don't, but I think everyone can agree that having the choice is better than not having it. 

There's also the matter of proprietary methods to share screen content. Both Apple and Samsung use proprietary tools, but Samsung does also support some standards with DLNA and HDMI. Not everyone has (or wants) and Apple TV or an iMac, and almost nobody wants to use iTunes. We have to call Samsung the clear winner here.

Size and weight

This is pretty subjective. Some of us don't want or need "great big phones" -- and some of us just love them. The Galaxy S3 is bigger, but packs a much larger screen. Try them both, pick the one that feels better and give it a point here. We call it a draw.


The hardware here is pretty comparable. Both Samsung and Apple are using very high-quality components, and have delivered the specs needed to take a good picture. We've seen some sample images from Apple, and the camera looks quite nice. Improvements also include the ability to grab still images while recording video, a tools that's been on Android devices (including the Galaxy S III) for a while. Panorama pictures really are magical, and have been for a year,

Until we have both phones in our hands taking pictures of the same subject, we can't call this one just yet. Suffice it to say either phone has a great camera.

The software

Head over to iMore and read through the great work the Mobile Nations crew has done previewing iOS 6. Next, have a look at Alex's definitive guide to TouchWiz. Both operating systems are fun, flashy, and feature-rich. They also both are starting to move closer and closer in features, with things like social network sharing, "do-not-disturb" modes, and browser syncing. We think it's great that Apple has finally built these options into the OS, even if it took a bit longer than it should have.

But on the surface, the new iOS looks and acts just like the old iOS. Page after page of static icons in a grid, with none of that new screen real estate being used for things like widgets or other tools to enhance the user experience. Android does it, Windows Phone does it, even BlackBerry does it. Some users want more than a colorful square icon on their home screen, and iOS 6 doesn't allow that. Maybe you only want a grid of icons, but you can't deny that choice and the freedom to do your own thing is good. Until Apple allows the same things that jailbreakers have been doing for over a year, the Galaxy S3 wins in the software category. Give your users what they want, Apple.

Of course when the iPhone 5 goes up for sale we'll look it over and compare things directly, but we don't need to do that to know we like choice and "freedom" to make our phones they way we like them.

The "ecosystem"



Content is king. That's where Apple has the leg up on everyone else out there. The Appstore and iTunes is chock full of things people want, and provides a really easy way to get it. Android is catching up, RIM and Microsoft are trying hard, but today, right now, Apple has the content people want. The only thing that can come close is the Kindle Fire.

But this comes at a cost, and that's Apple's closed policies. Nothing makes it into the Appstore or iTunes without someone at a desk in Cupertino saying it can go there, and users that want content Apple doesn't approve of are forced to void their warranty to get it. That's the reason many of us are here at Android Central and fans of Android. The best content in the world is no good if it's not allowed on your phone.

To add insult to injury, the content you have on your iPhone is still hampered by the methods Apple uses to view and share it. Drag and drop, and open intents where third party apps are allowed access to documents and media makes the Android experience a bit more complicated, but to us, it's the only way we would ever want it done. The sheer volume of great apps, movies, and music Apple offers is offset by the controlling way they allow you to use it, and we think Android clearly has the upper hand here.


Clearly, you should use the smartphone that fits your needs the best. Specs and bullet points are just a paper tiger, and can't be the deciding factor. But when we break it all down, we really think the Galaxy S3 has the edge over Apple's new offering. 

Millions will buy the new iPhone, even lining up around the block for it, but for consumers that value choices (like you and me) it's hard to top what Android and the Samsung Galaxy S3 offer.

Update: iMore has their iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 comparison up now as well. Go check it out!


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. the iPhone 5


4S*, but yea, I completely agree. This is a spec bumped iPhone with a bigger screen and a different connecting port.

Apple has lost it's touch. They don't even try any more. They KNOW people WILL buy the iPhone, that's undoubtable. But that's the same comfort zone Nokia got into as they were making their shift into the Touch-phone generation and that's why the have fallen so low. I hope the same happens to Apple.

Oh, and the International GS3 eats the iPhone 5 for breakfast.

And one thing you guys DID forget to mention in the comparison is that there is a 64GB version of the S3, now whether that is not available in the US is a different story. But the S3 can pack up to 128GB worth of memory.

I will have to disagree. As much as i love android, apple still continues to build superior products. Use any android phone for longer than 6 months and is performance drops like a rock. I will never own an iPhone because ive learned to deal with the androids buggy system. Oh and the last thing, never seen a camera on an android compete with iphone camera.

I was rocking a 2 year old Droid Incredible until recently and it never slowed down. I could run any app I wanted to on it as well. I would still have it if I didn't need to switch carriers. Oh, the camera on this one year old HTC Amaze I now have is pretty awesome too.

Not to be rude to you or anything but to me that sounds like bs.
None of my Android devices have slowed down after 6 months. And Android buggy system? What? I have no idea what kind of Androids you have but the bugs on the ones I've used have been minimal (except for custom roms ofcourse). And if you have never seen a camera on an Android compete with an iPhone camera then you havn't seen many Androids... I can name atleast 10 that has equal or better camera than the 4S.

Now i have to disagree. My samsung Galaxy s3 takes WAY better photos than my friends iPhone could EVER! Don't believe me? Here is a link to a picture of MY EYE I took with a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3.

And here is a pic of a frog i took.

and my guitar.

And can an iPhone take a pic of a moth like the S3? I think NOT.

The End.

I agree the iPhone5 is not worth the trouble of upgrading. I like my 4 even better. I like the glass plate and despite what many claim about scratches, line looks brand new. It all depends on how you treat the little baby. The 4S has everything I need. On top, the operators in my country are still on EDGE and here and there you have 3G. 4G? Come on man they probably haven't even heard about that... On the other hand I must say this article is comparing specs and specs etc. It is not about that. It is about user experience. I have here at work a lot of iPhone users. Also a few Androids. Some had or still have both. In the end they all say: iOS is better and easier to use but the iPhone is too expensive. The Droids are 2x Samsung S2, a Sony Xperia, a Motorola Razor. iPhones are all 4S here.

One thing that is nog mentioned here but very important for business people is synchronization. The droids cannot dream about the integration and sync possibilities Apple offers. iCloud allows perfect sync of all your iOS and OSX devices and believe me that is VERY cool and VERY usable!! I mean, I get my mails on the iPas and iPhone and also at home. Wherever I am, all devices have replies etc. My browser bookmarks are everywhere. If I created one on my iMac, the next morning on the train I have it available on my iPad. I could have kissed Steve Jobs for that.

