Samsung Galaxy S III

And just like that, Samsung has ended a lot of speculation surrounding the U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Arriving at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular this month the Samsung Galaxy S III will have a starting price of $199 though exact pricing and release dates are still forthcoming for each.

When it comes to specs, Samsung took the time to highlight the fact the U.S. versions will be getting the S4 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 2GB of internal RAM, which is exactly the same as the Japanese and Canadian releases of the device. In other words, as speculated, the device will have the same iconic look across the board, which even Samsung has noted as being an industry first. For those of you waiting, the wait is almost over now. Jump below for the full press release.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Coming To Five Major Carriers Beginning in June

In an industry first, Samsung delivers the same iconic smartphone design and premium content sharing experience with customized AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular services starting from $199

DALLAS – June 4, 2012 – U.S. consumers on five major service providers will now be able to own the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S® III. Galaxy S III, optimized for peak performance on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE and HSPA+ 42 networks, will be launching with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular starting in June. Exact pricing and retail availability will be announced by each of the five carriers in the coming weeks.

“The U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III is the most anticipated launch of the year. As promised, we are delivering the ‘next big thing’ for U.S. customers and across all major carriers,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Telecommunications America. “Galaxy S III introduces new technological innovation and takes sharing to the next level.”

With the Galaxy S III, Samsung is setting a new standard for smartphones. This device was designed to be lightweight, durable and powerful. The Galaxy S III weighs 4.7 ounces and is 8.6 millimeters thin, making it lighter and sleeker than other leading smartphones, including several competitor models with smaller displays. The brilliant 4.8 inch display extends to an ultra-thin bezel to maximize the viewing area. The Galaxy S III delivers impressive processing power to allow more applications to be accessible simultaneously.

The Galaxy S III goes far beyond content consumption to content sharing. Continuing its history of innovation, Samsung has simplified how consumers share content and control the device with a single touch, through enhanced gesture technology or the simple movement of the eyes.

Sharing Made Simple

The content sharing experience on the Galaxy S III addresses the sharing needs of consumers, whether it’s sharing and editing a presentation with a large group in real-time, sending digital images to several other smartphones at the same time or transferring large files within seconds from one phone to another. Further, these sharing experiences are simple and require little, if any, set-up.

Sharing With Multiple Devices

  • The Galaxy S III introduces the next evolution of Samsung’s content sharing service with AllShare® Play. This service automatically notifies the Galaxy S III to Samsung HDTVs, mobile tablets, laptops and other consumer electronic devices on the same network that are ready to receive video files. Users can also remotely access files from devices on other networks.

Sharing with Groups

  • -With AllShare Group Cast on the Galaxy S III and a Wi-Fi network, users can share and collaborate on documents, presentations or images in real-time with multiple friends or co-workers’ without loading the file separately.
  • With Share Shot, become the official photographer for a group of friends. There’s no need to send photos and video via email, MMS or a USB drive. Users can quickly and seamlessly share pictures taken with the Galaxy S III’s 8 megapixel camera to other phones from up to 200 feet away. Once the Galaxy S III is synched with chosen devices, the pictures are automatically shared.

Sharing Smartphone to Smartphone

  • S-Beam is an industry first, providing fast, easy transfer of large files, such as videos and documents, with a single touch of the Galaxy S III without needing a Wi-Fi connection or cell signal. A 1GB movie file can be shared as quickly as three minutes and a 10MB music file can be transferred in seconds by simply touching another GALAXY S III phone.

Smartphone Simplicity

  • The S-Voice™ feature on the Galaxy S III offers much more than just asking and answering questions. S-Voice allows users to control the applications and services used most with words instead of touch. Use S-Voice to turn the volume up or down on the music player, answer or reject incoming calls, shut off or choose to snooze the alarm clock, or take a picture by saying “smile” or “cheese.”
  • Smart Stay puts the “smart” in smartphones. With Smart Stay, the Galaxy S III tracks the user’s eye to ensure the device screen is always on while you’re looking at it. By knowing when you are looking at the screen, it doesn’t dim the backlight or timeout to an idle screen.
  • Motion simplifies and short cuts many common functions including converting a text message to a call by simply raising the phone to the ear, tapping the top of the phone to go to the top of an email and list of emails or contacts, and alerting to missed call or text message.
  • The capabilities of the Galaxy S III’s 8 megapixel camera are far beyond point and shoot. Burst Shot captures still pictures at a rapid-fire pace at three images per second with zero shutter lag; and Best Shot recommends the best picture to keep based on colors, lighting and clarity. The Galaxy S III shoots and plays back 1080p HD quality video with a backside illuminated sensor that improves performance in low light environments, and provides the ability to capture a photo during videoing
  • Watching video while downloading a large file or service is seamless with Pop Up Play. Pop Up Play allows you to watch any side-loaded video content while operating any application in full-screen, background view at the same time. Video running on Pop Up Play can be moved anywhere on top of the full screen, much like picture-in-picture capabilities on large screen TVs.

