Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

A Note 4 that trades the metal design for an interestingly-curved display

So say you like the size and S Pen functionality of the Note series, but want something a little different to set you apart from every other big phone out there. Well, here's Samsung's answer to that user group: the Galaxy Note Edge. It's a plastic-clad version of the Note 4, with all of the same great perks — QHD display, S Pen, 16MP OIS camera — of the latest generation, but with the added twist that it has an extended portion of the display that's curved over its right edge.

That's right, the Note Edge makes use of a curved AMOLED display, but rather than distributing the curve gently across the entire panel — akin to the Galaxy Round — it uses it sharply on just one edge. That rounded edge offers you another way to multitask, with small amounts of information occupying the rounded portion while the rest of the display shows a full-screen app.

It's a pretty awesome idea, and one that we haven't seen executed to this effect until now. Read along for our full hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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Galaxy Note Edge hands-on video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Before we get into all of the details, take a look at our first hands-on video with the Note Edge.

The look and feel

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The curve is dramatic ... and it's only on one side of the phone.

Your eyes do not deceive you — the Note Edge's screen really does have that dramatic of a curve along its right side. And we should be clear that the curve is only along the right edge — the rest of the phone is shaped no different than the Note 4 it was announced with. The other edges, bezels and back are all of a standard design, letting you focus on that unique display shape.

The Note Edge's display is actually slightly wider than the one on the Note 4, with 160 pixels of extra width devoted to the curved portion — dubbed the "Edge Screen." That means you're getting a "full" 5.6-inch display, but one that simply has a little extra bit on the side that's curved over the right edge. (Samsung actually defines the resolution as 2560 x 1440 + 160.)

Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeSamsung Galaxy Note Edge

You're giving up a metal frame to get that curved Edge Screen.

In contrast to the Note 4, the Note Edge is made of plastic rather than metal. It takes on very similar design characteristics, with the shiny edges and accent pieces, but loses the metal frame for polished plastic bits instead. It's also more of a "standard" rounded square shape, dropping the bulged-out corners of the Note 4. Due to the curved side the power button shifts up to the top edge as well, which may cause some usability issues considering its overall size though the Note Edge is technically a couple millimeters shorter than the Note 4. From the back the devices look nearly identical, with a camera pod, heart rate sensor, speaker and S Pen slot all in the usual places.

There's something you just can't quite get over when looking at the Note Edge, and that's the asymmetrical design. Having a phone that isn't the same on both sides is a bit jarring, particularly when considering that when the curved portion of the display is in use it shifts the screen over to the left just enough to notice. The curved right edge makes it awkward to hold in your right hand at first as well, which is the more noteworthy part of the design.

What you can do with the curved display

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Edge Screen is meant to provide secondary information at all times.

This all begs the question: what exactly can you do with the rounded edge of the display? Before we get too carried away making comparisons to the Samsung Continuum, the Note Edge actually does offer a few neat things you can accomplish with it. The basic concept of the curved portion of the display is to offer you passive or secondary information while you're using your phone as you normally would, reducing your reliance on the multitasking key.

At any time, even while using full-screen apps, a swipe in from the right edge of the display expands the Edge Screen. The main view of the Edge Screen is an app launcher, which looks nearly identical to the Multi Window app launcher found on previous Samsung devices. You can customize the app launcher, and use it to switch between apps at any time. This app launcher takes place of the regular "dock" setup of icons at the bottom of the home screen, freeing up that space for more content.

Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeSamsung Galaxy Note Edge

An additional swipe to the left starts to cycle through different panels (apps, if you will) that do various things. Right now you have your choice of about a dozen different panels, of which you can have seven enabled at any given time, but Samsung will make it easy (according to them) for developers to make panels of their own for you to download.

Available panels include music player controls, an S Health overview showing steps and calories burned, a status panel with weather, missed calls and messages, a Twitter panel showing trends and more. Samsung has partnered with Yahoo to offer up Finance, News and Sports panels, if that's your sort of thing. There's also a toolbox panel of sorts that offers up quick buttons that turn the panel into a ruler (yes, really), stopwatch, timer, flashlight and voice recorder.