The Apple's are known for not offering all and all and all; On the contrary. They think it is the main reason of too complicated devices when they try to do it all. They don't want to create a sports car that can also tow a cow out of the mud. You said it. What's the point of having an SD slot if you can have 64GB integrated memory?? What's the point of having NFC? It is barely supported world wide nor is it looking to be a world wide standard. I never purchased one bloody thing with my cell phone.

And let's not forget, iOS was first. iPhone was first. Since then, it has seen many clones. And because you simply cannot copy a device totally (Samsung didn't seem to care all too much though) let's change a few herbs, throw in a little something new, add some stuff that doesn't really matter but hey, we call it a new phone... I don't play that ball guys. I prefer the original stuff. The S3 is cool. Android is usable and feature-rich. But iOS is much more elegant (to me at least). PLus as said, the syncing and the App Store are unbeaten so far. Both phones can make calls, have alarm clocks, agenda's, notifications. I'm happy.

Good phone hunting to you all.

Are you serious right now? Obviously you haven't taken the time to educate yourself and are just another Apple kool-aid drinker. Google has been doing the same thing that iCloud offers since the beginning of Android. Apple is totally playing catch-up in this department. Granted there are some things that Apple arguably does better. Why would you pick the one that Google stomps the crap out of them in? Totally ruins your credibility.

Any chance of making that a three way with the One X (or One XL considering its LTE) as I'd say that has the iPhone 5 beat as well to be honest.

Having read your post I went googling for HTC one X. I almost fell of my chair. If Apple successfully sued Samsung for copying their looks, I think Samsung should definitely sue HTC. I truly thought that was an S3 I saw there!! Oh My God these companies lack every originality man. Undoubtedly a great phone. But yet another clone.

Having read your post I went googling for HTC one X. I almost fell of my chair. If Apple successfully sued Samsung for copying their looks, I think Samsung should definitely sue HTC. I truly thought that was an S3 I saw there!! Oh My God these companies lack every originality man. Undoubtedly a great phone. But yet another clone.

Hell yea, iPhone 5 is not that bad but gs3 is just a beast, I can go 14hrs of a good use, I love my gs3

I'm getting 32-40 hours on a regular basis with moderate to heavy use on wi-fi; it does drop to 24-30 hours when using LTE/3G

That's awesome. I got good battery life on my stock battery, but I didn't get anywhere close to 40 hrs using wifi, that's why I went the extended battery route. I think the iPhone 5 would have created an even bigger impact if Apple made the battery removable and added a micro sd card slot.

If i Keep my phone on 3g when not using the browser/ internet on my Gnex, I get 11-12 hrs of battery life.

If i Keep my phone on 3g when not using the browser/ internet on my Gnex, I get 11-12 hrs of battery life.

forgot to plug the Gnex in last night and it was running at 18% after 30 hours. Not bad. That's on a stock jbean rom with moderate usage.

I haven't really tested to see how long I can stretch out the S3. I wasn't using it and was on wifi, I was losing about 1% every 80-100 minutes. Next morning I had 77% (I did some web browsing and using some cataloging apps that night).

I am getting 24 hours out of my iPhone 4S..... if I leave it in the bloody outlet! No way you can call 8 hours with that thing. I am sure battery will drain more quickly. A disease iPhones have always had. Battery duration is in my opinion not even close to what Apple claims although I never really measured it. I just feel it in my nuts...

It's worth noting that the A6 runs an ARM Cortex-A15 processor, while the Galaxy S3's Exynos quad-core processor runs an ARM Cortex-A9 processor. I dunno how the Snapdragon S4 compares to either, but just some facts I found.

Where did you find out the A6 uses Cortex A15? Apple usually isn't know to tout specs and no one has teardown or benchmarks to run on yet

No, we will not know until a tech blog does a tear-down once they get their hands on a device for review.

Welcome to the fray Apple iphone 5. I can't help but laugh at all the iphone heads waiting for this product and actually it came out months ago. They sure don't keep good secrets in house. Far as I am concerned the iphone 5 still doesn't compare they are behind the curve. Samsung has innovated for years and the products they produce yearly show how great Samsung has become. With the Galaxy S3 and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 it's no way possible anything apple will ever compare. Great article I must say...

Chances are, too, before the end of the year, we get an announcement of the next Nexus device(s) with Key Lime Pie that will even FURTHER put them behind the curve. GNex user now and my next device is the next great Nexus phone :)

What is with the size of the battery??? No one seems to know the exact size. 8hrs over LTE??? That is telling the customer nothing, what if you are3 not close to LTE and it is draining on your radio, that will obviously drain on the battery. The battery will wear very fast over LTE just like every other phone, this design by Apple will not allow over sized batteries. The only thing you could do is put your phone into one of those cases with built in battery. Time will tell. The hardware is beautiful, I will give them props on beautiful hardware. If they had made the phone just a little wider they could have increased the size of the battery and it will need it.

My thoughts exactly.

Is that 8 hours of talk time, 8 hours of surfing, or 8 hours of tower connection?

I call bullshit on that. You would need a battery as big as one in the Droid Razr Maxx to do a feat like that, which would require a fatter iPhone. That is about a real a statement as the iPhone 5 being the thinnest phone in the world and having the best screen.

If you can't get 8 hours out of it, you are obviously holding it wrong. Apple never makes up bull**** specs just to sound magical...

OK so why do I feel that this is the same iPhone yr after yr just a different number.

yes it is bigger and has LTE but it is the same from the first one.

Do it really need diffrent look to make you happy? Since Android hardware evolves in same way, just more frequintly just due fact that there more manufacture updating phones in diffrent time, but usally each year same as Apple.

If you compire first iPhone to iPhone 5, it's like compiring Galaxy Ace to Galaxy S3... or even worse since first iPhone didnt had even 3G. Do you really need complitly new look to notice that? Or you just don't want to notice it?

The software is boring and essentially the same. Rows and rows and rows of icons is bland. Reminiscent of people who have their entire desktop for their PC covered in program shortcuts. Why can't we have widgets or live tiles on iOS? Something to provide more useful, realtime information and ways to interact with apps without fully going into them. Yes, I realize they have the notification drop down that they totally ripped off of Android, but seriously iOS feels STALE.