Powerful Performance

The Galaxy S III includes Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with TouchWiz enhancements, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz dual core CPU and 2GB of internal RAM to provide high-speed performance enabling efficient and seamless multi-tasking. The dual-core processor offers competitive speeds and performance as leading quad-core processors without sacrificing valuable battery life. The brilliant 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED™ touchscreen display brings content to life, without compromising the device’s true pocketability. The expansive display is protected by Gorilla Glass 2.0 to guard against cracks and scratches and provide enhanced touchscreen responsiveness.

The Galaxy S III, which comes in Marble White and Pebble Blue, is powered by a removable 2100 mAh battery for extended use on a single charge. Users can store large libraries of photos, videos and music onboard the Galaxy S III with expandable memory to compliment the standard 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage.

“The Galaxy S III is the most innovative smartphone on the market today. It is an industry first to see five major carriers align behind the launch of a single device virtually simultaneously,” said Todd Pendleton, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Telecommunications America. “To support the immense excitement for the Galaxy S III we will execute our biggest marketing campaign ever. Consumers won’t be able to miss why this device is the must-have smartphone.”

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Samsung Galaxy S III coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular starting this month


I think someone has failed to point out that the US galaxy x3 will have a dual core instead of a QUAD CORE! WTF man. What a crock! So besides the ram and screen size WTF it's the difference between the 4g touch, galaxy nexus and gs3.

Just because it has a dual core doesn't mean it is the same as those other phones you mentioned. Newer processors are more efficient than their predecessors, and the Snapdragon S4 is just as good, if not better, than the Tegra 3.

Proof that phrases such as Quad Core, Dual Core, MegaPixels, etc are marketing tools for morons like this guy. You do understand that quad core processors don't really use all 4 cores at the same time right? Also that the Tegra 3 gulps battery power where as the S4 sips it and that the Tegra 3 does not play nice with Verizon or AT&T's 4G LTE radios. The carriers aren't stupid; fanboy consumers who only care about specs ARE.

you dont have to a a fucking asshole about it to make your point, a simple explanation would had been enough.

I'm gonna go ahead and judge a book by its cover. With a name like uranidiot, I'm guessing you're usually a paragon of patients and understanding.

then don't make stupid comments if you don't want to be reamed for it... if you have done ANY reading AT all you would know that the S4 is quite the capable processor. WTF does it matter how many cores it has as long as the phone is fast. and the phone will be plenty fast. so what does it matter?... just so you know, the cores in the S4 (A15) are designed off a newer architecture than the tegra3 (A9). how many times are people going to say this same shit on this site so people finally stfu about it? it is complained about EVERY day. jeeeeezzz

He wasn't a "fucking asshole" pointing out the fact that someone is complaining about specs and what not isn't being a dick. Calling someone a moron isn't being a dick either or "fucking asshole" for that matter. There are AndroidPhanboys and Crapple Fanboys. Both are annoying. I don't care about a quad core, they are power hogs, and with word from Intel that their single core is actually faster and better than most dual and quad core is something that needs some attention.

I would like to know why the assholes at ATT decided against a 32gb version and why they aren't offering the FREE dropbox.. ATT is scum..

But finally Samsung is standing up for ITS phone buyers.. I am not buying ATTs phone, it is Samsungs phone im interested in. ATT should offer FREE calling and just offer data pacakges. Who the fuck calls these days anyways? I spent 2 hours over the last 6 months on the phone talking to people. 2 fucking hours, 120 minutes, and I now have over 5000 rollovers.. FUCK THAT SHIT!

Any Phanboy/Phangirl is annoying. Especially that Crapple Foneyboys

I too was looking forward to the quad core processor. I have seen some reviews where an app was used to control the processors, so yes you could use all processors on demand. I have not heard of the processor causing interference with the LTE radios as another has suggested. I am all for battery life but what I really want is speed. I was waiting for the S3 over the EVO 4G LTE because of the quad core processor. Now my decision just got tougher, bigger screen or Beats Audio? Those are the two practical differences as I see them now.

Try PowerAmp.. Better than Beats audio. IMHO.. I think Beats is way overrated.. I have the Beats Tour headphones, decent enough, but not the best. Sennheiser is better.

Bigger is better. Screen size is always a plus. Look at the Iphoney, kinda like the GOP stuck in time. 4 inches on the iphoney 5 or 4.8" with the SGS3?

This is great news. I'm happily under contract with my GNex, but my wife has an upgrade in August so hopefully this is still a major player by then.

