Galaxy S III

It’s impossible to talk about the next Samsung flagship without first reflecting on the string of rumors, leaks and hype, both official and unofficial, that’s paved the way for what’s become the most anticipated Android phone of the year. The secrecy surrounding the device has been unprecedented, and the lack of verifiable information, combined with a tantalizing pool of rumors, has had the Android community buzzing for months. But today all the waiting, rumors and speculation can finally came to an end, as Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S III -- a curvaceous 4.8-inch phone sporting a quad-core CPU, a 720p HD SuperAMOLED display and a new version of TouchWiz.

Join us after the break for the start of our full coverage of the Galaxy S III, including our complete hands-on video.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is perhaps best summarized with three S’s -- sleek, sexy and shiny. It’s available in two colors -- pebble blue and pearl white, and both versions feature the same glossy plastic finish with a metallic trim around the side. It’s a fingerprint magnet to be sure, but the Galaxy S III certainly isn’t lacking star quality -- it looks and feels like a high-end device, and Samsung’s made a clean break with some of its older design language in this new flagship product.

Galaxy S III.

“Inspired by nature” is the theme Samsung’s rocking in the Galaxy S III -- the manufacturer boasts that there are no straight lines anywhere on the phone (well, unless you open up the battery door). The device’s curves mean it sits nicely in the hand, much like the Galaxy Nexus, though the weight of the S III seems to be better-proportioned. And though it’s neither the thinnest nor the lightest of high-end smartphones, at 8.6mm and 133 grams respectively, its ergonomics are excellent. The curved chassis combined with the relatively light weight and lack of bulk means it feels natural in the hand, and fits easily into pockets without any sharp, pointy edges.

Proudly displayed on the front of the Galaxy S III is its 720p HD SuperAMOLED screen, which to our eyes seems to have slightly better color balance than the panel of the same type on the Galaxy Nexus. And while it’s a close call between this and the One X’s HD SuperLCD 2, we don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the display tech Samsung’s brought to bear on the S III.

Galaxy S III.

Under the display is the typical three-button setup we’ve seen on countless international Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note. That means you’ve got a physical home button and capacitive keys for menu and back. That’s right, the Galaxy S III packs the old-fashioned menu key -- the same button Google’s trying hard to get developers to leave well alone. It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but it is a bit of a bizarre design decision.

Around the side, the metallic trim -- curved, naturally -- gives the phone an organic look quite unlike anything Samsung’s previously put out. And alongside the trim, you’ll find the usual power button and volume rockers on the right and left sides respectively. Camera-wise, you’ve got an 8MP rear shooter with LED flash and a 1.9MP front-facer. As you’d expect, the Galaxy S III does 1080p video recording without breaking a sweat, and like the HTC One X you can also shoot 6MP stills at the same time. Burst shots are supported too, and you can capture up to 20 at a time. And there's the usual selection of photo features like panoramic mode and various "scene" settings.

Galaxy S III.

Snap off the back of the phone and you’ll find a removable 2100mAh battery, alongside the microSIM and microSD card port. So you've got both removable battery and removable storage, in addition to the 16-32GB on-board. That's good news for data guzzlers and battery hoarders alike.

On the software side, the Galaxy S III runs Android 4.0.4 and the new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UX, which packs a visual refresh as well as new features based around face recognition, NFC and Wifi Direct. For a complete breakdown of the Galaxy S III’s software, turn the page to our software walkthrough.

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Samsung Galaxy S III hardware hands-on


A "hardware review" with no mention of whether it's CDMA or GSM? What frequencies? Does it have LTE? What carriers will it work on?

Is the GSM version pentaband?! Because that would be great news. I want to use it on T-Mobile in the states , but I don't want the qualcomm processor that T-Mobile sgs2 had.

qualcomm dual core krait > quad core exynos

The quad core exynos is based on older technology..hurrr moar cores. Also the built in LTE of the krait will most likely provide better battery life

I said this when everyone was disappointed in the One X for AT&T having the dual core and I'll say it know. Can we not wait and see, before we go spreading unverified opinions as fact?

We do not, indeed, know dual core krait>quad core exynos.

actually yes we do. from the benchmarks they've already released the dual core krait gets higher scores. they only benched it against the tegra 3 version and it barely won. the krait destroys it. I think I'll stick to qualcomm and htc

anyways these benchmarks are all just retarded anyways. why wouldn't you want to support newer tech? all that really matters is how it feels in your hands when you use it.

I know I'm not the only one that is very disappointed by what they revealed today. They built up so much hype and just didn't or couldn't live up to it. I myself prefer the feel of HTC phones anyways. I actually like sense 4 as well and use it on my Sensation.

In the same boat as you. Really enjoying sense 4 on my sensation.
Personally dont like the way samsung skinned ics but that just my opinion.

If i had an upgrade I'd be going one x all day.

Whether it is or not, perhaps he's not thinking about that as such and actually just wants the Exynos chip because it's samsung and not Qualcomm? and that it will probably provide better battery life as it is in-house with all the other design.

nory don't worry, I know the Snapdragon S3 processor in the T-Mobile Galaxy S II blew balls compared to the Exynos (I know, I owned one), but the new Snapdragon S4 processor is WAYYY better than last year's S3 and can hold it's own against the current quad core offerings out there like the Tegra 3. I've already used the Snapdragon S4 processor and it is awesome. I can hardly believe it either.

Alex previously posted the specs here:

Quad-core Samsung Exynos chip @ 1.4 GHz, as previously announced
HSPA+21 and LTE versions
4.8-inch HD SuperAMOLED 720x1280 screen
8MP / Front 1.9MP camera (720p video recording)
2100mAh battery
Wifi Channel Bonding
Bluetooth 4.0(LE)
Accelerometer, Notification light, Digital compass, Proximity sensor, Gyro, NFC, Barometer
1080p video playback
Various multimedia codecs supported
Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm
Weight: 133 grams
Available in blue and white.

EDIT: Sorry, you were asking for radio specs.

I think its implied that every phone released, unless otherwise stated, is a GSM device. Only a few network around the world use CDMA.