Widgets started off gimmicky but now that they have shaken out, it's just a brilliant feature. I can see the weather, news updates, social media, etc. all by just turning on the screen. iOS has ignored them since it would require giving up some control over backgrounded apps (which for the most part are completely frozen in time). This lets the iPhone run more with less battery consumption, but it costs in features.

we weren't even allowed icon shortcuts. If you wanted to turn bluetooth on or off you had to go into the settings menu and like it. (this may have changed recently but i don't care now).

I have to agree with Shadowriver here. Samsung and other manufacturers have been changing their design styles with each iteration in an effort to find the design that defines them.

Samsung has finally found their brand design with the SGS3 (and carried to the Note 2). Apple has no need to make drastic design changes, as it would potentially hurt their brand. Motorola has also found their defining design that differentiates them from the other phones.

Things will eventually get to a point with all manufacturers where you will be able to at least identify who makes what device, at a glance.

My thought when I saw that: That's it? No wonder Apple is suing everyone (including a Polish Deli). I personally know 5 iPhone 4 users who have switched to the SGS III. The bad thing about the SGS III is that it's becoming the new iPhone. We all keep talking about how great it is and that Android is great for allowing you to use your phone (because it's yours). We need to make sure we don't get into the hard core Apple mentality (I'm kidding).

About the screen, Jerry says:

The biggest thing to take away here is the new screen on the iPhone 5. It's bigger,

But the specs say otherwise. So he must have meant bigger that the iphone 4 I'm guessing?

Still this looks underwhelming to me. No NFC?

"The biggest thing to take away here is the new screen on the iPhone 5. It's bigger,"

I think what he meant was "the biggest thing to take away from the iPhone 5 release", not this comparison. But, yes, you are correct. The iPhone 5 screen is now 4", up from 3.5" the iPhone has always sported previously.

And this is still my favorite line from the entire release:

"Now you can see a full five days of the week in calendar view!"

Really, Apple? I wouldn't have been bragging that it took you 5, 7 different models of phone and 6 OS releases to make that happen.

Its a decent upgrade for apple customers. As for me I dislike Touchwiz and apples crap as well. If HTC was not retarded and had added another gig of ram to Evo Lte....It would be the best phone hands down till mid next year.

Samsung needs to stop with the crapoled screens they suck majorly. The only reason anyone defends that garbage is because they are samsung fanboys, if sammy used LCD and Apple used crapoled all those samtards would be non-stop talk shit about how crapoled sucks...

If I didn't have a better phone already. I would choose the Iphone5 over S3 can't stand garbage screens.

Maybe you don't like AMOLED, but there are plenty of people who love SAMOLED over LCD including its vividness and true blacks. And for the record, nobody is saying that Apple's IPS LCD is crap - in fact it's a pretty nice high resolution display.

How much more can you be a fanboy? I try not to throw that around too often anymore except in blatant cases. The point here is Android Vs IOS6. The GSG3 just happens to be the newest released high end phone for our platform. Like the phone or not, it is top dog right now.

BTW, the Evo has a worse Front camera, smaller battery, less RAM, less internal memory options, smaller screen, is on sprint and their 20 LTE markets does have a kickstand so I gotta give it to ya.

BTW the EVO LTE camera is not worse (res matters not in such a case), the battery is almost the same capacity (4% diff), has the SAME internal storage options, has an almost identically sized screen (like ANYONE can notice 2%?). And also has a *better* display, a *metal* unibody base (which is more attractive and stronger and better sealed), a dedicated camera button, a non-proprietary HDMI output, smaller outer dimensions, plus the kickstand you like to mock. The one thing the G3 has going for it that stands out is double the memory (perhaps quick swap battery, although that doesn't even seem to be any big deal with these phones' extreme battery life).

And it is on the network that costs a lot less but still has good coverage and excellent customer service (yet not the best speeds in most areas).

Overall, the Galaxy 3 is not a "better" phone than the Evo LTE, just different and yet in the same class. So get over it.

Both the G3 and the Evo LTE are better phones than the iphone 5 in hardware specs.

The Evo LTE camera preforms worse (they're both 8MP so I don't know why you would bring the res into this), the battery, while only 4% different, IS bigger just like he said, same with the screen (and as a Galaxy Note user I can say I could most certainly tell a difference of 2%), a better display if you like LCD more, sure. I prefer AMOLED but that is just me. Metal unibody feels nice, yes, but plastic is less likely to break the screen when dropped. I don't know where you got that the GSIII has a proprietary HDMI output, it seems you're just making stuff up now to shame the GS3. Smaller outer dimensions... ? I don't see how this in any way makes it better. I like bulkier phones, it is all a matter of opinion. He didn't mock the kickstand. He "gave it to ya". As in, that is a good thing. Regardless of how good battery life is people like to swap out their batteries and some need to. Battery life IS a big deal.

Galaxy s III is on all carriers so it also beats the EVOLTE in this regard.

You need to get over your EVO love. The EVO LTE is a great phone (no doubt about that) but the Galaxy S III is the #1 android phone right now. You can't get around it.

I agree with your last point, but then again, it is up to personal preference.

He was talking about the front camera- where there *is* a difference in resolution. And I guarantee if I sample 100 people, 99% of them would not notice the 2% size difference between 4.7 and 4.8". You have to use a special, non-standard HDMI cable for the S3, unless everything I read was wrong (which is possible).

I like the EVO because of what it is and does, and not blindly. I think the S3 is a great phone too. But having examined both VERY carefully, I can still assert that one is not "better" than the other.

For most people in the USA, no matter what phone you buy, you are "stuck" on one carrier. And that really does suck.

It is a better phone, you just don't think it is. That's fine but be honest at least. Be honest now, c'mon. I checked the Evo LTE and the One X both out and they are fine phones but kind of feel like child's play cell phones tbh. I bought the GS3 though because it is better and offers more plus future-proofing and expandability. It offers so much more you kind of have to buy one.

I am being honest. I have no blind love for HTC nor the EVO line. After examining both carefully, I still assert that one is not "better" than the other, just different. Both are very, very similar in performance, battery life, and many other aspects. The ways they differ tend to cancel each other out.

Well, someone obviously didn't use their happy sock today. So, after reading this awesome article by Jerry, the best you could contribute is the word "samtards?" Please tell us in your highly educated and respected opinion the disadvantages of using a "crapoled" screen. We're waiting...

Oh I don't know maybe I like seeing white instead of blue? Maybe just maybe I don't like having to keep my phone on max brightness so that I can actually view the screen properly and even then it still looks blue...Other times it looks purple instead of grey...pixelation...