This is what the gnex spec sheet should have looked like. The next Nexus phones in november really need to take note of what samsung has done here and put these types of specs in a motorola nexus phone. Seriously, this thing is a beast, makes me jelly with my nexus.
Rumor has it that the SG3 will be $300 at verizon, greedy a-holes.

i hate people complaining about paying $300 for new top of the line smartphone. Don't you realize that phone really costs like $600-$700? Over 50% off is still a steal.

Don't you realize the ridiculously inflated rates you pay to be chained to a carrier for 2 years more than makes up for that measly $300?! Don't be ignorant. subsidized pricing screws us in the long run.

That's the point, the market for Verizon (and other reliable 3g/4g network providers) is strong enough to hold the price up. The handset cost is irrelevant, if the difference is between $300 and FREE that's still only about 15% of what you will pay for the 2 years you have the phone under contract. What subsidy? The contract price towers over even the full MSRP of the phone.

Who is the ignorant one here?

Please explain to me this awesome price you get from verizon (or any other carrier for that matter) when you buy the phone without subsidizing. You get some discount that no one else gets? Cause I don't even think T-Mobile has different rates anymore if u buy a phone off contract.

The 4Q of this year and beyond, most the smartphone comes with Quad-Core processors 1.5 Ghz and 2GB Ram, that`s what all the news out there.
Sprint Already one of the one talking about the LG phones for the 4Q of this year to be release with Quad-core processor. And I bet you VZW and AT&T doing the same too.

Cause quadcore is better? That has been proven false over and over again unfortunately. Until software is written that takes advantage of it, quad core phones are pointless. Unfortunately.

The design might not be a big hit with everyone, but the phone's definitely gonna sell like hotcakes based on specs alone... More storage options than most of the One variants and a removable battery to boot, I'd be surprised if the average consumer overlooks that in favor of the One X's design or the EVO LTE's extras (kickstand/camera button)... And I say that despite the fact that I pre ordered my EVO LTE after the SGS3 announcement, still waiting on the order, damn you Wirefly.

Does anybody else think "Beginning in June" seems rather vague? Will all carriers release the phone in June, or will some release in June and others will release in the following months?

Surely the carriers would prefer to announce their own specific launch dates, and Samsung is simply letting everyone know that they're all coming starting soon.

I'm really hoping the carriers announce release dates ASAP as many of us are still within our return windows for the HOX, HOS and E4GLTE. I would hate to return my E4GLTE thinking the GS3 will be coming out in 4 weeks or less, only to find out that it will be released later in the summer (or later).

The EVO 4G LTE doesn't have much reason to envy the SGS3 beyond the removable battery... Better screen, similar storage options, same SoC, kickstand + camera button, same battery capacity; I guess the 2GB of RAM is the one other spec in the SGS3's favor... I'd take the kickstand/shutter button + Sense & HTC's track record with updates over TW & Samsung's dismal history with updates any day tho.

Now if the choice was against a One X with no external storage, no stand, and no camera button, it'd be a tougher one. It's still a much more attractive design imo but I'd be hard pressed to choose that and the slightly better display over the SGS3's battery/storage flexibility, plus the RAM.

What the EVO 4G LTE has to worry about is that it's a Sprint network phone. Very few markets with LTE currently, and by the time they have a respectable LTE network newer/better phones will be out. Sprint's HORRIBLE 3G speeds (comparable to other network's 1x or 2G EDGE speeds) makes any Sprint device useless for data users here in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and I suspect in any major metro.

Specs-wise, it rocks, and I love a built-in kickstand, but no interest in Sprint at all here.

Well, VZW isn't going to advertize it. So, if SAMSUNG doesn't want to loose business to the upcoming iPhone5 then they have decided to advertize it to attempt to keep customers waiting for their phone instead of jumping ship. They are not playing VZW's hiding game. Weather or not VZW sells 1M SIII or 1M iPhones, they don't care. They sell a million phones. On the other hand, Sammy wants you to buy the SIII so they are taking it into their own hands and advertizing the SIII on VZW.
VZW sucks.

For realizing that they might as well let Samsung and Apple fight over mindshare and instead keep churning out "can you hear me now?" and "Fastest 4G network!" ads to draw customers from AT&T? Yeah, how dumb are they to think that they should make money off of selling a service and not by selling a discounted handset?

Wow - i just got my gnex on contract before Vz does away with the unlimited data package. Oh well. Would love to see this in pebble blue, but I'm having way too much fun with my pure google phone to jump ship.... just yet ;P

I 2nd that. With Verizon, it's similar to playing Russian Roulette. I'm not ready to give up unlimited data for a phone that Vz would/could to use to kick off their new data plans. I'd hope their not ready for that switch yet, but like I said...Russian Roulette.