Different panels do different things, but they're all pretty basic right now.

Some panels, like the Yahoo, S Health and Twitter ones, will open up your browser or appropriate app in full screen when tapped. Others, like the music controls and toolbox, will simply operate independently alone in the Edge Screen area. Beyond the standard panels, there are also two separate features that the Edge Screen has to offer. One is a persistent "Express me" panel that you can customize with a wallpaper, photos and different effects (it's as basic as it sounds). The second is a nighttime alarm clock, which simply displays a dim time and date on the Edge Screen when the rest of the screen is turned off.

Considering that this is a usage paradigm that hasn't really existed before, it takes some time to get used to. Knowing which panels will do which things, how to move between them and most of all how to avoid accidentally hitting the Edge Screen when you're trying to do something else is a tough thing to learn, and it will take some time before we know how natural it can end up feeling.

How it lines up next to the Note 4

Galaxy Note Edge (white) and Note 4 (bronze)

Which do you choose? Well, it depends how much you like that curve.

Being a member of the Note series, announced alongside the Note 4 and sharing nearly all the same specs, it's a valid question to wonder where the Note Edge fits alongside the Note 4. Samsung is apparently positioning the Note Edge as its highest-tier device, despite the fact that it lacks the more premium metal design. The one aspect in which the Note Edge edges out the Note 4 is in internal storage by having a 64GB option available, and of course paired with what can definitely be described as an interesting and innovative feature in its curved display.

On the software front, beside the separate Edge Screen interaction there's little difference between the Note Edge and Note 4. You still get the full suite of S Pen features, new Multi Window changes, Ultra Power Saving Mode and everything you've come to love (or hate) about Samsung's software offerings.

Much more to come

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in white and black

The Note Edge will be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon later this year (sorry, nothing more specific is known). Pricing wasn't immediately announced by the carriers. As for color choices, we're looking at just black and white for this one.

We're just scratching the finely-rounded surface here on the Note Edge, with far more coverage to come as we spend more time with our hands on one of the latest Note devices. Be sure to check back with us for continued coverage.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hands-on


Look samsung has a curved screen I'll buy this phone. No! This is misleading the nation

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

I really cant see the point of this, just wait until you drop it and the glass screen takes the impact. Ouch!
Knowing Samsung, It'll sell by the bucket load though

"Oh no, I hate this phone because I have a contrived issue with it. But hey, I'm so hipster that I'd better diss a popular brand."

I wouldn't say its ugly its an interesting concept but I still feel its a gimmick as usual with samsung.....however I will commend them for trying a different design....still dont like samsung though....

Of course, if Samsung does it, it is a gimmick. If google or apple if it people would be all over it

Posted via the Android Central App

I have to agree with you ....imagine the if the iPhone 6 had that edge curved screen? LOL iZombies would line up from California to new york...LOL.

Honestly, at this point, if HTC did it, and put some aluminum around it, people on these boards would be messing themselves with excitement.

Personally, I am apprehensive about the ability to hold the phone and use it without accidental touches, but I can certainly see a use case for it to improve multi-tasking and/or controlling music, etc.

Heck, I could see a benefit for browsing while I eat lunch, reading and scrolling down through articles without having to get the readable part of the screen greasy. Yeah, I eat messy - Deal with it.

LOL if people went crazy if HTC did it then we live in a sad sad sad world who cares personaly who does it.....and I agree with you...imagine if iPhone 6 did it...LOL the media and people would be like OMG apple is the best such innovation so I agree with you lol. You made me laugh with your eating comment but honestly that is a perfect reason why someone would use it :) lol.

Iphone7? Please. Everyone in the Android world knows it takes Apple longer then that to copy. It'll be more like the iphone8 or 9. :)

People will line up for the IPhone, dose not matter how much it'll be ugly or good. Even if the IPhone has just on old function people still going to line up for it.

Everything's a gimmick until it takes off. I don't know if I'd be all that into this, but it's definitely something that third party devs could have a field day with.

Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies

This. I like the fact that Samsung is always willing to try new things, even if there are misses, the hits - like the original Galaxy Note and subsequent Note releases - are worth it.

That's the best way to think about it! Samsung isnt going for the straight forward simply good looking devices. They're going for something different, out of the ordinary and weird, and I appreciate that. Eventually they'll strike gold again like they did with the note originally, just wait.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup if Devs take advantage of this with games and apps unique to this phone that truly changes the user experience then it will give them a "edge" over the competition.....that is why competition is good in the mobile space forces companies to thing outside of the box.

Interesting idea. It won't catch on but it is interesting. I wonder if they'll make a left handed version?

yeah i was literally pumped when i saw a form change to a phone that wasnt your standard curve. I am left handed however and this poses a LOT of issues to me if I will be activating things holding it in my right hand. I went from excited to disappointed in a 4 min video!

i guess you could flip it upside down but then the power button is on the bottom, the volume buttons are upside down. I AM TRYING TO RATIONALIZE! Being a lefty has only been a curse with finding a large selection of baseball gloves, and constant ink/graphite marks on side of my palm but now its eliminating phones from my usage!!! SAMSUNG LEFTY HATERS!

I dont know about you, crazy lefty, but I hold my device with my right hand and then use my left hand as a mouse of sorts... you cant use your thumb to zoom in or reach to the other side of the device. You solely use your thumb to navigate your phone? If not then you will have to go against years of muscle memory to do so. The device was meant to be held with left hand and used with a right hand to navigate.

This is the perfect phone for this screen! It is meant to held with one hand, and navigated with SPen, anyway (not that you must use it that way!)

Posted via Android Central App

I think having the top edge of the phone could be better. If they could figure out how to do the ear speaker.

Your comment gave me flashbacks to primary school when I first learned that lefties had scissors that the right handers couldn't use... Lmbo

Posted via Android Central App

Haha. True story: when I was in grade school I had to have someone else cut paper for me...there were no left handed scissors in the classroom.

"You shifty bunch, you should just be happy we make scissors for you..."

This comment gets funniest of the day award...

Curved screens on smartphones (and tvs for that matter) are a pointless gimmick. There is no value added. No noticeable enhancement image quality. I just don't get why this seems to be the next big thing. It'll be a passing fad like 3d displays. This phone could otherwise be the best phone on the market and I'd pass it simply because of the added problems I'd have with the screen. I like to use a screen protector and a case.

First take: Dumb.
Second take: this seems like it actually has some value
Final take: This has no value when you have the phone for more than a day.

"hey guys, look at my five inch ruler!"

Never heard that "exact same thing" with the s-pen... care to provide quotes, or any proof at all, of people saying that about the s-pen? Otherwise, I do believe you're talking out of your ass... what a surprise. This isn't anything remotely similar to when the s-pen came about. There's a clear reason to have the s-pen, there's really no clear reason to have this curved edge, other than "hey check out my curved edge screen... your phone can't do this" ... but I'm sure you'll think of something to say to justify it, like you always do, instead of just being realistic and admitting there's no real point to this. Wake me up when they release fully flexible screens, and not just this useless curved screen crap.

Posted via the Android Central App

You never heard that the S-Pen was dumb?
You never heard that the S-Pen had some value?
You never heard that the S-Pen had no value after a day or so?

You live under a rock or something? I still hear all those things.

Couldn't care less how you respond... just wanted you to know that. I said what I said... moving on...

Posted via the Android Central App

Sure why not? It is much better than asking a question, getting an answer and then being the cool guy that feels like crap when they do not like the answer.

It's not about liking the answer or not... it's about not caring about the answer... There's a difference.

And I definitely don't feel like crap... you don't have that much of an affect on me

Posted via the Android Central App

I am sure that you do not feel like crap because of what some random internet guy says, but you should somewhat feel like crap about digging on someone, getting an answer then saying you don't care.

But hey, its your life and please, enjoy it.

I have had a Note 3 for about 6 weeks. The S pen idea was cool. 6 weeks later and u have never used it. Forgot it was even there.

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3

Correction....should say I have never used it.