What I really want to know is when can we get this device running Windows Phone Apollo? Now *that* would make it perfect.

No, that would make it useless. I have no desire to ever see "Metro" on my phone...and I prefer to have the option of using whatever software I prefer on the hardware I OWN.

There ARE other sites that cater to your tastes, but this isn't one of them. I suggest you take your WP trolling elsewhere.

I'm sorry. I meant no offense.

I think the Android ecosystem's great strength is the great diversity of hardware available for it. It's great weakness is Android itself, an OS that I personally don't care much for. Have you tried Windows Phone? It is *much* better, at least in my opinion. Furthermore, since there are rumors that Samsung is preparing a second version of this phone running WP, I thought I would come and check it out.

And you know what, I like what I see! Elegant, different, and high-spec'd. I do wish it was less plasticy, but that's Samsung for ya.

Sorry, I've tried a Windows phone, and there's nothing better about it, when compared to Android. Customization is probably the most important thing to me in a phone OS, and Windows phones are as walled in and fixed as Apple's.

...But less spywarey than either iOS or Android. Much more aesthetically pleasing and consistent (opinion, I know), and I'll wager probably more responsive even on year+ old phones than Android on quad-cores. That said, I totally agree with you about the the walled nature of WP leaving much to be desired, but Google is simply too "evil" for my taste -- the fact that they are basically a spyware company gives me the heebie-jeebies. That said, I know people on this blog aren't going to share that opinion and I am not hear to troll.

So, let's just leave it that I hope WP8 will be more open (doubt it, but a guy can dream).

Why be concerned about an Internet search company dealing with millions of customers? Should be more worried about the people around you everyday in the world.

The chance of them stealing your information is higher than Google using it to shoot some stupid ads your way..

People kill me with this stupid reasoning. The second you start using email and the Internet at large, you are at risk.

As far as WP, it sucks. An opinion share by many. Say what you will about smoothness or interface, it still boils down to apps.

And you know what...Microsoft is lacking. Bad.

Dumping Metro on this device still won't help sell it.

As much as people say we need a third horse in the mobile race, it's not really true. At least not at this point. What has WP done that the others, Apple and Google, really felt they needed to integrate that wasn't there to begin with? Not much.

Neither consider WP as a threat and will not even acknowledge them.

In Microsofts effort to be different, they went overboard and alienated the average consumer.

Research says consumers who used WP really enjoyed it. I have no doubt that they did. But they also probably went back to using their iPhones or Android devices.

So in conclusion...take your diluted WP nonsense back to the WP forums and let us continue to bask in the awesomeness that is Android.

Nice. Name call: "diluted WP nonsense."

I recognize that as an Android user you don't share my disgust with Google. That's fine. I don't think MS craps rainbows, either. They are a convicted monopolist, after all. Things have changed in the world, though. Here, they are a scrappy, innovative underdog.

I am glad you like Android. I don't. To each their own. It doesn't mean we have to call each other deluded, even if we spell it wrong. As I said, though, I am not here to troll. I totally recognize that this is an Android fan blog.

Metro is absolutely fantastic, though. It really is. Deal. With. It. The highest rated phone on every carrier is always a Windows Phone. And that is with tech that is years behind what the latest Android handsets have. Put some real horsepower behind that OS and watch out.

By the way, it looks as though WP8 version may not be long in coming: Personally, I'm excited.


More FUD from Microsoft fanboys (all ten of them). Every supposed "privacy concern" Microsoft has raised against Google has been shown to be done by Microsoft itself and often in a much more dangerous fashion.

I have a friend that works at MS. Whenever we hang out he tries this BS on me. The kool-aid drinking is strong among the MS employees. Meanwhile, Microsoft's mobile share is still at an embarrassing 3.5%.

The CASE looks better, yeah. I will trade a good looking case for SD expansion and hardware NAV keys any day. This phone fixed all of the flaws on the Nexus.

What do you prefer about hardware buttons? (I'm honestly asking, not trying to be a jerk) As I stated below, I've had the GNex for two weeks and I absolutely love having the software buttons. For all intents and purposes, they act exactly like capacitive buttons (and I personally don't like that hardware menu button).

Do you just prefer dedicated buttons or is there something else about software keys that bothers you?

I know I haven't had the phone for long but I've never had an issue with the soft keys or with the software keyboard. And for apps where it really matters (like youtube), the buttons are completely removed so you get to utilize the full screen real estate. Personally (and I know it's just my preference) I don't have any problem with the buttons taking up some screen real estate on normal apps for for web browsing - I don't think you'd real gain much by having that extra quarter inch of space on the screen.

I prefer hardware buttons as well. Easier to use, less mistakes and the menu button is like an escape key when the phone is lagging or stuck.

I don't know the ins and outs of android, but as a programmer, I feel that something that's not rendering itself inside the OS is less likely to have it's listener crash. On my android tablet, this has happened several times.

I've never had a software keyboard crash on me, and I've had my phone for almost 2 years and experimented with many different keyboards, so I really doubt those on-screen navigational buttons will crash. If you're not talking about the buttons crashing, and instead saying that physical nav buttons will save you if your phone crashes in general, then that's not the case either. If your phone crashes or freezes, physical nav buttons won't help you anymore than software buttons.

I completely agree. The front of the device is ugly with that big, oddly shaped menu button and I dislike the squarish-rounded design of the device. Not all that impressed with this device at all. I just got the Sprint GNex two weeks ago and I don't have any of the phone envy I thought I might when the S III was announced.

Yep, GNex looks better to me as well. I love how sleek it looks with the screen off. It's just a smooth black surface with no buttons or icons marring it's looks. Then, once the screen is on, the Holo UI just enhances that look, especially with a black background.

Seriously how they type all of this with 10 mins of the revealing? Magic! Hate that it's so finger-magnet.

Alex lives in the future, so for us it seems like right now but to him he actually wrote it 6 hours ago.