Yah - I figured that with the rumored phones hitting Vz this summer, S3 included, they would set the new policy to force ppl like us into their new "family share" plan. Like you said, Russian Roulette.

Yah - I figured that with the rumored phones hitting Vz this summer, S3 included, they would set the new policy to force ppl like us into their new "family share" plan. Like you said, Russian Roulette.

Yah - I figured that with the rumored phones hitting Vz this summer, S3 included, they would set the new policy to force ppl like us into their new "family share" plan. Like you said, Russian Roulette.

Wow - i just got my gnex on contract before Vz does away with the unlimited data package. Oh well. Would love to see this in pebble blue, but I'm having way too much fun with my pure google phone to jump ship.... just yet ;P

I'm looking to finally pass the torch on from my Fascinate. Hopefully Verizon doesn't wait til August to release it or something else dumb like they are famous for doing.

Yep, the X is gone. I'm on a road trip and yesterday missed a few turns due to it just randomly locking/freezing. The DX is annoying me now.

Like you I am still on my original Droid X. I will probably move to this after the bugs are out and the root is out. I am no one's beta tester thank you.

Like you I am still on my original Droid X. I will probably move to this after the bugs are out and the root is out. I am no one's beta tester thank you.

This is the way to do it! I would like to see more phone releases across all networks. This a badass phone, and is going to be an incredible success for samsung and the US wireless networks. We may be witnessing the birth of the phone that will actually earn the title of "iphone killer." I'm just shocked verizon got on board for this! It's about damn time!

I honestly don't see any phone being an "Iphone" killer. Their brand image is WAY to big for any other phone to "kill" it. I work with a guy that has an Iphone and my sister has one, and they just think they are the greatest things in the world and no other phone will EVER stack up. They have been conditioned this way by apple going back to the first ipod release. I am not a fanboy, just a realist. I personally can't wait to show my S III off to my iphone toting friends/family.

You can't "show off" an inferior technology such as an AMOLED screen to an iPhone user and be any bit of convincing. The iPhone's display can only be beat by an IPS2 LCD display, not old school AMOLED. Ever wonder why images look so much better on an iPhone? I hate Apple stuffz, I'm an Android developer, but if you plan to beat an iPhone with a SGS 3, then you're crazy. You will only impress an iPhone user with a One X, which has the best screen now. I did it. The iPhone people were definitely impressed by the One X screen.

you obviously haven't held it in your hand yet. Hell, the screen size alone is ++++ over the tiny 3.5. I jumped ship from a 4s to the gs3, and let me tell you that the screen IS better than the iphone's. BOOYA!

Seriously, you seem to be misinformed. I know a few iPhone 4S owners who have been impressed with my EVO 4G screen. As in the original release in 2010 480 x 800 resolution EVO 4G screen. This SG3 is going to be sick. But people will buy what they want. I don't care so long as I have options and competitive pricing.

Interesting you mention that because my roommate told me that the screen on my Galaxy Nexus looks way better than his iPhone 4s.

I think we have had several phones superior to the iPhone. It just requires that end user value useability and durability over style. The SIII looks like it is trying to compete in the style category as well. Good luck Samsung. I would love to stop hearing about the iPhone. I personally feel that all iPhones should be red to signify embarrassment over the undeserved attention they get.

There is no such thing as an iPhone killer. It simply cannot exist on an android phone. Why? the iphone thing is not about the phone, it's the OS. If it people were drawn to the iPhone for the hardware, it would have been gone a while ago. The attraction is the software. So, if an android phone ran iOS, then you could have an iPhone killer. No android phone will kill the iPhone.
Ask 99% of the iPhone owners about their phone and they will say:
It's an iPhone
It has a retina display. Ask them what type of screen it is and see what they say.
They will likely know nothing else.
It has Siri.
Hardware doesn't matter to them. It could have a single core 500mhz processor and if it ran smoothly, then they don't care.
There will never be an iPhone killer.

Agreed- and I have an iPhone and plan to get the SG3. However, her is no denying the iPhone and iOS is very attractive. I have been using Apple/Mac computers for 20 years, and the integration is helpful. Also, at least for the Macs, I know how to troubleshoot and fix any issues that arise.

My view is that Apple may now have gone too far with iPhones and iPads to make them too integrated, inflexible and less user friendly. I think Android now is like Apple 20 years ago- fresh, innovative, and user-friendly.

So, I won't get the SG3 the day it comes out on AT&T. Probably wait a few weeks, at least. If we start getting close to iPhone5 announcement- I may even wait for those details. However, rumors for iPhone 5 have not been very appealing- just a 4 inch screen, maybe a few other bells and whistles.

I think the time to move to Android comes with the SG3- that is, I am 95% certain.

