Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung has announced that its dual-core Galaxy S II will be released in the UK on May 1. The Gingerbread-powered Galaxy S II brings some impressive specs to the table -- a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 4.2-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, making it one of the most powerful Android devices around.

Samsung says the Galaxy S II will be available on-contract all major UK networks, as well as SIM-free from British retailers. If you'd like to be serenaded with more tech specs, you can read Samsung's full press release after the jump. Find out what we thought of the Galaxy S II by checking out our hands-on coverage of the phone from Mobile World Congress.

11th April 2011, London, UK – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., today announces that its slimmest and lightest smartphone yet, the Samsung Galaxy S II (Model: GT-I9100), will be available in UK shops on 1st May 2011. The Galaxy S II is the first handset to offer Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus screen technology, the largest, brightest and most colourful screen available in Samsung’s portfolio of devices.

Super slim (8.49mm) and lightweight (116g) Samsung’s Galaxy S II runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and is super-fast thanks to its dual-core 1.2GHz processor. The device’s exceptionally bright screen makes it perfect for watching movies and TV or playing games and looking at apps, with its ground-breaking ‘organic’ LED technology, Super AMOLED Plus also saving energy so you can enjoy watching content without affecting the battery life.

The Galaxy S II is built for multi-tasking, its dual-core processor makes switching between applications and loading web pages such as Google, Yahoo and YouTube quick, whilst superior 3D hardware means games and videos can be loaded and played with ease. What’s more, there’s immediate access to content and services such as catch up TV and movie downloads, thanks to super-fast connectivity and WiFi, with speeds up to 21Mbps which provides increased download speeds, and Bluetooth 3.0+HS which reduces data transfer times significantly.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “From the moment it was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona there has been a huge buzz about the Galaxy S II, so we’re pleased to announce that it will be available for UK customers to buy from 1st May. Our slimmest, lightest, fastest smartphone is our first device to offer of Super AMOLED Plus screen technology, alongside the most advanced technical specifications including the latest Android OS and a dual core processor. We’re confident it’s a great package for anyone wanting a superior smartphone experience.”

The Galaxy S II also features an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording and playback, Samsung’s patented AllShare technology so you can share pictures, movies, and music with other devices and Samsung’s new Kies Air which lets people manage their smartphone contents from their PC via local WiFi connections.

A new ‘Live Panel’ feature on the Galaxy S II allows aggregation of live web, social networking and application contents to a single customisable home-screen, whilst it’s possible to place all the important parts of your life onto three adjacent home screens which you can switch between simply by pressing and holding on the screen. As with all the Samsung Galaxy family, the Galaxy S II features Samsung Hubs, providing a huge range of entertainment content, advanced mobile games and the ability to manage social networking accounts.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in the UK across all major networks and retailers.


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Samsung Galaxy S II launching in the UK on May 1


Why? Its still a Samsung.

Wait for the equivalent HTC and have a possibility of actually getting updates.

Sorry but no way htc hardware can be on par with Samsung's, sure samsung have been sucking with updates, that's why we have developers, and if the GSII had the same hackerbility has it's predecessors it's all good

The updates are delayed due to the US carriers, maybe you didn't see that the original galaxy S phones in the UK are already slated for 2.3 in the next month or so which curretnly released phones of HTC's have 2.3? Not even the Nexus one yet. Even if updates are slow i'd still rather own the samsung device at 8.49 MM thick rather than a Thunderbolt with an extended battery that sticks out 6 feet from the back of the phone. When HTC can make a phone with a battery life of longer than 2 hours maybe i'll buy their brand.

"...rather than a Thunderbolt with an extended battery that sticks out 6 feet from the back of the phone."

"..When HTC can make a phone with a battery life of longer than 2 hours maybe i'll buy their brand."

Exaggerate much?

Now we have manufacturer fanboys within the Android fanboys set. Lovely.

Sorry mate you've been misinformed.

I live in the UK. I have a Nexus One. I've had Gingerbread for a while now. Over a month I believe.

However, I agree with you that the Galaxy phones have had froyo for a while and will soon have Gingerbread. US carriers are to blame for the delays over there.

This is my dream phone. But wasn't this originally a 4.3 inch screen phone? I mean, I actually prefer 4.2, but just wondering.

Verizon needs to get this phone ASAP. You hear me, Verizon? ASAP.

This is kind of a silly response since the original SGS is getting Gingerbread on par if not sooner then everyone else.

I'm guessing he's lock on a US carrier....but seriously...this whole "samsung doesnt support their product" is getting rather old. Get over it already.

Why? Is the opinion of a Galaxy S owner any less valid than yours? The fact that the phones have been crippled in the US by the carriers is a black eye for Android. Plain & simple. Come next May I will be getting a stock Android phone. If my carrier doesn't offer it I'll switch to one that does. If I still have no options then I won't be getting an Android phone. And yes that will reflect negatively on GOOGLE & Android for allowing the carriers to ruin perfectly good hardware.

Actually it is a black eye to US carriers who are so in love with providing "value added services" aka bloatware.

i guess my annoyance wasn't expressed very well in my last comment. We all know that the phones was crippled by the US carriers as u said. I'm just a little annoyed that every time i read a blog post about any Samsung related topic, i go down to the comments and see "not interested because Samsung doesn't update their products, etc" so u either live with it, flash a ROM on it, or buy another phone that doesn't lock u from getting updates.

I'm heavy on HTC+Android (Hero, and EVO). This is the only phone that can pull me away from HTC. But if things go like they did last time around I'm not going to see this on Sprint unless it has a keyboard im assuming and not until maybe late summer

i used to like htc,but now i dont
They have the same issues in all of their phones!
Crappy battery life+crappy speakers.

I'm not sure why people have to take sides when it comes to manufacturers. As far as I'm concerned, competition leads to innovation. Samsung and Motorola have set the standard for the new generation of phones (Atrix & SGS II). I'm sure HTC has something up its sleeves maybe Evo 3D or maybe that new dual core phone they'll be releasing soon. One thing I must add about HTC, they better improve their phone's battery life and come up with something that doesn't look the same as all their previous phones or people will buy other great alternatives. Price will also dictate how many phones these companies sell.

I'm just glad to see competition within the Android ecosystem.

just my 2 cents but it all comes down to how the phone feels in my hand i had a galaxy s but didn't like the feel of it so it went back and i stuck with my nexus 1
if the s2 feels great then i'll get one if not then i won't the specs are important but tbh it could be the best specced phone in the world if it don't "feel" right i aint wasting an upgrade on it