Specs are nice (fits what I was expecting ... except the big ass screen)

Does anybody else think its Odd looking phone?
Dont get me wrong , I happy that Samsung have new design language, but for some reason it look odd to me (kinda reminds me of an egg) , I think I need to see more pictures of it first

I feel like it kind of looks.... feminine? I dunno why, but that's the first word that came to mind when I saw it.

Anyone remember what happened to the last company who came out with phones that "resemble nature"? No straight lines, kind of like pebbles, etc..... Ya that as palm. Didn't work for them. Not sure what Samsung is smoking.

Its a different looking phone, but what's wrong with that? Its not like there is a shortage of black slabs if you can't handle change.

I think its a great design, and puts the SHUT-UP to all those bitching about storage, removable battery, and microSD card.

So now, in a desperate effort to find something to Hate on, people above (not necessarily you IceDree) line up to dump all over the phone for the simple fact that it doesn't look like ever other fondle-slab out there? Infunckingcredable!

This is bound to be a great phone. (I say this as an HTC One X owner).

The only knock against it is (IMHO) that it is a Samsung, so it will be abandon-ware well before its time.

Regarding the abandonware argument: my S2 disagrees with you. How's that locked bootloader? :)

Lockbootloader on a htc phone??? I think. Cause he said one x, you miss read and thinking. He is he is talking about a moto. Droid x

"So now, in a desperate effort to find something to Hate on, people above (not necessarily you IceDree) line up to dump all over the phone for the simple fact that it doesn't look like ever other fondle-slab out there? Infunckingcredable!"

I find that incredibly offensive. Because somebody doesn't like the aesthetic, they are only trying to find something, anything to hate? I find that notion far more worthy of profane disbelief.

I dislike the look. Actually, I simply hate the glossy plastic. Never held a phone that looked and felt like that that I liked. Am I trying to hate on it? No. I'm still going to have to make the painful decision of this or the One X. I just don't like the look. Different!=better. People aren't disliking the design because it doesn't look like every other slab out there. People are disliking the design because it (in their opinion) looks worse than the generic slab. Take the One X. I think that is a very different design language than the general slab. I think it looks a lot better than the average slab. Your opinions can (and will) vary, but there legitimate dislike for this design, not some simple desire to dethrone it.

I'm glad we finally got to see it! It looks and sounds great, but I will be going for the EVO 4G LTE! Honestly, not blown away as I was with the HTC One X/EVO.

You guys should have watched the webcast. The specs and software on this phone alone blows the One X and Evo LTE out of the water. Add in the 16-32gig onboard storage and SD expansion and removable 2100mAh battery and you have the top phone soon to be on the market. I will be going with the S3 this summer.

Spec wise, there is no blowing One X/EVO out of the water or any other liquid for that matter. But the Samsung specific software is pretty amazing. It mostly isn't something that I would ever use, but I guarantee there are many who would/will.

ps- I watched the webcast.

Exactly. The specs are a dead on match for the One X.

The Sammy offers the advantage of removable battery, microSD card, but that's about it. (It has a bigger battery, but until we see the power-draw of that screen we can't say it this is significant or not).

Removable battery and microSD are the two big Bitchpoints about the HTC. This gives those people who have to have a removable battery a chance to put their money down.

The rest is a choice of software layering. The market will sort that out.

Not regretting my One X purchase at all. I would have hated to hold my nose and get another Samsung after my Captivate experience.

As an HTC One X owner, I can tell you that I'm looking forward to the GSIII in the coming months, but I'm not super impressed with what I've seen so far.

I watched the webcast too - really underwhelming for such a huge event. They didn't blow anything out of the water, I have a gnex and a galaxy s, and never pull the battery, i think the removable battery thing is just a feature that someone can bitch about if its not included. the specs just meet or fall below current offerings from HTC and aside from the camera, really just match the gnex. the plasticky gloss of the casing looks cheap and in my experience, the "S" features are really gimmicky. definitely not trading in my gnex, and wouldn't trade in my sgs either if it was for this. same old from samsung, too bad

+1. Too much effort spent by Samsung trying to copy Siri from the iPhone 4S. Which is nothing new for them sadly. And I am usually a fan of Samsung's products.

The only thing that blows the One X out of the water, and not the EVO LTE, is the SD card option.

The battery is only for people who cry and serious nerds. Normal people don't change it out.

On Board Storage is 16 - 32 - 64 and removable sd-card. There will be 3 different choices as far as interior storage. That is a major plus. The specs alone on this phone are thru the roof. IMO it looks great. Plenty of extras including wireless battery charger, custom cases and also a separate piece of hardware for music. This sucker has it all. The software is too much to even get into. This is a 4.8 size screen but the bezel has been cut down so the overall size of the phone isn't much bigger then the SGS2. The 2100 mAh battery will be a welcome and along with ICS will easily get you thru an entire day with heavy use. I want it right now. This hone blows the Nexus away completely, no comparison, The camera is something great. Super fast much like the HTC's new camera. The Nexus can not even come close, I have a Nexus and I will be the first to say it. Being a Nexus owner from the Nexus One till now, this phone is just so much better. Anyone who says different is just lying to themselves.


"The 2100 mAh battery will be a welcome and along with ICS will easily get you thru an entire day with heavy use. "

Don't you think you should wait till its been out a whole day before making that claim?

Its a big power hungry screen. Shouldn't we wait for actual tests before making pronouncements?

+1 It seems a whole bunch of people are trying to convince themselves that they are glad they didn't wait.
G nexus,HTC One X/evo, etc owners will not convince me that the GS3 isn't better. It's better inside and out. Not only does it look better, but it's more functional as well.

One the biggest advantages android has going for itself is diversity. Being able to own the same device as someone else, but still make it your own.

Losing the option of a removable battery or storage has no benefit to the consumer. Having the choice of a 2gb all the way upto 128GB storage card makes the phone custom. Having the option to purchase an aftermarket extended battery does the same.
If you think otherwise, you would probably be happy owning an iphone.

GS3 for the win!