Can't wait for this phone to hit Verizon. My upgrade is due on June 22, I have been waiting for this for a very long time!

You could just stick a 64GB micro SD into any of the 16GB versions... 64+16/32 > 64

And I say that despite still using my iPod touch to exercise, my EVO's have typically been to thick/heavy and I often get caught in the rain while running anyway... Not a big deal if the touch bites it since run tracking is just about all I ever use it for anymore (2nd gen 16GB btw).

Very happy is an understatement. T-Mobile will surely be seeing me come the end of June. So long Verizon and I just got my 4.0.4 update on my Galaxy Nexus and boy what a phone I must say. Oh well 5months away from the new NEXUS with jellybean. What a pickle to be in..

Yes! I've been dying to hear news about the U.S. release of the GSIII. I'm due for an upgrade in July I believe and my birthday is in August so I'm definitely putting down my Vibrant and getting this baby, I can't hardly play any of these demanding games now.

"the device will have the same iconic look across the board, which even Samsung has noted as being an industry first." - Maybe in the Android Handset industry it is a first, but other companies have done this before.

True, even RIM has managed that plenty in the past... Carrier customized variants is just a disturbing trend that's developed post-Android, tho even WP fell prey to it a little bit. In some cases it's a win for the consumer (Samsung Epic with keyboard, or EVO LTE with larger battery/kickstand/camera button), in most cases it's just a drag (most SGS variants, Incredible 4G).

Technically speaking, I believe this claim is actually true. When you look at the five carriers mentioned, I dont see any phone that is on all of them. Remember, the BB's have traditionally made two different models for GSM and CDMA carriers.

Hopefully this equates to a iPhone's worth of accessories. I mean if there are 12,000,000 of the same phones out there, you will have a lot of after market support. More than the same phone with 4 different designs of the same phone so the docks, mounts, window mounts, cases, etc. must be different.
The "only" thing I envy iPhone owners over is the shear volume of accessories available.

Huzzah! ... now it's a waiting game to see the different release dates, pricing and "customizations" the carriers have planned.I have a upgrade to burn, but not till July so we'll see how everything lines up with the VZW unlimited plans and whether this is going to start at $299 ...

I'm still holding out for the possibility of the galaxy note coming to sprint. Until I hear a no, I'll keep my gbex. Every time I ask a sprint rep, they say possibly so.

Got mine since a few days in Germany now. Again I am shocked about the American pricing of that phone. Here in Germany i got it for one Euro on T Mobile and the Dual core version again like the HTC One X. Yeah i know quardcore can't do lte but Android is already buggy and slow enough. Quardcore is a must. Well i wish you guys a lot of fun with the Galaxy 2 i mean 3. The dual core kinda threw me off lol. And i think since this US Galaxy 3 only comes with dual core instead quardcore it should only cost half in the US. I mean u pay for a half assed phone so much when you can get the quardcore version for basically free. 50 cent should be the price tag. Since it is one Euro in Germany.

Well what are you defending? That US carriers give you just half of the phone then what it noramlly is? Also you defending that the 199 for a dualcore is ok when you get a quardcore for 1 Euro? yeah pretty ignorant from me to see that this is a rip off. Sorry. And before you diss my writing i would like to see you writing German as good as i do English. So yeah. I bet you cant.

Theres an extra gig of ram in the NA/JP version, plus the clock speed is faster, not to mention the fact that no apps really take advantage of high-core CPUs so unless you like to run Pandora and Iheartradio and Google music and Angry Birds all at the same time, those two extra cores are probably spending all their time just eating up your battery life and not doing anything to make the phone any faster.

Show me benchmarks that the Exynos Quad is any faster in application work than the Snapdragon and I will eat a heaping helping of sour kraut. Until then, auf wiedersehen to your nonsense.

The pot calls the kettle black. At least the guy from Germany knows how to make a SINGLE post instead of a half-dozen duplicates of the same one.

Please go to a German language forum and try posting in that language, let's see how well you do.

Thank you. And again this isnt a hate against the phone. Just saying that i feel as Americans get rip off with this phone or the htc one x because the price is way to high and then it is really just a lite version of the European beast quardcore phone. And i bet if we would have a poll. If you would asked if people rather would have quardcore minus lte or dualcore plus lte it would be interesting to see how this Poll would turn out.

I agree, our LTE is proving to be a pain in the butt. I'd definitely like the Quad, but guess I cannot get worked up over it since it won't happen. I do think it should be discounted though, as you mentioned.