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3

I actually do have folks on regular basis tell me how they never found the S Pen useful. At the other end of the spectrum I have plenty die-hard Note fans who swear by it. It's really not a huge issue. Different strokes for different folks. Hell, some people just like having the option.

This is a similar situation. The Note Edge is an option. If *you* aren't interested, who cares? It isn't the only Note 4, so its existence has zero impact on you. As such, it needs no justification.

Since you mentioned it, the response would be the same to a flexible display as well. It already has been lukewarm at best to reports of R&D in that area.

I know this is the internet where personal opinion is regularly expressed as gospel, but learn to accept that not everyone needs to like the same things you do and--as you suggested--'move on.'

Neat idea, I do wonder how you protect it and avoid unwanted touches. But definitely a neat idea!

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

I could see a case that has a thin divider between the two screens. It might prevent some accidental touches.

Posted via the Android Central App

I generally champion new tech and am an habitual early adopter...I must say I'm underwhelmed with this. The plain ol note 4 will be just fine. Maybe I'm just getting old now?

"on the 8th day, God said, 'let there be tech'...and it was good"

This device will sell like hotcakes. Being that this comes in black and the Note 4 doesn't, my money may be going here.

I don't see how this would function with right handed users like myself. I'd be touching the edge all the time.

With just one glace at the first photo of this article I predict that a G Note Edge owner is going to be frustrated with the accidental app opening by just holding the device with his/her hand.

So let me get this straight, Samsung is offering 2 devices? The Note 4, and Note 4 Edge? Oh sheez, I wonder how many carriers will actually offer a choice???

Posted via the Android Central App

In 6 months there will be a "Double Edge" and they will partner with Game Of Thrones to make Double Edge (Sword) Galaxy Note 4 advertisments..

Actually that's a good idea.. I can sell this to Samsung.

Then 6 months after that there will be a Note 5 360 Edgeless, where the whole phone is a screen.

This might be an issue for screen protectors. I'd want to protect that display as muck as I possibly could

Posted via Lg g2 or Nexus 7

Wow, I'm surprised. When they said "Select Markets" I thought they would skip the United States. I'm kind of excited that it's coming to the US!

This just might be the least desirable gimmick I've ever seen in a new phone. The same functionality could be accomplished with a panel that you swipe in from the edge on a normal screen.

Posted via Android Central App

Man, I do not like that. It changes to the edge so suddenly. It even covers the clock at the top. That would bother me the entire time I use it.

If HTC did this, it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If Samsung does it it's a "gimmick."

Posted via Android Central App

Nope, people would still be bashing it, like the UltraPixel camera, and the bezels.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry but HTC gets no love around these parts except for the BoomSound speakers and it's design.

Posted via Android Central App

Speak for yourself! I love the physical home button. I loathe on-screen buttons!

Posted via the Android Central App

Not for me. Kinda gross. Needs a second curved panel to balance it out.

Posted via Android Central App

Just have the software differentiate from a palm touch to a finger touch and viola you shouldn't have auto launching apps. Doesn't apple do this on the Retina IPad Mini?

I was in the midst of writing this long reply about why I personally would not get the Note Edge. For me, one of the reasons is that I have a folio wallet and, with it's rounded display edge, it would be difficult to keep the phone in a case and, moreover, the strap or closure of the case would obscure the edge display itself. Then it occurred to me, if Samsung (or Seidio or Belkin or whomever) could come up with a folio case that fixed those two potential "problems" then the Note Edge could actually be a success!

I love my folio wallet case for my current Note 2. For one thing, it completely protects my phone so I don't mind it being plastic. Plus, it also keeps my driver's license and a couple of credit cards. Greatly convenient, except when I travel internationally (passport) it literally is all I need to carry.

What I like about the Note Edge, in comparison to the Note 4, is that it will come in black (can't believe that Samsung may not be offering the Note 4 in black but that's what the review said) and it may come with 64GB of memory. If someone (me?) could come up with the right case, it really would be convenient to just glance at the side screen for quick information like a sports score or the temperature or whatnot. But without that, it does seem too gimmicky.