Yeah because anyone that didn't wait for the S3 needs to "convince themselves" that they are better off, right? Please. It seems you are trying to convince yourself that it was better that you waited with a statement like that. Maybe the device someone purchased actually IS better than the S3 - FOR THEM. Big deal. It doesn't affect you. For me, the S3 has nice specs and some cool new software features, but the back is absolutely fugly. I think the One X looks much better aesthetically and has a better screen. Go look at a demo HTC One X in an AT&T store nearby. Seriously. I didn't believe the hype, but when I stopped by a store and saw it with my own eyes, there truly is no better mobile phone display on the market in the US than the 720P HD SuperLCD 2 display on the One X. Amazing.

I am no fan of Samsung, but this phone does look very good, and does have some nice features. That is would like to play around with...

I think this is going to be my next phone when they release it on Sprint. It has everything I want in a new phone: Removable battery, micro SD and NFC.

Yeah, it might look better! Sprint has the best looking version of the Galaxy S2, so who knows? :)

Sprint wont' have this for another 6-9 months at a minimum. Look at the history. They didn't even talk about the appropriate radios for Sprint to use it.

Sprint is usually the first US carrier with the galaxy phones I thought? So does that mean an even longer wait for Verizon and everybody?

Yay for physical buttons! I am glad to see the Galaxy Nexus's soft-keys were apparently a Google decision, and not something Samsung wanted. Samsung doesn't like them either. Soft-keys need to die.

AND a removable Battery AND an SD slot! Samsung has corrected all of the flaws on the Galaxy Nexus. This is a great phone.

I think TouchWiz was more determinative of the decision to use hard keys.

I wasn't aware all (actually, any) iterations of the Galaxy Nexus had non-removable batteries.

Yep. I am very glad to see that this was after all a Google decision. And yeah, Google is stupid to do is supposed to be a developer device. Most Android phones have SD, and Google's OS supports SD. it was retarded not to include this on a developer phone.

From 3.0 forward Android was designed and intended to have a single storage partition without the SD card. You'll never see a developer reference device have one again. And I say good riddance to unsafe baggage.

jerry that is all well in good but if you are going to remove the sd-card then you must give the customer more then 16mb of memory. That is ridiculous. Anyone who doesn't agree is kidding themselves. I refused to buy the new HTC phone for that reason alone. IMO it is just a carrier idea to force the customer to use data for everything. Every developer I have talked to wants the sd-card. Unsafe baggage is just a term slung out because the phone is lacking the sd-card. I will never make an excuse for a lousy design feature. That is just what it is, a very lousy design feature. When they take away the sd--card and the usable storage ends up being under 10mb then if it isn't a lame ass design to save what about 5 bucks, it only helps the US Carriers. Just keep sucking up that data, that is just what they want. I will never buy another phone without ample interior storage. Just my Opinion.


Cuz my HTC One X, 2gig of internal storage and 32 gig of "phone storage". (plus a gig of volatile ram)

And you can move some apps from internal storage to phone storage and back.

So multiple partitions are not gone. What is gone is apps on the an add-in SD card.

Agreed. I love how practical this phone is. I'm happy with the menu and back soft keys and the physical home button. There are no three dots blocking a chunck of the screen. It has microSD and removable 2100 mah battery. A huge improvement to touchwiz! Looks more elegant and they didn't skip the resizable Widgets :)

Not liking the shiny plastic. Mildly underwhelmed by the look of it generally as I was hoping they were really going to make a statement. Still likely an excellent phone.

It's polycarbonate same as the one X and lumia and everyone been praising them for using polycarbonate but when Samsung uses it its cheap plastic lol talk about hypocrisy

The plastic looks just like my Samsung flip phone from 2006, along with the silver. Not exaggerating either

I'd like to know how the GSIII compares in size to the Galaxy Nexus?... The GSIII screen size is 4.8" vs. the Gnex 4.65"... Very nice looking phone though!!!

I figured it out! GSIII (European model) is 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6. Gnex (Verizon) is 136 x 68 x 9.5. GSIII is not that much bigger at all (same height) and a tad thinner but packs a .15" larger screen! AMAZING!!!

Makes me wonder what the Galaxy Nexus II will look like?

The Galaxy Nexus's 4.65" diagonal scree is actually smaller usable space since it has the soft buttons in MOSt apps taking up constant space. The GS3's 4.8" screen with external buttons has more usable space in most apps, which I like more. but the Galaxy Nexus is a better buy considering the $400 direct-from-Google price.

This device is saying to all Apple iPhone 4S users, "Look at me! This is what you wished your 4S was."

Yeah an I supposed the iPhone 5 would say the same thing back to the S3, huh? You know you're talking about a comparison between 2 phones that will almost be a year a part. Be more accurate and let's see how it stacks up against the iPhone 5 (or whatever they'll call it). Probably a little more fair than to compare to an old device. Just saying.

I don't think that's quite what he meant ;). He meant that Samsung released a device that had nearly everything its fans wanted (quad core CPU, microSD card support, larger screen, etc), while the iPhone 4S caused quite the uproar over having very little of what Apple fans seemed to want (larger screen, faster processor, more memory, etc). Just sayin' ...

There is a good chance the iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor the same one as the Ipad 3. It will also have a 4 inch screen (lol)and IOS 6(?). I don't think that even competes with this phone. If anything, for once Samsung has set the bar for apple to compete with. Which as far as I can tell is a first since the iPhone 1.

Still looking to plasticky for me:/ but i am definitely waiting to see if or what carriers will get this device. Hopefully T-Mobile will:)'s basically like the other phones out there...except a not so stellar screen. So it's basically the One X minus one? Pretty meh. Was expecting something a little more groundbreaking but what can you do? It's a cell phone.

regardless of the architecture this quad core exynos will (probably) run circles around the one x and also has a better gpu

although for the u.s. customers things may be different and it will possibly be the same phone with different screen technology

I'm importing though

It has other things like a bigger battery that is removable, SD Card slot, wireless charging, voice recognition, and a better CPU and maybe GPU.

What else should it have had?