Yeah and this is not a hate or diss at the phone itself. It is more that i think that it sucks for US costumers that they kinda get rip off with the 2 core instead 4 core Galaxy. LTE is nice but in real life really not a need for it. Since A you have Wifi spots almost everywhere. B LTE and 4G in Germany isnt so big difference. And most people at home have WIFI to use anyway. I would see if there would be EDGE only and then LTE would be awesome but really. I think Quardcore is more important then dualcore LTE. How many dualcore LTE phones are already in the USA? IT really doesnt make the HTC ONE X or SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 seem so appealing and different then all the other LTE dualcore phones Like SKyrocket VIVid LG Nitro. for me it is just a other Android phone that has LTE. But the Quardcore is what makes it different. But i guess people dont see that it is actually way to overpriced and that they get rip off for a other dualcore LTE phone. I wish they would have the better more uniq HTC ONE X or GALAXY S3 that really is different then all the dualcore LTE phones that out there already.

That's great news like me with upgrade eligible time
Removable sdcard my concern if not I will grab EVO LTE definitely!!

Yes it has removable sdcard and battery well at least the European Quardcore version does, not sure about the weak dual core US version. But I am sure it does too.

you seriously need to stop hating. Samsung has done a great job with both the variants. I have the quad core but ive seen the benchmarks of the s4 and it is awesome. Plus our US friends get 2gb of ram. It's one thing for a htc fan to hate on a Samsung phone, but it's just sad to see someone hate on the same phone with a slightly different variation.

No hate just sad that the US people get rib off and have to live with an less better version with lte and pay so much for it. People need to stand up and not take that kinda shit. Go on protest and finally make cellphone companies loose money and just show them u don't take their shit.

I don't mean to make this about nationality but in the US we prefer this thing called free enterprise, where companies can produce and sell and deliver any way they like. The consumer has the freedom to buy or not to buy, but going "on protest" is just another form of entitled whining that doesn't accomplish anything.

Actually it does. Like around 2 months ago a the puplic transporation company didnt pay or increased their pay for their employees so the protested what makeit very hard to get everywhere when you have one of the worlds biggest puplic transportation systems in the world. the strike demostration went on for like 2 days and guess what no all got paid more wage and stuff like that happens all the time in Europe. I lived in the USA for 7 years and as free as it claim it is it isnt really. Open up ur mouth to ur employer in the USA and ur ASs gets fired. WTF? The freedom of speech is just a saying in the us but not more then that because it has no freedom of speech really.

Well it won't effect me but I can't help but see this as a good thing. Accessories should be plentiful which is something us VZW Gnex users don't have. For accuracy, take the most pessimistic approach for release date. VZW will certainly use this to lure people off unlimited data. ATT will wait until the bulk of X buyers are out of their return window. TMO will likely be first. I would love to see USCC roll out before VZW.

I'm more then a little miffed at Verizon. I was up and ready to pay the $100 early termination fee at Sprint and jump to Verizon and get the SIII only to find that on the 5th they are dropping their double data promo, just in time to give the middle finger to any new customer who wants to get the SIII and 4GB of data. Frak you Verizon. I want to break a Verizon exec's nose right about now. These games are beyond maddening. At any rate I guess its ATT even though I LOATH them. Can't stick to Sprint since their network is for crap up here in Minnesota.

Hmm I lived in Minnesta and Wisconsin before moving back to Europe. I got reception basically everywhere with Sprint since they roam in Verizon. Just need to put the phone to allow roaming and should root it to allow forcing roaming when no sprint coverage is around. I did that all the time when low sprint coverage I just set the phone in roam picked up Verizon and good to go. And this was just beginning February that I still did that before moving.

Sprint must be desperate to keep subscribers now, then. Your trick of forcing roaming used to be a trick people used to get out of their contracts without an ETF because Sprint would dump you if you roamed too much.

Yes i know that out of experience. But you need to keep your data roaming in a respectable amount. i used roaming only when i needed highspeed data on sprint where i lived. I had otherwise for calling used just the shitty slow connection. it was a tricky situation anyway the whole town did have 4g sprint but in my house of course it was so week it switched between 1x and highspeed what make it impossible to do any data stuff so i just put it in verizon when i needed data. And yeah i heared that sprint is almost getting rid of unlimited data it is only left on smartphones if i am correct.

Bye bye iPhone. I think this will be my next phone. Not overly thrilled about it's size but not going to cry over it. I think by far this phone has the best Android specs around.

One cool feature is that when you watch a video you can have it in a smaller scale running on the screen somewhere in the corner or wherever and do other things like browsing and texting and u won't miss a damn thing. Also there a some other cool features only the galaxy s3 has. Don't wanna spoil to much the surprise.

But the question that really buffels me is, why just now you consider dumping the iPhone? For the last few years others have advanced so much and iPhone barely. I mean so many better phones better specs more things they do then the iPhone and just now you wanna say bye bye? That really wonders me. And you don't like the size of the galaxy s3 well the screen is bigger so you can see content better and stuff unlike on the tiny tiny iPhone screen. Lol and the galaxy s3 is actually not that big. If u ever hold a HTC titan or HTC one x they both have a slightly smaller screen then the S3 but they are bigger and wider size wise.