But then again, most people thought the stylus on the original Note was little more than a gimmick. So who knows?

By the way, for me the big question for both the Note 4 and the Note Edge is wen will they be upgraded to Android L. Until then, my response to both is a bit ... meh.

Definitely a nonstarter from my perspective. Take into consideration my left-handedness and there's no way I'd ever consider putting money on this phone, especially over the Note 4. The Edge seems woefully impractical. Not sure why Samsung didn't take the money for the Edge project and put more into the Note 4. I would love to work for a company like Samsung because they just seem to have money to burn.

Well hello beautiful where have you been all my life. Love the design. But won't be jumping to get the note 4 or this model. I'm more than happy with my note 3 and I've still got 12 months on this contract anyway. I can see my note 3 lasting me another 2 years really. I kind of wished samsung would have finally ditched the physical home button but alas they havent but they need to very soon. These new Samsung phones and tablets would look amazing without that button. I'm guessing it's only there to draw in the isheeple in.

Posted via Android Central App

The nice thing about the Edge is I don't even notice the ugly home button lol. I'm interested in trying one out just to see how it works for me. The Note series is too big for me, but I dig where they went with this.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

How do you get a screen protector on that?

I love the concept, but I'm tough on phones and it seems like case and protector options might be limited.

If they can produce curved screens then I don't think producing curved screen protectors will be that difficult.

Posted via Android Central App

The same way you apply it on any other phone? Wet install protectors are plenty flexible. Our just cover the main display with a glass protector. Not ideal...

I imagine that screen edge will go unprotected for most owners. A flip cover would be conducive to viewing notifications. It seems more novelty than useful feature.

I doubt this will be a commercial success, but kudos to Samsung for actually releasing something different that might be useful to people. If all manufacturers do is play it safe with models they think will sell, we'll never get any innovation. Yes, it may be a little gimmicky but it is a cool concept and is worth exploring.

I don't think Samsung are looking at sales figures for this which is why it is mostly based on the Note 4 . Like the Galaxy Curve they are looking at what the public and critical reaction is and whether it is a line that will gain acceptance.

Of course, their other motivation is to get these models out first before rivals like LG do. As mentioned above, if Apple came out this this the isheep and media would drool/

The most annoying thing is when they add a metal band around it and people act like the entire phone is metal and drastically different all of a sudden. Get off the plastic vs metal. If the entire phone isn't made out of metal, then stop crying. Even then it doesn't change what the phone can do.

Not true. Your battery and board produce a little warmth and solve that issue quick. If you haven't tried the M8 ya just dont know.

Don't think this phone is for me since I doubt CM will make use of the nifty "edge." Cool idea though, hope to see more odd shaped displays in the future. I'm waiting for the day we have paper displays like what we saw in "Caprica."

Posted via the Android Central App

Good to see Samsung doing something different, however its unlikely to be bought in large numbers.

Posted via Android Central App

The next phone is the Samsung's a phone on a stick with narrow columns like the one on the side of the Edge & you just spin it until you get the column you want
And then you have to view it on your Samsung 6" curved smart watch.

Next big thing

Posted via Android Central App

Well I am left handed. not much use unless I can figure out how to work it upside down. And the glass on the edge is surely going to be covered up by the most necessary case needed to protect it.

Well...just when I thought Samsung couldn't surprise me ..thought my days with Samsung were over..
I love the design of this phone ...
Looks so much better than the ordinary note 4 ..looks better in the plastic in my opinion..
Look forward to the reviews in the coming days..
May be tempted if the battery life is better than the note 3..

Posted via my awesome HTC one m8

Looks like pocket dial is gonna be a thing now.. My sincerest regards to any contact ID that starts with P's and Potentially L's..

This device seems pretty pointless. I'm surprised it got through all the staff for production after testing it. Why would anyone want this over the Note 4?

Posted via Galaxy Note 3

Innovative but it seems like it would be hard to hold. I could see some interesting usage if you had it on the long edge in a bag or case but could still get updates on the edge facing up. In the end I don't think it will catch on but who knows.