Oh and for the guy that said S3 has a bigger battery then my Evo lol 2,100mAh vs 2000mah Yep its 100 more to bad that you have to keep your phone on MAX brightness in order to actually see half decently while I can keep mines at a very low setting and its still 3-5x more clearer, oh that also means my battery will last longer so much for that exra 100 lol

But you are right you the S3 has more memory options so you and the 10 other people who think 80 gigs is not enough can totally make a big deal about it.

S3 does have 1gig more ram /cry and a 1.9 FF camera coolsocks I never said the phone was trash I said the screen was garbage which it is. Only sammy fanboys say otherwise.

The 1gig of ram vs 2gigs is noticeable every so often same can be said for the 1.9 vs 1.3 camera(how often do you use FF camera?how often do you multitask?), on the other hand that garbage screen is noticeable everytime you power on that phone big difference eh?

All this stupid in fighting is why Apple sits happily on their perches laughing at us. All of you rabid fan-people need to understand that CHOICE is what brought us here and binds us all. I've loved all 4 of the phones I've had in the last year and happy that I had the CHOICE of many different form factors and software. If you're happy with yours then great, but there's no need to rail on other people's decision because it doesn't fall in line with yours...that should be a strictly Apple(and I'm sure MS soon enough) sentiment.

@legacyevoace ... I get your point, but you come of as a complete dick. And to counter your view on the screen a bit .. I have a gnex and I don't know maybe it's just my particular phone, but my whites are pretty freaking white and not blue or purple. And no, it's not just my eyes, I've confirmed this with several people before coming on here to call you a jackass .... jackass ... get a life cool guy. And relax before you give yourself an aneurism .. they're just phones for cryin out loud. Sheesh

I can see white and grey on mine clearly. The contrast in colors can be HTC uses a warm scheme where Samsung uses a cool one. The GS3 is a MUCH cooler phone. ;) ha haa You get so angry over it and all I just don't understand. Could you not afford one? Was that it? I got mine for 148$ with a new contract but I saw the HTC's were much much cheaper. Good things cost more my man. You seem maybe like you're on the young side maybe or have anger issues. Don't let a phone get you down or angry. Next year HTC will have some great phones. Samsung will too but maybe HTC brings out THEIR GS3. You still got Android, be happy.

Fail at logic more? I got mines $200 preorder and as for good things cost money??? $S3s were going for $150 while back thats not even remotely close to being alot...But hey keep telling yourself your cool for having an S3 once they go out of fashion maybe you can rejoin apple users.

I've loved my original Evo 4G and even the Evo 3D (despite my disappointment with its adoption by the ROM community), so after seeing the One X, I *really* wanted to be blown away by the EVO LTE. And on some levels, I am. It's definitely fast and the screen is probably the most gorgeous LCD screen I've ever seen. But I hate the fact that it is partitioned to where you get 4gigs for apps. I know that's a lot, but after years on Android, I have become something of an app wh*re :) I really wish it was just partitioned like the S3, so I can use the entire internal storage space for anything I want.

I'd get an S3, but I don't think I would ever get used to that physical home button. Probably get a lot more support from the ROM community, though. Is it sad that that's actually a selling point to me now with these phones? ;)

I am glad I got the GS3 and didn't wait for Apple to release their not so upgraded phone. I have been a iPhone user for 4+ years and have always loved the way it "JUST WORKS". But at time things needs to change and a little taller screen is not the way. I have been on Android for 5 weeks now and love it. Had a few learning bumps but with a little effort it is easy to learn and works great also. I am pleased and until Apple wakes up I will be a Android user from now on. Not flaming or fanboying just stating MY opinion.

I dont know about you guys and your SAMOLED and 'Retina' displays, but the LCD display on my Rezound still beats both the Galaxy S3 and the iphone's screen.

I own both the Rezound on Verizon obviously and also have the SGS3 on T-Mobile. As far as speeds go T-Mobile in my area (suburb of Boston) puts out unbelievable speeds. During the day I get between 12 - 22 mb down and about 5 mb up. Verizon gives me about the same speeds. The screens on these phones are fantastic but I have to give the SGS3 the edge. The Samsung just has so much more capabilities then the Rezound. I think the Rezound has the strongest and fastest radios on Verizon and along with my unlimited data will hold onto it. Now T-Mobile also has unlimited data and if you have good T-Mobile service you are crazy not to jump on it. I have been with T-Mobile for a long time and they have never been better. They have and still are doing so much with their Network.

Here is the Billion dollar question.. Why oh Why do people pay so much money to get the phone on contract? When you can buy a powerful monster like the S3 or One X for way way cheaper prices. Why? Why do people still swallow hot Apple garbage? I like the iPhone but it can never compare to my S3 and the amount of technology packed under its hood. Hardware n software wise. If only people were more smarter. Am not suggesting that people choose one brand like Samsung. Am suggesting that people choose the open world and rich possibilities of ANDROID...

@manu_up "if only people were more smarter"?!... really? MORE SMARTER?? UGHHHHH, I'm not gonna take that any further then need be ... however, I agree with everything else you said .. android ftw clearlyyyyyy

With a bit of research, you can answer your own question.

Let's say, for example, that in 2010 Person A purchased the iPhone 4 and now is upgrading to the iPhone 5. And person B got the Samsung Galaxy S and upgraded to the S3. Before they just reduced the S3 price to $99, it was $199, I think, so let's just round it out and say the iPhone 5 and S3 go for $200 right now (assuming people upgrade as soon as the product is released both times). Now, let's assume both put their phones on eBay. The one selling the iPhone 4 will get $300 something back (let's also assume both are getting the 16GB models). THe one selling the S, under $100. The one selling the 4 can get the 5 and have change left over for a month of free cell phone service. Well, maybe we should go back to assuming the S3 is still $99. That way the one selling the S can almost get a new S3. Take it a bit further and bring it to the business level. Let's say a company has 50 people they want to give phones to. If they upgrade every other year, see what I'm getting at? Pay for the iPhone once and you should never have to pay for another one again. In this economy, that's important.

Most people don't realize that there is nothing a person can get on Android they can't get on iOS, in the App Store or, my last resort, Cydia. For example, there was this big thing years ago about not being able to get Flash. Took a matter of minutes. I found two ways to do it without jailbreaking, and I'm not a programmer. If people spent less time complaining and listening to others about what they can't do, they'd find there is hardly anything you can't do. I have had iOS since the iPhone 3G and everything I've wanted/needed to do, I can. And no, I'm not incompetent when it comes to technology. I do attend CES annually and my job relates to technology.