I also made the choice and switched. I'm genuinely pleased with this phone and Android in general. The spell has been broken!

Thats good. Somehow Apple brainwashes people and they fall for it and that even goes that far that they even thought there is better things out never ever admit it is better. What is sad. No shame to admit something is better. I am glad you enjoy the phone and Android.

I have 2 questions about this phone.

1. Is the boot loader unlock able?

2. Is the phone going to be exactly the same across all carriers? So will AT&T and T-Mobile have a CDMA radio as well as a GSM, and vice versa for the Sprint and Verizon versions? Not that I would be needing both radios but it sure would help Samsung release updates a little easier. Even if we get 2 versions, CDMA and GSM, that's better than previous releases. I hope this becomes a trend by all manufactures. I had Epic 4G (not Touch) and updates were not released timely at all.

1. Samsung has always been the easiest to root and mess with.

2. LTE is GSM I cannot see this phone being crippled one against the other since ATT and Sprint have LTE rolling out...

I wonder if Samsung can even keep up
with U.S. & World demand simultaneously?!?!?!?

You'll see, there will be back orders.

They have some issue with demand in Germany. But it would be easier when us carriers don't want the phone remade and just leave it the way it is. But no take out the quardcore and put in a dual core that's stupid and yea lte is fine but what does faster data does when the phone only runs half as fast and doesn't has the power? I am used from the USA also to have the bigger things bigger engines in cars and power but in phones they spec down? Doesn't seem American to me at all. But charging a leg and an arm for half of the phone that the European version is that on the other hand seems very American to me lol.

You should seriously do some research, there's like four nonsense comments from you about the dual core SoC that clearly show you don't have a clue what you're talking about. The Krait/S4 SoC they're using is based around a newer ARM design (A15) than the current quad Exynos or Tegra 3 (A9 cores). What that means is that each individual core is actually much faster clock for clock than any current quad core design, it's like comparing an Intel Core 2 Quad from a couple years ago with a current gen dual core i5...

In the end, the S4 is just as fast (or faster) in most tests, while also being more efficient and having the benefit of a built in LTE radio... It's built on a smaller 28nm process than any other SoC which also helps efficiency (quad Exynos is built on Samsung's recent 32nm process while Tegra 3 is 40nm, only way they were able to get it to market by the start of the year). Look at some of the benchmarks of the Euro One X vs the US One X... Now, where Exynos does have a advantage is in the GPU department, which has nothing to do with CPU cores... Most Android games are coded to the lowest common denominator tho, or enhanced for Tegra devices (even when they aren't the fastest, NVidia marketing dollars and dev relations at work), so that's kind of a wash.

With the additional RAM the S4 SGS3 variants will probably end up being the fastest phone in the market for general tasks, while the Euro version might put up the best gaming benchmark scores, at least until an S4 phone with a newer Adreno 300 GPU or the next TI OMAP SoC comes out... S4 is actually in pretty high demand and Qualcomm managed to lap the other SoC vendors this year because they're the only ones that license the entire ARM design and can tweak it rather than just reproduce it. Samsung paired their SoC with a great GPU as they always do tho, but other than that the quad Exynos isn't anything special.

Ok I have both the HTC one x euro and us version and when I run benchmarks there is no surprise that the euro version is faster. But American providers try to make people believe that it is the care that a lower spec phone does better. Is like saying social system doesn't work even thought it works so much better then us tries to brainwash people. Glad there is Michael Moore who showed that the health system is superior to the us one. By the way the name of the movie is SICKO. And then tell me my friend who do u excuse the 199 dollar price tag for the phone when u get it here for a euro? Hmmm give me ur best excuse u got. Lol

Wow, you're a grade A troll... I didn't even say anything about the prices which has nothing whatsoever to do with the devices... US carriers operate on an entirely different subsidy system, yeah it screws the consumers in certain ways... On the other hand, US consumers have been enjoying 15mb 4G speeds for quite a while now and 4G coverage grows every month. Feel free to update us on the (almost non existent) progress of 4G deployment across Europe... ;) No system is prefect, Europe does a lot of things right to foster more competition amongst carriers, but you clearly have an axe to grind and no clue whatsoever about what's really going on in the US market.

The S4 has out of order execution, speculative execution, improved cache, etc, so the Exenos needs 4 cores to keep up. Would you rather have a 6 cylinder turbo Porsche or an 8 cylinder diesel in a dump truck. It's more than the number of cores.

well in germany there is full 4g everywhere and in some parts in germany like Berlin you get LTE with T Mobile or Vodafone but the only 4G phone so far is the HTC Velocity what is the HTC vivid in the USA and the Nokia Lumia 900. So yeah not sure what excatly you are talking about.

