Samsung Galaxy S II

Yes, after many reports of the sign-up page coming for the Samsung Galaxy S II -- the sign up page for the Samsung Galaxy S II is finally here. Not that it really helps push the device along or anything like that. In fact, it just means you'll be handing over your e-mail to Samsung so that they can e-mail at some point close to when the device is available in the U.S. But as history dictates, those emails come long after we've announced the availability here on the Android Central blogs. So you can sign up or, you know, just stick close to us.

Source: Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy S II U.S. sign up page now live, for what it's worth


Imma stick with my trusted android blog for the latest and greatest...ANDROID CENTRAL FTW!!!! On a serious matter, i want my damn ATTAIN already!

I signed up and I'll still check in here. Cover all the bases. Been pining for this (Function) since April. 'bout to bust. Any thoughts on best strategy for getting one immediately when it becomes available? Stand outside the Verizon store before opening time on Aug 12? Pre-order somehow?

Many of us will bother because we live in areas that won't have LTE coverage any time soon. I hope it will become an issue for my next phone, but for this cycle, LTE doesn't make any difference to me.