As an iOS user, here is how I look at the issue: as for hardware, I think what people should really post online aren't the specs, but what the phone needs to function. Like, take RAM. Am I trying to run something that requires as much RAM as Minesweeper or Sony Vegas? Well, if you only want Minesweeper, you don't need 8GB of RAM on a PC. Specs are irrelevant. User experience matters most. Things like speed and performance and visual appeal, and even resale value. Also, things like what to do in the event of phone problems. Every phone has documented problems. For example, the AMOLED sometimes suffers from burn in. Part of the user experience is the process one has to go through should that or any other problem happen to them. I, personally, have not owned an Android, so I don't know where one would to go get it repaired, but I do know that if my phone has any problems, I just take it to the Apple store near my house and they either fix it or replace it and all my settings and apps and whatnot just reload themselves on the new device just like I had it before. It's a one-stop fix that takes less than an hour of my day before I'm up and running again. As said, maybe they offer that for Android, but that is the sort of experience I need. (I run the telecommunications department at my company). And, I don't pay extra for Apple Care. Most problems happen, if any, I've found, within a year of owning an iOS device, so it's covered in their warranty. And, even in the second year, they'll still look at the phone and try to fix it for you in store. Unless it needs parts that second year, they take care of it.

But, I have also heard from some Android fans that technology is supposed to depreciate over time in value and what matters more is what you can do with it right then and there. So, that's also an interesting side. Perhaps I'm just someone who doesn't need/want my phone to do all the things others want theirs to do. Though, I have my phone do quite a bit more than a lot of others I've seen around where I live.

I'm not trying to bash Android, if you haven't noticed, and yes, I am a fan of Apple products, but what I am trying to do is inform you that the whole argument against iOS is uninformed. The only "crime" people are really making fun of Apple fans for is getting excited over a new device. (Though, people don't seem to make fun of others when they camp out for game releases or new gaming consoles.) What I can't figure out is why people feel the need to make fun of others just because they like something different from what they like.

I think that people who get Android phones focus a lot on what the phone can do, and people who go for iOS focus more on the user experience. Just two different ways to look at technology that are both equally legit. And neither warrants making fun of the other.

Well the important things i take away from today. Apple couldn't keep the wraps on this device before launch with most details already know - AND Android already has devices available on par with the iphone5. When the next nexus phone(s) hit, even the slightest improvement over the s3 will make them that much better over the iphone5. The iphone5 will not stay as competitive as long as its predecessors.

I partially agree with you. I will agree that all of the leaks spoiled the surprise for iOS users. I also agree that devices like the Galaxy S3, Evo LTE, and One X are on par if not superior to the iPhone 5 in specs and features. Hell, even the Maxx, Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus have more functionality. We all know how important the Nexus brand is to Android. At this point, I believe that the Nexus can't just scream specs. Spec-wise, the next Nexus would probably eat the iPhone for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To make the next Nexus successful, I think Google needs to establish it more as a brand than just a phone; pretty much what they are starting to do with the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q. Also, I think Google should try to create more of an ecosystem for Android, with an emphasis on the Nexus brand. Hardcore iOS users, and those that buy into the "It Just Works" mentality are sold on Apple's ecosystem. But, I will agree that the iPhone 5 will not be able to compete as heavily as its older siblings if Google plays its cards right this winter with the updates and the Nexus brand.

I'm very impressed with Jerry, this post was completely unbiased, differenty from the post in WPCentral, and makes an important point. All that will matter when you buy a phone is the OS. Both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 have very powerful hardware, but it comes down to the software for the user to make a choice. There are good reasons for people to like each OS, and I think it's important for everyone to respect other people's opinions.

Kudos Jerry, you do your work in a very mature and professional way.

Android wins for me hands down. Even if there were two phones with exact same specs and one was running iOS and one was running Android, I would choose Android. It is not just the immediate ecosystem experience for me, but the possibility that I can make Android do whatever I want it to. The only phone that I would maybe consider besides an Android one is the Nokia Lumia 920 that was just announced, but Windows Phone 8 is a closed ecosystem like iOS so I would probably have to pass on that as well.

Bottom line is that anything running Android will always beat iOS hardware.

You guys act like you have never heard of jailbreaking a iphone or like its like a magical unicorn and impossible to do. I have jailbroken every iphone i have had and it takes all of 2 mins to do it. After that i can do everything and anything i want and have the better OS.

So the sIII is the only worthy android phone. This article makes me want to turn my head. Android is so much more than Samsung and android reps need to remember that fact.

its not the only worthy android.

It is just the #1 phone out right now.

If we compared all the phones better than IP5, it would be a long list

If I won an iPhone 5 I'd sell it immediately and buy an Android. (And probably pocket a nice chunk of dough profit.) Sorry, I don't drink Apple flavored Kool-Aid.

Anandtech is reporting that the Apple A6 chip is most likely base on the A15 architecture (in fact Anand says it pretty much conclusive). The GPU is still unknown but it should be better than the Adreno 225 found in the Qualcomm S4. Nobody really knows how fine tuned the A6 is in terms of power management but knowing Apple it will probably of low clock speed. Regardless, the S4 is pretty good as it is and that 28nm tech really shows much improved battery life. In terms of computing power the two will most likely be a wash, the difference is in the GPU and impact on battery life. I think Apple's chip will have the edge at least until we see S4 pro and Exynos 5 available commercially.

I personally prefer IPS+ LCD or the Super LCD found in the HTC One X, but I have no complaints about the HD Super AMOLED used on my GSIII. It is a better performer compared to the same type of screen found in my previous phone the Galaxy Nexus. As far as screen size goes, I have to say GSIII is perfect for me. I haven't held the iPhone 5 in my hand yet but the screen size is similar to that of the HTC One S which I felt was a little too small for me. Of course, this is strictly a personal preference.

I thought Jerry really did a good job being fair in the above comparison but let's be honest, we're mostly (all?) Android fans here. I'll admit that I haven't watched the whole coverage of the Apple event yet but from most of the headlines I've seen the new iPhone seems quite underwhelming. No NFC and wireless charging after all that hype pre-release? Yeah they got a bigger screen and LTE finally but Android had those things over a year ago. So, my question is if you aren't already all ties in to the Apple ecosystem, what would make you want to buy it?