I lived until beginning FEB in the USA i had all carriers and sticked with Sprint what is the cheapest but still way more then German carriers. And when i use my American Skyrocket i get LTE in Berlin Germany. So your statement isnt clearly right. It might be that less advanced Countries in Europe do not have 4g or Lte but i am in germany so i don not need to worry about that.

Oh by the way i am selling a Blue Metallic Samsung Galaxy S3 and one HTC ONE x white both quardcore version and also one Dualcore Us One x if someone is interested. Please message me privat. Thank you.

Samsung om the way to world smartphone domination... Well done, even if I'd rather see a couple of other companies (HTC, Moto, Sony) show some competition. However Samsung shows what happens when you execute well.

Leaving aside the insanely ridiculous nonsense some of these folks are quarreling over above...

This is nothing but good news for Android in the US. The carriers have mucked up the phones with differentiation to the point the updating process is a joke. If Samsung can force this on the big 5, not to mention the smaller regional carriers, the long held dream of carriers being dumb pipes may be upon us.

And that my friends is the central focus of this announcement.

I so agree with this post.

The main point of focus here is that Samsung was able to show its muscle, and I believe force the carriers to leave the phone alone.

Same name, same design, across the board. This is the biggest win for Samsung versus anything spec wise.

Being the #1 smartphone maker in the world has its benefits and Samsung clearly is taking full advantage of their position right now.

I have the G-Note, and absolutely believe the Note is incredible. I won't be putting down my G-Note for the SIII, but this news is very exciting!

What hello can you hear damnn cellular drop. Wtf no data damnnn it why don't I have data. This is BS Samsung doesn't know how to do radios only plastic phones

This is great news for customers. What a shot accross the bow of HTC though. Why they continue to produce different hardware for each major carrier (EVE LTE, One X)Samsung comes along and blows them away. 2 gig of RAM to address the One X lame excuss for multitasking, expandable memory and a removable battery? Ham spam leg o lamb, word up and god dam!!! Accessories should be everywhere now that there is only one variant.

They took away the best selling point Quad core, guess i'll keep the old EVO if I'm going to have a dual core.

The EVOLTE is beast and solid a s a rock. Go hold one and see, its like holding a piece of kryptonite. All the features listed for this phone are avail through 3rd party apps, the only thing im seeing on here thats any good is 2gb of RAM. Although I dont see how it could be faster than EVOLTE. That thing flies.

A few issues with your comment.

4G Availabilty is sparse for Sprint LTE. 6 cities in the coming months? Possible delays? Plus, what if I don't live in one of those cities? This multi carrier push is huge for the world of Android. Same design across all carriers too? It wont take long to have iPhone volumes of accessories available in many stores.

Like holding Kryptonite? What does that even mean? It can hurt Superman? Did I miss something along the Superman mythology that states Kryptonite is hard as diamonds, isn't it just another rock for humans?

Don't underestimate the speed of this new dual core processor coupled with 2 gigs of ram. This thing will fly. You don't need to justify your Evo4GLTE purchase to the rest of us. It's ok that you like, you don't have anything to prove. :)

Now that's knowing how to play The game!. You launch a phone in all 5 mayor carriers, you can't lose by that.
To be honest, now I'll have to wait to decide between this and The EVO 4g LTE.

Pass. This is a great upgrade for folks coming from mid-range to high end single core devices but for current dual core handsets this isn't such a huge step up. Was hoping that at least the T-Mobile version would have had the quad core Exynos. Oh well I'll just keep waiting for a quad core.

Hmm, I was planning on ordering an International version once the Pebble Blue was available but now I may just burn an upgrade and save a few hundred $..
Was really looking forward to having this device months before most of the US population too, I had too much fun toting my GSM GNEX infront of Verizon salespeople MONTHS before their official release!

Well you should still get the European version. Aside from having 4 cores you also get no branding and no simlock shit. I by the way sell a galaxy s3 international. And also some HTC ONE X international.

Can you please harp some more about how much better the international version of the GS3 and One X are? I would appreciate it. Thanks

Im glad Samsung finally got the balls to demand everyone to keep it the same across the board. I applaud them for taking the apple approach.

Have fun with your dual cores guys, im waiting till the end of the yr to see what quad brings. until then its og epic 4G for me. hopefully new chips and four cores also better hardware.

I'm still using my original Evo, but it's showing its age. I'm trying to hold out until June 21st when I can hopefully hold the One X and the Galaxy S III side by side for comparison to see which I like better (I have small hands, so size will be a consideration as well).

The same across all carriers? They got a better deal selling their "Stock" setup than Google did with the GNex.