At least the Note Edge is something different. The Note 4 is "meh" when it comes to specs. If I get a new phone, I'd get the Edge over the Note 4.

I didn't watch the entire video, but I will say this. It is time to stop worrying about one handed use. Once phones got at large as 5 inches, the only way to handle them well is with two hands. So in this year using two hands is no big deal to me, and in years to come I doubt anyone will care that much about it. Anyway if you are using a phone you shouldn't be doing anything else anyway.

It is growing on me. It is different and it will be interesting to see how it is in real world usage. I do hope you can move the shutter key though. That is odd they put it all the way at the top.

Posted via Android Central App

surprised none of the pics showed it with a special case that reveals only the edge of quick viewing of notifications and stuff. I have a feeling (if it hasnt been mentioned, I didnt read) that this is probably designed with a special cover in mind. ???

I really like it! I'm a mostly one handed user and could easily adapt to the edge.

Posted with my Note 3 via Android Central App

Pretty cool idea actually, I won't buy one notes are to dam big for me, but its cool because we have options.

Posted via Android Central App

Put the edge on the opposite side and place on screen buttons there. Add a means to pull down notifications and somehow throw in the status bar and you've got the trinity in one location and off the screen. Win, win.

Posted via the Android Central App with my OnePlus One.

When Samsung introduces something its called "gimmicky" 3 years from now when Apple releases a similar feature, it will be called "innovative"

That being said, it is an interesting concept, probably will see some refinement as time goes on...but Samsung always seems to take one step forward and two backward...Why couldn't they have kept metal on 3 edges?...and why did they not make the Note 4 water resistant- it would have been the perfect phone if they had included that...Winter is Coming!

We're different here. I couldn't care less about the metal. I also wish that Samsung would leave the waterproofing to the active line. I want the Galaxy S line and the Note line to be unencumbered with all of the waterproofing seals. It's one of the (minor) reasons that I've hesitated on getting the Galaxy S5.

Luv it mucho. This is even better than just simply having a bezeless edge. Having no side bezels already makes a phone hard to hold, at least Samsung didn't waste any portion of the Note Edge and in fact, they made every corners very functional indeed. One up for Sammy for their innovative designs and thinking.

Posted via the Android Central App

This may be the mythical iPhone killer! This is absolutely perfect to use with the SPen. And is definitely my next phone! Way to go Sammy!!

Posted via Android Central App

Just got my s5 few months ago and am not seriously ditching it for this far out phone. Grrr....

Posted via the Android Central App

I may be missing something but how does one put a reasonable case around that thing? I have dropped my Note 2 several times. If it didn't have an otterbox around it, I would have been replacing it several times.

I'm sure that the case makers would make a case specifically for this phone, just like they do for other phones. Companies that specialize in this can rise to the challenge of creating a case for a non-traditional phone.

Excellent job explaining the phone.

It is interesting what these companies are doing. Is the phone a bulky in the hand as it looks?

I wouldn't have a problem using this one handed I'm using the Note 3 now with only a left hand. Be nice if I was able to control some things on the edge screen with the fingers of my left hand.

Posted via Android Central App

Okay, so the app launcher seems like it's a ripoff of the Ubuntu phone's launcher. Since they replaced Android Wear with Tizen, they're probably gonna try and replace Android with the Ubuntu phone OS. Wouldn't be surprised at all

why all the hate on this new phone?? gee!
Ive been gearing up for new Note announcement, have to say that I was a lil disappointed with the Note 4 - looks like a mirror image of the Note 3, but I realise thats the std they follow with each progressive model, subtle changes each year etc.
But that's why they brought out this phone. Its smart & innovative & something really different. Samsung are trying to push the boundaries with what we know as smartphones - and they are winning!
The more I read & watch about this phone, the more I think this is the one for me. I had planned to go with the Note 4 on release this year, but the Note Edge has that something else that I was looking for in a new phone.
Unless its horrid ti handle & use when I demo one in store - Il be buying this phone!