Not true. The US variant has 2GB of RAM.

Not sure where they got Wireless Charging from? Qi-compatible? I think only with a kit, so it shouldn't say it has it.

The US versions (and Korean version?) all have 2GB of RAM. iOS doesn't need higher spec to run smoother because the two OS behave very differently. It's like comparing...apples to oranges. Anyway, Jerry was referring to the US versions of the GS3 only hence the dual-core Snapdragon S4 as opposed to the Exynos 4, etc.

I find it funny that a writer for an Android blog would vote the S3 and Android the winner over a yet-unreleased phone and polished OS. Trying to be unbiased clearly shows that you are biased. Doesn't even seem like you're trying. The choice of the consumer is just that...a choice. Every category here that gives Apple props is a wash.

NFC doesn't even exist as a payment option at 99.99% of retailers at the moment. I agree that it should be on the iPhone 5 as Apple could really make headway in furthering the use of NFC which is something Android phones will not do.

You poke fun at the closed ecosystem and software but yet most Android users need to root their phones to get the experience they are looking for. iOS users can jailbreak. It's a wash and there is no clear winner on either side. You've used opinion to distort the facts simply to reassure yourself and your audience that the S3 is the better phone.

How about adding categories of engineering and quality of materials? Were these left off because Apple would have won? Seriously, trying writing an unbiased article.

Not really, the GS3 beats it in pretty much every category. That said Apple fans will enjoy it and think its the sauce.

I'm just a big fan of choice, so hey, to each his own.
a thought does occur though... what criteria exactly would be covered under "engineering"? it seems like a silly way to say "design" which I would say is covered under, well, design.

As for the whole "trying to be unbiased makes you biased" thing. Well that just makes no sense at all, now does it? If the world worked that way, the gymnasium would be filled with morbidly obese people who religiously work out 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, while subsisting on nothing but celery and tap.

But now it has FIVE ROWS! That is just so....wait, that's just plain stupid. Did they really tout that as a breakthrough feature?

The single fact that you can easily customize an Android home screen to make it optimal for what you want to know, see, and do is probably the most important feature difference. At the end of the day, we all generally use our smartphones to send texts, make some calls, take casual photos, check some email, look at a calendar, and browse the web. Any current smartphone can do these things well. But it sure is nice to set up your Android phone to look like you want with ease and useable widgets.

NFC is more than just a payment option.

I have a RFID tag in my house, and tap my phone on it when I come in, or leave, the phone turns on wifi automatically when I get in the house, turns it off when I leave, and it adjusts some other things. really handy, not a WOW, and not something I couldn't get out of any other program that just senses when I'm in a specific location and loads a profile, but handy and easy to set up.

closed ecosystem, I have happily been using android for years now (after having used an iphone and winmo before that) and I haven't rooted any android device yet. don't see a need. the OS is plenty open stock, keyboards, dialers, camera, barometer, lots of really great things I can change on the OS without needing to root. Apple, if you don't like the dialer, tough titty. Hell, I can change the entire launching application if I want to change the usability, and that's all without rooting!

quality of materials? Do the materials used make a difference in usability? How about adding dust proofing, or water proof the phone. shockproof? If you drop an iphone or any other phone with a big piece of glass on it, it's going to break. if you're in a downpour and don't have an umbrella, your phone's going to get wet and probably die. doesn't matter how well it's put together, or how subjectively nice it looks. OH, and does the iphone have a barometer? not huge, but still...

Good job Jerry.... And like you just said their is people will buy the Iphone5, even if it comes with the old features.

Oh man, equivocate much? ;-) Just joking! To most of us Android users, it's clear that this generation of Android devices like those offered by Samsung and HTC are as good and mostly better than anything Apple has to offer. On top of that, Android and its devices seem to be innovating and changing at a rapidly increasing rate, while Apple keeps chugging along at pretty much the same slow pace. The end result is going to be Apple continuing to lag behind in market share. Another area in which Apple is failing is public opinion. Their relentless pursuit of Samsung seems to have soured the opinion of a great many people toward the tech giant. Apple computers, despite how Hollywood would like to portray them, have always been a small niche market. It Apple isn't careful, the iPhone will also be relegated to a small niche market. Eventually. Hey Apple, remember when Nokia was king of the cellphone hill?

I hope you meant most of these comments as kidding. And do you also see McDonald's going out of business soon, too? Market share, user base, stock valuation, sales growth. Those are some things you should review. Apple is doing just fine.

I would choose the S3 over the iPhone any day of course but I have a feeling the 2GB RAM on the S3 is needed. Touchwiz is a hog and even with all that ram you still get the occasional homescreen or app drawer scrolling stutter.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people just downright absolutely hate the the SAMOLED screens so much. I have owned a few HTC and Samsung phones and personally think they are all nice screens. I don't set a bunch on phones together and grab a magnafiying glass to analyze the screens but simply use them. I have a good friend with the EVO LTE and know some people with 4 or 4S's and in simple comparisons I never for a second felt there was a noticiable differnce between any of these screens. Although some anal users may be able ot tell the difference and make outragous claims about how horrible the SAMOLED is the truth is that if you put these three screens in three different rooms at the same screen size 9 of 10 people could not tell them apart. I truely feel sorry for those that act like the SAMOLED is so bad that they would rather use no phone then have to use a SAMOLED screen. It's obvious that these people just hate Samsung and that is fair but to act so dramatic and childish just goes to their personality.

On to the iPhone 5... It's nice looking phone but simply playing catch up on key features (LTE and larger screen). Fair upgrade for Apple users but nothing on this phone has anything on my S3. IOS is getting old and boring. Only people who think widgets and live wall papers are useless are iPhone users who can't admit Android has some better features. Sure IOS has always been smooth but the best new Android phones running ICS or JB are just as smooth and honestly if the smoothness of your home screen swipping determines the OS you use then you are clearly an Apple fanboy that is unwilling to open your eyes to alernate OS that simply has more flexiblity, customization, better multitasking, to name a few Android advantages.

As for the S3... It's great phone, my current phone of choice and I can have any phone on the market! It's slim, light, fast, has a great camera, excellent storage options, beautiful screen, wireless charging (optional upgrade), NFC, good battery life, swappable battery for extreme usages days/weekends without power sources. Absolutely love the form factor, Samsund nailed it! Fits great in the pocket for a phone with a 4.8 in screen. My only complaints is the hardware home button but I'm running AOKP JB with on screen navigations buttons with the physical home button remapped as just a power buttons. Works awesome when using the phone on a flat surface (table).