+1. And LTE w/ better battery life > Quad Core with a slightly better GPU (last year's same GPU). You use data for almost every single thing you do on a phone. Honestly how often do people game on their phones (which is the only time you'll be able to notice the advantages of quad core)? I'd say easily less than 10% of the time (for me it's < 1%). Otherwise people would be complaining that their batteries are dying after 3-4 hours.

Now lets just hope Samsung doesn't make the same mistake they made with the S II and take like 6 months to release it in the states or I'm just gonna over pay for it on ebay


The Galaxy S II took friggin' forever last year.
Ditto the Nexus because Verizon were being jerks about the exclusive :-P

Next question is how much this will cost off-plan. I'm guessing around $650, so the main question is whether it's worth $250 more than the Galaxy Nexus which is only $400 nowadays...main difference is a slightly larger screen and an SD card slot and better speakerphone and slightly more speed w/ the Ekynos but that'll be blown away by Cortex A15 quad cores next year anyways...

The biggest feature I am looking forward to on this phone is the screen mirroring over "AllShare"...ala AirPlay. I would LOVE to be able to stream wirelessly to the TV set!

The other software enhancements are looking nice as well...I can see myself using the voice recognition quite often for simple tasks...I am wondering how customizable it is. I really would love to be able to tell my phone to turn the alarm on and off, or to play internet radio on command!

Hardware wise, I love the idea of "Google Beam" file transfers...unfortunately, it sounds like even my brother's Nexus S won't be able to pull of that phones only I guess. I also am very interested in "Google Wallet" would be VERY nice if I could use my phone instead of my RFID bus pass!

Looking forward to seeing what they do for CDMA/LTE version and if both Sprint/VZW will get very soon. I'd rather have the Qualcomm chipset.

I have to agree wit you on that. Now that I've seen the GS3 and the Evo 4G LTE, I just have to see the iPhone 5. But wow Sammy in all honesty, the phone is a Galaxy Nexus except it doesn't have pure Android 4.0.4 on it.

My wife got the Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store, and it is slick as hell. I too am waiting to see what the iPhone 5 is going to be before I jump to the Nexus line too.

how is it just a g nex with out has ics,better screen,bigger battery,micro sd,quad core exynos,enhanced voices recognition,superior camera so how is it a g nex again

The original GS2 was already a better phone hardware wise except for the screen compared to the galaxy nexus. The GS3 blows the Galaxy Nexus out to another zip code. Quad core exynos chips ( the dual core version was already more power than the ti omap even without ICS giving hardware acceleration ) way better camera, expandable memory, larger screen while not being physically bigger, and a larger battery.

Being made of plastic gives the phone a better signal.. Sometimes using metal can cause poor reception.. I will take the cheap plastic as you call it over breakable glass. Try dropping both materials and sees what holds up. That cheap plastic will come in 1st all the time. Thank God for "cheap" plastic.

There is such a thing as nice plastic like the matte white machined unibody polycarbonate shell of the HTC One X that isn't a fingerprint magnet like the S3. The unibody polycarbonate shell also provides better structural integrity which protects against drops better. Cheap plastic FTL.

I agree that it looks beautiful. Let's see: 1:slim & replaceable battery:YES 2:external microSD expansion:YES 3:quad core Exynos:YES 4:Display better than SuperLCD2: MAYBE...In all honesty though I love Samsung displays and that includes the PenTile AMOLEDs. I'm stoked, it's a winner in my eyes!

I waited so long for this, but I hate the shiny back and the shape. Oh why didn't I get the Galaxy Nexus back then. HTC One X it is!

+1. My HTC One X arrives tomorrow. Much prefer the matte white machined unibody design over the glossy fingerprint magent finish of the S3. And the back of the S3 looks fugly with the camera/speakerphone/flash setup. At least HTC accented the camera on the back of the One X and made it look attractive :)

Kinda not impressed. I was gonna use my upgrade on this since the One X wasn't coming to VZW but now I think I'll just stick with my Gnex.

Gizmodo has the ICS tweaks which are quite cool. I may have to really think about the new Sammy phone over the Evo 4GLTE

This phone is a Galaxy Nexus with the exception being that it doesn't have pure Android/ICS...I'm gonna stick with my Galaxy Nexus :-)

This phone is guaranteed to run circles around the gnex hardware wise and software is always interchangeable

I'd rather have this phone "run circles" around the Nexus, but I'll be enjoying Jelly Bean 6 months before you can. =P

well considering how long some nexus s tooke to get ics and actuall some non stock devices getting it before,dont be surprised if it happens again.

1. True, but Gnex is still far more likely to get the next iteration of Android far before anything with heavy skins such as the GS3 has with TouchWiz (the ones that were getting updated before the Nexus S were not at all far from straight, vanilla Honeycomb with some extra apps pre-installed, which would be easier than updating from Gingerbread and easier than having to deal with any of the skinning crap as well).

2. If rooting is done, A. GNex is probably going to be easily one of the first (probably not *the* first, but one of) to get the next version. B. GNex ROM's will have a significantly larger tendency towards just working with far fewer bugs in a significantly shorter time-frame than the GS3, which will be a factor in the rooting side of things for the next version of Android. C. For those of us who like to root and ROM, this is a significant factor (although not at all for the remainders).

3. There's other reasons for people to favor the GNex (personally, I love the onscreen buttons, the contour display, etc., and I'm even more than happy with the camera that everyone hates on for reasons I have never understood the entire time I've owned the thing).

EDIT: That said. The GS3 looks like a nice device, and I can see pretty easily why some people would prefer it over the GNex. I'm just glad I made my choice before today...

It probably will but I'm on Sprint and therefore their version will not have Samsung's processor (I forget the name of it. Other than that, it's a Galaxy Nexus outfitted in Touchwiz overlay

I agree 100% after seeing this, it confirmed that my decision for the One S was the right one. Although my One S screen isnt as good as the One X, the One S is the perfect size, speedy and HTC knocked it out of the park with the design and materials used. Couldnt be happier.

I personally like the Moto designs better. I think it has an interesting design but the Sammy phones still look too much like toys for me.

Yep it has gorilla glass 2 which is much stronger and more resistant too scratch than normal gorilla glass...