Very bold design move from Samsung but it may well pay off for them but a gamble non the less

Posted via the Android Central App

What I'd like to know is how will a case fit around this? I'm actually interested in buying this over the note - controlling music without the full screen, using as a remote control without the whole screen on, the ticker information (instead of getting in the notification tray). Think this would actually be a great informational secondary screen that I truly could benefit from - just how I can get a case on it so I don't crack the screen!

Rather interesting concept. But looks awkward to hold and will need some adapting/adjusting to with its asymmetrical design. I love the Note series, but I think I'll be stopping with the Note 2. I'm not liking the direction Google is taking with Android in general. But that's just me.

It'll be interesting to see how long the AMOLED screen will last on the curved portion especially if it stays static for a long period of time. There's already enough stories of burn-in with the regular AMOLED screens. This one looks like the side portion will be more prone to it.

As much as I love androidcentral, it seems to me you guys are less and less likely to give poor marks to any new devices out (especially from big names like Samsung). It's all thumbs up across the board. I don't want to know all the positives, I want the negatives as well. Other websites have touched on the fact that the edge screen makes it more difficult to navigate through the normal set of apps on a phone, apps that require swiping in from the right side. Or even just how the device feels in your hand.

You guys shine everything in a positive light, and it's making me feel like you guys have become like the IGN's and Gamespots of mobile, like you've sold out.

There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of each article whether it is sponsored or not. This way, we readers can expect bias or honest to goodness critique.

Posted via the Android Central App

Not a Samsung fan but I think it's kind of neat, not sure about practical or even useable, but kind of neat to look at...

This is a desperate attempt by Samsung to start a fad which fades very fast. Sure, it's innovative. But that should be taken with a grain of salt. Innovation with a purpose is good. I think Samsung may have missed the mark on this one. Such a waste.

Posted via the Android Central App

I like it. Cool looking phone. And that looks really handy for someone in an office that needs some quick info. Cool stuff.

Once again, something designed for right-handed people. Try holding it in your right hand, like left-handed people do, not as nice to use, is it?

Are you sure it is not metal design? Many other hands-on reviewers from various sites indicate it has the same metal edge as the Note 4

That guy in the background playing with his smartwatch made the video almost unwatchable. So distracting. Please try and avoid whatever the heck that was in the future. It really takes away from what you're trying to say and show.

Sign me up...i dont mind the power button on the top as with my current note 3 in my pocket i sometimes hit the power button on the side anyways. Love the looks and specs of this beast. Just give us a release date for T-mo. This phone wont be for everyone but will be for me...

This device has me looking. I'm on T-MO US also I'm a WP user L925 T-Mobile doesn't carry high end WP so this coming month there is nothing for me to upgrade to. The note 4edge is catching my attention. Though honestly I've never used an Android-based product before, but do read this site trying to keep abreast of other products. The edge right now is the only device other than the L1520 that excites me.

I e been a diehard Iphone user x 8 years but this yesr the deal breaket for me was I'm tired of paying more for xtra storage buying an iphone. Instead of the new iphone 6/6+ i opted for a new Note 3 now 99$ from my carrier, slid my 32g sf memory card in the slready to go on board 3gig on the Note 3 and said good-bye to my iPhone!

First thing that came to me was that it would make it one handed use friendly. But i didn't read any reference of that so i guess not. I am still waiting for one of these phablets to have a cursor touch pad on the back for your index finger. Then i might consider buying one.

It looks cool, if you wrap your fingers around the edge, won't you constantly trigger the touchscreen? If so, how do hold it without dropping it? I'm sure it is fine when you are sitting at your desk, but I already drop touchscreen devices enough even with bezels to hold on to.

Okay there have been numerous reports stating the curved edge is a big hassle finding cases, also one was in fact dropped and due to the screen curve it cracked landing face down. No thank you I'll keep my beautiful Note 3 that has a battery that lasts me all day/evening and I can easily use a case on. The new Note 4 gets half that!

Why a fake note? There are plenty of Chinese brands that are awesome for the money, and are more premium than Goophone..
Xiaomi Redmi is $97 right now......................

The only useful feature of the edge was the ruler ....
Seems like a lot to give up and compromise for a freaking ruler ;)