Although I love my phone I am a gagdet freak and when the next greatest thing comes out I'll just have to get it. Who knows what my next device will be... Certainly not an Iphone 5!

Need to update the chart and fix some inaccuracies -

-For iPhone, 8hrs is on 3G, Apple don't give figures on 4G LTE, probably because its going to be a lot less
- iPhone 5 memory is 1GB
- The S3 front camera is also 720p

S3? The Galaxy Nexus I am holding in my hand right now is miles better than iPhone 5. You guys should run a comparo with that too.

Sup Android guys, Just joined the forum so I could post. I am a iphone guy myself. I have had a iphone since the first day of the original iphone. I will be getting a iphone 5 (not becuase i think its better then the S3 but becuase of all the money I have invested in apps ect...) and my granfathered unlimited plan lol. To tell you the truth you guys should love apple as I love android. If not for apple then we would all still be useing a palm treo or something like that, and if not for android my iphone would not have half the stuff on it that it has now. Im just happy that they push each other so we all win. But since i am on the android forum i will do some apple bashing........what the hell is up with $30 for a dam 25 cent adapter!

It's interesting that whenever talking OS comparisons the whole desktop customization issue is always cited . Being a new Nexus 7 owner I find widgets an annoying waste of space (just as I do on the desktop). I actually don't want to be able to put an icon anywhere. It ends up looking like my real desk, a mess. I find it far more efficient to pop open an app to do something. As for Apples app store restrictions, it makes for a better user experience. Apple have never got in the way of what I want to do with my phone. When they do, I'll switch platforms. I have actually found it more difficult to achieve things on Android due to poor app choice. It seems daft to me to go for an OS that doesn't have enforced restrictions but stops me doing what I want due to lack of apps. Android may be more open, however I battled with it for an hour to make iplayer work. Download Firefox, download flash package from non official source. The experience is still poor in comparison to iOS. Only basic functionality from Sky TV apps, some missing. Like I say, I was surprised at the lack of apps and the poor quality.

Samsung Galaxy S III may be superior to iPhone 5 though theoritically but, as far as the question of product quality arises, iPhone 5 will beat Samsung Galaxy S III. I had purchased the Galaxy S III and came across a severe problem in its operation. I went to their customer care centre to obtain the letter for replacement. They first tried to refuse. On account of my flawless arguments and hot discussions they reluctantly issued the lette. Having seen a considerable number of customers (at the centre) taking in their hands brand new but problematic Galaxy S III, I had to decide to get rid of Galaxy S III and return to my old iPhone S4. I did that by selling the replaced set at lower price. Moreover, I think, the battery backup of the Galaxy S III also cann't compete with that of iPhone.

I think we need one more bullet point. Availability on all four major carriers. GS3 is yes, iphone 5 is a no. T-mobile is refarming their network to use some bands on an unlocked iPhone but that's it. As for the software portion, actual built-in Apple apps have been optimized for the larger display, but many of the apps currently in the app store are not. This means that the iPhone will run all those apps in a letterboxed format. Each dev will have to update their apps to run on the larger screen. It's not too difficult but some devs are lazy, so it's something you may have to deal with out of the gate.

Android devs have been dealing with different resolutions and screen sizes for a long time so it's not an issue for most users of Android phones (tablets are another story sometimes).

It comes down to those that have purchased apps for a long time using the Apple store will stay with Apple and those that have purchased apps using Google Play will stay with Android. The whole smartphone universe is basically set up where you make an initial decision and stick with it. I do think though that Samsung has the edge which is surprising because Apple had to have known for a while what the specs were going to be for the S3 and they didn't come through in topping them even though they were up to bat so to speak. I thought the screen size would at least match the Thunderbolt by now which is almost two years old.

Not everyone wants to carry a big ass phone around. If we wanted that we would just put a phone in the ipad lol.

not sure whether the iphone screen is tiny, or the siii screen is monstrous.

also not sure why samsung insists on continuing to put hardware buttons on the front of the phone. the new razr and the gnex sure do look great without any buttons on the front.

Under the Connectivity section it says "nobody wants to use itunes." I ask you, what is the alternative? I mean a good alternative?

I am leaning heavily towards the S3 after this flop iphone5, but itunes is truly the one-stop shop. I get my podcasts, i have my music sorted, videos sorted every thing right there.

What do Android users do that compares?

I have looked into iSyncr. That may be the way to go.

thanks for that complete lack of help reply. Where is your answer? if is is so "haha" inspiring?

It seemed like a simple question. What Android software compares to itunes? Where is the "one-stop-shop" for all my music,videos and podcasts?

I have my music painstakingly sorted into smartplaylists, genres, embedded album art properly tagged etc. Itunes does a great job of keeping all of that together. Playcounts and other info i have been using for several years. Videos are mostly shows downloaded from various sources.

The point is, with my ipod touch, i simply connect it to the computer and 'poof' everything is updated all at once.

so, pachi72 (or anyone else for that matter) i ask you, where is an android equivalent?

The SGS3 has much better hardware *and* software (really...they got a lot of things right in the Android world) than the iphone5 which seems more like what they should have released last year....last year's LTE...last year's 4" screen...

Apple is sueing everyone now because they are no longer leaders...and that's a sad place to be...

You lost me when you said better software, the reason that iphones do not have to have quad cores and 20 gigs of ram is that the software is so good. Running android you have to have lots of power to get threw the lagie software.

the battery life for iPhones are terrible! all the android phones i have had in the past would last more than a day but my 4s barely lasts the whole day and I'm not even playing games or anything.... i can't wait until my phone is eligible for an upgrade

I've notice that too. :[
I think I will get the S III next, if it's not my cup of tea I'll just sell it and buy the iPhone. xD

I am often asked the iPhone vs. Android question, and my answer is invariably the same?

"If you want to be chauffeured, go with the iPhone. If you want to know what is going on under the hood, go with Android".

If you want a phone that "just works", the iPhone is unmatched... but you give up the freedom to do anything, go anywhere or run anything that Apple does not want you to. Want to root your phone, install a custom ROM, tweak deep-level system settings, replace boot animations or generally mess around with your phone? Android is the way to go.

This is the reason that I love both my Gen 5.5 80GB iPod (2007) and my new Galaxy S3 (Rooted and de-bloated). Each does their job admirably.