Guh this phone is disgusting. I'll be getting the Sprint Galaxy Nexus at the end of the semester just because of the development community. I wish HTC would make the Nexus line again.

for all you guys that complain about the phone not having pure google... i'm pretty sure CM9, AOSP, AOKP will come to this bad boy soon after its release... so why sweat it?

Most of the new features seemed pretty gimmicky to me. All this voice activated stuff isn't really of any interest to me and isn't that new either. The whole putting the phone to your ear instead of replying to someone via sms was a bit strange. I still prefer the look of the Galaxy S2. The whole pebble thing was also done before, I can't remember who by though?

Pebble? I'll help you out. First thing I thought was this is what a Palm Pre would look like sans physical keyboard and if it were squished out wider and longer.

Palm Pre is spot on. Additionally Palm Pre had integrated wireless charging first, contrary to what Samsung was shouting during the show. "We're the first!" bullshit. Look 3 years ago.

Yes on inductive charging, but this "resonate" inductive charging that is supposed to work from 1-2 meters away IS a first. Waiting to hear more about it.

That's the one. I remember the TV adverts with the pebbles being skimmed. All this nature stuff is kind of just theming to me. Nothing groundbreaking, but then I honestly don't know what would be groundbreaking? Phones do so much these days that it's kind of hard to think what else I'd want it to do. Plus I know I don't use mine to anywhere near it's full capability. Kind of glad that I won't feel my GS2 with an AOSP ROM will feel outdated any time soon.

Honestly the one feature I was really wanting was the edge to edge screen. First company to gimme that gets my money for my new phone. As long as it isn't Lg or Motorola. Or I'll be waiting for the next nexus.

While an edge to edge screen would look awesome, I get the feeling it would be really annoying in practice. Unintentionally activating something onscreen (especially when handing the phone off to someone) would probably drive ya nuts. Some sort of near-field gesture system comes to mind for me, but I suspect it would be pretty troublesome in practice too.

Agreed. Any case with a protective lip around the front would make it impossible to access the touchscreen near the edge, eg. moving the cursor when correcting typos. Having smashed the screen on my Sensation, these sorts of cases are a must for me these days.

I'm really disappointed that the screen is so small. It would be really difficult to use this comfortably with my giant hands, and I fear I might loose it completely in my giant pockets. It'll just get lost in with the lint.

When will manufacturers finally make phones with USEABLE sizes and not these little micro things? At the rate we're going, it'll be 6 to 8 years before phones get to the 12 to 13 inch screen range, and only then will I be able to consider it a truly usable phone.

Bleh, no Super AMOLED+ (just regular SAMOLED), hopefully they at least try to calibrate color temperature better than they did on the Galaxy Nexus. The button layout and overabundance of glossy plastic is also a turn off...

On the upside, at least it actually has physical buttons, along with a micro SD slot and a large-ish removable battery; those last two things alone will probably guarantee a lot of people are gonna opt this over the One X... The whole back looks like it pries off doesn't it?

I'm curious about the dimensions, hopefully it's not much larger than the One X or the GNex despite the slightly larger screen & buttons... The One X was the same size despite the buttons because it just wasted less bezel space and it looks like the SGS3 has very minimal bezel space as well.

I'm not blown away, but it's hardly a disappointment either, I think the hype got way out of hand (and I'm not even typically a fan of Samsung's line, was still expecting something... more). No US release info is also disappointing, though at least a mention of summer a summer release is promising.

If I was on any other carrier I'd be thinking it over, the EVO 4G LTE has enough extra perks for me to overlook the non-removable battery tho; and SLCD > Super AMOLED. An S4 version of the SGS3 with a MAXX-type battery could be beastly tho.

Not sure why anyone would get the Nexus over this tho, or why people are comparing them... Quad A9 devices and Krait devices are in a whole different performance class. The Nexus wasn't particularly innovative in any way besides the screen and OS.

As a former Palm Pre owner, that phone just looks...weird. It's funny how the they say "the manufacturer boasts that there are no straight lines anywhere on the phone," when the most jarring thing about the phone to me is the way the rectangular screen (with its very straight lines) clashes with the overall curviness of the rest of the phone. On the Pre the corners of the screen were rounded to fit the overall design of the device, and the HTC One X has the rounded black bezel to buffer the screen from the more rounded polycarbonate case. On the SIII the screen just slams into the rest of the phone - a very odd design decision, though probably necessary in order to get a 4.8" screen into a reasonably sized device.

I had a Pre as well, and i see some of the elements. keep in mind though, the screen was rectangular, it was just webOS that rounded the corners. The Pre to me feels very "toy-ish" compared to my galaxy nexus, and it was so slow I almost wanted to skip it across a lake like the pebble the designed it after. build quality was terrible as well. the corners of the pre were rounded, but the screen was webOS, I definitely agree with you about the jarring visual appearance of the sharp rectangle on an otherwise organic looking phone, palm figured that out in the Pre and with WebOS

You're probably on the right track about the design/shape reasoning, I'm curious to see whether it's any larger than the GNex/One X.

There's still other oddball design decisions tho, the camera/proximity/light sensors seem to stand out a lot even on the blue version... Other manufacturers lately have made an effort to almost hide them completely.

Then there's the menu button (wtf?) and the return of the physical home button, the one other square-ish thing on the device besides the screen. The rounded/curvy side design probably feels pretty good on hand tho.

It's certainly different, but more like different for different's sake than functionally different... And they're dragging on an odd button layout that's probably partially responsible for some of Apple's ire (along with TW's color scheme).

As a current Palm Pre owner (eligible for upgrade Aug 1) I can tell you you are flat out wrong. While the clear plastic cover above the screen on the pre makes less noticeable the OS software rounds the corners of most things while in portrait when you turn the phone landscape the square corners show back up in most apps. I'm looking at feedreader right now and the screen is absolutely and obviously not rounded in landscape.

I'm getting this. Love my Epic Touch but moving on. Wonder how many Sprint Galaxy Nexus get returned this weekend.

I'll be keeping mine. Phone specs don't really impress me all that much anymore. I care much more about the software now. My Nexus is absolutely perfect for my needs and uses. Hell my Epic 4G still handled everything just fine and it was almost 2 years old.

Having dealt with the touchwiz waiting game I finally decided I had to root my phone and everything else that went along with it. I liked a lot of things touchwiz added too. To me it's not worth a really long wait for any kind of update though. To each there own. For me I couldn't be happier with true ICS and the only way to get that without rooting and voiding your warranty is through a Nexus Device. Again to each there own. Rooting and stuff isn't hard to do, but sometimes you just want something that doesn't require so much extra effort. I guess I just got older and don't care as much, reminds me when I used to constantly mess with my old desktop PC's now I just use my laptop and leave it alone until the next one.

HTC and Samsung have made some killer new phones though. Wonder what Motorola and others will do to follow suit, really looking forward to some Google inspired Motorola Phones.

Interested in more info on the wireless charging talked about in the live stream. Some Googleing implies 3-6 foot range for wireless charging.

Nonsense, utter nonsense. 6 foot charging wirelessly that didn't take 2 days to fully charge would give you cancer or burn your house down.

This is awesome! The iPhone will never be better than this because apple makes to much profit so they make the hardware worse.

Meh. I really don't care for touchwiz. I do appreciate the removable battery, but I expected more of a premium build. Looks like my upgrade this year will just be the galaxy nexus unlocked on T-mobile prepaid.

does anyone else think the "Designed for Humans" tagline is weird? reminds me of "The Human Fund" in Seinfeld - money for people.

I think they are pursing the nature part of it way too much, I want a kickass smart phone, not a skipping stone that crunches like leaves when I step on it.

It appears to me a very Asian marketing design that is rather out of touch with North America or Europe.

The whole "Inspired by nature and designed for humans" tagline is clunky as hell. Also, who have they been designing for previously? Dogs?

Is anyone else in the US disappointed with this launch? I know I am! Not with the phone...the phone looks great, despite many peoples' nit picking about the pentile screen and "only" an 8MP camera...oh and no fancy ceramic STILL looks like the phone to beat, and it will stack up nicely against the HTC One X (and Evo).

No, my disappointment is that Samsung swore up and down that they were doing a "worldwide" launch with this phone, and yet again, they dont have firm release dates for the US models! Not only that, but we have no confirmation whatsoever on the actual configuration of the US models!!! We have rumors of a dual core LTE enabled chipset...but I want to know for SURE if that is the case, or if they managed to get the Exynos quad core working with LTE!

Sigh...looks like I will have to wait another month or more to find out the answers...good job, Samsung! Next time, try including the US in your "worldwide" plans, or at LEAST give us a friggin' clue as to what is going on!

I don't remember there being confirmation of the Galaxy Nexus either. I mean we knew it was going to Verizon but didn't know it was a timed exclusive after the press conference.

I don't know what CPU has to do with LTE modem in phone, they probably don't change CPU or else they want to make it cheaper. As for release date, thank US carries to be difficult to work with because they want to mark themselves on the phone ;p everywhere else they can just release unlocked version and carries can sell them as they are, but most likely they also gonna sale there version of the phone later

CPU has a lot to do with LTE - some chipsets support LTE, and some need an extra LTE chipset which drains the battery. They did this in the US and Canada with the SGS2, and recently with HTC One X - the LTE version is an S4 Snapdragon Dual Core chip which supports LTE on chip, and the GSM HSPA+ version is Tegra3 quad core because Tegra 3 doesn't natively support LTE.

Oh that probably because Tegra 3 is all in one chip, and oyu right Samsung Enoyx is the same idea, but it really does not have nothing to do with it's CPU part of it. Any CPU will support any component as long it can handle data processing of data that it's provides. I would not worry yet, maybe they will pull chip with quad CPU and LTE support in it.

If they sold the GSM version online in the US in May (the carriers can hack up their own version for subsidized, they would have launched "worldwide". Damned US carriers won't let that happen though :-P

I was waiting for this announcement and now that it has come and gone, I think I can finally say what my first LTE device will be on sprint......Galaxy Nexus, here I come. Don't get me wrong this will no doubt be a great device but with Samsung and US carriers track records on updates, I will much rather have the g-nex since updates will be coming straight from google and it's pure

The big question for me remains, What is the battery life. I'm a current fascinate owner and i had to add the extended battery to last through my day. once i put the extended on it killed the whole sleek look of my phone.
Right now unless because of the processor efficiency I think I'd rather get a Razr Maxx. It has sleak lines With a great battery. A phone can have all the bells and whistles but if you're always watching the battery life then it doesnt make sense.
Why couldn't Samsung listen to the polls and make it with a large but sleek battery?

My facinated rooted running ICS can last me 16 hours a day with max brightness and about 40 minutes of screen on time as long as I'm in a area with good 3g reception. If I'm in a dead spot where it has to constantly search, it drops down to about 10-12 hours. I would turn off data if your in a dead spot. remember the fascinate only has a 1500mah battery and it works fine, this phone comes with a 2100mah battery. The quadcore processor should be more efficient, the only thing that will suck this battery dry would be the LTE radio.

Noooooooooooooo! Why would a cell phone company in their right mind put the power connector on the bottom of the phone? This just makes using a charging dock harder, as I use my phone in wide screen(horizontal) orientation over 90% of the time for alarm clock functions, web brosing, movie watching and in car navigation. It looks like a great phone but now I feel that I can't own it due to this flaw.

Because most docks are made for vertical use? and it's easier and universal to place connector on center bottom then figuring out where to place it horizontally so dock designers wont have a problem?

Besides bottom connector does not stop dock designers to do horizontal docks, i bet you will find some, specially for the car :)

Definitely looking forward to getting one when they become available on AT&T. The appearance really doesn't make much difference to me because I always use a case w/ beltclip. Should have great battery life between the 2100 mAh battery and quad core chip. The removable storage card is enough reason for me to get this rather than the HTC One X.

why did samsung not use their best screen for the S3... isnt it supposed to be their flag ship phone? i expected samsung to beat the SLCD2.