Bottom line: They are both great phones. If you are a "consumer" who is happy giving up liberty for safety, get an iPhone. If you want to do more, get an Android. But remember that "With great power comes with great responsibility"

Thanks for actually going in depth with this one instead of just staging a specs showdown. User experience is paramount, and this post takes that into account. I'll look forward to seeing more of these!

From the prospective users viewpoint - it depends where you live and or work, then which ecosystem you are used to and what you actually use a Smart-Phone for.

If you are already an Android user, staying with that makes life simple; the same is probably even more true for existing iPhone users. Personally, I rather like the bigger screen on the S3.

In practice I would wait until the Note 2 to comes down to a saner price before making any decision. The Note 2 is a versatile small tablet with a stylus, I simply make fewer calls now and WOULD welcome the benefits of a stylus.

There is an important option here - DON'T upgrade, unless a new device justifies the cost by creating new and useful options. I'm still happy with my S2 and it does all the things I really need. Unless that changes, why upgrade.

I have a 2.75 year old Iphone 3S and IO5 it runs so slowly. Everytime you plug it in to your PC it wants to d a 50-100 mb update. Do you need that many.

The major firmware update to I0% now means I wait 6-8 seconds to see the shutter open on my phone. For me there was some good but also a some real bad with this major operating system update.

I know you can gets some apps for file management on the I3S put I am leaning to a Samsung galaxy s3 and file management is just like on the PC and I don’t have to use ITunes. I want all my businesses YouTube video’s , pdf's and few word files on the phone in case I need to show people some more details.

I travel a bit and I wish Samsung would make a dual SIM version of an S3, I think it’s ridiculous in this day and age when so many travel these leading phones don’t have a dual sim version. I would pay an extra $100 for that. It would cost about $5-10 of hardware on these economies of scale. You know these phones are lucky to cost $100-130 to make anyway. They all have big mark-ups.

The bigger screen on the S3 I think will be better for my 49 years old eyes which have some of the usual degeneration people suffer in their 40's

I think Apple should have left some weight in for extra battery power as I know my I3Ss battery is now not as good as new. Even from new I have never had a phone I have to be so aware of keeping charged as this phone.

On the 4s unless you make all the setting right and many non-technical people don’t optimise setting battery life can be a hassle.

I have had to let my 3s run down to zero power 4+ times when it got locked up and I did not have the options of removing the battery and when it happens it was always at the wrong time.

4 months into owning my I3s it stuffed up and got replaced under warranty. My niece had her I4s replaced 2 times under warranty. I know many others with Iphone hassles, so I don’t think apple can claim super reliability

I have my I 3s in Polycarbonate and Silicone case and feel it it’s a must. The I4S with cases feel more bulky and many don’t use them, and I know that glass breakage is much higher.

I like my Smartphone in general this technology is in general very useful. Great when I was in the USA and I could via the phone tap into the far superior Australian banking system to do instant transfer to my credit card. If USA businesses could pay all their company bills to suppliers at other banks like we can without exorbitant wire fees then they could say goodbye to cheques (checks). I am lucky to use 1-2 per year and we make at least 2000 payments per year. Then again you never have anything like our EFTPOS low cost payment system for 30+ years either. It’s why credit card prospered there and even their debit cards offering still have much higher vendor usage fees than EFTPOS.

I brought this up because there a lot of other ideas from other places too and a lot of technology is developed in the USA, but in other area’s you are saddled with some real rubbish. My sister is there now and cannot get over the banking system that in many ways we said goodbye to in the late 80’s and early 90’s

What amazes me with many under 30's is they think upgrading their phone every 12-18 months is OK. These higher level units are not cheap. I had a mobile phone in my car in 1987 and most phones I have used for 4+ years.

A few months from now I can see that I may have to send my I3s in for a new battery and be without it for a week, on an s3 I can just get a new lower cost battery.

I think be it an I5 or S3 both are good high level products and I know if you asked me when I finished university in 1986 if we would have items like this I would have said no. In 1984 the only portable computers had 5.7 inch mono screen and were the size of a medium suitcase, so we have come a long way in a short time.

I look at the new Mac pro laptops and think I would love one but $4100 is too high when a $2000 upper range dell get do most of the same.

Apple have many good features, but I think it sometimes the focus is more on the cool, than the pragmatic.

I can see that the GS III has far better hardware, but I've never actually tried it and I've heard a lot of negative things about the Android OS.
Then again, this may no longer be relevent, thanks to updates etc..

Anyway, I have a 4S (roll on the hate :[ )I have been very happy with it, as it was my first smartphone.
I've been living in Japan for a while now and I'll be returning back to the UK in a couple of weeks. Now, in Japan they lock your phone to a network (in my case, SoftBank, may they burn in hell) and they will not unlock it. Ever.

I've been considering buying a new phone anyway, and I'm torn between the iPhone 5 and getting an Android phone.. in particular, the GS III.

My personal concerns (from someone who isn't ''devoted'' to Apple or particularly fussed about Android) are that; if I go with the Samsung phone I won't have any support if the phone f**ks up on me, where as with Apple I can just walk in to their store and back out again with a working phone, all within the space of 20 minutes..

I see everyone harping on about specs and fragmentation or whatever, I'm just worried about long term support..

On the other hand, I REALLY am sick of being unable to do anything with my phone in regards to customisation.. yes yes, I can put a cute picture as my wallpaper.. but what about changing the layout, or the 'theme'???
Apple definitely sucks in that area..

Okay, I'm just waffling now..

Try it it's pheno!... I’ve just got S3 yesterday in London and it’s awesome… I went into 3 Streatham, London first choosing the iPone 5 left the store and was back 3 hours later with a string of problems… it clunks! Samsung SIII came to the rescue.

Here’s a phone that sprang to life and has given me so much fun in just 16 hrs – I love it. It’s a killer piece of tech more like a palm pad than a handset….. true story Nick Garrett NGS London

No comparison guys SIII is a joy of a handset and with that big screen blows Apple away... my story and no-one more surprised than me...

I’ve just got S3 Ultrafast yesterday and it’s awesome… I went into 3 Streatham London first choosing the iPone 5 left the store and was back 3 hours later with a string of problems… it clunks! Samsung SIII came to the rescue.

Here’s a phone that sprang to life and has given me so much fun in just 16 hrs – I love it. It’s a killer piece of tech more like a palm pad than a handset….. true story Nick Garrett NGS London