Really underwhelming for all of the hype. The Larger battery and removable storage is the only advantage I see over the HTC One S/X line of phones. I went with a One S for screen size personally and lets be honest, until this S3 is bench marked the S one is the fastest phone on the market at the moment. I'm surprised Samsung went with a lower quality screen and outdated processors for a flagship device. I can see the US version getting the "Krait" processors because of LTE which should help performance.

All in all at the end of the day, consumers need to make their own educated decision. I've owned "Flagship" devices from LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC and each one brings something "new" or innovative to the table. This year I've thrown in with HTC and their One series of phones.

Enjoy whatever you get! it's not like your stuck with it the rest of your life!

Great looking phone. I'm curious to see/hear how the camera stacks up against the HTC One and IPhone. Very happy to see a removable battery and storage slot. Hopefully it gets released in the states some time soon, preferably on sprint ;)


I dont this the phone that comes to the USA will have hardware buttons. The UK devices have always had that home key but once they get here that goes away for other designs. Remember that we did see a device leak with onscreen buttons...I think that is the device we will see hit the USA with LTE and the S4. Who else here is with me?

I agree the nexus looks better and sexier,I hate the home button the on screen buttons like the nexus just makes the phone look perfect but this does look like a great device but what about the nexus that wil come out in a couple of months with on screen buttons 4.8 inch screen no Samsung logo written across the top not to mention AT&T and Verizon will put there name on the front also witch will look like crap I'm going to wait for the next nexus how about y'all ?

Has there been any news about if the US version will have the quad core Exynos, or the dual core S4 processor?

I feel the entire show was disappointing. From start to finish. Come on. The biggest feature was the ability to put the phone to your head mid txt to call that person. And the 8mp cam. The titan2 has 16mp, or the phone didn't lock when your looking at it WOW. Thee only plus is going to be sd slot, and wireless charging. But is that enough to take me away from HTC's amazing touch wiz4. Just have to put them together

Hmmm. Hate the home button, hate the colors, hate the chrome trim bezel, hate the power button on the right and volume on the left because when you hold it you hit both buttons by accident every time.

Like the quad core.

Give me a Galaxy Nexus with power button on top, quad core, better speaker and Micro SD slot and you will have the best phone on the planet. Until then, Meh.

does anyone know if S3 will come for t-mobile or atleast in 1700/2100 (aka aws) frequency? S2 came as special T-mobile version. i hope they do it again.

does anyone know if S3 will come for t-mobile or atleast in 1700/2100 (aka aws) frequency? S2 came as special T-mobile version. i hope they do it again.

Sweet, my DX is on it's way out.
I fly A LOT between continents around the world. This fits the bill.
1) I will need more than one battery. Deal breaker unless its 3,000+. SIII yes, thanks Sammy.
2) Hardware buttons! Why, when the buttons are (I did say when) displayed on the GN, you loose that real-estate. With HW buttons, the screen is ALWAYS 3.8". SIII yes, thank you Sammy.
3) Removable SD card. Deal breaker. I carry at any give time 15+ movies on my phone (ya, removable battery big+). I watch movies while at the gym exercising, on the long plane flights, and while in my cot while deployed.
4) I use my phone nightly as an alarm clock. I don't know how "black" the screen on the oneX is, but my DX with an LCD will not go dim enough for me. When fully dim, it still lights up my room too much. It's a distraction to ME.
This meets all my requirements and frankly, there isn't another phone out that does (correct me if I'm wrong).
Removable battery, removable storage, Super AMOLED HD.
Looks are subjective. Don't hate it because you don't like it. Maybe people do, but I don't sit around showing my phone to everyone else hoping they like it. I also sit around staring at my phone admiring it all the time wondering how beautiful it is. I use it, I put it away. Looks have never been a make or break thing. A phone would have to be mighty fuggly for me to not want a great phone and deny the purchase for looks. That is just me.
Super AMOLED HD+ "would have" been nice, but hay, my eyes are not that good anyway.

I think Samsung really flubbed on the presentation of this phone. I'm a very big fan of the GS2. It's definitely the best phone that I've ever owned. That being said; if the GS3 is as good or better (and I have no reason to believe that it wouldn't be) then Samsung did a piss poor job of introducing the handset. During the presentation, there was little of what I like to call, the "Oh Shit!" factor. We all know or have have heard about the prowess of the GS2's camera. Why not reference it and then herald the capabilities of the GS3's camera; not just it's speed, but the quality of the pictures (Galaxy Nexus proved that speed isn't everything). Why not team up with software partner to show the power of the processor, who's benchmarks smash all the other current phones that have recently been introduced?? Again, this isn't a knock against the phone, but a stab at Samsung, who I don't think did a good job of "selling" the GS3 to the world. In any event, time will tell. I was just a bit underwhelmed.

Not going to lie - I'm very disappointed at S3 aesthetics. And pebble blue, REALLY??? That curved sides and rounded corner are so yesteryear! Is Samsung taking a page out of chick design 101 from 2001? They need a new team to come up with some clean looking minimalistic industrial design.

Would have to agree with Mr. Mice. Looks like another run of the mill android phone. It's time to design something that will stand out.

Despite all the negative feedback on the samsung fascinate I went with my gut and bought the phone. Best decision ever. Love my phone and despite alot of negative opinions on the SIII I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Rounded phones are supposedly nice in the pocket. I'd bet it's better than my current DX it's going to replace.
Since the entire back cover comes off, any bet there might be different colors and textures available? Humm, what color is the face and bezel? Is it "blue" also? Looks sort of black.

Wow this is ridiculous. Samsung must really be running out of ideas. either that or they enjoy getting sued by apple. This looks almost exactly like the iphone 3. COme on samsung your better than that. Don't be like crapple. Even now with the "incremental upgrades" policy. gonna be sick. i guess htc is the last hope for android phones who dont just have apple envy but apple want a phone thats theri own. this is just samsung saying "hi customer. guess what, now u can have an android phone and still blend in with ur apple loving friends!"